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  1. Good News! We are relaunching the ESO Guild on the NA server. Some things to know if you want to join us: Play nights are Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday Discord Channel has been created Guild will be PvE focused, primarily a raiding guild with raids on Tue/Thursday night Founders are vVv LordJerith, vVv Amped, vVv Doomhammer and vVv RobzGod Even though you should have unlocked the any race/any factions account upgrade, for purposes of being in the same starting zones, we are choosing the FACTION: Ebonheart Pact (we've needed to switch it up from Daggerfall Covenant) If interested in playing, please let us know here by posting below. We're happy to help you to get into the game. Below is a great video for new players or for old players looking for a refresh:
  2. Muhdewsa

    FFXIV Raids

    Click here to join our Discord server! For more details on this event and how to get involved, click here!
  3. vVv has transferred to The Harbinger server which is the highest population server in the game (West coast). If you want an invite to the guiild, please add your characters names here.
  4. SWTOR developers have released a detailed blog on the alliance system within Fallen Empire. Be it the cheeky Astromech Droid, the stalwart Wookiee partner-in-crime, the ambitious upstart apprentice that is yours alone to mold, or any of the other 40-odd characters found in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ to-date; we all know and love our Companions (especially the chronically under-appreciated ship droids!). Companion characters have always been a big part of our personal stories, and with the upcoming release of the new Digital Expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, comes an even deeper focus on characters and storytelling. For this reason it only makes sense that we would seek to include our beloved friends (especially the ship droids!!) in that experience. Knights of the Fallen Empire has given us an excellent opportunity to take stock of the role of Companions within Star Wars: The Old Republic (from both a gameplay and storytelling standpoint), and to enhance their behavior and mechanics, which have remained largely unchanged since the original launch of the game. I’d therefore like to take some time to share with you some details about the changes and new features related to Companions that will be coming with the launch of Game Update 4.0, as well as some of our thoughts behind these changes. The Goal of Our Companion System Improvements Before we dive into the details, allow me to go just a bit into the “why”, to provide some context for the reasoning that was guiding many of the choices we made. Removing Companion Usage Barriers Here’s a familiar scenario: Over the course of your adventures, you meet a new Companion character. They seem like an interesting, fun, or cool character, and you might like to run around the galaxy with them for a bit… but it turns out that their abilities just aren’t a good match for your combat style… so you never use them. Ever. One of our biggest design goals is to try and eliminate as much as possible the artificial barriers that prevent you from playing with the Companions you want, when you want, and how you want. Rewards for Spending Time with Your Companions, Rather than Flattering Them Another familiar scenario: You’re presented with a story choice in a conversation. You know in your mind how your character wants to answer… but the Companion you’ve got with you will hate that answer, and you don’t want to lose Affection with them, so you instead pick the answer that the Companion wants to hear. As much as possible, we want you to be able to participate in the story and make the decisions that you feel are true to your character. Expandability and Versatility Simply put, we need to make sure the Companion system has both the versatility, and expandability necessary to keep up with your desires to have bolder, more meaningful choice options, as well as to fully utilize the incredible storytelling potential of Knights of the Fallen Empire’s episodic narrative. Companion System Changes: With the release of Game Update 4.0, all Companion characters will now be able to switch between all three primary combat roles. When summoned, a Companion’s portrait will display an icon signifying their current combat role. The combat role can be changed at any time (provided you are not currently in combat) by right clicking on their portrait, and selecting a new role. When a Companion’s combat role is changed, their ability bar will fully swap out for their updated role’s abilities. This change is huge in terms of addressing our first goal of removing Companion usage barriers. Are you a Jedi Consular who dreams of nothing but galactic adventures with Qyzen Fess, only to be foiled by the fact that you want a healer Companion? Your longing has come to an end! Beyond lowering barriers, though, this change is also extremely important for the storytelling purposes of our third goal. Now that any Companion can fill any role, we will no longer have situations where we can’t allow “serious consequences” to befall certain Companions, just because it might leave a player with no other Companion that can fill a given role. Companion Gear Now Purely Aesthetic, Companion Combat Stats Scale With Level This was one of the tougher decisions we had to make, and while we anticipate it being one of the more controversial, we’re still confident that this is the right call to make based on comments from players. The simple reality is that, more often than not, the need to gear Companions has wound up being more of a cumbersome hindrance — not to mention a significant barrier to Companion use — than a source of meaningful or satisfying Companionship and progression. The recent 12xp experience promotion and the Epic Story Boost have only brought this issue into sharper relief. Therefore, with the release of Game Update 4.0 in October, Companions will no longer gain combat stats from their gear; Companion gear will become purely aesthetic. This change also means that players can now freely use non-modable gear pieces to dress Companions, without having to worry about subpar stats! This separates style and function giving you the maximum in options for how you dress your Companions. As far as Companion combat performance goes, all Companions will now have baseline combat stats that automatically scale with your character level. This means that no matter which Companion you summon, no matter how long it has been since you last summoned them, they will always be able to at least perform at an adequate baseline level. Note: Even though Companions don’t gain stats from gear, there are still ways to develop their power: This is now accomplished by building Influence, which we will get to shortly. “Influence” is Replacing Companion Affection With Game Update 4.0, Companions will no longer have “Affection”, they will instead have “Influence”. The Affection that a player has gained with each of their Companions will be converted directly into Influence at a 1:1 ratio when the change happens. What’s the difference between Affection and Influence? Well I’m glad you asked! Allow me to explain: Whereas Affection is a measure of how much a given Companion likes you (and thus it goes up and down as you make decisions that the Companion does and does not like), think of Influence as more of a measure of the total impact that you’ve had upon a person. When you make decisions with a Companion, whether that Companion likes or dislikes the decision you’ve made, you will still build Influence with them (as your decision still has a narrative story Influence over them in some way). Note that just because Influence goes up, it does not mean that the character necessarily likes you more, or that they don’t disagree with your decisions. A character with which you have an incredibly high Influence score may still despise you, make it known in conversation, and then act upon their dislike of you when the opportunity arises. “What about all of my Companion gifts?” I hear you asking. Good news! Companion gifts still work, they’ll just grant Influence instead of Affection. In fact, in almost all cases they’ll now grant more Influence than they would have granted Affection. We are making three tweaks to gift values and their mechanics: The base value of all gifts has been increased by 33%.Blue (Prototype) gifts have had their value increased by an additional 20%. Now Blue (Prototype) gifts are exactly twice as effective as Green (Premium) gifts, and half as effective as Artifact (Purple) gifts.Gifts of a given rank last much longer before their values start degrading, and they now degrade more slowly when they do start to degrade.Basically, gifts will give more than they used to, you’ll be able to use gifts of a given rank longer than you could before. The whole Influence vs Affection change may sound a little odd at first, but it supports in the game’s design and focus on story and therefore serves your needs as a player much more efficiently as well. It also greatly serves our second goal as outlined above, especially in conjunction with the next change on our list: Influence Directly Increases Companion Power In a way, Influence kind of functions like “relationship XP” with your Companion. As you build Influence with a Companion, your Influence rank will increase. Every time a Companion’s Influence ranks up, that Companion gains a scaling bonus to Presence (which increases Companion damage, healing, and health), as well as bonuses to crew skill time efficiency and critical rate. For example: when converted into Influence, 10,000 Affection (the cap for the old system) is exactly enough Influence to hit Rank 10, which equates to +500 Presence, +15% Crew Skill Time Efficiency Bonus, and a +5% Crew Skill Critical bonus. As an additional note: We are changing the way that Presence works such that each point provides percentage based bonuses, instead of flat numerical bonuses. This more or less translates into two things: Sadly, the Companions of low level characters with massive Presence bonuses from their legacies will no longer be hilariously overpowered (I promise we’re just as sad to see this go as you are, it provided some good times).Presence will scale much better at higher levels.Companion Inherent Tradeskill Bonuses Removed With the launch of Game Update 4.0, all Companion-specific bonuses to tradeskill performance will be removed. These bonuses were kind of nice in that they added some texture and variety to Companions, but ultimately they were very problematic and restricting for players. In many situations they created a single Companion who was and would always be “the correct choice” for any given type of job. This meant that the optimal play was to simply pile one Companion with all the jobs, leaving your others idle. This became doubly problematic when your “correct” crafting choice also happened to be the Companion you most wanted to have with you on your galactic adventures. The removal of these bonuses allows endgame players to work towards having a stable of maxed Companion characters that can tackle all the tough work optimally and in parallel. The New UI: Companions & Contacts Window No system overhaul would be complete without a slick new User Interface (UI), and to that end I present to you the Companions & Contacts UI, which by default is bound to the ‘N’ key (supplanting the Crew Skills window, which has been bumped over to ‘B’). Knights of the Fallen Empire, and the Build an Alliance Experience Opposing the might of the Eternal Empire is not something that one can do alone. One of your major underlying goals throughout the Knights of the Fallen Empire story epic will be to build an Alliance capable of loosening (and maybe even breaking!) the Eternal Empire’s grip over the galaxy. Recruit Companions From Other Classes: As you seek to build your Alliance, you will meet a host of characters, both new faces and old friends, including many of the origin class story Companion characters. In most cases, these Companions can potentially be recruited by members of any class, though some Companions may be less willing than others to so readily overlook old grudges.Choices that Matter: Just as in the Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapters (and in some cases moreso), your decisions within Alliance content can have a considerable impact upon story outcomes. As a result of your actions, Companions may be rejected, rendered unavailable, or even killed.The New Star Fortress Flashpoint: Make contact with local resistance cells on six of the core worlds, aiding their local efforts to rid their worlds of the Eternal Empire’s Orbital Star Fortresses. Assault the Star Fortresses over each world once you’ve established local support!Alliance Building Experience The Build an Alliance experience refers to a network of game content and story Missions that complement the storyline of the new expansion. It is within the Alliance story Missions that you develop your Alliance by building its power, and by recruiting additional galactic forces or noteworthy individuals to your cause. New Alliance storyline will be released regularly alongside the new expansion story chapters. Alliance content begins in earnest as part of Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. In the new expansion you are formally introduced to your Alliance, and the four major “Alliance Specialist” leaders who oversee the various aspects of each operation. In addition to the ways in which you can strengthen your Alliance on your own, your Alliance leaders will also occasionally send you special “Alliance Alert” Missions, notifying you of important events requiring your attention (generally revolving around new potential recruits for your Alliance!). Much of the Alliance storyline will focus on the origin class story Companions, and what they’ve been doing in the galaxy over the past 5 years. From there we plan to narratively build upon this stable of established characters to expand the Alliance story network as the Knights of the Fallen Empire epic story continues to unfold. Alliance stories will generally be more intimate and character driven, designed to complement and counterbalance the more ‘epic’ storyline of the Chapter stories. They’ll be very much about getting to know awesome characters, and controlling how your interactions unfold. Alliance Contacts and Followers Particularly noteworthy NPCs that you encounter over the course of your story will be tracked in the “Companions & Contacts” window under the “Contacts” header. Each contact’s entry will present a short bio, as well as a summary of important prior interactions you’ve had with that contact. In addition, you will have an Influence rank with each of your contacts. Helping contacts in various ways will build Influence with those contacts, which may in turn unlock additional rewards or story options. Many contacts can be recruited into your Alliance, and some can even be unlocked as Followers. Followers are Alliance contacts that you can summon to fight alongside you on your adventures (just like Companions). You can also conveniently quick travel to any of the contacts you’ve established using their “Travel to Contact” button (provided that they are not otherwise unavailable for story reasons, such as you having shot them in the face). Alliance Alerts Contacts will occasionally proactively notify you of special Mission opportunities by sending you an Alliance alert. These appear under the “Alerts” header of your Companions & Contacts window. Clicking on an alert entry will bring up details about the alert, and allow you to embark upon the alert Mission. When you elect to start an Alliance alert Mission, in addition to being placed on the Mission, you will be automatically transported to the starting location for that Mission. Classic Conversation Presentation Alliance content is presented in what we’ve dubbed the “Classic Conversation” format, which may look strikingly familiar to fans of Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™: These conversations use a distinct letterboxing format, as well as a distinct font styling to set them apart visually. These conversations are characterized by their more character-centric nature, both in terms of storyline and cinematography. Story character narrative lines in classic conversations are fully voiced as you have all come to expect. Player responses in classic conversations are presented as an open-ended list of response options, displayed in full (as opposed to in paraphrases), and are not voiced. The classic conversation format allows us to give you a much wider array of choices and potential outcomes, as well as more specific, complex, and subtle character reactions to your choices. The New Star Fortress Flashpoint One of the major Alliance Mission arcs present at launch in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion is centered on the new “Star Fortress” Flashpoint. In this series of combat Missions you will make contact with resistance leaders across six of the origin game worlds (Alderaan, Belsavis, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Voss), helping them to fight back against the Eternal Empire, culminating in a final assault against the Orbital Star Fortresses installations in orbit above their worlds. The Star Fortress Flashpoint itself is unique in the way it uses a variable approach to gameplay, producing a large amount of variation between different runs of the Flashpoint. These layouts also include randomized bonus objectives and mini-bosses, which reward players with Influence as well as Achievements. You might also get some rare loot too! The Star Fortress comes in two difficulty modes, Solo and Heroic. The Solo difficulty mode for every planet’s Star Fortress is available when players complete KOTFE Chapter IX, as soon as they pick up the “Battle for the Stars” Mission. This mode is intended for a solo player and their Companion.The Heroic difficulty mode for a given planet’s Star Fortress is unlocked by completing the planetary resistance Mission arc for that planet. This mode is intended for groups of 2 players (with their respective Companions). That being said, it is possible for a solo player to complete Heroic mode, provided that player has a high-rank Companion, and has built Influence with their Alliance specialists (as this unlocks access to various usable objects within the Heroic mode that provide powerful buffs and additional abilities).So there you have it: Companion system overhaul, cool character stories, and an awesome new Flashpoint. It’s all part of this thing we call Knights of the Fallen Empire, and we’re really excited to be able to share it with you all. We look forward to seeing you in the game and May the Force be with you! Matt Pucevich Designer
  5. Game Update 4.0: Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access Knights of the Fallen Empire* *Knights of the Fallen Empire content is only available to players who are eligible for the four Knights of the Fallen Empire subscriber rewards by having been a subscriber on August 10th, August 31st, September 30th, and October 19th, 2015. All other subscribers will be able to access the content on October 27th, 2015. All classes can now reach Level 65! New Ongoing Storyline! Knights of the Fallen Empire begins an epic, new storyline at level 60, with nine, action-packed Chapters. Regular Chapter releases continue the story starting in Early 2016. (Subscription Required) Start at Level 60! Jump right into the action of Knights of the Fallen Empire with the option to begin the game at level 60! (Subscription Required) New Player Tutorial! Chapter I introduces you to your class’s abilities and eases you into combat while the story unfolds. Veteran players can disable the Tutorial via the Menu. New Planet: Zakuul! The new seat of power in the galaxy! Skyscrapers reach toward the stars while surrounded by a vast and savage swamp. New Companions! Unlock new Companions over the course of the first nine Chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Begin your Alliance! Continue your adventure after Chapter IX by recruiting Companions to grow your Alliance. New Flashpoint: Star Fortress! Conquer the new Flashpoint and liberate the Galaxy from the grasp of the Eternal Empire! Highlights New 1-60 Leveling Experience! Leveling from level 1 has never been more exciting! You can now reach Level 60 by doing Main Story Arc Missions and Planetary Arc Missions. Reworked Primary Stats! The four primary stats Strength, Willpower, Cunning, and Aim have all been replaced by a single stat called Mastery. For this and other stat changes, see the Classes + Combat section below. New System: Level Sync! Adventure with other players with Level Sync! Get level appropriate Experience and Mission rewards while grouping with other players on the core worlds, while retaining all of your abilities! Those womp rats won’t know what hit them! Legacy-Wide Datacrons Now Live! Found Datacrons now grant stat bonuses to every character in your Legacy! You can track your Datacron progress in the Legacy window. Flashpoint and Operation Revamp! Flashpoints and Operations have been revisited and updated! New Modes are now available for many older Flashpoints, and many others are now available at max Level. See the Flashpoints + Operations section for full details! Ranked Arena Season 6 has come to an end! Season 6 has come to a glorious conclusion! You can use your Season 6 Tokens to purchase rewards from the vendor in the Combat section of either Fleet. General Players will now achieve Legendary Status if they complete every class story in the game. You can track your Legendary Status progress at Character Select where a new GUI element is found. In game, players who have achieved Legendary Status will have a new icon next to their name on their nameplate. Gaining Legendary Status will also grant the player a significant amount of Presence to their companions.All Subscribers have been granted an additional two Character Slots per server.The Subscriber Character limit is now 40 per server.Datacrons are now shared between all characters within your Legacy. You can track your Datacron collection progress on your Legacy window under Global Unlocks.Added Whisper and Add/Remove friend to the Guild window right-click context menu.Players are now able to unlock the "Random Mount" and "Random Pet" abilities from the Legacy panel under Global Unlocks/Other. These abilities select a random mount or pet from all mounts or pets available on the character activating the ability.In most cases, capes no longer clip through Vehicles and Mounts.Added a new key binding option (Ctrl+E by default) for entering Edit Mode in Galactic Strongholds.Added a new key binding option (N by default) for the new Companions & Contacts interface. The default keybinding for Crew Skills has been changed to “B.”The levels in which you can gain Speeder Piloting 1/2/3 have been adjusted:For Subscribers:Rank 1: Level 10Rank 2: Level 25Rank 3: Level 35For Non-subscribers:Rank 1: Level 20Rank 2: Level 35Rank 3: Level 45With the Legacy Purchase:Rank 1: Level 1Rank 2: Level 10Rank 3: Level 25Fixed an issue where Exploration achievements were not granted if the last region discovered only had one Fog of War area on the map.Companion System Changes The current Affection system has been replaced with Influence. Companion characters react to your conversation options by displaying their reaction when the choice is made (e.g. Vette approves your decision, M1-4X will remember this, etc.). Whether a companion agrees or disagrees with your decision, you will still build influence with them depending on their reaction and severity of the action. We want to reward you for spending time with your companions and not worry about losing progression or standing by making decisions the way you think your character should. As you gain Influence, you'll increase your Influence Rank with that companion. Increasing your Influence Rank with a companion directly increases that companion's combat and crafting performance in the form of a bonus to Presence, Crafting Speed, and Crafting Critical. Each point of Presence now provides a percentage bonus to a companion's performance, rather than flat numerical bonuses. This means Presence will scale better at higher levels. Additionally, Crafting bonuses are now entirely driven by Influence rank. As such, the inherent Companion Crafting Bonuses for specific Crew Skills have been removed (e.g. "+5 Armormech Critical"). All players' Affection totals will be converted directly into Influence at a 1:1 ratio, so you keep the points that you’ve gained thus far; however, Influence goes beyond the previous 10,000 limit for Affection. You’ll be able to gain even more Influence with each of your companions! Additional Companion-related changes: New Rank 6 Companion gifts have been introduced!Class Companion conversations will now unlock based upon class story progression, rather than affection/influence thresholds.All companions are now capable of performing all three combat roles (Tank, DPS, Healing), and can be freely switched between roles (so long as they're not currently in combat). No need to worry if you love M1-4X but really need a healer!Companion gear is now purely aesthetic. Players no longer need to worry about companions underperforming because of their outdated gear. While equipment will still change the visual appearance of companions just as it did before (it's important to look your best when you're adventuring across the galaxy!), companions will no longer gain combat stats from their gear. Due to this change, any gear slots which have no effect on a given companion's appearance will be removed from that companion. Any gear in those slots will be returned to players via In-Game Mail.Planet Level Sync We have added a new system to the game called Level Sync. This system automatically lowers your Character’s level to slightly higher than that planet’s maximum level. For example, if you are Level 60 and return to Alderaan to do some Missions, your character will be scaled down to be Level 34. While you are under Level Sync, the following things are adjusted on your character: StatsArmorWeapon DamageHowever, while under Level Sync we do not take away any abilities or passive effects that you have. Also, while under Level Sync, you will earn scaled experience. If you are a level 60, killing Level 30 mobs, you will gain experience appropriate for being a Level 60. This enables a player to go play any of the content in The Old Republic and get rewarded appropriately for their time investment. Cartel Market Start a New Character at Level 60! All subscribers will be granted one Start at 60 character unlock on October 27th (Subscribers with Early Access will receive their unlock on October 20th). Additional level 60 character unlocks can be purchased from the Cartel Market at a later date.Packs have been completely reworked based on player feedback. All previous Cartel Market items will be available for purchase with the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packs. Read more here!Collections has been updated with a lot of Quality of Life changes to help users navigate it more easily:You can now filter items in Collections.The Collections interface now starts out automatically collapsed.The number of Outfit pieces that you have unlocked is displayed on the set’s Collections icon.You can now purchase collection unlocks on the character that originally unlocked the item.Classes + Combat General We have reworked some of our stats with the goal of helping in itemization as well as cleaning up some lingering imbalance between stats. These changes will reduce the amount of items that you find in game which simply don’t apply to your character. No more throwing items away because it has the wrong main stat, or hating that you have to get both Critical Hit Rating and Surge just to make the stats effective. These changes include: The four primary stats Strength, Willpower, Cunning, and Aim have all been replaced by a single stat called Mastery. For all intents and purposes, Mastery acts identically to the primary stat it replaced.Endurance now gives slightly more health per point once you hit level 65. We felt that health totals were a little low compared to offensive output.The stat Surge has been removed. Surge has now been rolled into the Critical Rating stat. This means that Critical Rating now determines both your chance to critically hit, and the damage bonus you receive when you critically hit. Due to this change we have tweaked the values that this rating converts into. Generally an equal rating prior to Fallen Empire will result in less critical hit chance and damage from before, but this is simplified by only having one rating.To ensure that Critical Hit Chance is never a wasted stat, any abilities that automatically critically hit now convert any Critical Hit beyond 100% into additional critical damage.Base weapon accuracy has been increased from 90% to 100%. All non-basic attacks already had 100% Accuracy, so this change brings basic attacks up to par.Lastly, we have rearranged how we distribute ratings on items. Now, Power and defense share the first rating slot on modifications, while the rest of the stats (Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical, Absorb, and Shield) will share the second rating slot.Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight New Active Ability: Mad Dash/Blade Blitz! Dash forward 20 meters, dealing weapon damage to enemies in your path and increasing your defense chance by 100% while dashing. Cannot be used while immobilized or hindered. Has a 45 second cooldown, and can be attained at level 61.Master Strike has been renamed Blade Dance. The Jedi Knight's Master Strike ability has been renamed "Blade Dance" because Soresu Form reduces the Focus gained by "Strike" abilities (Strike, Sundering Strike, and Warding Strike), but Master Strike does not generate or cost Focus—so its name is out of place with the conventions of the rest of the class. No change needs to be made for Sith Warriors who gain Rage with "Assault" abilities (as Ravage does not contain the word “Assault” in it).Marauder/Sentinel Annihilation/Watchman New Passive Skill: Devious Wounds/Smoldering Burns! Annihilate/Merciless Slash makes your bleeds/burns deal 5% more damage for 4.5 seconds after you activate it.Carnage/Combat New Passive Skill: Bloody Slashes/Burning Slices! Ravage/Blade Dance stacks a bleed/burn on the target (stacks up to 3 times). Each time Ravage/Blade Dance deals damage it will add a new stack to the bleed/burn. Deals damage when applied, each time a stack is added, and every 3 seconds for 9 seconds after Ravage/Blade Dance finishes adding stacks.Fury/Concentration New Passive Skill: Furious Rage/Centered Focus! Furious Strike/Concentrated Slice make your next Raging Burst/Focused Burst or Smash/Force Sweep deal 15% more critical damage.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Unflinching Determination/Unwavering Resolve! Saber Ward grants immunity to stuns and incapacitating effects (fear, sleep, blind, etc.) for 6 seconds after you activate it.Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: Thirst for Rage/Inspired Focus! Bloodthirst/Inspiration instantly grants 12 Rage/Focus when used.Tier 3 – Heroic New Utility: Through Victory/Cut Loose! Mad Dash/Blade Blitz can be used while immobilized and purges immobilization and slow effects when activated.Juggernaut/Guardian Immortal/Defense New Passive Skill: Defensive Slashes/Defensive Swings! Ravage/Blade Dance grants a stacking increase to defense chance with each hit (stacks up to 3 times). Each stack increases defense chance by 2% (up to 6% with 3 stacks). This effect lasts for 6 seconds (and each hit refreshes the duration - so it lasts 8.7 seconds total while scaling up to full strength, with no alacrity – and the full strength portion lasts a full 6 seconds)Vengeance/Vigilance New Passive Skill: Bloodmaster/Burnmaster! Each bleed/burn you have active on an enemy target increases the damage you deal with bleeds/burns by 3%. This effect only stacks once per bleed/burn type (up to 3 times). For example, you can only get one from Shatter/Plasma Brand, one from Eviscerate/Burning Purpose, and one from Draining Scream/Burning Blade, so you would not benefit 8 times if you had Shatter/Plasma Brand on 8 different targetsBloodmaster Ability tooltip for clarity: For each of your bleeding effects active on an enemy target, you deal 3% more bleed damage, up to a maximum of 9% more bleed damage while Shatter, Draining Scream, and Eviscerate are each bleeding a target.Rage/Focus New Passive Skill: Enveloping Rage/Protective Focus! Raging Burst/Focused Burst and Smash/Force Sweep grant 5% damage reduction for 6 seconds.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Unshackling Rage/Focused Freedom! When activated, Enrage/Combat Focus removes movement-impairing effects (immobilizes and slows) and increases the Juggernaut's/Guardian’s movement speed by 50% for the next 6 seconds.Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: War Bringer/Ardent Advocate! Force Charge/Leap enables your next Vicious Throw/Dispatch to be used on a target with any health level for 15 seconds after activation.Tier 3 - Heroic New Utility: Through Victory/Cut Loose! Mad Dash/Blade Blitz can be used while immobilized and purges immobilization and slow effects when activated.Sith Inquisitor/Jedi Consular Phase Walk has moved into the Inquisitor/Consular base class, granting its use to Sorcerers/Sages as well. It can be trained/granted at level 61.Assassin/Shadow New Ability: Phantom Stride/Shadow Stride! 30 meter range, no Global Cooldown (GCD). 30 second cooldown. Use the Force to move through time and space, appearing at your enemy target and increasing your movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Does not break Stealth. Cannot be used against targets in cover. Requires a Double-Bladed Lightsaber or Electrostaff.Darkness/Kinetic Combat New Passive Skill: Dark Bastion/Kinetic Bastion! Reduces the cooldown of Dark Ward/Kinetic Ward by 5 seconds and increases the shield chance it provides by an additional 3%. Shielding an attack while Dark Ward/Kinetic Ward is active has a 20% chance to restore a charge and increase its active duration by 1 second. In addition, Dark Bulwark/Kinetic Bulwark can build 2 additional stacks.Deception/Infiltration New Passive Skill: Amped Voltage/Fracturing Force! Increases the damage dealt by Surging Charge's/Shadow Technique’s Discharge/Force Breach by 5%. Additionally, activating Phantom/Shadow Stride while Surging Charge/Shadow Technique is active builds 3 Static Charges/Breaching Shadows.Hatred/Serenity New Passive Skill: Languishing Lashes/Atrophying Attacks! Dealing melee damage increases the critical chance of your damaging periodic effects by 10% for 10 seconds.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Snaring Slashes/Strikes! Thrash/Double Strike, Voltaic Slash/Clairvoyant Strike, and Lacerate/Whirling Blow reduce the movement speed of the targets they damage by 30% for 6 seconds.Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: Speed Surge/Kinetic Acceleration! Shock/Project, Ball Lightning/Psychokinetic Blast, Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush, or Demolish/Vanquish increase your movement speed by 50% for 9 seconds. This cannot occur more than once every 18 seconds.Tier 3 - Heroic New Utility: Phasing Phantasm/One with the Shadows! You can use Phantom/Shadow Stride while immobilized, and it purges immobilizing and slowing effects when used.Sorcerer/Sage Corruption/Seer New Passive Skill: Secrets of the Dark Side/Erudite Mender! Increases the healing done by Roaming/Wandering Mend by 5% and reduces the Force it consumes by 10.Lightning/Telekinetics New Passive Skill: Fulgurous Fortification/Telekinetic Refuge! Lightning Bolt/Telekinetic Burst stacks damage reduction on the Sorcerer, stacks up to 3 times lasting 10 seconds. Each stack provides 3% damage reduction.Madness/Balance New Passive Skill: Fulminating Current/Psychokinetic Torrent! Force Lightning/Telekinetic Throw stacks up to 4 stacks of an effect that increases the Critical chance of your periodic effects by 2% per stack.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Dark Speed/Benevolent Haste! A completed Dark Heal activation increases your target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. This cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds.Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: Dizzying Force! When Whirlwind/Force Lift ends, target's accuracy is reduced by 20% for 8 seconds.Backlash/Kinetic Collapse has been moved from Tier 2 up to Tier 3. Tier 3 - Heroic New Utility: Shifting Silhouette/Ethereal Entity! Reduces all area of effect damage taken by 30%. In addition, using Phase Walk to return to its marked location grants Shifting Silhouette/Ethereal Entity, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled and making you immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback for the next 6 seconds.Conspiring Force/Confound has been moved from Tier 3 down to Tier 2.Imperial Agent/Smuggler Operative/Scoundrel New Ability: Holotraverse/Trick Move! Supercharge your stealth generator, quickly moving you to a friendly or enemy target and increasing your movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Does not break stealth, cannot be used against enemy targets in cover, has a 45 second cooldown, and is off of the Global Cooldown.Medicine/Sawbones New Passive Skill: Enduring Kolto/Prolonged Prescription! Increases the duration of Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac by 3 seconds (granting one extra activation of healing before it needs to be refreshed or falls off), and makes Stim Boost/Pugnacity grant a 15-second-long buff that causes your next Kolto Infusion/Pack or Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine to activate instantly (it gets consumed when you use Kolto Infusion/Pack or Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine).Concealment/Scrapper New Passive Skill: Prey on the Weak/Pierce and Batter! Laceration/Sucker Punch deals 5% more damage to targets affected by your Acid Blade/Flechette Round. You get this new passive earlier than usual (at level 48), because we want the levelling experience to be better for Concealment/Scrapper. Additionally, we are granting Volatile Substance/Blood Boiler earlier, and replacing Shiv/Blaster Whip with Veiled Strike/Bludgeon later, as we needed to move two passive skills that buff Veiled Strike/Bludgeon to the end of the Discipline path for these changes to all make sense together.Lethality/Ruffian New Passive Skill: Acidic Compounds/Sharpened Materials! Corrosive Grenade/Shrap Bomb gets a 10% chance to explode twice, and Toxic Blast/Sanguinary Shot deals 5% more damage.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Curbing Shots! Overload Shot/Quick Shot and Carbine Burst/Blaster Volley slow the targets they damage by 40% for 6 seconds.Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: Fortified Kolto/Supplemented Medpac! Each stack of your Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac increases your damage reduction by 3%, stacking up to 6%. This damage reduction is not conveyed to the target of your Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac.Tier 3 - Heroic New Utility: Circumvention/Sleight of Foot! Allows Holotraverse/Trick Move to be used while immobilized, and it removes immobilizing and slowing effects when used.Sniper/Gunslinger New Ability: Imperial Preparation/Bag of Tricks! Resets the active cooldown on Evasion/Dodge, Countermeasures/Surrender, Shield Probe/Defense Screen, Cover Pulse/Pulse Detonator, Entrench/Hunker Down, and Covered Escape/Hightail It. This ability has a base cooldown of 3 minutes and is off of the Global Cooldown.Marksmanship/Sharpshooter New Passive Skill: Marksman's Finesse/Sharpshooter's Touch! Snipe/Charged Burst grants Marksman's Finesse/Sharpshooter's Touch, increasing the armor penetration and damage dealt by your next Followthrough/Trickshot by 10%. Stacks up to 2 times.Engineering/Saboteur New Passive Skill: Field Command/Conflagration! Increases the critical chance of your Area of Effect abilities by 15%.Virulence/Dirty Fighting New Passive Skill: Caustic Substances/Gushing Wounds! Weakening Blast/Hemorrhaging Blast deals 5% more damage and Corrosive Grenade/Shrap Bomb has a 10% chance to deal its damage twice whenever it harms a target.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Pulse Screen! Cover Pulse/Pulse Detonator increases your chance to resist Force and tech attacks by 20% for 6 seconds.Calculated/Hot Pursuit is now Tier 1 (instead of Tier 2). Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: Lumbering Impact! Shatter/Flourish Shot slows the target by 50% for the duration of the trauma effect (meaning the duration can be increased by other skills that boost the Trauma duration).Reestablish Range/Reset Engagement is now Tier 2 (instead of Tier 1). Tier 3 - Heroic New Utility: Over-prepared/Perfect Scheme! Reduces the cooldown of Imperial Preparation/Bag of Tricks by 30 seconds (from 3 minutes down to 2 min 30 sec), and when you activate Imperial Preparation/Bag of Tricks, your damage reduction is increased by 10% for 10 seconds.Bounty Hunter/Trooper Hydraulic Overrides/Hold the Line’s cooldown has been increased to 45 seconds (up from 30). With Jet Charge/Storm becoming baseline for Powertechs/Vanguards and the addition of Rocket Out/Propulsion Round for Mercenaries/Commandos, Bounty Hunters/Troopers will no longer rely so heavily on Hydraulic Overrides/Hold the Line for their mobility needs.Powertech/Vanguard Jet Charge/Storm is now trainable by all Powertechs/Vanguards at level 22. Jet Speed/Blitz has been removed from the baseline version of this ability, and has been added as a utility choice instead.Shield Tech/Shield Specialist New Ability: Translocate/Transpose! Swap places with a group member and bestow a benign presence upon them for up to 6 seconds. Targets with a benign presence are ignored by most enemies, cannot be leapt to or pulled, and are immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback until they use an aggressive or healing ability. This has a 1.5 second activation time and a 90 second cooldown.New Passive Skill: Heated Absorbers/Energized Absorbers! Heat Blast/Energy Blast increases Shield Absorption by an additional 5% (making it a total of 30%, once you get this skill)Jet Charge/Storm is no longer specific to Shield Techs/Specialists; instead, all Powertechs/Vanguards will get it at level 22.Pyrotech/Plasmatech New Passive Skill: Perilous Flames/Hazardous Heat! Increases the critical chance of Immolate/Fire Pulse by 10%.Advanced Prototype/Tactics New Passive Skill: Energy Burn/Cell Burn! When Energy/Cell Burst damages a target, it leaves them burning for elemental damage over 3 seconds.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Neural Delay! Neural Dart slows the target by 50% for 6 seconds (allowing for a 30 meter range utility that slows the target, should the player choose to take it).Iron Will now reduces the cooldown of Hydraulic Overrides/Hold the Line by 10 seconds (up from 5 seconds), due in part to the increase of the base cooldown of Hydraulic Overrides/Hold the Line.Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: Explored Area/Surveyed Terrain! Stealth Scan increases the movement speed of all allies within the scan area, excluding yourself, by 50% for as long as they remain within it and for 6 seconds after it expires or they leave the area.Tier 3 - Heroic New Utility: Jet Speed/Blitz! Activating Jet Charge/Storm grants Jet Speed/Blitz, increasing movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds. The duration of Jet Speed/Blitz is refreshed if attacked while it is active.Mercenary/Commando New Ability: Rocket Out/Propulsion Round! Jet/Fire a specially designed propulsion round to launch yourself backward 20 meters, gaining immunity to controlling effects while jetting/launched. Cannot be used while immobilized or hindered. This ability has a 20 second cooldown.Bodyguard/Combat Medic New Passive Skill: Peacekeeper/Frontline Medic! Increases the healing done by Kolto Missile/Bomb and Progressive Scan/Successive Treatment by 5% each.Arsenal/Gunnery New Passive Skill: Honed Lock/Supercharged Barrel! Each stack of Tracer Lock/Charged Barrel now also increases the critical chance of the next Rail Shot/High Impact Bolt or Rapid Scan/Medical Probe by 3%.Innovative Ordnance/Assault Specialist New Passive Skill: Surging Shots/Boosted Bolts! Each time you deal periodic damage, you gain 1 charge of Surging Shots/Boosted Bolts, which increases the damage dealt by your next Power Shot/Charged Bolts or Sweeping Blasters/Hail of Bolts by 1% per stack. Stacks up to 10 times. Power Shot/Charged Bolts consumes all charges when it deals damage and Sweeping Blasters/Hail of Bolts consumes the stacks when the channel ends.Utility Tier 1 - Skillful New Utility: Adhesive Supplements/Sticky Mods! Power Shot/Charged Bolts and Tracer Missile/Grav Round slow their target by 40% for 6 seconds.Tier 2 - Masterful New Utility: Supercharged Defense! Activating Supercharged Gas/Cell increases the Merc's/Commando's defense chance by 15% for 10 seconds (affects melee, ranged, Force, and tech attacks)Tier 3 - Heroic New Utility: Smoke Screen! Rocket Out/Propulsion Round generates a Smoke Screen when used, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled and making you immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback for the next 4 seconds.Crew Skills General Crew Skill Changes The Crafting skill “groups” have been removed and are no longer needed to improve your Crafting skill. Example: when you hit 400 Crafting skill, you do not need to visit the trainer to move the cap up to 450.All Crafting has been organized into 8 Grades. All existing Items and Missions have been adjusted to fit into these Grades. Here is a detailed breakdown:Grade 1: Level 10-16: 0-80Grade 2: Level 16-24: 80-160Grade 3: Level 24-32: 160-240Grade 4: Level 32-40: 240-300Grade 5: Level 40-46: 300-350Grade 6: Level 46-51: 350-400Grade 7: Level 51-55: 400-450Grade 8: Level 55+: 450-500Crafting Skill Changes Every Crafting Skill has received new patterns that will fall into one of the 8 Grades. With this change, all existing Schematics that are not part of Fallen Empire have been moved to the “Archives” category in your crafting window.Nearly all schematics require a new Premium (green) crafting material called a Component. This new Component is made by combining two existing crafting materials along with two vendor purchased materials, all of which are of the same Grade as the component. A unique Component exists for each skill and each Grade.There are no longer any Premium (green) items to craft. All craftable items now start as Prototype (blue) quality.Training costs for all schematics have been greatly reduced.Material requirements for nearly all craftable items have been changed.Reverse Engineering items no longer gives a random item. Instead, the item reverse engineered will give an improved version of that item.The chance to get an improved item from Reverse Engineering has been increased.All crafted armor is now Adaptive.In most cases, Crafting times have been greatly reduced.Augments have been reduced to 8 tiers. The MK8 Augment Kit is now the highest Augment Kit. Existing MK9 and MK11 Kits have been turned into MK8 Augment Kits.Armorings can no longer be crafted by Cybertechs.New Resistive Armorings (Endurance) are now exclusive to Armormech.New Versatile Armorings (Mastery) are now exclusive to Synthweaving.Enhancements can no longer be crafted by Artificers, and are now exclusive to Cybertechs.Due to the Primary Stats being converted to the Mastery Stat, the following changes have been made to Augments:Armormechs can now craft Shield, Absorb, and Mastery Augments.Synthweavers can now craft Alacrity, Defense, and Critical Augments.Armstechs can now craft Accuracy, Endurance, and Power Augments.All previously reusable Biochem Consumables are no longer reusable.All low level Biochem stimulants have been improved! Their duration is increased to 8 hours and they are now made in batches of 6-8 depending on the type.Droid Armor has been removed from the game, as all companion armor is now strictly for appearances, and droid appearances are not modified by their armor.All previously reusable Cybertech grenades are no longer reusable. They are now more powerful than their Prototype equivalent.Elder Game Crafting All Modifications acquired from Operations can be Reverse Engineered for their Schematics.Operation Gear can no longer be Reverse Engineered.Crafters can now make gear equivalent to Story and Hard Mode Operations gear:This gear can be acquired from their respective Trainer.This crafted gear, when Reverse Engineered is equivalent to Story Mode Operations gear.When this Story Mode equivalent gear is Reverse Engineered, a player can acquire the schematic to craft Hard Mode Operations equivalent gear.This new gear has a guaranteed Reverse Engineer chance.This new gear is sellable & tradable.This new gear requires a new Crafting material that can only be acquired by completing your personal Conquest goals.This gear does not have set bonuses.Relics cannot be crafted in this method.Harvesting and Mission Skill Changes All unlocked Crew Skill Missions are now fully visible and no longer randomized.Crew Skill Mission unlocks have been aligned with the new Grade system from above.Crew Skill Missions will now grant slightly more materials than they did previously.Harvesting Nodes can now be harvested regardless of your skill level.Harvesting Nodes will now grant Skill Increases regardless of the Node or your skill level.Harvesting Nodes grant different amounts of materials based on the player’s skill level. Players that are below the skill level of the node will receive fewer materials, and those higher than the node will receive more.All Harvesting Nodes now have a chance to grant both sets of materials for their respective Grade.Archaeology Crystals now grant Fragments and Crystals in addition to Color Crystals.The completion time for Crew Skill Missions has been greatly reduced.Crafting Material Removal The following materials have been removed from the game. Any removed material in a players’ possession has been replaced with its equivalent counterpart. Flashpoints +Operations General All Flashpoints and Operations have been level adjusted and have their rewards updated.Nightmare Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace have been removed from the game.Companions are less likely to follow Valk and Jos Beroya up to their perches in the Blood Hunt Flashpoint.Solo Mode The following flashpoints are available in Solo Mode at the indicated level. All solo mode Flashpoints can now be repeated as often as you’d like per day. The Flashpoints prior to Assault on Tython are available in solo mode for the first time! Tactical Mode The following Flashpoints are also available in Tactical Mode starting at Level 10. The Flashpoints prior to Kuat Drive Yards are available in Tactical Mode for the first time! Hard Mode The below flashpoints are available in Hard Mode starting at Level 50, and will require a balanced group of 4 Players to succeed. The flashpoint Red Reaper is available in Hard Mode for the first time! Operations Story Mode Operations are now available for all players starting at Level 50, and the Bolster previously applied through Group Finder is now be available in all Story Mode Operations. Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode Operations (where applicable) are available for Level 65 players. Below is a list of all the now available Operation content: High-Priority Target Hard Mode Operation Every week, a different Hard Mode Operation will be selected as a High-Priority Target, and grant greater rewards. To see which Operation is designated, check the Target Analysis Computer on the Gav Daragon and the Ziost Shadow.Group Finder Tactical Flashpoints - Starting at level 10, players will be able to queue for the Esseles and Black Talon, and then from level 15 will be able to queue for any of the above flashpoints up to level 65.Hard Mode Flashpoints - Starting at level 50, players will be able to queue for all of the above Hard Mode Flashpoints.Story Mode Operations - Starting at level 50, players will be able to queue for one selected Story Mode Operation that will change daily.Star Fortress Unlock a brand new Flashpoint after Chapter IX! Liberate the occupied worlds of Alderaan, Belsavis, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Voss by assaulting the Eternal Empire battlestation orbiting each planet and stem Zakuul’s far-reaching grasp around the galaxy!Coordinate with the local contacts on each world to build your Alliance’s strength.Each Star Fortress features 2 Difficulty Modes – [Solo] and [Heroic 2+].[Heroic 2+] Mode is unlocked by destroying a planet’s Shield Bunker.Build influence with Alliance Specialists to unlock unique combat-enhancing buffs and abilities during [Heroic 2+] Mode.Earn new decorations, mounts, achievements, and more!Graphics + UI Made art and layout polish and improvements on the Character Select and Character Creation screens.A new “Legendary Status” widget showing which class stories you have completed has been added to the Character Select screen.The camera on the Character Select screen has been pulled back to show more of the selected character.Players can now choose to create a brand new level 1 character or a boosted level 60 character from the Character Creation UI.Redesigned the UI Editor frames and text to be cleaner, sharper, and more translucent.Added “show grid” functionality with customizable x/y axis scaling to the UI Editor.Added “snap to grid” functionality to the UI Editor.Created a new default UI layout (“Advanced”), which is assigned to new Level 60 characters.Made tweaks to existing default UI layouts.The Companion bar has been updated to reflect simplified Companion design, and no longer expands into a secondary toolbar.The Group Finder window has been visually redesigned to be cleaner and more visually organized.Players may now save/load their keybinds from the Preferences window.Keybinds can now be previewed in-line, so you can compare different profiles without having to load them first.Added a new “Companions & Contacts” window, which may be accessed via the mighty fist on the main toolbar.The Companions & Contacts window can be collapsed into a “compact” view that shows only your Contact list.From the Companions & Contacts window, players can:Manage alertsManage your Companions and ContactsSummon CompanionsChange any companion’s current role (even if not currently summoned)View a character bios for your Companions and Contacts as well as your interaction history with themTravel to a Contact’s location by clicking the “Travel to Alert Location” buttonThe Crew Skills window has been changed to function solely as a Crew Mission queue; summoning is now done via the Companions & Contacts windowClicking “play” on a Chapter in the Mission Log or Mission Tracker now bring up the Chapter Launcher, which gives you an overview of the Chapter and lets you select which Companion to bring along (if applicable) before starting.A countdown timer can be viewed for next month’s Chapter by viewing it in the Mission Log or tracking it in the Mission Tracker.Inventory and Ability icons now have a mouseover pulse to improve visibility of your current selection.Added an animation that highlights newly unlocked abilities.Fixed an issue on multiple menus that caused the close (“X”) button to appear misaligned with the window frame.Fixed incorrect compression settings that resulted in many UI textures appearing overly compressed and low-res.Cinematic captions are now centered.Fixed mouseover hotspots on the conversation response wheel to be more accurate.Added soft shadows to captions and response text to improve legibility against bright and high-contrast scenes.Added a new “classic” cinematic system for Alliance NPC conversations.There are now separate mission icons for different mission types. See the Missions + NPCs section for full overview:Class story / World arc / Chapters (purple triangle)Repeatable Missions / Heroics (arrow triangle)Exploration Missions (star triangle)Side Missions / Other (gold triangle)Added a checkbox to the map that allows players to show/hide Exploration Missions.Updated map legend to show all new mission types and their associated icons.When under the effects of Level Sync, the level bar in the character display will change colors and show two values: your actual level, and your temporarily-adjusted level.Items + Economy Basic Commendations are now called Common Data Crystals.Elite Commendations are now called Glowing Data Crystals.Ultimate Commendations are now called Radiant Data Crystals.Existing Commendations have been converted to the appropriate Data Crystal at a 1:1 rate.Items purchased with Commendations have had their timers cancelled and are now Bound.A new pet, the Cyberglow Mewvorr, and a new Decoration, the Statue of Mandalore the Ultimate, have been added to the Collector's Edition Vendor in the VIP area of each Faction Fleet.All existing Modification required levels have been reduced to match the required levels of newly implemented Modifications.The Revan Holostatue vendor has been updated and now sells Class-specific Level 65 items for Common Data Crystals.The amount of credits dropped from defeated NPCs has been greatly reduced.Gift Fragments can now be used to purchase Gifts at the Companion Gift Vendor on either Fleet. These Fragments are no longer available from Missions.All Droid Gear have been changed into a “Valuable Droid Part” which sells for a decent amount of Credits to vendors.All old Operation Gear tokens have been changed into a Lockbox that contains Glowing Data Crystals (Old Elite Commendations).Missions + NPCs Knights of the Fallen Empire: Experience the epic new storyline at level 60! Travel to your ship and pick up the mission "Chapter I: The Hunt" to begin. Your mission starts with the explosive first chapter in the Knights of the Fallen Empire story arc. You'll pick up where the story left off after Ziost, delivered in all new episodic story Chapters. Each chapter can be completed solo or with a group of friends. There are a total of 9 chapters at launch and more chapters will be released in the following months. New Feature: Summon Group for Story Quest! We've made it even easier for you and your friends to play Knights of the Fallen Empire together. Once your group is formed and you are in a story phase, right-click on your player portrait and select "Summon Group for Story Quest ". Your group members will get a pop up informing them that they have been invited to your story. As soon as they accept the invite they will be teleported directly to your story phase. You still have full control over your story and all the choices made only affect your story. Mission Changes Story Missions Class Missions, planet story arcs, and certain Flashpoint Missions are now classified as Story Missions. Story Missions are easily identified in the world, on the map, and in your Mission Log by their purple Mission icons and text. With the Leveling Adjustments made in Game Update 4.0, Story Missions are the bare minimum that you need to complete in order to level from 1-60. Heroic Missions Nearly all Heroic Missions have been adjusted to be completed by groups of 2+. This means that most former [Heroic 4] missions have had their difficulties reduced. Barring a few exceptions, Heroic Missions no longer need to be turned in at an NPC or Mission Dropbox. On completion of the final step of a Heroic Mission, the completion dialog will appear immediately. The first step of each Heroic Mission gives you a Heroic Transport item. Using this item (from your Mission Items inventory or the icon next to the task in the tracker) will transport you to a safe location near the site of the mission. While Heroic Missions may still be acquired from NPCs in the field, you will also find a new Weekly Heroic Mission Terminal just outside of the spaceports of all planets up through Makeb. Accessing this terminal will allow you to easily acquire all the Heroic Missions for that planet. In addition, both the Republic and Imperial Fleets have a Weekly Heroic Mission Terminal that offers Heroic Missions for all planets. Additional Changes: Heroic Missions are now repeatable weekly.All repeatable Missions including Heroic Missions now have their own Mission icon: a gold triangle with arrows on it.[HEROIC] The Aurora Cannon is no longer as well shielded and does not require 4 Players to complete, however some assistance may be required to defeat the guardian of the core.Exploration Missions Most non-Story Missions have been reclassified as Exploration Missions and use a gold triangle mission icon with a star next to it. Visibility and acquisition of Exploration Missions is disabled by default, but can be easily toggled via a checkbox on the top right of the map screen. Exploration Missions still provide experience, Credits, and rewards, but they are not required to advance your story or to provide necessary leveling experience. Area Missions Area Missions have been converted into regular missions acquired by interacting with an object or NPC in the field. Daily Area Missions Missions in the daily areas (Black Hole, Section X, etc.) remain the same as before and are repeatable daily.Heroic Missions found in the daily areas remain repeatable daily. The quest steps and difficulty of these missions are unchanged.General Mission Changes Changes have been made to a number of existing missions to improve quality and facilitate other changes where necessary including: Task completion count adjustments. Bonus mission addition, removal, or adjustment. Map updates/changes. Location changes. Note: Due to the number and type of changes made, a majority of existing missions will be automatically reset to their starting step when this update goes live. Alliance System Work with famous heroes from across the galaxy to grow your Alliance and prepare to take on the Eternal Throne. Build Your Alliance - Work with Alliance Specialists like Hylo Visz, Doctor Oggurobb, and others to build and strengthen your Alliance, whose power will impact options elsewhere in the story.Cross-class Companions - Undertake Missions to find and recruit a variety of characters across the galaxy, including formerly exclusive class companion characters, with even more recruitment missions releasing alongside new Chapters.Choices that Matter - Based upon your decisions in recruitment Missions, many Companions may be refused, or even killed. Occasionally, your actions may even offend potential recruits such that they refuse you.Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that was causing assets to render in total darkness during the “Use an Escape Pod” step of the Bounty Hunter Class Mission “Number One with a Bullet.”Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their companions react more specifically to their relationship status.NPC Changes Some companions can now equip multiple weapon types: Gault Rennow now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.Kaliyo Djannis now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.Lieutenant Felix Iresso now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.Qyzen Fess now only uses Techblades.Zenith now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.T7-01 now only uses Blaster Rifles.Lieutenant Pierce now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.Corso Riggs now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.Risha now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.Aric Jorgan now uses Blaster Rifles and Sniper Rifles.Yuun now only uses Techblades.C2-N2 now only uses a single Blaster Pistol.2V-R8 now only uses a single Blaster Pistol.
  6. Reminder: For those were subscribers between AUG 10 - OCT 19, early access starts tomorrow. All servers will be down from 230AM PST until 8AM PST. You can follow their Twitter for updates. See you in game tomorrow.
  7. Managing Your Account We published a blog that has lots of details on how to manage your account, your characters, Destiny's Twin, XP Backdating, and Packs. You're strongly encouraged to read this blog so you can get the maximum value from the perks on your account. The New Player Guide Our team has created an extensive New Player Guide with instructions on how all the core game systems work and with advice for all new players. We highly recommend that you read this guide before you begin play! Getting Help If you are having problems of any kind please contact our team by sending email tocustomer.support@goblinworks.com. We monitor this email address 7 days a week from 10:00am to 6:00pm (Pacific). Daily Downtime The server is off-line for approximately an hour every day from 9:00am to 10:00am(Pacific) for maintenance. You will not be able to connect to the game during this period - if you try to log in you will see an error message that the client "Can't connect to pfo.goblinworks.com". Free Trials We need your help to keep growing! We have opened up the Free Trial system so that anyone who wishes to try the game can do so directly from goblinworks.com. Any user who wishes will be able to create accounts and play for up to 15 days for free. We are deactivating the previous Buddy Trial system. Existing Buddy Trial accounts that convert to a paid account will still provide a month's free game time to the originating account, but you will no longer need to (or be able to) issue more trial keys. To get a Free Trial, just click this button, or tell your friends to go togoblinworks.com/download!
  8. Please use my referral link as the first step in creating a new account or logging back in to an existing account. By clicking through the link to create an account or log in, you will be registered as my "Referral." Disclaimer: As friends join and become Subscribers, I earn rewards! I do recommend subscribing for these benefits: http://www.swtor.com/free/features
  9. AUSTIN, Texas – June 15, 2015 – BioWare™, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) studio, and Lucasfilm revealed that a brand-new digital expansion, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™- Knights of the Fallen Empire, will be available for download on October 27, 2015. The largest story-driven expansion to date, Knights of the Fallen Empire marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ by introducing a new personal story arc where player choice will shape the journey. The expansion puts the player at the center of their own personal saga, playing as the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. The player will come face-to-face with a new enemy, the Emperor of the Eternal Empire, only to discover that his dark destiny is tied to their own. The digital expansion will deliver on the hallmarks of what makes a great BioWare game: new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit into your alliance, and a dynamic story that players will be able to shape based on the choices they make. Knights of the Fallen Empire will launch with the first nine chapters of an evolving story, with new chapters releasing regularly to offer new challenges, fresh storylines, and an expanding cast of new characters to meet and join – or betray. The expansion will also raise the player level cap to 65, and includes a Level 60 character so players can immediately jump into the new story-driven content. The expansion will be available for free* to all subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic. In addition, with the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire the original eight class stories from Star Wars: The Old Republic will be enhanced to deliver a more immersive and engaging single-player story arc for players old and new. Plus, end-game experiences inStar Wars: The Old Republic will be advanced, giving players the option to join with friends in a variety of multiplayer missions upgraded to Level 60+. As part of the announcement, BioWare is excited to unveil the “Knights of the Fallen Empire Rewards Program”. Between now and October 19, Subscribers can earn a collectible set of rewards each month that includes the Companion Nico Okarr, Nico’s Duster and Blasters set, and a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic-themed Swoop Bike. Players that collect all four rewards will receive as a bonus Early Access to Knights of the Fallen Empire beginning seven days prior to public release on October 20. For more information on the Rewards Program, visit: www.StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com/fallen-empire/rewards. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Free-to-Play*, award-winning MMO set thousands of years before the classic Star Wars™ movies. Players team up with friends online to fight in heroic battles between the Republic and Empire, exploring a galaxy of vibrant planets and experiencing visceral Star Wars combat. Now players can experience the complete storylines of the eight iconic Star Wars classes, without having to pay a monthly fee. The Free-to-Play option complements the existing subscription offering, providing greater flexibility in how to experience Star Wars: The Old Republic. For more information on the Star Wars: The Old Republic Digital Expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, please visit www.StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com/fallen-empire. Visit www.StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com/play-free to try the game today.
  10. Want to hear what everyone will be doing for crafting. I'm going to do Provisioning, since I like to loot everything for recipes. Provisioning – allows to create food and other supply that helps you to restore health, magicka, stamina and can give temporary bonus to these stats. Enchanting – allows to add special effects that make your items cooler. Blacksmithing – profession that allows to create and improve heavy armor and weapon using different types of ingots. Clothing – allows to create and improve light and medium armor. Woodworking – allows to create and improve different staffs and bows using wood. Alchemy – allows to create different potions that make you stronger in battle. Look forward to hearing what others are going to do. This is an OK place to start reading more: http://www.esouniverse.com/guides/crafting/
  11. So, I watched this review: It really got me interested in the game, which has clearly gone through a lot of changes since the beta I so disliked. Jordan, Nick, and I have decided after looking at a lot of MMO options (WoW, FFXIV, etc) to give this a chance. The above review really sold us. Right now, the best way to purchase the game is to go to Green Man Gaming and sign in. Then, click on the green VIP section, and scroll down and you should see the standard version for $46.79 (you can upgrade the version using the in-game store to the imperial edition). I do recommend once purchasing the standard game using the above link to upgrade to Imperial Edition and purchasing the starter pack (both in the in-game store), but those are not required. Just good to Get the mount early, as they are pricey and need to be leveled (time and gold) Have the option to play any race in any faction. I like the fact there is no subscription (optional, but only minor cosmetic advantages) real moral choices completely voice-acted players reporting they actually care about questing, and questing actually effects story line tense, objective base PvP So, we're diving in. We have created a Mumble channel. There is only one North American megaserver, so no need to choose a server. vVv will play on the PC, and we chose the faction Daggerfall Covenant (this is the far left faction with Breton, Orcs and Redguards). We chose this faction because the ESO community is looking for good guilds to help build this faction. Seems like a good place for vVv to play to avoid being in a zerg, and having no que times.
  12. I use a few add-ons that I get from Curse Client: Lorebooks: add map pins for lorebooks SkyShards: add map pins for skyshard Dustman: automatically marks trash items as junk and sells all junk to vendor Undiscovered: Shows points of interest on the map (Quest hubs, dungeons, Dolmes, Wayshrines, Crafting Points) MiniMap by Fryakin: Highly customizable mini-map Sous Chef: As a provisoner (make food as my craft), I find this very helpful There are "out of date" add ons that still work with the game, but I have avoided them, although I know many use them. This is especially true in PvP add ons like Kill Counter (I'll cover that separately).
  13. If you played in the ESO beta but never bought the game (LIKE I DID), play for free during the Welcome Back Weekend! A lot has changed since The Elder Scrolls Online beta (TRUST ME!), and ESO wants you to discover all the new adventures waiting for you in Tamriel. From Thursday, April 16th at 10:00 AM EDT through Monday, April 20th at 10:00 AM EDT, ESO is inviting all beta players who never purchased the game to join them for a free weekend! You'll be able to download the game and experience all of ESO's six major game updates, tons of improvements and fixes, and all of Tamriel Unlimited. I hope you'll join vVv Gaming in-game! If you're a beta player who is planning to participate in the Welcome Back Weekend, please check your email for more information and start downloading or updating your ESO client today! Wondering what's new? Watch the “This is Tamriel Unlimited" video below to see what we've added to ESO since launch: Keep an eye on elderscrollsonline.com next week for a full schedule and list of events happening during ESO's Welcome Back Weekend, and we'll see you on the 16th! Join us!
  14. Let's start the recruitment push. Here are the things we can do: PM all the MMO players old and new Recruitment post stays bumped Speak to Mumble and keep people interested Lordjerith, Doomhammer, RobzGod and Enmity will go hard core We want East and West coast leaders to recruit and run game Would love to go across ALL timezones including EU and Oceania Will need to mass recruit Look for smaller guilds to explore Know that crafting, building castles, ships and managing resources in key. We need everyone to give it our all. The big push over the next two weeks. Let me know if you're interested in playing by posting below!
  15. Today, Jordan and vVv Gaming decided to back the Pathfinders Kickstarter Project. vVv Gaming backed it at the $500 level (guild level) and Jordan was the first vVv Gaming $35 backer. We want to see this MMO come to life and succeed. The project is fully funded, but this money is to shorten development time. Please watch this video (this is a TECH Demo ONLY, so not even Alpha quality): vVv is offering the first 4 people who spend $35 a free vVv Gaming Wristband and special GUILD FOUNDER status in the guild, along with some cool in-game perks (We get 6 to give away). Why? Answer: vVv needs your votes. vVv would love for more than 4 vVv members and applicants to back this! Everyone who spends $35 on the project will get to VOTE for our guild (vVv Gaming will be added to the list next week as Vision Valor Victory) during the The Kickstarter Land Rush Promotion. This Leaderboard will determine the order that initial Settlements will be created in Pathfinder Online during the Early Enrollment period. After a suitable amount of time has elapsed in Early Enrollment for players to get a sense of the available territory and the relative merits of the initial Hexes available, we will conduct a draft for Territory. The Guild with the highest Membership total will draft first, the second highest Membership will draft second, etc. These Membership totals will be finalized as a part of the post-Kickstarter survey process so final totals will not be available until after that process has completed. This Leaderboard should give Guilds a sense of where they stand in relation to other Guilds during the Kickstarter and it will help them track how effective they've been at recruiting Guild members to join the promotion. People who have funded the project (will update as people back this) Jordan "vVv Dommhammer" Kahn Chris "Krewel" Nick "vVv Enmity" Mazur vVv Mannykacks Perilous Please do this ASAP since the project funding closes Monday Jan 14, 8:00pm CST. (It may be extended). For an outside review of the project, there is a great Forbes article on this project where the CEO himself, Ryan Dancey, who spent 3 years working as the CMO on Eve, replied in the comments.
  16. The Price of Progress #8: One is the Loneliest Number Welcome to the Price of Progress, an ancient textual series, soon to be vlog, detailing the intricacies of Guild Wars 2 structured PvP, all of the newest builds, and Guild Wars 2 news sprinkled in as needed. In today’s edition, I’ll be covering class synergy and what it means to play off of each other in terms of team skill dynamics. Heavy stuff right? It’s really not. I promise. That being said, I hope you guys enjoy the new simplistic discussion based format I've been tooling with, and as always feedback is heavily encouraged. Let’s go! Our questions to be answered today will include: What does it mean to be synergistic? Why is the “LETS 1v1 DAWG” not an accurate measuring stick for skill in Guild Wars 2? What classes benefit the most from having a supporting cast? Synergy In the MMO genre, class synergy typically comes from a variety of skills coming together to form a cohesive relationship on a targets face. An example would be a Warrior Immobilizing the target, allowing a guardian to get an easy ranged Burn and Teleport off, and when completing the teleport, dropping a projectile reflecting shield on the immobilized enemy, making for a relatively safe window of damage for both of our vicious vikings. Using less complex examples, skills that bleed and a slow, AoE poison and burn, etc., all allow for opportunities to capitalize on a targets poor cooldown usage or generally naughty disposition. With a lack of condition removal, these basic and easy to execute synergies can send a player packing very quickly, allowing an early victory chant and subsequent feast. 1v1 Argument In past MMO’s, 1v1ing has been a great source of information in terms of cooldown usage, general skill timing in reference to your opponent, and waving it in their face when they got stomped. But is this as accurate a yard stick as it was in say, Aion? Or World of Warcraft? I’ll elaborate. In previous MMO’s the objective was always to kill. There was no “Conquest mode” per say, and even if there was, like Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, the games central system of balance was tailored to an Arena style of PvP, and not the casual, albeit insanely addictive, massive team raid formats. So where does this leave us in terms of Guild Wars 2? One thing is for certain, Same class 1v1’s will always be viable to attain a better understanding of one’s class, but further building on this, balance and synergy should be looked at in pairs of two or three, for example, a Thief and Elementalist. I won’t go into exactsies, as I’m just the catalyst. You have to crunch the numbers. What Classes Benefit the Most from having a supporting cast? We’ve seen in past beta videos that we have classes that can hold their own in 1v1 scenarios by slowly whittling down their opponents, whilst surviving at a pretty comfortable amount of health, but not necessarily optimizing their damage by being alone in a fight. Take for example the Necromancer, Mesmer, Thief, and Engineer classes. All of the aforementioned have the obvious capability of doing damage, otherwise they wouldn’t be viable. But putting the pushing and CC power of your Necro behind a Warrior, accumulating absurd amounts of bleed, and throwing an Elementalist/Ranger into the mix to really pack a punch, would round out a 3-2 split very nicely, with the remaining 2 players consisting of your Thief and Ele/Ranger gank squad. Build of the Week This week’s build of the week is my newest iteration of the “Support Thief”, in which I replace our previous creation’s Shadow Refuge skill with Blinding Powder, allowing itself to be used offensively without space restriction, meaning I’m not limited to a set point in space for trying to force the increased damage out of stealth buff that we used to get from our prior focus on the Shadow Arts tree. http://gw2.luna-atra...u8f9m9ojijojrjv Our new state of mind gives us the following: 10 Points Deadly Arts:Poison on steal Damage on steal 30 Points Acrobatics:Swiftness on Evade Dodging removes Cripple and Chill effects Returned endurance on dodge 10s of regen and remove damaging DoTs at 75% health. 45 Second CD. Increases damage by 10% when endurance not full Gain 2 Initiative every 10 seconds 30 Points Trickery:Stealing gives you 3 initiative Leave Caltrops behind on dodge Increases max initiative by 3 On steal gain protection and regen for 5/10 seconds respectively Damage +2% for each point of initiative +4 initiative on using a healing skill I’ll leave the majority of conversation regarding implementation and changes from last beta to all of you, with careful consideration to not monopolizing the thought process and allowing you to deduce for yourself what is viable about this build and what is not. I will leave you with this: There is a reason that it is a Thief, and not an Assassin. On that note, have fun Etch-a-sketching, and as always, fight for the user. GW2guru forum discussion covering this blog: http://www.guildwars...th-vvv-rinzler/
  17. The third Beta Weekend for The Secret World starts on June 15th, and for nearly three days you will get to explore and enjoy even more of the game than ever before. In this Beta Weekend you get to play as Dragon, Templars and Illuminati, and sample the starter experience in the Seoul, London and New York hub cities. If you have pre-ordered The Secret World previously you automatically have access to this Beta Weekend as well. We have also teamed up with several profiled gaming sites this week and these will be giving away keys for this Beta Weekend specifically. These sites are (list will be updated regulary during the week as the offers get available): NVIDIA MMORPG.com Ten Ton Hammer Gamers.at MMORPG Italia IncGamers AusGamers GameStar Computerbild Spiele GameReactor.dk MMOGamer.es ZAM Your adventures will also take you beyond Kingsmouth and into a massive new region known as The Savage Coast. Here you will soon discover that the very gates of hell have opened up, inviting you into an epic dungeon experience known as 'Hell Raised'. But that's not the only dungeon available; a wrecked supertanker known as 'The Polaris' has been spotted off the coast of Solomon Island, and both challenges and awesome loot awaits in this amazing outdoor dungeon. The Secret World Beta Weekend #3: Hell Raised starts on June 15th at 9am PDT (16:00 GMT / noon EDT) and lasts until June 17th at 11.59pm PDT (Monday June 18th, 06:59 GMT / 2.59am EDT). See you in hell! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What is a Beta Weekend? Funcom will be running several Beta Weekends leading up to launch. During these weekends you will be able to sample a part of the content and gameplay in The Secret World. More content is added from one weekend to the next and character progress is also saved between each Beta Weekend. 2. How many will participate in this Beta Weekend? Thousands! In addition to everyone who have pre-ordered and all of those who have reached Secret Agent rank in our The Secret War social experience, we are also giving away thousands of keys through partner sites. 3. How do I install the game? Once you have your key, visit http://register.thesecretworld.com and either create a new Funcom account with the key or apply it to your existing Funcom account. After you have done this you will have a link to download the Beta Weekend client. Download it, install and run the game to patch up to the newest version and you’re good to go. We suggest doing this before the June 15th start date. 4. Where can I get a key to join the Beta Weekend? The best way to get a key is to pre-order the game. By doing so you are also guaranteed to be able to join all Beta Weekends not just this first one. 5. How long will the servers be open? This Beta Weekend will begin on Friday June 15th at 9am PDT (16:00 GMT / noon EDT) and lasts until Sunday June 17th at 11.59pm PDT (Monday June 18th, 06:59 GMT / 2.59am EDT). 6. Will there be a NDA for this Beta Weekend? No, you are free to tell anyone about what you experience in this Beta Weekend. We encourage you to spread the word and take both screenshots and video. 7. Is there anywhere we can discuss the Beta Weekend with other participants? There will be section in the official forums dedicated to the Beta Weekends. This will be open to everyone, not just those playing in the Beta Weekends. 8. What are the system requirements? OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4 GHz or better, or equivalent AMD CPU RAM: 2GB (Windows XP) or 3GB (Windows Vista, Windows 7) HD: At least 30GB of free space VIDEO: nVidia 8800 series/Radeon HD3850 or better, minimum 512MB VRAM 9. Does the Beta Weekend represent the final game? No, it’s important to note that the Beta Weekend is still beta and there will be content, features and polish missing that will be in the version that launches on July 3rd. The content in the Beta Weekends is also limited. More content will be available in later Beta Weekends. 10. It’s not working! Where can I get help? If you are having issues in-game, please type /petition and this will bring up the support interface. You can also head over to Beta Weekends section on the official forums (available by June 15th) and ask your questions there. This forum will be frequented by members of Funcom Customer Service, but there is also a chance your fellow players might be able to help you. 11. Can I continue playing my character from the previous Beta Weekend? Yes, character data is always saved from one Beta Weekend to the next.
  18. The Price of Progress #5 : The Evolution of the Thief First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the day late post, as I was feeling the funk this past day and could not gather the motivation to sit down and pour my ideas out into cyberspace. Regardless, I hope all of you had a wonderful competitive and casual experience in the latest Guild Wars 2 Beta, and it was a pleasure playing with the masses. That being said, the cloud has lifted and I'm looking forward to the next few paragraphs of depth seeking build deconstruction at its finest, in order to determine the aesthetics of our future "Nautilus" like build. The League is set, and off we go! Pre Beta #1 Speculation Weapon Choice Pre Beta #1 Speculation Post Beta #2 Speculation: With the second Guild Wars 2 in the past and the major kinks worked out in the newly revised trait system, it has come to my attention that the source of a Thief's damage can come from multiple places, with the replacement for Deadly Arts becoming the condition damage focused, but not entirely constricted to, Trickery tree. Because of this drastic change in traits and tiered skill selection, the amount of possible weapon combinations for the Thief has reached new heights, and viability across multiple platforms of ranged and melee weapons are now possible due to the lack of completely conditional traits in a given grouping. Let's move on to the all new traits! http://www.vvv-gamin...ass-discussion/ Trait Selection Psst.. Still with me? Pre Beta #1 Speculation: Post Beta #1 Speculation: Beta Weekend #2 Speculation: Fixing the tiered trait selection and respective bugs following this flawed system of selecting passive buffet, caused the entire metagame to be corrected in a very real and tangible way. One of the side effects of this massive revitalization to the system was the viability of alternate damage trees, as opposed to being drowned in a trough of swine food for not going 30/10/10/10/10. In order to take aim and even the iron sights on our ultimate goal of achieving maximum streamline and ultimately Ezio Auditore status, let's delve into the major behind the scenes overhaul that this new B2 build offers, and discover what new dynamics are knocking at the door of viability. NOTE: THIEVES GUILD SHOULD BE DAGGERSTORM, THE AI ON THIEVES GUILD WAS BROKEN WHEN USING PISTOLS AS OF BW2. The "Take Initiative" Build : http://gw2.luna-atra...u8p8u9m9njpjrjv 20 in Critical Strikes Critical strike chance increased by 5% when over 90% health Fury for 10 seconds when you reach 50% health Critical Strikes have a 10% chance to restore 1 initiative (1sec cd) 50% crit chance when in stealth 20 in Acrobatics Swiftness gained on dodge Gain Might whenever you dodge Dodging returns roughly 20% of endurance used on the dodge Gain 2 Initiative every 10 seconds 30 in Trickery Stealing gives you 3 initiative Leave behind caltrops when you dodge Increases maximum initiative by 3 When you steal, you and allies gain fury, might and swiftness Increases damage by 2% per initiative You recieve 4 initiave from using a healing skill I'm not even sure that I have to delve into the differences and advantages of the Trickery tree vs the Deadly Arts spec. Trickery gives us an unconditional pool of damage that is free form between both sets of our weapons, P/P and D/D, and it allows us to regenerate that saved up initiative instantaneously between the 4 per heal skill and 2 per 10 seconds. The change from Vanishing Stealth to Withdrawal allows us a 15 second cooldown to fuel our initiative regeneration engine, as well as giving us an awesome transition into pistols. This damage has no strings attached to it, and passively increases our sneaky bleeds and vulnerability debuffs respectively with the condition damage caused by being in the Trickery tree itself. Executing the "CC and Move" mentality in our build Pre Beta #1 Speculation: Post Beta #1 Speculation: Post Beta #2 Speculation: This builds execution is going to require a whole new dynamic, which could be broadly labeled as finesse, in the form of our pistol switching to D/D and vice versa at key points in a fight. Aside from some familiarity issues with the new play style, i would like to think i displayed this idea in some amount of clarity. The link to the BW #2 video can be found at the tail of this article, but to finish this week's blog off, let's get a vague idea of what we should be doing in particularly problematic match ups. Predicting movement inhibiting cool downs in the Guardian match up is key, try to fake out the healing skills with false pressure, via a switch to daggers from pistols, then back to pistols and evading out. Recognizing invulnerability cool downs and transitively trying to fake them out with key timings on our rolls, much like the baiting of defensive cooldowns. Evading as soon as warriors try to pressure with hundred blades, and evading again afterwards to avoid a punish on your first roll. Kill phantasms with pistols before going in on Mesmers and killing your self involuntarily. Stop trying to 1v1 Necros. Similar tactics to the Guardian matchup can be applied against rangers with the faking out of traps and pet attacks. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrhvx0_vvv-rinzler-guild-wars-2-beta-2-thief-pvp_videogames As we've learned, the versatility of this build is endless, and I fully intend on using it as much as possible and finding potential kinks in the armor. I challenge all of you reading this to please tear apart my video and get down to the nitty gritty, pointing out not so proper engagements and sub optimal cool down usage. On this same note, I would love to hear your ideas on particular match ups and any experiences you may have had in the beta that would result in you reaching such a conclusion. I'm here to be a resource and competitor, so use me to better your knowledge of any given match ups, and if you would like to run the 1v1 gauntlet contact me before the next beta. As per usual, I'm typing this at an absurd hour of the morning and can no longer feel my butt, so I'll skim this over in the morning. Thank you all for reading this, and as always, fight for the user. http://en.gw2codex.com/build/1532/show <-- Please go drop a comment and what not on this page. <3 Give me feedback minions! @vVvRinzler
  19. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS REQUIRED: 512 KBPS or faster Internet Connection DVD-ROM: 8X or faster DVD drive** OS: Windows XP (SP 1)/Vista (SP 1)/Windows 7 (SP 1) VIDEO CARD: nVidia 8800 series 512 VRAM or better/Radeon HD3850 512MB or better PROCESSOR: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD CPU DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0c Compatible MEMORY: At least 2GB RAM for Windows XP / 3GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7 * INPUT: Keyboard & Mouse HARD DRIVE: At least 30GB of free space Source: Click Here
  20. Guild Wars 2 - Check out all this info if your not sure on buying it or not. ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBC_ig73aMs ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Dragon boss in WoW who? ------------------------------ http://pc.ign.com/ar...oaV9_-k.twitter 1. Free to play. 2. Balanced PvP. 3. "When I heard that they balanced dungeons so that five Warriors, Thieves, or Elementalists could do it and have a hell of a time, I almost shed a man-tear. Almost." 4. Next Gen MMO http://www.arena.net...s-2-g-star-demo
  21. Authors Note: With the many changes happening each patch, and limited play time from beta weekends, I have decided to hold off on editing this guide until after the next Beta Weekend (July 22nd) At that time I will make changes to skill information and work towards revising this guide with builds and better information. Overview: Hello and welcome to my guide of the Guardian profession in Guild Wars 2. If you are reading this then it is likely you are interested in playing the Guardian class, or at the very least wish to learn what they are capable of if you happen to run into one on the battlefield. My intent with this guide is to reveal all that the Guardian has at their disposal, providing both detailed skill information along with my own interpretations of said skills, as well as some samples one could use to play a Guardian based on personal preference. Unfortunately due to the complexity of the Guardian class, this guide will fall short of listing all possible builds; however with the knowledge from this guide you should at the very least understand the many options available to you, and what to expect when you see a Guardian in PvP. A Short Video to Understanding the Basics of the Guardian, Video Via IGN The Guardian: The Guardian is a master of protection and support. They use many abilities to create defensive walls, give out boons, and even multiple heals for their team. They are a heavy armor wearing class meant to be played on the frontlines; however they do have more defensive options to allow them to stay further back and still be a huge asset to the team. The closest parallel that can be made to a guardian from other games would be a Paladin, as their job on the field is nearly the same. However, even the most offensive guardian is able to give out support to their allies, as it is a key part of who they are. Special Ability – Virtues: All Guardians are given the use of three unique abilities known as Virtues. These skills always give off a passive buff to the Guardian when they are not on cooldown. However virtues can be activated to provide support for nearby allies. When used, the passive buff is removed until the virtue recharges. These virtues include: Virtue of Justice – Passive: Burn foes with every fifth attack. Active: Nearby allies set foes on fire with their next attacks. (30 second cooldown) Virtue of Courage – Passive: Every 40 seconds you gain an aegis that blocks the next attack Active: Grant Aegis to nearby allies. (120 second cooldown) Virtue of Resolve – Passive: Regenerate health Active: Remove conditions and regenerate nearby allies. (120 second cooldown) Weapons: The Guardian is blessed with a fairly diverse weapon set, however this also makes it difficult to decide which weapons to equip for a given situation. While the iconic Guardian will be seen with a one handed melee weapon and a shield, this is far from their limits. A guardian is able to go completely offensive, using two-handed swords and maces, or switch to either a staff or scepter which gives ranged attacks and the ability to stay off the frontline. Many of the Guardians weapon skills also create wards, symbols, or heal allies. Here is a full list of weapons and weapon skills (abilities indented chain from the prior skill): TWO-HANDED: ONE-HANDED: OFFHAND: Higher Level Guardian Gameplay, Displaying A Variety of Weapons and Utility Skills, Video Via Total Biscuit Healing Skills: As with every class, the Guardian gets the choice of 1 out of 3 healing skills. These Include: Healing Breeze – Heal yourself and allies with a healing breeze. Stacks with regeneration. (30 second cooldown) Shelter – Block attacks while healing. (45 second cooldown) Signet of Resolve – passive: Removes a condition every 10 seconds. Active: Heal yourself. (30 second cooldown) Utility Skills: Guardians have quite a bit of variety when it comes to their utility abilities. The guardian is able to use shouts to buff their allies, or place wards to restrict enemy movement. They can equip signets for additional passive buffs, which include an active use as well, or even summon spirit weapons to assist them in battle. For a full list of utility skills, read the following. SPIRIT WEAPONS: These are summon-able “pets” that will automatically assist in combat, defend you, or cure conditions. Every spirit weapon also has a usable command skill, however doing so will destroy the spirit weapon. SIGNETS: A signet works in the same manner as your virtues. The skill grants a passive buff, but can be activated for a useful effect. As of writing this it is unknown if signets passive buffs are removed during the cooldown, my current assumption is they work exactly the same as virtues, however they are named differently so as to not make passive traits affect a large number of skills. SHOUTS: Similar to what you would think of as a barbarian Warcry, shouts give boons to nearby allies. WARDS: Wards are ground target skills that create mystical fields. These can either prevent enemies from crossing, reflect back projectiles, or give boons while allies are inside. SELF BUFFS: Self buffs are abilities that only benefit you. They generally have low cooldown timers so they can be used multiple times in each battle. INTERVENTIONS: Interventions allow the Guardian to teleport to nearby players on the battlefield. This gives the Guardian some much needed mobility to either close the gap or get out of harm’s way. Elite Skills: As the name implies, Elite skills are very powerful, unique abilities that are used to help change the flow of battle further into your favor. Guardians get the choice of three elite skills, that will likely be chosen based you your play style. Renewed Focus: Focus making you invulnerable and recharging your virtues. (90 second cooldown) This skill will likely be selected and used for DPS oriented Guardians, however could still prove beneficial in conquest for times you are likely the primary target of the enemy team. Essentially Renewed Focus turns the Guardian into a juggernaut and if timed correctly, can give you twice the active usage of virtues. That means 2 Aegis blocks, 2 fire attack buffs, and bonus healing. Tome of Courage: Locks you in place, but grants you powerful support skills. (180 second cooldown) While this does make you an easy target, Tome of courage replaces your current weapon skill bar for a set of unique abilities meant completely to support your allies. In a sense this is your healing stance. The abilities granted are as follows: Tome of Wrath: Locks you in place, but grants you powerful offensive spells. (180 second cooldown) Just as with courage, the Tome of Wrath roots the Guardian in place, but grants them new spells in place of their weapon skill bar. Wrath can be seen as much more of a ranged DPS stance for the guardian and would prove useful to a player that wants to focus on offensive support rather than defensive. (PLEASE NOTE: As of writing this the cooldown timers are unknown, numbers used are estimates compared with Tome of Courage and relative strength) The skills are as follows: Building Your Guardian: Now that you know all that a Guardian is capable of it’s time to start contemplating how exactly we want to play our Guardian. It is important to remember that while we do have a huge selection and variety; Guardians are at heart a support class. If this is something you do not wish to accept then Guardian may be a poor choice for you, but perhaps a Warrior or Engineer may be more your style. But if you do wish to have and utilize group buffs / debuffs then let us continue! The Guardian is capable of filling just about every role possible: Tank, Healer/Support, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, or generally any hybrid you wish. This is great as it allows a ton of player freedom, but it also means you should be conscious of your allies and what they play. For any form of organized PvP, it is likely you will be the one switching your abilities to complement your team; thankfully Guardians are easily able to do this, but should we really compromise fun for effectiveness? Even If you Wish to Remain a Melee DPS, It Is Still Possible to Provide A Large Amount of Support Through Utility Skills, Video Via Jeuxonline There is a solution to this and it is actually quite simple. Think of it this way: Your weapon and talents dictates your own play style, be it DPS, pure support, etc. while your Utility Skills are used to complement your group. If your group is perhaps very defensive then you may wish to take spirit weapons to add DPS, however if they are all mages then utilizing Sanctuary and Merciful Intervention will be much more necessary. Of course these utility will also be based on your weapons of choice. So If you like to crack some skulls with the Hammer then the knockback and ring of warding it provides will negate the need of multiple protective utility skills… Hopefully that all makes sense. Sample Builds: Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of the Guardian and lack of time to theory craft, I have yet to generate some examples. Builds will be added to this section in the future along with details on gameplay style, situational usefulness, and possible Utility / Trait swaps. If you would like to contribute to this section feel free to post on this topic. Other Information: Skill Information and Images gathered from the following sites: http://www.gw2tools.com/skills#g http://gw2.luna-atra...s_tool/?lang=en http://www.guildwars...sions/guardian/ http://wiki.guildwar...guardian_skills All other information, content, and theories belong to their respective owners. Topics arranged and edited by vVv Blazek. Last updated 7/13/2012
  22. ****Warning! Long, detailed post. Here are the results from our eSports Survey (n=398). We will use these results to guide our strategy for 2012. The first two charts show that although most of the respondents own many gaming consoles, the two primary gaming platforms are the Xbox 360 and the PC (Chart 1 and Chart 2). Being the most accomplished console organization in the world, it is no surprise that the Xbox360 (41%) edges out the PC (36%) as the most used platform for gaming. Chart1 Chart2 When looking at the games actually played, we could see the console focus more as Call of Duty and Gears of War rose to the top of games played. On the PC side, it is important to note that League Of Legends was PLAYED more than Starcraft 2. Game Informer magazine visitors spend on average 18 hours playing video games. The majority of our community spends more than 24 hours a week playing video games, showing that as competitive gamers, we game more than the average. When we look at games being watched, we see that two very interesting trends: Starcraft is watched by nearly two-thirds of our community (60%), proving that more people WATCH SC2 than play SC2. Call of Duty is the most watched and the most played console game Three-fourths (77%) of our members watch at least 3 hours of streaming per week. On both the console and the PC platforms, many of our visitors and members purchased at least 15 games per year. When we asked respondents to tell us which games LACKED quality content, Call of Duty, Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3 all rose to the top. Although BF3 was in the mix, when we asked to narrow it down to ONE game that respondents most wanted to see quality content, it was Call of Duty (17%) and Gears of War 3 (15%) Overall, this indicates that console titles lack quality content. A majority of respondents said that they visit the vVv Gaming Website more than once per day, and over 82% visit our site at least once a week. As far as our website, there were little surprise when it came to the features that are most used, like our forums and shoutbox. The new website has increased the use of the home page, and we also see that the video feature is popular with over half of the respondents reporting they use this feature (52%). When we asked respondents to pick ONE feature, the forums came in a strong first, followed by the shoutbox and videos. There was little surprise on the features most used on our forum profiles with the "About Me" section coming out on top. Getting more sponsors and more ads (41%) edged out frequent donation drives (33%) as a primary way to increase revenue in 2012. 77% of our users are ages 18-29 and 94% are male. So, what does all this mean for 2012? I am happy to see that we are doing many things right. The one thing we need to do better is our investment in and content surrounding Call of Duty. Here is a preview of some of the things to expect in 2012: Sponsor a Call of Duty team Create content/media for Call of Duty Create content/media for Gears of War 3 Establish brand champions in all our divisions (SC2, LoL, CS, MMO, GoW , CoD, Halo, FIFA, Fighting) Add more partners Conduct two large donation drives Explore opportunities in Halo:Reach Explore opportunities in DotA 2 Explore opportunities in CS:GO Add Guild Wars Add Diablo 3 Continue Wednesday Night Starcraft, The Losers Bracket and Directional Influence Continue promote bloggers and create general gaming content Continue writing for Chicago Tribune Geek to Me Blog Continue League of Legends 1v1 tournaments I look forward to the hard work in 2012.
  23. Prime - Battle for Dominus I'm on the Alpha team or "The High Council" basically they shoot idea's and make testing requests , ya'll know how those things work. Anyway what I can tell you is that this is going to be a massive high end sci-fi PVP centric online stat tracking monster of a game , the mechanics are really solid and feel fantastic. Youtube channel - Some world preview videos there as well. Facebook Twitter Here's the F&Q Testing sign up Cheers , Dallas.

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