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Diablo 3 Info

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Now Some Info. :)


Diablo 3 has been officially announced at the Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational 2008.

Some features and facts of Diablo 3:

- Footage was shown of large scale battles, comets streaking across the sky, demons, as Diablo 3 was officially announced.

- It is apparently still an action RPG. Same interface: red health and blue orbs, skill bar at bottom, 3/4 overhead perspective. Also a character with 2 axes hacking at demons in what appears to be a foggy cathedral. Has a jumping attack where he smashes the two axes into the ground.

- The axe guy is the barbarian class. Improvements have been made, like the hotbar for skills. Using the mouse wheel and tab key you can quickly switch between skills. There are still slot limits. Using enchanted axes with frost and lighting ,which stuns and freezes opponents. Whoing inventory.

- Red orbs that drop from enemies will replenish health without you having to use items. Demon foes have a summon ability. Barbarian's jumping attack covers a lot of distance. Was shown flying up a staircase. Also some kind of shockwave attack will be part at the Barbarians disposal.

- Blizzard is touting interactive environments as an important feature!

- Each piece of gear is custom designed for each class. Barbarians put on demonic style garb, with devil horns. They can also hop across the map.

- A Barbarian was shown disloging a rock wall and dropping it on zombies, killing them.

- A demo was shown of the whirlwind attack.

- Deckard Cain is in the game. When talking to NPCs, the game appears to switch interfaces. The changed interface highlights the character model. Having to rescue Cain from this cathedral.

- More barbarian skills. A barbarian can use a ground stomp attack to get skeleton warriors to drop their shields, making them easier to take out.

- Cultist enemies have the ability to transform into a more destructive force, so they must be taken out quickly.

- There are scripted events, like walls breaking appart, and cultists summoning a fat demon who's shock waves shatter stone pillars in the environment.

- Diablo 3 is first and foremost a co-operative game, says Blizzard.

- New Witch Doctor Class! Can summon pets, control minds of his enemies, and cast various diseases.

- More witch doctor information: It can cast out locus swarm, which spreads between targets and deals damage. Can summon mongrel things that he can cast locust swarm on. This also buffs their damage. can use a fire bomb spell. Can summon a wall of zombies that stays stationary, but the zombies in the wall flail their arms and do damage to their opponents.

- Outdoor environments are great looking! Very vibrant and slightly cartoonish Blizard graphical style. As with Starcraft 2, it's very similar in style to Diablo 2.

- Diablo 3 looks and sounds, similar to it's previous games. Which is great to hear.

- Diablo 3 Multiplayer information! Multiplayer will work over battle.net as before.

- In Diablo 3 Huge bosses are in the game, much bigger than Diablo 3. Around six or seven times taller than the players character!

- Diablo3Blog @ Youtube. http://www.youtube.c...ser/Diablo3Blog

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More Vidoes.

Some Wizard Skills.

Witch Doctor Skill - Soul Harvest

Wizard Skill - Teleport

You can find ALOT MORE Videos of Skills and much more info here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DiabloChronicle

Theres to many Videos of Skills to post on here. :( I might post them later.... ;)

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