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Winners Bracket Round 3 - (#2) ii LIKE CAKE vs. (#3) AnubisGX

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Winners Bracket Round Three

Game #24

(#2) ii LIKE CAKE

Gamertag: ii LIKE CAKE


(#3) AnubisGX

Gamertag: AnubisGX


[*]Rules are subject to change due to patches or game changes.

[*] Each round will be decided by the combined score of all played songs. All rounds prior to the final four will be decided by three songs. The final four and after will be decided by five songs.

[*]Songs have been selected using a random number generator and may appear again in later rounds.

[*]Please contact your opponent and schedule a match time using this thread. It is the responsibility of each participant to respond to this thread and schedule a match time before the deadline for the round.

[*]The deadline for this round is: Saturday, March 20th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

[*]Match participants MUST be online at their scheduled match time. If a participant is not online within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time, that participant will forfeit the match. The player who is online may take a picture of their opponents profile to show them as offline. This may be used as proof to advance in the bracket.

[*]If the results of a match have not been finalized within 12 hours after the agreed upon scheduled match time, both participants will be considered a no show. In this event, there will be a double forfeit and each player will be removed from the bracket.

[*]If the scheduled match deadline passes and neither player has responded to their scheduling thread, then both players will be removed from the bracket. If one player responds to the thread and the other does not, then the player that attempted to schedule the match will be given the victory.

[*]Proof must be given for match results! Either videotape your matches and upload them to youtube.com or take pictures of the round scores. This proof must be posted to the "Results" thread in the tournament forum with match scores. Results posted without proof can be nullified at the tournament administrators discretion.

[*]There will be a zero tolerance policy for cheating/posting fake results. Anyone found to be lying about tournament results will be removed from the tournament and subject to banning from the vVv community.

[*]There is no

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I think that's about 11 am -12pm my time. Sounds good. I'll message you on xbox.

Don't worry, I don't practice the paths, so you got the advantage. I'm just trying to take all the xbl high scores on very low - high intensity songs.

Oooh, fun songs. =)

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