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Behind the Team: Navi!

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vVv Gaming had a chance to catch up with the Ukranian powerhouse Counter-Strike:1.6 team Navi as they came back off their thrilling ESL Intel Extreme Master victory! Here's what they had to say.

Tell us a little about yourselves outside of gaming?

starix: I have been living together with my girlfriend for a year, so I try to spend all my free time with her.

ceh9: Outside of gaming I am a singer at a fan rock group =) I like to go out with my friends and have a good rest. I read good books and political news. I want to become a politician in future, but if I don’t then I will be a Counter-Strike star =)

Edward: At the moment I am playing Heroes of Newerth, But overall I’m just hanging out with my friends when there are no tournaments.

markeloff: I've graduated from the university last year, economical faculty. I am always glad to spend my free time with my friends and my family. When I have a lot of time outside of gaming, I like to play tennis or bowling. I’m in love with music and I always listen to new tracks and my favorite old groups. Moreover I like to watch movies and so on. I’m going to attend gym in the nearest future.

When and how did you start gaming?

ceh9: I have already had a PC since my childhood because my father was a developer. I've discovered Counter-Stike for myself at the age of 11. At first I was playing Delta Force but CS was much more interesting for me! Since that, I was playing CS in different teams.

Edward: Oooh, I have started to play computer games at the age of 11. The Counter-Strike wasn’t even released then. I was playing StarCraft, Tekken and Half-Life)

markeloff: I was 12 years old when I played CS for the first time. Since that I’ve spent a lot of time for PC games like Half-Life, Unreal Tournament and many others. I’ve joined my first team in 2005 where we had our practice games, used tactics and attended first tournament events even outside my own city.


How do you prepare before a big match?

starix: While playing non-team trainings I try to prepare myself by playing MissionRed and CSDM.

ceh9: We have a training base where we live for 10-14 day before the tournament, practicing and talking to each other. My mission in the team is to help players in game and outside of the game.

Edward: I would say that my preparations are not that different from other players’ trainings. First of all we play on-line PCWs and gather at our training base in Kiev approximately a week before the event. We have five PCs there + internet for practices so time passes by swiftly)))

markeloff: I play 10-12 hours per day. I practice with BOTs on LAN, deathmatch servers and play PCWs, of course :)

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a gamer?

starix: I am a realist and phlegmatic person: sometimes it helps, sometimes doesn’t.

I think that I am a calm and coolheaded gamer but at the same time I'm reckless and like to risk.

ceh9: Sometimes my aim is bad... and the mouse doesn’t listen to me =) But I am training all the time in order to correct these weaknesses. My strength is reading opponent’s game and anticipating their moves.

Edward: I guess I should not speak about strengths and weaknesses. Just watch our games and you’ll understand them yourselves))

markeloff: Hmm, I dont know :) Maybe some of my mates can answer this question)


Can you describe the thought process you go through when you’re in the middle of a match?

starix: During the match I try to think only about the game: how I will be playing, what grenades I will throw, etc. Overall I imagine how the game will be passing. It’s hard for me to concentrate on the game if my friends or family come to watch the match. They make me thinking about them and that's why I ask them not to come.

ceh9: I am thinking how I need to play in the next 1.45 sec of the round, and what kind of position I am standing in.

Edward: I’m thinking about the game))) I’m concentrated on the game-situations, my teammates and opponent’s game.

markeloff: I always try to anticipate the game and the only thought I have in my head is "don't make a mistake".

What was your favorite match during the IEM World Championships?

starix: It was the game versus mousesports.

ceh9: Match against mousesports was amazing... We have beaten European Champions on the 3rd map and it was very hard to win.

Edward: We had two spectacular games during IEM: match versus mousesports and fnatic. Both games were VERY intense!!!

markeloff: I can think of two matches: the first one is the game against mousesports in quater-finals, which was an incredible match. And the second one is game versus Evil Geniuses on de_train. I’m very glad that I was good with AWP and that my words said the day before became true :)


Do you have any pre-game rituals?

ZeroGravity: Yes, we have a battle-shout but we use it occasionally. Weather you will hear our battle-shout or not depends on the level of energy our players have :) Each match consumes a lot of energy!

How would you say the Ukrainian eSports scene differs from the western European eSports scene?

ZeroGravity: The main differences are the number of teams with adequate sponsorship and e-sport websites development. Ukrainian eSports is developing quite fast but it its pace cannot be compared to Europe or America.

What is the LAN scene like in the Ukraine?

ZeroGravity: We don’t have many LAN-tournaments in Ukraine Mostly we have leagues and on-line events with good prizes, up to $10,000 for TOP3 teams. Although new gaming center will be opened in Kiev soon. As far as I know, it will be the best place in Eastern Europe ;) I guess a lot of new LAN-tournaments will be hosted there!

What is the largest Ukrainian LAN tournament?

ZeroGravity: Well the largest and the most known tournament is definitely DTS-Cup. Once a year it is held in Dnepropetrovsk and gathers the elites of Counter-Strike and DotA. Last year the prize pool of this event was $26,000


Images originally posted here, here and here.

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Truley astounding talent you guys have i watched your finals match well played and well done you played fantastic. GL in the future. Na'Vi Fan >

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Guest vVv Quest

Was amazing to watch. Not reaaly into C.S but still it was pretty intense

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Good interview, Na'Vi played really well throughout the whole tournament :) Shows that hours of practice really pays off!

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Good job on getting an interview with them :)

You best source your pics before fragbite/ESL/Julia Christophers come and rape you silly :(

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Great interview, haven't seen you guys play yet but you guys look awesome looking forward to seeing future matches keep up the good work!

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