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Found 18 results

  1. So, someone recently asked me what would be a good way to prepare for GW2 structured PvP, and in so many words this is what I told them: LoL has a completely different feel due to not utilizing WASD to move, Bloodline Champions is similar but i can't really measure how much faster my reaction time gets per session, and transitively how that translates to GW2. WoW arena is very similar in feel, but the problem is its an Arena, whereas GW2 is a completely different playstyle. I feel like diving into WoW arena again would translate to me feeling like I would have to treat GW2 like arena, when in all reality I'm running from people for half of the game. Whatever game you choose to play should ultimately result in a complete lack of bad habit forming activities, and work towards a universal purpose, like reaction time. If i were forced to pick one, I would pick blc because it doesnt form bad habits, and I'm developing a universal skill. If i had to give an answer that I felt was correct, I would say a balance of all 3 games is required. The passive-aggressive laning attitude you have to carry when you play league, the reaction time and execution of BLC, and the real MMO pvp style of WoW. For this reason I'll be mixing all 3 of the previously mentioned in order to prepare for Guild Wars 2 PvP. Please give me your thoughts and what you will be doing to prepare for release, and I hope to hear from all of you.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXNoyU4VtO4 It has come to my attention that the Thief needs some serious loving. As a potential remedy to this, a few cohorts of mine sat down and punched out some preliminary findings in terms of class deficiency, and it seemed like an appropriate topic for the blog. While reading this, I would like you to cross reference what was written with what class you play, and ask yourself if there is any room for improvement in the imbalance department. ANet can't fix the problem if they don't know what's wrong. I hope you enjoyed the tournament play i posted, and I also hope you take something useful away from this redesign. Condition Removal Currently the only source of condition removal and real stealth Thieves have is Hide in Shadows. The problem is that this skill does not remove crowd control effects. Other classes have condition removal such as 10 second automatic removal passives for rangers, debuff removal for Mesmers, multiple condition removal skills including “Shake it Off” as well as a heal/condition removal for Warriors, Guardians have even more, Engineers have elixirs, Necromancers have group condition removal that isn’t their designated heal (which also removes conditions), and Elementalists have many. Thieves are strictly limited to using Hide in Shadows for condition removal. I’ll give you the average combat scenario with Hide in Shadows: 1.) Conditions put on you via on hit effects, someone uses one of many immobilize effects 2.) You enter stealth, heal goes up, conditions off 3.) You’re still immobilized, and they know that, so they keep attacking you, applying more conditions and negating most of the benefits of your heal. It might as well not be a stealth Because of this, most Thieves have defaulted to Withdrawal for the evade and heal on a 50% lower cool down, effectively making stealth and condition removal nonexistent. I’m aware that Shadow Refuge is technically a stealth, but the skill is extremely under powered as a whole, and I will touch on that later in the article. Traps 1.) Currently, traps have little to no use in PvP. The trap mechanic in the context of Guild Wars 2, forces you to use them in a defensive way. If you use a trap offensively and it misses, you’re already down one cooldown before the fight starts. Traps need to be replaced with skills that have an active impact on fast engagements, as professions in Guild Wars 2 are much more mobile than they were in Guild Wars. 2.) Am I saying defensive cooldowns are useless? No, they’re absolutely necessary. Am I saying traps are marginally less effective than they were in Guild Wars 1? Yes. There was a basic and undeniable boost in mobility from GW1 to GW2. There are separate levels of elevation and various routes of access to all of the maps that are currently in place/being tested, and traps are wasted cooldowns entirely. Proposed Changes in Class Mechanics F1: Crack Armor: Apply several stacks of vulnerability to the target, applies 10 seconds of protection to self. This helps with our survivability, and enables us to weaken a single target, making them more vulnerable to our attacks. Which is what the thief is all about. F2: Steal Weapon: Daze the target for 2 seconds. Applies Might or Fury to self and grants a class specific item just like current steal. This allows us a control option, as well as the random item. Only usable in melee range. F3: Shadow Recluse: Enter stealth for 10 seconds when not in combat, 3 when in combat. This would grant the element of surprise when out of combat, but ensure that it isn't too powerful during combat. Allows for adequate positioning and proficient gap closing without the target just waiting for you to Shadowstep to put you in the ground. F4: Shadowstep: Teleport to Target. Shadowstep would be removed from steal, and would be its own class mechanic, allowing room for a decision making process before, during, and after the Shadowstep itself. Flaws and Proposed Skill Fixes Pertaining to Mechanic Changes Shadow Refuge - Shadow refuge heals for effectively nothing, (200 or so per second in the AoE) - Gives enemies a small designated area to AoE - Doesn’t break channeled spells once you enter it - If it’s used offensively, everyone takes a few steps back and wait a few seconds for it to go away. (That’s being generous; they would really just run past you.) The skill is Suggestion: Provide a signet that grants some form of condition removal, as well as adding condition removal to withdrawal and/or immobilize removal on Hide in Shadows. The reason I’m suggesting adding both, is because there is not a single class, Thieves aside, that do not have a condition removal spell outside of their heal. -------------- Withdraw: Cool down: 15 —> 20 Seconds My only suggestion for Withdraw will remain adding bleed/burn removal. If it’s added, consider bumping the cooldown up to 20 seconds. ————————————-- Hide in Shadows: Cooldown: Same = 30 Seconds Add Immobilization removal. Utility Skill Changes ————————————— Shadow Refuge: Cooldown: From 60 —> 50 Seconds Upon entering Shadow Refuge, become stealthed. Shadow Refuge will pulse 5 times, once every 1.5 seconds. Every other pulse will remove a condition and heal for 200, starting with the SECOND pulse. Upon leaving Shadow Refuge, remain stealthed for 5 seconds, but receive no pulse benefits. Explanation: Giving people a reason to stay AND a reason to leave, presents decision, not choice. Thought provoking and mechanically sound is what we’re aiming for. “If I stay, I’m fairly safe. If I leave, I might be able to do enough damage to kill him.” —————————————- Tripwire: Cooldown: Same 30 Seconds You throw a wire around your opponent’s legs, tripping them to the ground for 2 seconds. Upon standing, the enemy gains swiftness for 3 seconds. Explanation: One thing Guild Wars 1 did better than any other MMO, was give good skills drawbacks to make you think. ANet is a smart company, and is in the business of presenting decisions. Introduce a little complexity, in contrast with the current F1 Doubletap meta. ———————————— Ambush: Cooldown: From 45—> 120 Seconds Calls in a fellow Thief on top of your target, causing you to Shadow Step back 15 feet. Explanation: Sticking with the “traps are not for GW2” theme, these are some suggestions with what I feel to be appropriate balance, having played the Thief extensively through all of the prior Beta Weekends, Stress Tests, and now Alpha. ————————————— Shadow Trap: Cooldown: From 30—> 40 Seconds Throws a blinding dust cloud on top of your enemy, teleporting you to the other side of the cloud, and blinding your enemy for 3 seconds, causing you to stealth. Explanation: Traps are wasted skills, and creating relevant abilities from the ashes will introduce new interactions, some foreseen, some not. Decisions become present here. ————————————- Needle Trap Replacement Suggestion: Signet of Death: Cooldown: 125 Seconds Passive: Removes a condition every 10 seconds, starting when the caster has a 2nd condition placed on him/her. Active: Resets all class mechanic abilites F1-F4. Signet of Death's passive is inactive during cooldown. Explanation: This gives Thieves passive condition removal, but gives us the option to sacrifice it for a long period of time if we want our class mechanics back faster. It prompts the decision of control, or survivability, and if you take control, you lose your survivability for a lengthy period of time. --------------------------------- Build of the Week! (Elementalist) : "Jack of all Trades" 20 Fire Magic 20% chance to cause burning when attacked with melee Deal 10% more damage when attuned to fire Damage at your location when attuning to fire All your fire weapon skills recharge 20% faster 20 Air Magic Move 10% faster while attuned to air Move faster the longer you are attuned to air Strike your target with a bolt of lightning when attuning to air Deal 10% more damage while attuned to air 10 Earth Magic Gain extra armor while attuned to earth Deal 5% more when within melee range of your target 10 Water Magic Regenerate health while attuned to water Remove a condition from yourself and your allies when you attune to water 10 Arcane Magic Attunement bonuses linger for 5 seconds Elemental Attunement Do not rely on condition builds to carry your team to victory. They will be fixed, and the "spammy" feeling of conditions will transitively be gone. Leave any comments, questions or concerns in the comment section below, as I would love to ascertain some perspective from outside sources on class balance. That's about it for this beta weekend. I wish you the best of luck in your future warring of guilds, and as always, fight for the user.
  3. Do you want to help me test GW2 PvP and WvW? Candidate MUST be over EIGHTEEN (18) years of age. Candidate is able to write fluent ENGLISH, and is willing to contribute helpful feedback on the official testing forums. Candidate is NOT a member of the media community or heavily-involved in a Guild Wars fansite (where their responsibilities to the site conflict with their access to confidential information as a Core tester). Candidate is NOT a member of the video-game industry. Candidate is honorable to the terms of the NDA, and will adhere to the requirements and expectations of the test as outlined by the NDA, the Rules of Conduct, and by members of ArenaNet and the ArenaNet QA Alpha Team. If you meet the above requirements, please PM for details.
  4. The Price of Progress #8: One is the Loneliest Number Welcome to the Price of Progress, an ancient textual series, soon to be vlog, detailing the intricacies of Guild Wars 2 structured PvP, all of the newest builds, and Guild Wars 2 news sprinkled in as needed. In today’s edition, I’ll be covering class synergy and what it means to play off of each other in terms of team skill dynamics. Heavy stuff right? It’s really not. I promise. That being said, I hope you guys enjoy the new simplistic discussion based format I've been tooling with, and as always feedback is heavily encouraged. Let’s go! Our questions to be answered today will include: What does it mean to be synergistic? Why is the “LETS 1v1 DAWG” not an accurate measuring stick for skill in Guild Wars 2? What classes benefit the most from having a supporting cast? Synergy In the MMO genre, class synergy typically comes from a variety of skills coming together to form a cohesive relationship on a targets face. An example would be a Warrior Immobilizing the target, allowing a guardian to get an easy ranged Burn and Teleport off, and when completing the teleport, dropping a projectile reflecting shield on the immobilized enemy, making for a relatively safe window of damage for both of our vicious vikings. Using less complex examples, skills that bleed and a slow, AoE poison and burn, etc., all allow for opportunities to capitalize on a targets poor cooldown usage or generally naughty disposition. With a lack of condition removal, these basic and easy to execute synergies can send a player packing very quickly, allowing an early victory chant and subsequent feast. 1v1 Argument In past MMO’s, 1v1ing has been a great source of information in terms of cooldown usage, general skill timing in reference to your opponent, and waving it in their face when they got stomped. But is this as accurate a yard stick as it was in say, Aion? Or World of Warcraft? I’ll elaborate. In previous MMO’s the objective was always to kill. There was no “Conquest mode” per say, and even if there was, like Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, the games central system of balance was tailored to an Arena style of PvP, and not the casual, albeit insanely addictive, massive team raid formats. So where does this leave us in terms of Guild Wars 2? One thing is for certain, Same class 1v1’s will always be viable to attain a better understanding of one’s class, but further building on this, balance and synergy should be looked at in pairs of two or three, for example, a Thief and Elementalist. I won’t go into exactsies, as I’m just the catalyst. You have to crunch the numbers. What Classes Benefit the Most from having a supporting cast? We’ve seen in past beta videos that we have classes that can hold their own in 1v1 scenarios by slowly whittling down their opponents, whilst surviving at a pretty comfortable amount of health, but not necessarily optimizing their damage by being alone in a fight. Take for example the Necromancer, Mesmer, Thief, and Engineer classes. All of the aforementioned have the obvious capability of doing damage, otherwise they wouldn’t be viable. But putting the pushing and CC power of your Necro behind a Warrior, accumulating absurd amounts of bleed, and throwing an Elementalist/Ranger into the mix to really pack a punch, would round out a 3-2 split very nicely, with the remaining 2 players consisting of your Thief and Ele/Ranger gank squad. Build of the Week This week’s build of the week is my newest iteration of the “Support Thief”, in which I replace our previous creation’s Shadow Refuge skill with Blinding Powder, allowing itself to be used offensively without space restriction, meaning I’m not limited to a set point in space for trying to force the increased damage out of stealth buff that we used to get from our prior focus on the Shadow Arts tree. http://gw2.luna-atra...u8f9m9ojijojrjv Our new state of mind gives us the following: 10 Points Deadly Arts:Poison on steal Damage on steal 30 Points Acrobatics:Swiftness on Evade Dodging removes Cripple and Chill effects Returned endurance on dodge 10s of regen and remove damaging DoTs at 75% health. 45 Second CD. Increases damage by 10% when endurance not full Gain 2 Initiative every 10 seconds 30 Points Trickery:Stealing gives you 3 initiative Leave Caltrops behind on dodge Increases max initiative by 3 On steal gain protection and regen for 5/10 seconds respectively Damage +2% for each point of initiative +4 initiative on using a healing skill I’ll leave the majority of conversation regarding implementation and changes from last beta to all of you, with careful consideration to not monopolizing the thought process and allowing you to deduce for yourself what is viable about this build and what is not. I will leave you with this: There is a reason that it is a Thief, and not an Assassin. On that note, have fun Etch-a-sketching, and as always, fight for the user. GW2guru forum discussion covering this blog: http://www.guildwars...th-vvv-rinzler/
  5. We investigate some of the deadliest places on Earth: the battlefields of Stonehenge and Eldorado, and Fusang Projects. Discover how Secret Societies fight, as they seek to control these places of power. If you've been following our previous coverage on The Secret World, you probably think we've spent most of our time killing zombies, uncovering secrets, escaping Hell and battling long-dead Gods. But while the Secret Societies struggle to keep the world from crumbling beneath us, there's a further threat they also face: each other. For the fourth and final Beta Weekend Event, Funcom invited all challengers into the fighting arenas of Eldorado, Stonehenge and Fusang Projects. Whether it's to settle old scores against other beta testers, represent your Society in battle, or simply sate a growing bloodlust, this weekend was all about PvP combat. With each of the three factions represented in every location, conflict promised to be fast-paced and brutal. Under the watchful eye of the Council of Venice, victories would be won and glory earned. We won't have long to find out how The Secret War will unfold. With Early Access starting on Friday June 29th and full launch following on Tuesday July 3rd, thousands of players will be flooding in to unleash chaos on Funcom's Secret World. Although the grand battle is yet to begin, this is what we encountered in the prelude. Beat 'Em Up There are three different forms of PVP in The Secret World, including light sparring and duels, heavy combat involving hundreds of players, and formal team-based PvP for cabals or guilds to immerse themselves in. Each of the three major cities features a Fight Club, providing an open space to duel, test out ability builds and practice fighting as a team. Team-based Battlefields and the large-scale Warzone can be accessed anywhere, allowing us to continue with more mundane tasks while we queue for the slaughter. The first battlefield we tried, Eldorado, was set in a ruined Mayan settlement deep in the South American jungle. Played with larger teams of ten per side, it has a simple objective: earn points for holding on to four relics. After some quick combat and heavy AoE, we earned a couple of relics early on, allowing us to hunker down and size up the opposition. We had two options with our relics - either keep holding on to them and make it tough for the other factions to snatch them from us, or place them on the ground for a substantial combat buff. Bagging all four relics and keeping them for two minutes would win us automatic victory, otherwise it would come down to points based on whichever faction held on to them longest. In the end, we seized on the fear of our enemies, snatched the remaining two relics from them and mounted an impenetrable defense while waiting for sure victory. By contrast, the open field of Stonehenge is rife with paranoia. In blatant disregard of its status as a World Heritage Site, the ancient monument works as a "king of the hill" battlefield, catering to smaller teams of five per faction. Points are awarded for herding your team into the center of the stone circle, as well as ensuring the other two secret societies keep out. It's incredibly easy to get squashed in the center, as the two opposing Societies decide to make a sandwich out of you. Fusang Frenzy In contrast to the timed battlefields of Eldorado and Stonehenge, Fusang Projects is a never-ending warzone full of fluid strategy. The center of the map is dominated by a triangular orange-bricked fort, each apex containing a "facility" protected by a guardian golem, with a fourth in the middle. A strong team of five to ten players can hope to subdue the golem and take control of the facility, but may have to fend off defenders or opportunists from other factions. Depending on the time of day, facilities can change hands rapidly with small bands of roving skirmishers making quick captures, or transform into heavy combat as invaders battle to overcome an entrenched defense. As well as facilities, anima wells are dotted around and inside the triangular fort. These provide useful respawn points for whichever society controls them, making them essential to capture as part of an invasion strategy. The wells also double as mission terminals, providing short-cooldown tasks that can award Marks of Venice, tokens that can later be used to buy top-quality gear. We latched on to a large roving group, looking for easy facilities to capture. By using a handful of spotters around the map, we could work out which facilities were under attack and which ones had minimal defense. This allowed us to leap into a facility with a few token guards, quickly overcoming them and subduing the golem. Although defending the facility would be beneficial to our faction, the rapid capture and retake would earn us greater rewards by completing PvP missions. While the timed nature of battlefields means that you're generally limited in how flexible your character can be, the large open space of Fusang Projects provides plenty of time to chop and change your character set-up. Although you're asked to pick between tanking, healing and dealing damage when joining a battlefield or warzone, there's nothing to stop you fine-tuning your deck and gear for a particular tactical advantage. If you spot a particular weakness in your enemy, you can swap abilities around to exploit it. Points Mean Prizes Being victorious in battlefields will earn Black Marks of Venice, while completing missions in Fusang projects will earn a mixture of Black and White Marks. These tokens can be exchanged at society headquarters for talismans, weapons and glyphs at a range of different Quality Levels. It'll take skill, effort and persistence to collect all the epic loot available, but there are definite rewards for die-hard PvP fans. You can also start collecting Marks right from the start, as characters with lower quality gear earn a boost to help bring them up. It's not just combatants that benefit from taking part in PvP. The Society with the most victories in each battlefield earns an XP-boosting and combat effectiveness buff. The Fusang Projects Warzone offers the same rewards for each Facility held, allowing the boost to stack up to six times. If you were looking for an excuse to support your PvP playing brethren, that is definitely it. This weekend gave us a taste of what The Secret War has become, morphing from a simple Facebook game into something chaotic, dynamic and brutal. With Early Access beginning on Friday June 29th, and full launch following on Tuesday July 3rd, we won't have to wait long to get stuck in again. Our advice: bring a fork.
  6. The Price of Progress #5 : The Evolution of the Thief First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the day late post, as I was feeling the funk this past day and could not gather the motivation to sit down and pour my ideas out into cyberspace. Regardless, I hope all of you had a wonderful competitive and casual experience in the latest Guild Wars 2 Beta, and it was a pleasure playing with the masses. That being said, the cloud has lifted and I'm looking forward to the next few paragraphs of depth seeking build deconstruction at its finest, in order to determine the aesthetics of our future "Nautilus" like build. The League is set, and off we go! Pre Beta #1 Speculation Weapon Choice Pre Beta #1 Speculation Post Beta #2 Speculation: With the second Guild Wars 2 in the past and the major kinks worked out in the newly revised trait system, it has come to my attention that the source of a Thief's damage can come from multiple places, with the replacement for Deadly Arts becoming the condition damage focused, but not entirely constricted to, Trickery tree. Because of this drastic change in traits and tiered skill selection, the amount of possible weapon combinations for the Thief has reached new heights, and viability across multiple platforms of ranged and melee weapons are now possible due to the lack of completely conditional traits in a given grouping. Let's move on to the all new traits! http://www.vvv-gamin...ass-discussion/ Trait Selection Psst.. Still with me? Pre Beta #1 Speculation: Post Beta #1 Speculation: Beta Weekend #2 Speculation: Fixing the tiered trait selection and respective bugs following this flawed system of selecting passive buffet, caused the entire metagame to be corrected in a very real and tangible way. One of the side effects of this massive revitalization to the system was the viability of alternate damage trees, as opposed to being drowned in a trough of swine food for not going 30/10/10/10/10. In order to take aim and even the iron sights on our ultimate goal of achieving maximum streamline and ultimately Ezio Auditore status, let's delve into the major behind the scenes overhaul that this new B2 build offers, and discover what new dynamics are knocking at the door of viability. NOTE: THIEVES GUILD SHOULD BE DAGGERSTORM, THE AI ON THIEVES GUILD WAS BROKEN WHEN USING PISTOLS AS OF BW2. The "Take Initiative" Build : http://gw2.luna-atra...u8p8u9m9njpjrjv 20 in Critical Strikes Critical strike chance increased by 5% when over 90% health Fury for 10 seconds when you reach 50% health Critical Strikes have a 10% chance to restore 1 initiative (1sec cd) 50% crit chance when in stealth 20 in Acrobatics Swiftness gained on dodge Gain Might whenever you dodge Dodging returns roughly 20% of endurance used on the dodge Gain 2 Initiative every 10 seconds 30 in Trickery Stealing gives you 3 initiative Leave behind caltrops when you dodge Increases maximum initiative by 3 When you steal, you and allies gain fury, might and swiftness Increases damage by 2% per initiative You recieve 4 initiave from using a healing skill I'm not even sure that I have to delve into the differences and advantages of the Trickery tree vs the Deadly Arts spec. Trickery gives us an unconditional pool of damage that is free form between both sets of our weapons, P/P and D/D, and it allows us to regenerate that saved up initiative instantaneously between the 4 per heal skill and 2 per 10 seconds. The change from Vanishing Stealth to Withdrawal allows us a 15 second cooldown to fuel our initiative regeneration engine, as well as giving us an awesome transition into pistols. This damage has no strings attached to it, and passively increases our sneaky bleeds and vulnerability debuffs respectively with the condition damage caused by being in the Trickery tree itself. Executing the "CC and Move" mentality in our build Pre Beta #1 Speculation: Post Beta #1 Speculation: Post Beta #2 Speculation: This builds execution is going to require a whole new dynamic, which could be broadly labeled as finesse, in the form of our pistol switching to D/D and vice versa at key points in a fight. Aside from some familiarity issues with the new play style, i would like to think i displayed this idea in some amount of clarity. The link to the BW #2 video can be found at the tail of this article, but to finish this week's blog off, let's get a vague idea of what we should be doing in particularly problematic match ups. Predicting movement inhibiting cool downs in the Guardian match up is key, try to fake out the healing skills with false pressure, via a switch to daggers from pistols, then back to pistols and evading out. Recognizing invulnerability cool downs and transitively trying to fake them out with key timings on our rolls, much like the baiting of defensive cooldowns. Evading as soon as warriors try to pressure with hundred blades, and evading again afterwards to avoid a punish on your first roll. Kill phantasms with pistols before going in on Mesmers and killing your self involuntarily. Stop trying to 1v1 Necros. Similar tactics to the Guardian matchup can be applied against rangers with the faking out of traps and pet attacks. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrhvx0_vvv-rinzler-guild-wars-2-beta-2-thief-pvp_videogames As we've learned, the versatility of this build is endless, and I fully intend on using it as much as possible and finding potential kinks in the armor. I challenge all of you reading this to please tear apart my video and get down to the nitty gritty, pointing out not so proper engagements and sub optimal cool down usage. On this same note, I would love to hear your ideas on particular match ups and any experiences you may have had in the beta that would result in you reaching such a conclusion. I'm here to be a resource and competitor, so use me to better your knowledge of any given match ups, and if you would like to run the 1v1 gauntlet contact me before the next beta. As per usual, I'm typing this at an absurd hour of the morning and can no longer feel my butt, so I'll skim this over in the morning. Thank you all for reading this, and as always, fight for the user. http://en.gw2codex.com/build/1532/show <-- Please go drop a comment and what not on this page. <3 Give me feedback minions! @vVvRinzler
  7. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrhvx0_vvv-rinzler-guild-wars-2-beta-2-thief-pvp_videogames?from_fb_popup=1&code=AQBKuMq7w_X5fWgOovyBFGa1A3xnTiEUy9-2pOQDjW-2LZO5ReCZue6vsN1uAGIw1jT1dCofyzM0Eix2IAexiMunH058OBR_vamnCdUAOHi6vKcLDHVL4gUYxbBGcj9rZc7KIrzVSc24T_hMa4XIVWusPq-vC392wDZr1CuawjqU23CsKqaROO-AK9LbZeYMA9g#_=_ Beta video is finally live! Go drop a like for more content and tell me what you think, even if you live in Mississippi
  8. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS REQUIRED: 512 KBPS or faster Internet Connection DVD-ROM: 8X or faster DVD drive** OS: Windows XP (SP 1)/Vista (SP 1)/Windows 7 (SP 1) VIDEO CARD: nVidia 8800 series 512 VRAM or better/Radeon HD3850 512MB or better PROCESSOR: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD CPU DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0c Compatible MEMORY: At least 2GB RAM for Windows XP / 3GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7 * INPUT: Keyboard & Mouse HARD DRIVE: At least 30GB of free space Source: Click Here
  9. _____ HuttBall 101 _____ http://www.swtor.com/media/trailers/huttball Greetings space beings! Giradda the Hutt has reviewed your recent participation in HuttBall! He is most displeased in the performance of some of you and thus has sanctioned a HuttBall Guide. As his once esteemed translator, I have been tasked... I mean privileged to present to you the following information: What is HuttBall?____________ HuttBall is a warzone in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In this warzone two groups of players team up and verse each other in a match of supremacy. The winner of the match is the first team to score 6 times. In the event that no team scores 6, the team which scores the most in 15 minutes wins. HuttBall is a unique warzone, it is the only warzone in Star Wars: The Old Republic that allows teams from the same faction to play against each other. This allows for Republic vs. Empire, Republic vs. Republic, or Empire vs. Empire matches. Despite the early speculation, there is no way for Republic and Empire players to play on the same team. HuttBall takes place in a map called "The Pit." The map fittingly features two large pits that must be crossed to complete objectives. On this map the ball spawns in the center. The only paths from the ball to the goal-lines are a system of ramps and scaffolding which run from the center of the map over the pits to the goal area. A player may cross an upper or lower scaffolding or force leap up from the pit. These 3 ways are the only ways for a player to score a goal while carrying the ball. In addition to carrying a ball, a player may pass the ball to teammates or be "pulled" across the pit from class specific skills. How is HuttBall played?____________ HuttBall is played by two randomly assigned teams: Team RotWorms - RotWorms are represented by the team color Purple. Image Here Team FrogDogs - FrogDogs are represented by the team color gold/yellow. Image Here HuttBall is played much like American Football. Teams take possession of the ball and advance the ball by running (carrying) or by throwing (passing). To take possession of the ball a player can click it (if it is a neutral ball spawned in the center of the map) or by killing the opposing enemy player carrying the ball. Once a player carries the ball over the opposing teams goal-line they have completed a score and the ball is reset in the center of the map. This declares the ball a "neutral ball" and the first player to click it takes possession of it. The Ball http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/3038/huttball2.jpg http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/2452/huttball.jpg The User Interface The time remaining (Each match lasts 15 minutes unless a team scores 6) The team who has possession of the ball (indicated by a ball in the circle) The current score (First to 6pts) Which team the player is on (FrogDog Yellow / RotWorm Purple) PRO-TIP: When you carry the ball your speed is decreased greatly. Always look to pass ahead to speed a score. Got turned around? The End-zones are color coded via large yellow or purple hexagons and feature a massive display of a FrogDog or RotWorm which tells you whose endzone it is. You need to bring the ball to the OTHER TEAMS endzone. You know if you are going the right way by bringing up the map. It will feature arrows and a triangle quest completion symbol. The current ball handler will have a Purple or Yellow light beam and the ball rotating overhead. Image example here:http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/2267/ballcarrier.jpg Hazards This map features 3 types of "Hazards:" Fire Pit - These spots on the map are on timers. They are on the scaffolding and prevent a player from running all the way through the scaffolding without stopping to wait for the fire to stop. Keep an eye on the pit as you cross it. If the pit begins to glow red/orange it is about to spew fire. The Fire inflicts SERIOUS damage and should never be crossed while it is up. Acid Pit - The large green pits at the end of the lower ramp are acid pits. If you walk into them they will kill you in a matter of a few seconds. You must jump over them (need speed boost) or go around them. The Acid inflicts SERIOUS damage and should never be crossed although if necessary a player can survive in the acid a bit longer than the fire hazard. The Acid Pit will also cause a slow effect on your character so one cannot simply run through it without dying. Air Lifts - There are 2 large Air Lifts on both ends of the center area. These will toss the player who steps on them high into the air. The effect is random and the result will drop you off somewhere in the center of the map. If you are really lucky, you may end up on the upper scaffolding in the right direction. The fall from the Air Lift itself causes no damage, although you can fall into the acid or fire pits. Helpers This map features 3 types of "Helpers:" Speed Boost - The speed boost power-up is located in the center of the pit on each side of the map. These power-ups allow your character to move very quickly for a short period of time. This power-up is best used to get out of the pit area. Heal/DPS Buff - This power-up will increase the damage and heal amount a player deals for a short period of time. These are located near the main level ramp on both sides of the map. Heal Buff - This power-up is an instant heal. It is located in 4 spots on the map just to the corner of the exit ramps of the pits. How do I win at HuttBall?____________ A proper game of HuttBall is played in 3 Phases which repeat with each score: Phase 1 - "The Opener" In the opener the goal is to get to the ball. If the opponent has possession of the ball it should be your primary goal to get it back. The only way to do this is to kill the ball handler. Phase 2 - "The Mid Game" The mid game persists throughout the entire game. Here the teams fight for control of the ramps, power-ups, ball spawn and enemy spawn. It is PARAMOUNT that teams stay out of pit while attempting to put enemies into the pits. Ranged classes should place themselves in a way to dominate the upper ramps. All players should attempt to reason what they are doing at all times... is this a time to: Run, Pass, Attack, CC or Heal? Phase 3 - "The End Game / Scoring" To score a team must advance the ball. This takes enemy awareness (don't charge for a cap if recent enemy deaths have placed a large number of them between you and the goal). Ability awareness (don't charge for a cap if your knock-backs, burst speed, saberward isn't ready yet). Teammate awareness (ALWAYS look ahead to pass the ball up to ramps above you, or down to the goal. NEVER hold onto the ball when you have a team-mate ahead of you, even if it looks like you might make it across the goal safely.) Endzone finishes (run up lower ramp, force leap from the pit, get pulled up from the pit from a Sage, run up the upper ramps, transfer from upper ramp to lower ramp at back corner end (fastest walking path). After each score a team must quickly transition back to Phase 1. If a team gets stuck in Phase 2 (pvping randomly around the map) they will quickly find themselves with a loss. Why do I lose at HuttBall?____________ Generally speaking if you find yourself not winning many matches, likely there is something you are doing incorrectly. Ask yourself these questions: Are you going into the pits? Are you going along the sides of the map and running into dead ends at the fences? Are you going the wrong way with the ball? Are you ignoring the ball handler? If you are not making the above mistakes, you should consider your passing game. Passes are the make it/break it element of HuttBall. Passes are either completed, intercepted or incomplete causing a neutral ball. In situations where there are no teammates to pass to (and you are about to die) it is often better to throw the ball away (called intentional grounding) then to let the enemy kill you and take the ball. PRO TIP: Another alternative pass is to pass the ball to an enemy who is about to die, this will cause the ball to come right back to your teams closest member or reset to a neutral ball if no member is nearby. What if you mastered passing and you still have a hard time coming away with a win? It could be that your team is being out played. Teams who master various techniques on the field will find that matches are easier to win. While some techniques (force leaping out of the pit, force lifting a ball carrier over fire and so on) will greatly improve your odds; there are no techniques that will guarantee a win. The best thing you can do is to maximize your chances is by avoiding bad practices. Generally there are 5 common bad practices with HuttBall: Predictable Paths - The ONLY way to win at HuttBall is to change the path your team takes to a score. If you take the same path more than once, the chances are the enemy will adapt and block your score. Untimely CC - Nothing is worse than a score from an enemy who is CC immune. Each player can only be held in place with CC for so long... their resolve bar will fill up and then those same CC attacks will have no affect on them. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to save CC for when a player gets close to a score. In this way you can knock them into the pit below or hold them in fire, otherwise the only way to stop them is via pure DPS. Ball Hog - Not passing as you get closer to the goal. The best practice is to pass more as you approach the goal. On paper this seems simple enough, although in practice it often is just not done. So many times I have seen players hold the ball and attempt to cross the line rather than pass, because of the threat of a score they are often over-focused for dps and killed just short of the line. Staying with the Ball Handler - Contrary to popular belief, it is not always best to stay right with the ball carrier. For example, some players will need to be closer to the ball respawn after a score to make sure you can score again. Some players will need to play defense, some players should be going ahead of the ball carrier to clear a path and take passes. The goal to getting a goal is to spread the map and make sure the ball carrier has many options. Gadget Play____________ Gadget Play (also known as a trick play) uses deception and unorthodox strategies to fool or otherwise "trick" the opposing team. Please note that although these plays can be very effective, they do come with some risk and have potential for an opposing teams big gain or even score. When to use a Gadget play... well these plays are effective BECAUSE they are not used every time you touch the ball. For example if your team always passes immediately after the grab, the opposing team will quickly catch on and intercept or kill the receiver. For that reason, these plays only tend to work if they are unanticipated. For best results, I recommend never using the same gadget play twice in one match. Here are some Bread and Butter Gadget plays that all teams should familiarize themselves with. They WILL be used at some point in a match and the prepared team will know how to take advantage of them for a score or stop: The Pit-Leap - The first rule of HuttBall is never go in the pit right? Well this concept can create an easy score for your team. First get the ball, then get the attention of the other team. Head right into the pit below their goal, then kill one of the enemy team. If you time this right someone should spawn shortly and come from above the enemy goal line. Using Force Leap, you can jump up and out of the pit to the targeted player leaving the enemy down in the pit for an easy score. Some classes have the ability to leap out of the pit to a team-mate instead, although this requires a team-mate to goto and stay at the goalline which is a dangerous place to hang out. The Rescue-Pull - A little known Jedi Consular Sage ability allows you to bring a teammate right to your location. This tactic is best used like the Pit-Leap, where the ball handler takes the ball into the pit. While the enemy has focus on the ball handler, the JC goes to the goal area. Then the JC will use Rescue to pull the ball handler out of the pit to the goal area for an easy win. The Scaffolding Gap - The most direct route to the goal from the ball spawn is first up the ramp for the upper scaffolding then a gap transfer (jump down) to the lower scaffolding just as the upper scaffolding makes a right turn. In this way you create a misdirection that will cause the enemy to head for the upper scaffolding ramp. The added advantage is that the fire pit on the lower and upper scaffolding are on different timers. This allows the player to decide to finish on the upper area, or if the fire is up to transfer to the lower ramp and run across the inactive fire pit. Quick grab - The fastest class to the ball is the Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor which can right straight ahead out of the start and then use their burst speed skill to jump clear over the acid for a quick grab. To stop this prepare to use ranged CC on them so your other classes have time to grab. Kock-back / Hazard death - There is little anything more satisfying than using CC to kill an enemy. There are a number of different CC abilities although the 2 best for this technique are the ones that knock-back or those that hold an enemy in place. Time your hold so that you stop a player just as they try to cross the fire pits or as they leap over acid. If they are CC'd long enough the fire will come on and kill them. You can also knock them back into the fire or acid if they run out. Remember to attack them at range after the cc expires to make sure for a quick kill if they survive the hazard. Smear-the-carrier - Often you can rack up big objective points by passing the ball to an enemy who you are about to kill. They will take possession of the ball then die making the ball go back to your team. Make sure to only do this when you have someone near them or the ball will reset at center as a Neutral ball. Pit Recovery - Often you will find yourself on the scaffolding and under attack from multiple sides. If you are getting very low on health and it is clear you cannot pass the ball or score, the best bet is to jump down into the pit. If you die this will delay the enemy as they will have to carry the ball out of your pit and all the way to the other side of the map. If you do not die grab the speed boost in the center and burst run to the pit exit ramp. Then grab the heal boost and run for the ramps for try number 2 with full health and good distance between the other team and you. Reverse - This play is executed by two players who run on the lower and upper ramps separately. If one takes damage they toss the ball down (or up) to the other member. Because the timers of the fire pits on the ramps are different for upper and lower, one player will be able to advance at all times. Use this advantage to pass the ball up and down until someone has a clear run at the goal. Tips and Tricks____________ Here is a small list of various tips to give your player a competitive edge over others in the warzone. Feel free to suggest others using the thread below: Positioning: Standing right on the edge of ramp will sometimes cause Sith/Jedi players who force leap to you to fall off the edge rather than land on the ramp next to you. Non-cover classes can still utilize the cover scattered across the map by standing behind them. This includes the Pillars around the fire pits and boxes on the ramps. Use these to put Line-of-Sight between you and attackers. Get up high and hold your ground. This warzone can also be nicknamed "King of the Hill." The player that dominates the ramps/scaffolding dominates the game. Quick Kills: Utilize the fire and acid, knock enemies into it. CC them as they cross to hold them over it. Stand at the edge of the acid and pull an enemy to you. If you are positioned correctly they will fall in the acid. Continue to damage them for easy fast kills. (Works really well on the ball carrier). Quick Heals: Always use your out of combat heal when it is ready. Even if you only have a little health missing, your out of combat heal will regenerate your force/ammo as well. Be aware of the power-ups in the corners of the map. These will restore most of your health. If you are at full health and the enemy is near them, it is sometimes best to take them to prevent the enemy from using them. STIMS! STIMS! STIMS! - after every match (win or loss) you can buy heal stims and damage/heal increase stims from the pvp vendors. Make sure to use these. They are on a separate timer from PVE stims... which brings us to our next point: PVE STIMS make sure you have a few of those to use as well. In a close fight you could have the edge over your opponent by having those 2 extra heals! Quick Travel: At the start of each map make sure to activate your movement buffs. All classes get sprint at level 15. If you find yourself in a tight spot on the ramps, drop down and grab the speed buff. Run the length of the pit and out leaving the enemy in the dust. BE NICE!!! Remember, this warzone allows for same-faction combat. Thus think before you taunt or complain as you will likely encounter that person again as you quest! UPDATE: New trending techniques! For now there is a tick that is working for some players involving stealth and an ability to jump to a team-mates location. This may be removed in the future, although for now it works as follows: A player with stealth goes to goal and just wait there hidden in stealth. A juggernaut gets the ball and makes his way to the goal. The juggernaut can now use the ability "intercede" on the stealthed player. (Intercede will jump the juggernaut to the stealthed player for an easy score) Right now a 2nd popular technique is for classes with a "grapple" skill to stand RIGHT on the edge of the acid and then pull the enemy to them. Your opponent will end up in the acid in-front of you and they will take your damage + the acid damage for an easy kill. This can be done with the fire as well although it is very difficult to time it right. ScoreBoard____________ At the end of each match a ScoreBoard appears. This is where a player can review the stats from the battle, choose their MVP (most valuable player) and exit the match. This screen also shows the final score, the amount of Valor earned, the amount of Commendations earned, the amount of XP earned and the amount of credits earned. Here is an image that shows the various elements of the ScoreBoard: http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/3802/scoreboardj.jpg
  10. Guild Wars 2 - Check out all this info if your not sure on buying it or not. ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBC_ig73aMs ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Dragon boss in WoW who? ------------------------------ http://pc.ign.com/ar...oaV9_-k.twitter 1. Free to play. 2. Balanced PvP. 3. "When I heard that they balanced dungeons so that five Warriors, Thieves, or Elementalists could do it and have a hell of a time, I almost shed a man-tear. Almost." 4. Next Gen MMO http://www.arena.net...s-2-g-star-demo
  11. A new build I have been working on for my mercenary, Gallowyn. I began to notice how reliant players become on their Tracer Missile Spam, and quite frankly it begins to feel like I am playing a mage with very few abilities to use; so here is an alternate build. http://db.darthhater.com/skill_calc/bounty_hunter/mercenary/#::f17cf5e5fe3fefefefe3f2e3f4ef3efe2: Please note this build is still experimental, however I have been playing with it at lvl 37-40 and I already enjoy it quite a bit. This build gives the player much more use of instant cast abilities, which are very helpful when you need to kite another player. It also gives a fair amount of DoT damage to stack DPS on either a target that is getting heals or a tank. And, of course, you still maintain Tracer Missile and its buffs when you have the opportunity to use it. What you stand to lose: The top 2 teirs of Arsenal are the obvious loss for this build. HSM is probably the most important as it is a good burst shot (after you build up heat signatures) Barrage is also gone, which gives a chance for overload to do some extra damage. kolto vents is a minor loss as it is a fairly small heal. Also, due to switching cylinders, you do not have a base 20% armor pen. Everything else feels fairly minor as an actual loss to the standard arsenal build. What you stand to GAIN: By using Combustible Gas, you gain a fairly good DoT that applies passively, along with 3% more crit from upgraded Arsenal. You gain a usable DoT with Incendiary Missile, a good instant cast ability. Railshot becomes pretty beefy and is used in place of HSM. Pair this with Prototype Particle Accelerator for more Railshots per min. Lastly, you gain better stealth detection along with 2% defense bonus. The Difference: Full Arsenal is a very statonary build that turns the player into a turret. They deal good damage, however they are very vulnerable as its not all that hard to hit a stationary target. This hybrid build combines the direct damage of Tracer Missile with the DoT of the pyrotech tree. In short, the player is able to deal with a wider variety of situations, keep his distance better, and still maintain good damage output.
  12. Players first coming to SWTOR often complain that the “resolve” system doesn't work. In my opinion, it represents a unique solution to the problem of chain CC. For those who understand how it works, like my readers at the end of this guide, resolve offers a system in which good players will make good choices and thereby reap the benefits that lesser knowledgeable players will complain don't work. First, what is crowd control (CC)? Crowd control, or CC as it's abbreviated, was originally intended in MMO's as an ability used by certain low dps classes to make them worthwhile in a group. The abilities range from a short term stun that allows continued damage of the target, to a long term sleep used out of combat to make a mob no longer take actions until it receives damage. PvPers immediately saw the value in these abilities and adopted them for their own uses often to the scorn of those pvpers that didn't have them. In SWTOR we have three types of CC: Snares: an ability that slows the target by a percent up to 100% Mezz: an ability which causes a target to no longer have the ability to take action for a period of time or until damage is taken (whichever comes first). Sometimes these abilities can only be used against certain types of targets (droid) or when a target is out of combat. Stun: an ability of a short term duration that prevents a target from taking action regardless of the amount of damage taken In PvP the three above categories have specific uses to consider. First, one will usually always keep one's target snared so that one can keep on top of them as a melee, or away from them as a ranged. Even in a ranged versus ranged fight, putting a snare on the enemy will help to unbalance his gameplay a bit and reduce the chance he can successfully use LOS (line of sight) to avoid one. Second, Mezz can be useful in a small engagement where AoE will unlikely occur. For example, in Voidstar the disarm bomb ability is much shorter in length than the time a Whirlwind will take a player out of action. Lastly, stuns work best either in a chain with another player to maximize the amount of time an enemy has to endure damage OR when the other player is in a hazardous situation (environmental damage area). Additionally, stuns can be used a cast interrupt against healers OR as an actual stun to kill a player that doesn't know what he's doing or perhaps burned his CC Breaker earlier. Secondly, what is a CC Breaker? In SWTOR, every character has a stun ability and a CC breaker. The CC breaker is an ability that BREAKS CC. Different classes have different names for this ability. Not all classes have the same cooldown between uses of this ability. Not much more to say about that other than learn when to use it. Although all characters get a CC breaker, not everyone knows when to use it properly (to be elaborated on). Thirdly, what is Resolve? Resolve is SWTOR's method of preventing chain CC. Generally, for those leveling up through the pvp bracket, Resolve seems to do nothing. I myself have played part to numerous occassions in which I've been stunned, broken the stun with my CC breaker, only to get immediately stunned again. While quite frustrating, I eventually came to realize I was not using my CC break at the right moment. Resolve is a bar that fills up next to one's avatar and the avatar of one's enemy. When the bar fills up, the person gains immunity to further CC. The length of this immunity is almost long enough to run a huttball from the beginning of the ramps to the goal with a bit of luck. The problem is, most players find that the bar doesn't fill up until they're just about dead. Even when the bar does fill up, the immunity doesn't matter until the cc that filled one's bar wears off. This is where an experienced player knows why resolve is kinda cool. Finally, how do I take advantage of this system? An experienced player uses his damage mitigation abilities in preperation of an incoming CC. Then, while stunned and taking a beating, he doesn't take as much damage as the enemy is hoping to inflict. Thus the CC wears off and the player resumes his PvP having SAVED his CC breaker. Now, when the player gets CC'd again, he immediately uses his CC breaker (because two stuns will fill the bar) and gains immunity to all further CC for a good length of time. Getting this to work in Huttball while carrying the ball works wonders since most players have no idea their CC won't work when the target has a white bar of resolve. Its very important to remember that CC does not work on a player who has a white bar of resolve. Its also important to realize that using CC on someone will give them immunity to further uses once the bar fills up HOWEVER, resolve does not affect snares. So when the resolve bar fills up, one can still snare the player even to the point of zero movement. Furthermore, snaring a player does not increase his resolve bar. So use snares as often as needed without any worry. For those warriors with the ability to cause a 100% snare, remember that it will ALWAYS cause this effect. There is no immunity against it. Another simple strategy to use regarding CC is to test a player's knowledge. Instead of opening up with one's awesome 6 second stun, try using a garbage mezz on the player. If one has an addition stun like many melee classes do, try using that first. A less sophisticated player will automatically use their CC breaker, thus allowing one to immediately follow up with the long 6 second stun whenever it tactically suits one. I use this strategy all the time. In reverse, its important to know what stuns to break and which to eat. Anytime someone stuns one's character in a manner that throws one on the ground, beware using the CC break. A stun that floors a player will only last between 2 and 3 seconds. Stealthers will often mezz a player before starting a fight, just to see if the player will try to break it. If the situation will allow it, save one's CC break. Additionally, don't use a CC break on a snare unless absolutely necessary since snares usually have VERY short cooldowns and can rapidly reapply. Examples of CC not to break include, snares that result from getting pushed. Snipers and some Sorcerors have a 100% snare they do when they AoE push people away. Unless one is taking damage or really want to kill the pusher, consider eating this one. If one's character gets slept, don't break it. As mentioned twice above, abilities that cause a lose of control belonging to the "Mezz" class of CC breaks if one takes damage. So when tactically unnecessary for one to take action, just ride it out. There is only one objective in game that can be capped in the 8 seconds and that's the disarm bomb in voidstar. So in retrospect, resolve may seem like a broken system, but actually has some interesting layers of complexity to it. Those players who know these tricks, will see that resolve not only does work, but can be gamed to work for one.
  13. PvE: http://db.darthhater.com/skill_calc/sith_inquisitor/sorcerer/#::f3ef4ef2ef8de16f14ef5: PvP: http://db.darthhater.com/skill_calc/sith_inquisitor/sorcerer/#::f3ef4ef2ef7e5fe9fe3f13df5: So I have seen some debate about Healing specs: what works and is better for PvP/PvE, and really if it is needed to switch your spec for each. The answer? Listed above and yes it matters. The differences are only 7 talent points, however the change is pretty necessary if you wish to be the best that you can for either situation. Primary Differences: For PvE I take: 2/2 Haunting Presence 2/2 Force Suffusion 1/2 Dark Resilience 2/2 Will of the Sith For PvP I take: 2/2 Dark Resilience 2/2 Fadeout 2/2 Conspiring Force 1/2 Will of the Sith So why the differences. Well it comes down to what matters more for each situation. In PvP, mobility is more important then say 3% more healing per second. Likewise in PvE mobility and slowing enemies is pretty moot, thus you want to heal as effectivly as possible to conserve force. In the PvE build you gain increased healing from of Haunting Presence, Force Suffusion, and Will of the Sith. The 1 point in Dark Resilience is due to a lack of useful talents avalible to improve healing. Thus the only real choice is 1% less damage taken or 1% less sacrificed from consumption. I prefer the latter as Im not always going to take damage, but I will likely be using consumption in boss fights. Other builds have suggested 1/2 Subversion, but this feels like a poor choice. It only gives a 50% chance to increase force regen when using a 1.5 sec casted damage ability. That is a waste of force and time to attempt to gain a regen. In the PvP Build you are dropping the extra healing for an instant 20% slow and a 20% movement speed. This is great for PvP and has many applications such as getting away from players (or catching up to them), moving into position, executing ganks properly, etc. As I stated before, your mobility in PvP is everything. If you are not able to break away from chasers, to find safety or teammates, you are probably gonna die. In the same token if an enemy can break free from your range, you lost the kill. Less healing per ability is fine as you dont generally dont need that small fragment of extra health every few seconds. Would it help? sure, but at the cost of catching or breaking free from an enemy? not worth it.
  14. Just saw this video today and it seems Bioware has some stuff already in the works. Over the next several months patches will include some very needed features, along with more content (both PvE and PvP) and finally rewards for the legacy system! Check out the video for yourself.
  15. http://db.darthhater...e4fe7f10e2fef6: Here is my current work in progress for a PvP build on my Marauder. Bioware has stated they are working on changing both Marauder and its counterpart Sentinel, So this build will likely evolve over time. But since there is no date for the changes, here we go. This build utilizes the Carnage tree. Why? well lets first look at the other 2. Annihilation is a tree built around dealing damage over a longer duration. While Annihilation will shine in PvE, it is not suited for the fast pace nature of PvP; so Annihilation would be a poor choice. Rage on the other hand is pretty decent for both PvP and PvE. It gives a large amount of crit bonus, it utilizes the Shii-Cho Form (a fairly balanced stance), gives a decent amount of armor pen, grants an extra short range charge, and a fairly good slow ability from range. Rage could be viable and I will look into it in the future. But Carnage seems to outshine both of the other specs when it comes to PvP. I aim to utilize as much rage generation as a majority of your damage requires a constant supply of rage. Also, Carnage provides increased speed, burst damage, and consistent damage over time. so lets break it down. Tier 1: Defensive Forms is a must for PvP. gaining the extra 10% movement for Ataru Form (which will be the stance you are likely to stay in) will help keep you in close range constantly. DW Mastery just serves to increase your DPS, and Cloak of Carnage guarantees extra rage when players are attacking you, adding this to Cloak of Pain just makes it an incredible PvP ability. Tier 2: There isn't a ton of good for PvP in teir 2. Erupting Fury is more for PvE as you will not be generating a ton of extra fury with it in PvP (unless it is large open scale PvP) Narrowed Hatred is another nice PvE ability, but accuracy is generally not needed as much in PvP. So your choices are Defensive Roll and Enraged Charge. Both are helpful, but you only needed 3 points in T2, I prefer the guaranteed rage over less AoE damage taken(Depending on Rage generation end game, I may switch the points around). Tier 3: Everything here just adds to your DPS. You finally get Ataru Form, which will be your permenant stance. Ataru Mastery ups the Damage from the extra swings with Ataru and Execute gives a small burst when ataru triggers. Take everything here. Tier 4: Depending on what you feel necessary, you may leave out some points here, but here is my reasoning for taking what I did. Blood Frenzy is bonus rage every time Ataru triggers, which is needed. Towering Rage guarantees a Crit for your Force Scream, which is one of your hardest hitting abilities, so it is very worth it. Displacement will be highly needed in PvP to give you a root at range. Since you depend on melee combat, you need everything you can to keep people from running, A must take. Enraged Assault cuts off 3 seconds from Battering Assault, which is a large rage generator. You may find this unnecessary as 3 seconds is a pretty small cut for 2 talent points, which can be better used elseware. Tier 5: Here is where Carnage really starts to shine. Unbound turns your stealth into a free CC break for most immobilizing abilities. Gore is a 100% armor pen bonus. This is a MUST HAVE as for 6 seconds you can turn a tank into squish. Rattling Voice lowers the cooldown on Force Scream AND lowers its rage cost by 2. As I stated before, this is one of your hardest hitting abilites thus it is very worth the points. Tier 6: Again a very sexy teir, Overwhelm turns ravage into a root, giving you more time to guarantee damage to your opponent and making Ravage viable in PvP. Sever boosts Crit damage of 3 very important skills for your DPS: Force Scream, Ataru Form Triggers, and Massacre. Tier 7: Being the top of the line, It would be kinda pointless to go this high in the tree and not take Massacre. It does good damage, force triggers Ataru (which in turn triggers a lot of passives for you) and gives a bonus 30% chance for Ataru to trigger for 6 seconds. Just an overall nice boost to your DPS. NOW, what do we do with the remaining 10 points? Well we could invest more into Carnage, taking Enraged Assault if we feel it necessary, Erupting Fury if we think it will give us an edge, or we can go into other lines which is probably the better option. In Annihilation I would say Enraged Slash is the best skill to take. It refunds rage with 3 decently high priority abilities, which just serves to give you more ability to deal out dmg. Cloak of Annihilation is nice, but Retaliation is a reactionary ability so you may not trigger it a lot; also if you are the target in a fight then your Cloak of Pain will stay up for the entire duration. So it isn't incredibly useful. If you do decide to go up to tier 2, Seeping Wound will give you extra movement slow, and Hungering will give you a little bit of sustain. Personally I would take 3 points in Enrages Slash and that is it. We now have 7 points to spend in Rage. Malice is 6% Crit chance... no reason not to have that. Stagger outshines Ravager from a PvP standpoint as it is an extra second of immobilize. Since Force Charge has a much lower cooldown then force choke, you will likely be using it much more and it allows you to get back into the fight. When you get to tier 2 there are 2 talents that stand out: Payback and Brutality. payback gives you 10% HP back when you use Unleash (your CC break) that is a good chunk and you will likely be using Unleash a lot in PvP. If you have the extra Points, Brutality isn't a bad choice with 15% crit chance bonus on Vicious Slash. I would still prefer Enraged Slash in Annihilation due to the rage return, but the choice is yours.
  16. http://db.darthhater.com/skill_calc/bounty_hunter/mercenary/#::e8fe11f10ef8e2f18: Here is a pretty standard Healer build for the Bounty Hunter: Mercenary. This spec Takes 35 points in Bodyguard, really only leaving out Powered Insulators as it just isn't quite worth the points. With the remaining 6 I spec into Arsenal for what is necessary (namely: Upgraded Arsenal, taking the most useful T1 talents). To be honest there is very little variety that can be made to the Bodyguard build to make it any better no matter what you wish to use it for; thus this is a well rounded spec for whatever you plan to do. If you are seeking to be a more single target healer and gain survivability for PvP you could drop points from the kolto missile upgrades, however the gain to other heals is small and frankly the amount of healing + kolto residue more then makes up for whatever you may gain otherwise.
  17. Not my write up - another interesting write up I found while creeping reddit. Hopefully my little analysis and reposting these reads isn't breaking any rules... I think they're good insights into gaming. There's a pretty sweet comparative analysis between several gaming genres and titles and discusses exactly what is skill, how are LoL players or LoL playing different... Definitely agree on a lot of points. Give it a read - share your thoughts , we spend a lot of time in the game and I think it's equally important to read about these types of things, you gain a greater meta grasp of the game. Some Thoughts about skill in LoL; Why many Esportists from other games may think it doesn't even exist and why it's actually deeper than they think. by Roflkopt3r 1 Dec 2011 (First of the month yee!) Now, if you watch any pro player, you can often see them feeding like hell to some noobs. Many people who disliked LoL often consider this proof: Seemingly there is no thing such as skill, it's all luck. Then there even are some very high level players -right now that would be probably HotshotGG and Ocelote- who have been losing insane amounts of elo recently and playing, to put it blunt, often quite crappy. And than there is someone like Shushei who can go 10-0 against world class players but then feed 0-14-0 (as BRAND) in duoqueue with Xpeke. What does define "skill" the most in different games? You will probably agree that the most fundamental difference in LoL compared to RTS like Starcraft and Warcraft, and to shooter games like Counter-Strike and Quake, is mechanics. In Starcraft:BW, WC3:TFT and SC2, most top level players have been constantly running 200-350 actions per minute (3.5-6 key strokes per second). They have insane multi tasking and micro at many different frontiers at once with great precision, while the macro management (building units) for itself is really difficult to learn, and you have to maintain it over a full game of around 10-30 minutes. It was so astonishing that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p08QFrGa8Jo. (note: You do not necessarily need higher apm than the enemy to do more effective actions. There are players that are just highly efficient about their actions while others do lots of pointless stuff only to press 6 keys a second no matter if it helps). In shooters on the other hand, i's all about precision and reaction speed. While in high apm RTS players would do quite well with swiftly repeating difficult, but learnable patterns (select baracks - build marines; select factory - build tanks...), shooter players are far more reliant on reaction speed. This is not necessarily an innate ability of a person, but has to be learned according to a context. Means you can be a real slowpoke in real life, but after a year of playing 8 hours quake a day, you will have fast reactions within that game, trust me. That mostly comes because you know what to expect and know the according responses. In shooters, these responses consist of accuracy and response time - aim for their heads as fast as you can - and learning weapon specifics (AWP: You have exactly one shot. M4/AK: Need to be good in controling the spray. Rocket Launcher: Need to know how to really hit these slow rockets on fast players). Now, how does League of Legends fit in this? League of Legends is almost completely unreliant on these things. You do not need awesome apm or multi tasking. And during the time you have to dodge a xerath skill or even to Sivir-spellshield an Alistar headbutt, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diPonkYH0iU. Technical aspects? You only need to really press 4-5 buttons, which have cooldowns of at least 3 seconds. You don't need multitasking as you only control one character (or two at the most). The precision you need to click the right target is ridiculously low compared to Starcraft or CS. By WC3 hardcore community, DotA players already were ridiculed as "just too bad to play WC3" since it was so easy mechanically - up to the point were DotA had very complex tactical requirements and WC3 players couldn't keep up with it without learning the game for real. No, there is no noteworthy mechanics in this game. League of Legends consists almost completely on adecisionmaking level. Very little of it on the macro level -item builds are not what makes the pros better than the rest and the rest mostly depends on your team, like when to try dragon- but on the fast estimation and response-level. What you need to do is to judge "Go in? go back? Use my condemn now or safe it to kick away bruisers when they come? How to position?". Also, LoL does not require constant attention. CS does usually - one second missed, someone headshots you, or you get flashed and die. Quake does -you constantly need to time items, and fights could happen almost any second. And Starcraft does - or suddenly all your bases are on fire, or you just get outmacroed and lose the next big fight easily, even when that happens minutes later. How does this make LoL skill often beeing so hard to see? It's mostly because the mechanical level is very small. A really good CS player has the reflexes and aim and even when he doesn't pay attention, against a worse player he will still do his headshots - I've been there, high and drunk at 4:00 am, rocking my noob friends on LAN. A quake pro has a great rythm for the movement and the insane aiming skills. Good SC2 players always have insane macro - once you have a sense for that, you just keep getting more ressources and spend them faster than worse players, and you almost cannot lose. In LoL in comparison: Mechanics don't help. Even a pro player like HotshotGG has to be constantly fully aware of what happens. In SC2 you usually don't get baited, because if you have better macro than the enemy, you cannot get baited - you are stronger than him, anyways. And in shooter games it's hard to pull such a move, anyways - in doubt, pros just play it careful. Whenever a LoL pro lacks the immediate attention of what's going around, you will notice. Suddenly a 2300 elo player can go 1-6 and lose a 1300 elo game, easily. And why people are just not as aware as in other games... LoL requires very very little attention of players compared to other esports games. During laning you can often easily eat or get something to drink or anything. AFK for a minute? Sometimes they might not even notice. Beeing only there half heartedly? You won't miss anything important usually, someone will ping you were to go and your pure presence can often be enough. I'm not saying that you can play the whole game half-heartedly, but the punishment for not paying full attention for a few moments isn't nearly as big as in other games! But in general there are quite a lot of situations in LoL which require basically no decisionmaking, even though decisions are the only thing you actually have to make. And many situations are just... really simple. A 4-1 Irelia really does not need to be afraid of a 0-3 Chogath with low creepscore. In comparison, a Quake or Counter-Strike or even SC2 opponent who is behind can still be damn dangerous! Even without much money plus low health on the enemy team, a single desert eagle shot can kill. And even if the enemy is behind in SC2, if he can pull a hellion drop that kills all your workers in six seconds, you can easily lose. I mean, honestly - you wouldn't believe quite as hard that a team can comeback at a 6-20 scoreline compared to (for all non counter strikers: in these scenes Khrystal kills several guys who each carry a gun that is worth 400% of his weapon). It's a team game - Correctional factors for mistakes. But, no matter how much you can see individual pro players feed the heck out of their champions - in the end a team of pro players will win 10 out of 10 games against a team of 1500 elo dudes. How comes I'm so sure? Because it adds the decisionmaking of five people, against five people. One guy in solo queue can easily miss the gank and ooops, suddenly the enemy has baron. But a communicating team makes up for individual mistakes, and helps preventing them. In other games these correctional factors also exist. In SC2, it's because most games consist of many little fights between the two players, not that one snowballing gank situation that makes it impossible to win the lane. Even if the better player gets baited into a bad engagement; first, he will be careful enough to not lose it all. Second he will make up for the disdvantage just by building units faster. And because matches usually consist of more than one fight but often a lot of little harassment, he will win the game on the long run. And in shooters it's usually just that there is much less of a snowball effect. Lost a round? CS 1.6 needs 16 to win (also, again there are 4 teammates to make up for mistakes of one guy not paying attention) and Quake goes over rounds of usually at least 10 minutes; also it offers a macro level (timing and planning items and routes to collect them) that can make up for lacking aim on a bad day. Finally: TL;DR. Individual skill in LoL is much harder to see than in RTS or shooter esport titles. It contains almost no mechanical level but is pure decisionmaking which requires constant awareness, so even a good player can truly suck when not paying enough attention. For a full tournament level skill comparison, it's really the team that counts over individuals. Further adding, the danger of comebacks is low at most times in LoL, so it's easy to lose attention.
  18. Prime - Battle for Dominus I'm on the Alpha team or "The High Council" basically they shoot idea's and make testing requests , ya'll know how those things work. Anyway what I can tell you is that this is going to be a massive high end sci-fi PVP centric online stat tracking monster of a game , the mechanics are really solid and feel fantastic. Youtube channel - Some world preview videos there as well. Facebook Twitter Here's the F&Q Testing sign up Cheers , Dallas.

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