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Found 41 results

  1. It's ADL time again! We're excited to announce that Season 8 starts February 19th and we will be playing every Sunday and Friday at 9pm EST (6pm PST). Once again, we've made some changes to this season but I think this will make everyone much happier! Let's just say that the theme of this season is SIMPLE!... literally. Things were just getting too complicated for everyone involved and it was sometimes hard to understand what was happening and why. Now everything will be easier for everyone! Jump past the Quick Info to get the summary of the changes!! How the Amateur Draft League works (read if you're new!): Show up in TeamSpeak a little before 9pm EST on Sunday or Friday (about 10-15 minutes works). Once in TeamSpeak, right click your name, click "Change Description", enter your Summoner Name, Solo Q Rank, and the Top 3 positions that you would like to play (or a position you absolutely cannot play), then "OK". You will move into the channel that correlates with your current Solo Q rank under Skill Sorting Hat (if you're currently unranked, go based off of what you were last season). The highest ranked players that show up that night are deemed team captain for THAT NIGHT ONLY. Team Captains will begin drafting their team out of the remaining players (dodge-ball style picking, pick order is under rules). People who are picked will be automatically moved into their team's channel. Once teams are drafted, you will play a total of TWO GAMES. After a game, the winners of the match will move into the same channel as the opposing team for a feedback session. Each game is against a DIFFERENT TEAM. Once you're done with BOTH games and your feedback sessions, you're welcome to leave, start inhouses, find someone to Duo Q with, etc. You can attend any night you want; you're not required to follow any type of schedule. If you show up to play, you must play both of your games. All you have to do to play is show up, you don't have to sign up anywhere or do anything beforehand. You must be level 30 and have at least 16 champions (NA only). There is no minimum Solo Q rank requirement. Have questions? Hit up vVv Medusa or vVv Organicbear! Quick Info: TeamSpeak Server: ts65.gameservers.com:9222 (NO PASSWORD) Click Here to Learn How to set up TeamSpeak Start Time: 9 PM EST/6 PM PST every Friday and Sunday Changes based on your suggestions: Scoring system moved from a complex ELO system to a simplified Win-Percentage-based system. One of the things you guys asked for was for us to simplify the scoring system. The ELO system was confusing and made it so it was difficult to understand what was happening with your scores since everything was calculated behind the scenes. As a result, this season we'll be moving back to a spreadsheet system and simplifying the scoring system to Win/Loss percentage. Your score will be displayed in a simple google docs spreadsheet so that you can look it up easily and see all the math involved in calculating your score. Adding an attendance-based bonus to remove the "hidden penalty" of showing up more often and having a lower win rate than someone who shows up a few times and has a win streak Additionally, you guys said that you didn't like that someone could come in at the end of the season and get a lucky 8-2 streak and end up placing higher than people who were showing up the majority of the season and doing relatively well. We agree that this is something that should be addressed, and although it's highly unlikely for someone to go on an 8-2 streak based on luck alone, we are adding a bonus multiplier to help those who show up to more games throughout the season. This will remove the unintended penalty for those showing up to more nights and trending toward a 50% winrate and prevent someone from showing up and doing well late in the season to sweep an easy victory, unless it's truly deserved. If you DO manage to go 8-2, you will still end the season with a relatively high win rate, but those who attend more nights and manage to perform at an above average level will still end up with a greater score. We will no longer be having a "Finals Night" to determine our winners; the winners of the ADL season will be determined by the end of the season Win/Loss Percentage after the attendance bonus is factored in. Since we no longer have ADL ELO, we will no longer have the Champion/Challenger Tiers. If we have 40+ people on a night, we will have the highest ranked players do a separate draft from the lower ranked players. This will make drafting go faster as well as help with the "my lane opponent is diamond while I'm in silver" problem. The 20 highest ranked players will be moved into Group A while the other 20 players will be in Group B then drafting will resume as normal. We will have 3 groups if we have 81-120 players. So the maximum a group will ever hold is 40 people. Always be sure to give vVv Organicbear or vVv Medusa any feedback you have! We can always make things better or easier, we just need to be informed that something needs changing! A link to our profiles containing our contact information are at the bottom of this post. Feel free to contact us at any time in any way that is most convenient for you (including chatting on TeamSpeak). How to Participate: Literally all you have to do is show up! Get into our TeamSpeak BEFORE 9pm EST (10-15 minutes), go into the channel Amateur Draft League, then wait for further instruction! NOTE: Anyone can play, regardless of Solo Q rank, as long as you're Level 30 and have at least 16 champions to participate in Custom Tournament Draft. Official ADL Rules: Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the rules! You are expected to know the rules before you join TeamSpeak and participate!!! Are you excited about the beginning of Season 8? Should we have made any other changes? Be sure to communicate with us!! If you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, contact Organicbear or Medusa and we'll be more than happy to help you <3 (srsly, with anything at all... except math). See you on February 19th at 9pm EST (6pm PST) for the Amateur Draft League!! ADL Staff: vVv Organicbear vVv Medusa
  2. Hey everybody, Magicmooch here with some exciting news. I am going to try my best to start a weekly 3v3 Inhouse ARAM Tournament here at vVv Gaming. The first installment of this Tournament series (which I have awesomely named as Fight for the Freljord) will be held this Saturday, October 26th starting at 2:00pm Eastern/11:00am Pacific! This will be a trial run for the tournament and will just be for fun the first time around, should we get enough participants and interest then it will become a weekly thing with prizes involved. So if you have a 3 man/woman team ready to go have the "captain" post the team members names and team name in this thread and we will get the show on the road! More detailed information below. Date: Saturday, October 26th with a 2:00pm Eastern/11:00am Pacific start time. Map: The matches will be played on the Howling Abyss (ARAM map) and the game type will be set to "All Random". Rules: Can your team take back the Freljord? Sign up now and test your skills! Teams Signed up: -Team Goodbye Horses -Oh, Hey Guys -Jackal's Hunters -Nuclear Laser Jetpack Panda Yordle Crew
  3. Hey guys! So we concluded our trial run of the Inhouse Community Draft Tournament last Tuesday with Sping Pikers taking home the title! I know that me and Chrono had a ton of fun bringing you guys the tournament and we would love to do something similar in the future. However, before we can do that, we need your feedback! In order for us to make the tournament as enjoyable for you guys as we can, we need to know what you liked, didn't like, format problems, ideas, suggestions, anything to make it better in the long run! So please, feel free to give us any and all feedback! Thanks again guys, -Magicmooch
  4. Hey everyone! Tonight I was chatting with the vVv Staff about new awesome things we could do together to have fun in game aside from just weekly inhouses. We wanted to ask you guys for your input. For example, would you like to see us host: Community ARAM nights Catch the Teemo and other Custom Games Create-your-own-Rules Summoner's Rift matches. (Example: Demacia Champs vs. Nexus, Yordles only 5v5 Top Lane, etc) Something else? Would you guys be interested in some of these ideas? What do YOU want to see us do next? Please let us know here in this thread!
  5. Hey guys! Mooch here throwing out some new ideas to help our community grow. After having a chat with Chrono we have decided on a couple of opportunities for the community that we think we can really strive to achieve, but we need your input first! One of the more recent ideas that we have come up with was a little bit of a change to our in-house structure but only for Tuesdays. We want to gather 4 teams together, from the community AND applicants, to participate in a little mini tournament for a prize pool that has yet to be determined. These four teams will play together in a best of 3 show match, on the Tuesdays that I mentioned earlier with the winner moving on to a "Grand Final" to play for the aforementioned prize pool. We want you guys to be able to play for something, get a team-like competitive feel, have fun together as a community, and to get behind you favorite community team! So let us know what you guys think! If you have any suggestions OR if you want to be on one of the four teams, let us know below! Again, this is for existing community members AND applicants!
  6. The North American LCS Summer Relegation tournament concluded this past weekend with some amazing games. There were two challenger teams that made their way into the LCS, while two of the more noticeable and popular LCS teams remained in the summer split. Quantic Gaming, Velocity eSports, Counter Logic Gaming, and Team Dignitas will all be in the LCS Summer Split along with Team Solo Mid, Good Game University, Vulcan Techbargains, and Curse Gaming. Here is a recap of this past weekends exciting results. Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming came out on fire and they never cooled down throughout the entire weekend. Quantic showed up in the Challenger round beating a well rounded Team Astral Poke handily giving them a quick 2-0 loss and their dreams dashed in games that lasted no more than 25 minutes. In the Promotion round Quantic did not let up, beating a compLexity team that had been coming on strong towards the end of the Spring split, 3-0 in 3 games that again were quick and ended under 30 minutes. The most impressive part about Quantic Gaming was how dominant they looked as a team, even better than some of the LCS teams that were not bottom four. Quantic Gaming's jungler was the only person the entire weekend that did not have a single death in 5 games. William "Meteos" Hartman had a mind blowing KDA of 45 at the end of the weekend, playing junglers such as Zac and Elise (he played Zac 4 times that weekend) made his presence known in the lanes early and often with ganks that led his team to victory. It was not all Meteos though, the entire Quantic squad played amazingly. The squad boasted an average combined KDA of 15.3, while Spring Split Champions TSM only had a combined KDA of 4.7. The team gathered an average of 1.8k gold per min with an average gold total of 44k per game. Quantic Gaming looks to be one of the more fierce competitors going into the Summer Split, and I sure look forward to seeing what they can bring to the table next split. Velocity eSports Velocity eSports did not have as commanding of a weekend as Quantic had, but they definitely showed they are going to be a tough competitor going into the next split. In the Challenger round, Velocity started off shaky, losing their first game to Team Salad Bar. The team bounced back though, dominating the next two games against TSB to secure their spot in the promotional round. In the only series in the promotion round to go to 5 games, Velocity vs Team MRN proved to be an instant classic. The wins went back and forth, Team MRN securing the first game win behind impressive play by Nientonsoh boasting a 15/1/3 KDA at the end of the game. Velocity fired right back in game one as they threw the meta book and everything you have ever known about League of Legends out the window as Velocity played Ezreal jungle, with a Janna mid lane. The "double support, double ADC" push comp proved to be too much to handle for Team MRN as Velocity jungler Nk Inc showed that Ezreal's utility can be used for more than just laning as he pulled off an ever so smooth Arcane Shift, Smite Dragon steal, Flash out on an early dragon attempt by Team MRN. Split pushing with Janna and good team fighting secured Velocity eSports the game two victory. Game 3 was an epic clash of two teams not wanting to see their last moments of LCS promise be dashed before them as this game would thrust the losing team one loss away from the dream ending. Team MRN started off winning most of the team fights but a Baron grab by Velocity secured the next fight for them an inhibitor. Velocity secured a second Baron attempt rather easily as Super Minions were rushing towards MRN's base, forcing them to defend. As Velocity went for the next fight Nientonsoh had other plans picking up a double kill to that forced Velocity out of the base, relinquishing an inhibitor in MRN's favor. As MRN was looking for the killing blow Velocity's support, Evaniskus, held off a seemingly impossible push from MRN by getting a kill and forcing the team to fall back as Velocity respawned and immediately shot down mid lane for victory. However, Nientonsoh had other plans as he cancelled his recall and went in for the last nexus turret and the nexus itself in a thrilling base race that Team MRN has been known for. With 75hp left, Nientonsoh secured the victory for Team MRN and in the words of LCS caster "Kobe" put it, "Velocity just got MRNed". Despite the heart wrenching loss for Velocity they never gave up the passion, having their dreams be so close within their grasp, taking the next two games off of Team MRN and making their way into the LCS Summer Split. Team Dignitas One of the story lines that everyone wanted to see happened as Team Summon faced off against Team Dignitas in the promotion round of the LCS tournament Locust went up against his former team, but unfortunately could not pull it through and was relegated out of the tournament. Dignitas was a team that had extremely high expectations in the Spring Split. Not only that though, but they were number two in the standings up until the last week when they dropped down to number three. Losing in the first round of the Spring Split playoffs to GGU forced them into the Summer LCS Relegation tournament. Facing a very strong Team Summon squad, Dignitas looked to be back to their old form. Using such champions such as Rammus and Evelynn secured them the series in four games. Alberto "Crumbzz" Rengifo played brilliantly in the four games as he brought out the jungle Rammus and played it to perfection, securing the match MVP with his stellar played that through Team Summon into a tilt after game three. William "Scarra" Li also had an amazing performance on his Evelynn, going 11/1/12 in the first game of the series. Dignitas played like the team they showed they were throughout the first 9 weeks of the Spring Split. Counter Logic Gaming The other story line that everyone wanted to see, bigfatlp and Azure Cats going up against CLG, the team that he was on since the creation. CLG swept Azure Cats with a 3-0 series score that put CLG back into the LCS. Austin "Link" Shin boasted an almost Meteos-like KDA, having a very impressive 34 KDA, which helped propel his team in the series. Strong play by Aphromoo's Blitzcrank in game two set the tone for a very convincing CLG victory, as well as Doublelift displaying that he is meant to be the NA All-Star pick. HotShotGG went to his old standby as he brought back out his top lane Nidalee which proved to be useful in game one, and playing another non-tank champion in Diana in game two, getting rid of their old "protect the Doublelift" comp. All in all CLG had a very solid display against Azure Cats and it looks like CLG will stay together for a long time, so no worries CLG fans, your team is safe. The teams for the Summer Split are as follows: - TSM - Curse Gaming - GGU - Vulcan - Dignitas - CLG - Quantic Gaming - Velocity eSports So there you have it folks, your North American Summer LCS Split! It is looking to be an exciting set up for the next split, I know that I am really excited for it!
  7. This picture of Lucian, The Gun Templar was just posted on Surrender at 20 and Reddit. No other information is known at this time. Is this the next League of Legends champion? Thoughts?
  8. Sign up here: Click Here for LoL Fantasy Really cool idea! All LCS matches will have their stats added. Let's see if you can beat my team. Sign up!
  9. This Sunday evening at 9pm EST we will be hosting a LoL Community Townhall Meeting in the League Lounge channel of our Mumble server. We will be discussing the changes to the vVv application process and how it relates to our division. I will also field any questions about the general direction of the LoL division as 2013 rolls on. The entire meeting should last between 45 minutes to an hour. Please take some time out and join us! See you this Sunday!
  10. We now know seven of the eight teams that have qualified for Season 3 and will play in the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Four teams still remain in the offline qualifier, but only one can receive a contract from Riot Games this Sunday. Three of these teams will have their dreams denied for at LEAST the next six months. Unfortunately, for the majority of players remaining, the harsh realization is that this might be their last chance to become a professional League of Legends player. Let’s take a look at the competitors facing off later today and what the keys to success are for each team. Dirtnap Gaming Overall record this weekend: 3-2 Champions Selected: Important Champions to Watch For: Jayce - 100% (2-0) Maokai - 66% (2-1) Sona - 66% (2-1) Graves - 60% (3-2) Olaf - 50% (2-2) Keys to Success for DNG against Azure: Dirt Nap has excelled this weekend when Cris is able to make plays. Get Cris early kills against Azure and apply early pressure. PR0LLY succeeded with Jayce in early matches. Expect him to pull out AD Casters instead of picks like Kassadin or Kayle. Graves has been played in all five DNG matches. As that ecKo feels most comfortable with Graves, expect him to stick with what works. - Azure Gaming Overall record this weekend: 2-3 Champions Selected: Important Champions to Watch For: Katarina 100% (1-0) Nunu - 66% (2-1) Cho'Gath - 50% (1-1) Keys to Success for Azure against DNG: Azure was shut down vs. Curse Gaming. Azure needs to pick champions they are comfortable with and play safe and standard. There is a lot of momentum against them. Wait for the opponent to make a mistake and capitalize to gain momentum back on their side. Shut down Cris. DNG rocked through the group stage when Cris was able to make early plays. Never allow him to get to that point. While it might seem like an odd move, a ban of Graves against DNG could potentially throw them off their game. ecKo has only played Graves at this event and it could remove him from his comfort zone. - Meat Playground Overall record this weekend: 2-3 Champions Selected: Important Champions to Watch For: Sona - 66% (2-1) Vladimir - 50% (1-1) Malphite - 33% (1-2) Keys to Success for Meat Playground against MRN: If xHazzard gets his hands on Malphite, make sure to land those Unstopable Forces! We saw just how much of a game changer he could be when Meat Playground eliminated 1 Trick Ponies. xHazzard hasn't had the same luck since. If Malphite is banned, xHazzard is also comfortable on Nidalee. Pick her up and split push to a win. Make Team MRN uncomfortable and never underestimate them. MRN was able to base race a win already this weekend. Meat Playground needs to contain any potential tricks that MRN could have up their sleeves. - Team MRN Overall record this weekend: 2-2 Champions Selected: Important Champions to Watch For: ? Keys to Success for Meat Playground against MRN: Stay unpredictable! Team MRN has played four games this weekend and they have chosen 19 different champions. The only champion that has been played twice was Cho'Gath. With this spread of champions, the team cannot be banned out. Keep using a variety of champs and keep MP guessing as to what they will do. Use nonstandard play to throw Meat Playground off their game. The base race vs. Cloud9 took everyone by surprise. Pulling out Urgot, the only time in the tournament thus far, was a shock against Azure. If MP cannot react to the off the wall strategies of MRN, this team could be one step closer to a Season 3 contract. Tune in live at 2:00pm EST as the final day of action unfolds! The last remaining of these four teams will become the 8th and final team added into the North American League of Legends Championship Series! Which of these four teams will receive the final Season 3 Contract? Leave your predictions in the comments below! If you predict the overall winning team correctly, you'll be entered to win an out of print League of Legends Riot Nasus skin! Enjoy the final day of the Season 3 Offline Qualifiers! Predictions must be entered before the end of the first game today between Azure and DNG! Credit for graphs to reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends user Polarclaw.
  11. Here are the top three plays from our recent 1v1 tournament, King of the Summoner's Hill VII! Which play was your favorite? Leave your answer below! Also, I'd love to hear any feedback you have for me on the video! Share your thoughts here and on the YouTube video. Make sure to share on social media sites!
  12. "Solo Queue is there to improve yourself. Don´t care about losing or winning. Don´t care about what your teammates are doing. If you die, it´s your mistake. If you miss a minion, you could have done something better." Focus on what you can do better and forget about if you win or lose the game. Simply focus on how you can improve. Last hitting, ganking, team fighting, etc. Focus on you. Use this mentality and you will improve. Eventually, through hard work and perseverance, you will improve your ELO and skill.
  13. While the Riot Season 2 Championship has just finished wrapping up, action is just about to get started in the seventh edition of vVv Gaming's 1v1 tournament, King of the Summoner's Hill! This tournament will be run a little bit differently than previous editions of the event. Read on for more details! Date: October 27th, Starting at 2pm EST (Sign in begins at 1pm EST) Signups start: October 20th, 2012 • Tournament size: 32 Summoners. • Sign ups will continue until the day of the event. Priority will be given to the first 32 players to sign up. Anyone who signs up after the first 32 players will reserve a spot in the event if a player does not show. • Tournament participants will be required to sign in for the tournament an hour prior to the event beginning. • Anyone who has not shown up in the "KOTSH" chat channel by 1:30pm EST will be removed from the tournament. This will prevent early round byes and keep the tournament as fair as possible. Prizes: 1st Place - SteelSeries Kana Gaming Mouse (Donated by SteelSeries) and limited edition Tryndamere and Ryze statues from the Season 2 Championship! 2nd Place – SteelSeries Gaming Surface! (Donated by SteelSeries) 3rd Place - Out of print Riot Nasus Skin! Rules: • The tournament will be played on the Summoner's Rift map • The game will be made in a custom game with Blind Pick format, the players will then ban 3 champions each in a 1-1-1-1-1-1 format, with the higher seed banning first. If it is not clear who the higher seed is, the person on the right will ban first. • The opening round is a best of 1 series, the tournament rounds are a best of 3 series. • The tournament consists of middle lane and jungle only. No player is allowed to farm any minions or damage any towers from any other lane. • Winner is determined by the first player to kill the other THREE times or to take their opponent's SECOND mid-lane tower. • The summoner spells Teleport and Revive are banned during this event. • Seeding will be determined by random drawing for this tournament. 1) Each round will begin upon the command of the tournament director. Do not proceed to your next matchup until instructed to. This is to keep things running smoother and to open the opportunity to cast each game. 2) If a player is cheating, take a screen shot and prepare to present your case to a tournament administrator. 3) In between each round there will be a small delay of up to 10 minutes. The reason for this delay is make sure the tournament can proceed without complications. If there is a complication, it will be handled after the match it was presented in. 4) You have exactly 20 minutes to sign into the tournament. If you are not present after 20 minutes, you are automatically disqualified. If someone does not appear for the matchup in 20 minutes, please sign yourself as a victory and proceed to the next round. This only applies to the first round. Communication with the competitors and other Admins: In order to better facilitate the tournament, all competitors and in-game administrators/casters will be required to join the KOTSH chat channel inside the pvp.net client. This is done by clicking the chat button located at the bottom right-hand side of your pvp.net client (the one in the middle of the three there) and clicking on “Join/Create chat room,” and entering “KOTSH” without the quotation marks. This will make it easier to not only communicate with administrators inside the game, but also to help with finding your opponent more quickly. Handling Disconnection Issues: In the event that a Summoner has been disconnected from a match, the game may be remade only if these conditions apply: • The summoner disconnected before the game timer has reached 3 Minutes, AND • There has NOT been a First Blood, AND • A tower in either summoner’s middle lane has not fallen. In the event that a game has to be remade, the bans and picks WILL STAY THE SAME AS IF THE GAME NEVER HAD TO BE REMADE! If a Summoner has disconnected from the game and these conditions have not been met, the summoner must re-connect as swiftly as he or she possibly can. PLAY WILL CONTINUE. -- Sign up for King of the Summoner's Hill VII! Click here!
  14. Hey everyone! As of yesterday, I have taken over as the manager for the vVv Gaming League of Legends division. A lot has changed here in the last 24 hours, and I wanted to talk to you all about my vision for our community. Here are a few quick points: We need to provide a better environment for our players to develop their skill and have fun. As such, we have already removed quite a few toxic players from our mumble. Please keep an eye out for toxicity. If you see toxic activity please pull the player aside and talk to them one on one. If things do not change, come to me. Additionally, applicants have been cleaned out and we will be focusing on adding quality players to our division from now on. By quality, I’m not talking about just skill. We will be looking for players that are helpful and players that are friendly. We will be focusing on creating an “Aspire” program for League of Legends players. We will make this into a place where you can receive coaching and enjoy yourself. I need your feedback! If you see something that can be done better, or if you have an idea on how we can improve, please message me! Any and all feedback is appreciated. If you would like to email me, my email address is paradise@vvv-gaming.com vVv Medusa and other staff members will be helping me out in this change. I’m looking forward to growing our League division and working together with all of you to make this the best it can be. Last but not least, I look forward to playing LoL with all of you! See you on the fields of justice!
  15. Hey all! I've been looking for someone to duo queue with around the 1000 elo range. If you'd like to play, let me know! Also, been wanted to play some 3v3 in hopes of getting at least Gold before season end. Anyone up for it?
  16. Season 2 World Playoffs Information Wh​en: October 13th, 2012 Where: Los Angeles, California Official Website: Click here Tickets: SOLD OUT Event FAQ (Courtesy of the League of Legends website) What are the stakes at the Season Two World Championship? The League of Legends Season Two World Championships boasts a $2 million prize pool, the largest in eSports history! When do tickets for the Season Two World Championship go on sale? You'll be able to buy tickets to both the World Playoffs and World Finals starting August 31, 2012. Where do the events take place? The World Playoffs are at LA Live. The World Finals are at the USC basketball arena Airport Information Attendees flying in from out of town should fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). What are the ticket prices? Tickets to any individual day of the Season Two World Playoffs at LA Live will cost $10 per person, per day. Ticket to the World Finals at the USC Basketball Arena will be $40 and $70, depending on whether you get an upper or lower section seat, respectively. Will I get any awesome keepsakes or swag if I attend the Season Two World Championship in person? Those of you who attend the Season Two World Finals at the USC Basketball Arena in Los Angeles, California will have a swag bag filled with awesome stuff waiting for you: A limited edition, custom-made statue of Ryze and Tryndamere A free Season Two Championship Riven skin you can unlock before it's released to the Store. A Season Two Championship Riven commemorative summoner icon A lot more cool stuff! At the Season Two World Playoffs at LA Live, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of your favorite players, mingle with Rioters, and witness 12 of the best League of Legends teams in the world competing live for the biggest prize pool in eSports history. I want a Season Two Championship Riven summoner icon! How can I get one? Watch the Season Two World Finals! We will be broadcasting a code during the event that you can redeem to unlock this commemorative summoner icon. I want a Season Two Championship Riven skin! How can I get one? The skin will be sold during a weekend after the World Championship. After that sale, it will no longer be available. Can I watch the World Championships in HD? Yes. The Season Two World Championship will be streaming live from the League of Legends website in free HD. Will the broadcast be available in languages other than English? Yes. We'll be broadcasting the Season Two World Championship in English, Korean, Mandarin, German, French, and Russian (among others). Stay tuned for the final list of supported languages.
  17. Season 2 World Playoffs Information Wh​en: October 4th to October 6th, 2012 Where: Los Angeles, California Official Website: Click here Tickets: Click here Event FAQ (Courtesy of the League of Legends website) What are the stakes at the Season Two World Championship? The League of Legends Season Two World Championships boasts a $2 million prize pool, the largest in eSports history! When do tickets for the Season Two World Championship go on sale? You'll be able to buy tickets to both the World Playoffs and World Finals starting August 31, 2012. Where do the events take place? The World Playoffs are at LA Live. The World Finals are at the USC basketball arena Airport Information Attendees flying in from out of town should fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). What are the ticket prices? Tickets to any individual day of the Season Two World Playoffs at LA Live will cost $10 per person, per day. Ticket to the World Finals at the USC Basketball Arena will be $40 and $70, depending on whether you get an upper or lower section seat, respectively. Will I get any awesome keepsakes or swag if I attend the Season Two World Championship in person? Those of you who attend the Season Two World Finals at the USC Basketball Arena in Los Angeles, California will have a swag bag filled with awesome stuff waiting for you: A limited edition, custom-made statue of Ryze and Tryndamere A free Season Two Championship Riven skin you can unlock before it's released to the Store. A Season Two Championship Riven commemorative summoner icon A lot more cool stuff! At the Season Two World Playoffs at LA Live, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of your favorite players, mingle with Rioters, and witness 12 of the best League of Legends teams in the world competing live for the biggest prize pool in eSports history. I want a Season Two Championship Riven summoner icon! How can I get one? Watch the Season Two World Finals! We will be broadcasting a code during the event that you can redeem to unlock this commemorative summoner icon. I want a Season Two Championship Riven skin! How can I get one? The skin will be sold during a weekend after the World Championship. After that sale, it will no longer be available. Can I watch the World Championships in HD? Yes. The Season Two World Championship will be streaming live from the League of Legends website in free HD. Will the broadcast be available in languages other than English? Yes. We'll be broadcasting the Season Two World Championship in English, Korean, Mandarin, German, French, and Russian (among others). Stay tuned for the final list of supported languages.
  18. IGN Pro League 5 Information Wh​en: November 30th to December 2nd, 2012 Where: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Official Website: Click here Hotel information/booking: Click here Tournament Titles: Starcraft II League of Legends Shootmania Ticket Sales: Click here
  19. The League of Legends Login Music for Diana gives me chills. The poem is telling the story of the clash between Diana and Leona. What do you think?
  20. The State of vVv Gaming Let's have some fun ;-) With the year half over, it is time for me to update the community on our progress in 2012. I was debating how to best to do this, but I will start with the one thing I want to focus on. I know this is going to seem really strange coming from me, but I want to focus on fun. Yes, fun. Look, we have worked really hard this year. We have made a lot of changes to make our processes and community better. Applications are streamlined. We grew a very successful fighting games division. We are growing a fantastic League of Legends community. Here are my thoughts in order of our priorities for the rest of the year. League of Legends This game is front and center. We have an awesome community. We have great in-house matches. We have a young core team (partial team) with great personality, and they’re starting an awesome journey. I think this game has so much more potential as time goes on. With Riot’s great support, this game looks to explode as it enters its 3rd season next year. This is front and center for me. To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone not playing this game. OK, maybe not vVv Amped. He loves Dota2. But then again, League of Legends is free. . . and dare I say, fun. Guild Wars 2 I know. It’s not out yet. How can you put GW2 before Starcraft? Starcraft is established. It’s kinetic. Guild Wars 2 is all potential energy right now, and I want vVv Gaming prepared to grow a lasting, well-respected guild. With the return of vVv Jolly, and so many new faces, this is a game that will not only grow our membership and reach, but it will be fun. (There is that word again). Finally, I know many of you can’t wait. Might I make a suggestion? In the meantime find vVv Rinzler and PvP with him in Bloodline Champions, another game that is free and fun. If you prefer PvE, you can join me in The Secret World, a unique MMO that gets high praise for its strong influences from H.P. Lovecraft and other famous horror settings, along with innovative storyline and unique structure. Starcraft OK SC2 fans, don’t hate, but our growth here will always be players who are looking to develop their skills. You know we would never invest the amounts other teams would to purchase top talent. In fact, we reduced our investment by removing WNS and reducing our sponsored players to just Glon and Ruff. Why? Good question. I am happy to announce that we are going to launch a Starcraft Training Consortium (League of Legends will have one also). More will follow in the next two weeks. If you like SC2, and want to develop as a player, this will be the place to be. Just look at what happened to our very own vVvToXSiK. Plus, our training consortium promises to be fun. Fighters We all know CDjr, Romance and RTD. If not, checkout our YouTube channel for interviews. We were sad to see REO quit MK9, but we are excited to keep supporting and being entertained by our players. This is probably the easiest category of games (fighters) in the eSports arena to watch. I should also mention that watching fighting games is not only easy, but fun. Counter-Strike Can you believe we have Counter Strike: Source team going to ESEA Finals? With the 4th seed, they are sure to entertain. You can read all about here. I should mention that this puts us in a great position n to support the new CS:GO for all those shooter fans who have waiting for something new. And our team is really fun to watch. FIFA We recently had our very own Michs09 explain why MLG should look seriously at FIFA13. I would not be surprised to see more sports games show up in various leagues as they compete for growth and to increase their reach. Did I mention that Michs09 is a fun player to be around? CoD4:PC Yes, we still play. Yes, we still have vVv Cubed making this game awesome and showing it off with is amazing videos. Yes, we are still one of the top teams in North America. Yes, it's still fun. Halo4/CoD BO2/GoW: Judgment These three titles all have potential. Halo looks the most polished, CoD by far has the largest fan base, and GoW started vVv Gaming dominance in console gaming. We will support all and any of these games if they have LAN events. Period. We hope they all do. Until then, don’t think we forgot how much fun these communities, drama and matches can be. We keep our eyes out on other titles like Firefall, Smite and Divekick. There are more, but you get the point. We look at any opportunity to recruit great people, create a great experience and win. We will look to develop fun content. Everyone is doing news and serious stuff, we are looking for something creative and unique. Something about eSpoets that is FUN! Think about our mission statement, as I find it helpful to read it again sometimes to keep myself focused.. My advice this summer: Have fun. Seriously. You all deserve it.
  21. God damn it. I really didn't want to like this game at all. I was a hardcore Starcraft 2 monster, very happy grinding my way through mid-level leagues until somehow becoming the champion of the world in 2016. And I dismissed this game rather quickly for being somewhat hard to follow at first glance and for its cartoonish style. Now that I think about it, all the hate I had for the game was probably rather illogical, but then again, hate is rarely logical. Then, at MLG Anaheim, our good friend Mr. vVv LordJerith convinced me that I should dabble more in the realm of MOBAs and MMOs. With Guild Wars 2 far out on the horizon, really my only best choice without spending any outlandish amounts of money (just purchased a ticket to DayGlow) was League of Legends. He said I'd enjoy it, and I said it was stupid. And now I really enjoy it. I honestly could go on and on about what I like about the game, so I will. First of all, it's free-to-play. All that was needed from me was a download and install. I don't know about anyone else, but free stuff is amazing, especially if the free stuff happens to be a well-made video game that's actually worth something. I mean, what better way is there to get into a competitive game than to pick one up that costs you know monetary investment? And what better way to advertise a highly-competitive title than to make it free? I can't think of one (well, I can, but they're not appropriate for all audiences [hookers]). So I decided to finally start it up and get into playing. Now, from watching LoL matches at various MLG events, I realized I probably wouldn't understand how exactly the game works until I play it, but I already had a basic idea of how games functioned - walk around, cast spells, level up, merk bitches, destroy stuff, take their base, destroy the base, enjoy victory. And, obviously excluding major and minor details, that's pretty much a summary of any game of competitive LoL ever. But once I got to playing it, I found that it was not only enjoyable, but somewhat addicting. For a new player surrounded by other new players, and some low-skill ones, I found myself doing rather well in my introductory matches after utilizing the game's tutorial. Once I figured out the basic gameplan of what a LoL player should be doing to get XP and Gold, as well as deal with enemy champions, I pretty much dominated a majority of my matches. And even in matches my team lost, I still did pretty okay and wasn't completely shut-out. I really began to enjoy the huge amount of champions to choose from. It felt like Riot played a lot of Marvel vs Capcom 2 back in their day considering how huge the roster is. With so many champions, I felt a bit more at home on the selection screen, and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of heroes that seemed enjoyable. I played several rounds with Skarner, Malphite, and Fiddlesticks thanks to them being free at the time, and enjoyed learning what they had to offer and how I could use them to play specific roles on a team, even if my team was just a random bunch of people. Eventually I got that, "one more game, one more game..." kind of feeling, to the point where I spent an entire afternoon playing and forgot to eat any sort of lunch or dinner, only being reminded by my dad that I had only ate eggs and toast earlier that day and that I was probably starving. I was - it was very easy for me to just jump into another game, talk with new people, figure out a strategy, and try to play my best. Meeting new people to play with was a lot of fun, especially after having an enjoyable time with one another in a particular lane and doing well, prompting each other to congratulate one another after every possible action and send friend requests immediately after the match. I missed that kind of interaction, one that is so desperately needed in an experience like Starcraft 2, where loneliness is very common. The one thing I didn't miss, however, were idiotic teammates. Besides the several afk people and a couple of feeders, I only had one instance where a teammate just did something so ridiculously stupid that it made me become vocally annoyed with it. It basically boiled down to when I was jumped into an emergency 2v1 situation just as one of my teammates was returning from base. I got slowed out of nowhere just as my teammate came to my side. Instead of helping me, he promptly turned right around and ran away. I almost got away with a kill, but was unable to finish one of them off. Either way, I was going to die, no thanks to my mate, who then now had a 2v1 situation of his own that he barely survived thanks to turret hugging. Wasn't happy about that. Still, I find League of Legends to be very enjoyable, which still sort of bothers me. Now that I've been playing League, I want to continue to play League, but now I feel like all the time I've put into Starcraft 2 to be genuinely good will be cast out the window if I stop putting the time in. And now with summer in full gear, I'll have a job, and I've moved down to NY for the time being to see my friends. I feel a bit overwhelmed. But then I remember that it's all just gaming and I'll get over it eventually. I do what I was meant to do. And really what I feel like I am meant to do right now is to kick ass on LoL for the bitches. Bitches love ass kicking on LoL. So yeah, I'm enjoying it. Fuck.
  22. I wanted to update the community on what can only be described as a historical event. It was amazing! Let’s get right to it. Fighting Games The interviews with CDjr, Reo, Romance and RTD tell their story better than I could. Please check out our YouTube Channel for their interviews. Keep in mind that CEO in Orlando and EVO in Vegas is upcoming, and our players will be practicing hard for the next events. They all represent vVv, their games and themselves like true professionals. I can promise you that fighting games are here to stay. League of Legends This is one of the most important games in the history of eSports. You should play this game. It’s free. Trust me. Learn this game. We have an AMAZING LoL community. In fact, vVv Ockiral was so impressive that he is now our new LoL manager. Our team learned a lot. From horrible issues with the Astro Mixamps game one (that first loss was not our teams fault) to learning how each played under pressure, this is what attending your first major LAN is all about. SteelSeries was very supportive in helping our team ensure their equipment worked, despite the issues with Astros. They will be replacing TriDream, and are looking forward to the LANcouver event in Vancouver. Did I mention you should play LoL? Seriously. Starcraft 2 I do not need to say much, as you all know this is the biggest game in town. We will focus on developing players. We will end WNS and focus on developing and promoting both Glon and Ruff. All players could have performed better! Guild Wars 2 Every MMO fan will be playing this. Get it. You have been warned. Pre-order now! And now, something for the casual members! The Secret World This is for those seeking CASUAL Fun. Like MMOs? Want something filled with puzzles, riddles and a blend of Alternate reality Game (ARG). This is worth looking into. DayZ, ARMA2 Zombie Mod Google these videoes! Seriously. Average life expectancy is 30 minutes. You can thank me later. Looking Forward It is clear now that our role in identifying and developing talent is even more important than ever before. We used this event to create more content to better promote our players. We also are going to make a few changes and all for the good, and all motivated by good things we learned. I will share with you some changes. We will be focusing on our talent factory, and launching development programs in SC2 and LoL Players in these programs will receive customized scorecards to benchmark their performance We also will develop eSports professional staff via intern program In order to be on vVv Staff (not intern), you must have attended a major LAN event or have professional promotional experience (street team or trade show). We have media and player checklists for events to ensure that everyone comes prepared We will no longer have staff dinners or meet and greet dinners to ensure we are all at the event during key matches. Drinking in my suite after all our players are done for the day is still encouraged for those over 21. We are going to focus on promoting certain players and their brands We are going to end WNS, as we will allocate those funds elsewhere For future events, Doom and I will be arriving on Friday, getting right to work, and leaving Sunday (for Raleigh and beyond). Staff should expect to do the same. Halo 4 and Gears: Judgment are both worth looking into. If Halo 4 gets a spectator mode, it has the highest potential of all games to come back to the circuit. The New GoW has a great new mode called Overrun that has a cool class system. Please reach out to vVv Radiation who went to E3 and has hands on experience with both games. I also want to thank Alex (vVv Radiation) for giving us a ride to LAX on our way home! Thank you! Staff Changes I want to thank NoControl, Medusa and Plattypus for their service. All of them did great work on staff. As I mentioned earlier, vVv Ockiral will take over the LoL Division (so no need for Plattypus or NoCOntrol). We just don’t need a D3 manager anymore nor do we need an event coordinator as we are not doing staff dinners or any meet and greets. Although Medusa did great work, we just don’t have a need for anyone in either role.
  23. Mine is Olaf because he is the Dovakiin. Also fizz because he is just so hard to catch and has a shark!!
  24. Name:Andrew Cooke Age (minimum 16): My age is 19 Gamertags (for all systems you own):Xbox 360- MephistosMark, PC I usually make my name Mephistosmark or ogileboo Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? I have access to the internet all hours of the day (Due to having a smart phone and WiFi on my college campus for my Ipod) I do get on one of my computers everyday too. What are your screen names (all that apply)? (AIM, MSN, Skype, Steam, Xfire) Skype- ogileboo Link to your Twitter page (twitter required): https://twitter.com/#!/AndrewCooke22 Link to your Google+ or Facebook page (at least one required): http://www.facebook.com/cookear How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Google+? I will most likely log on to facebook when I am on my computer but at max usually on 4 times a day because I do not like to spend prolonged amount of time on those types of things. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I head about vVv Gaming from my friend Nathan(Tof Zone). We played against a vVv member ( vVv Kraft) in a LoL game and then we checked out the website. Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them?In real life no one but I have been around for this past week playing games with members like Big Papa, Anaxamander, Yesman, Plattypus and a few other who i do not remember at this time. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I am interested in joining vVv because I feel like I get along with everyone and Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? I have a positive outlook (most of the time). I am a nice fellow I can usually make so time to help out others if they need me for anything. I am always around because i am a college student and have quite the bit of work to do plus Fraternity things. Even when i am not doing anything but homework i log on to see what is happening with everybody and how they are doing. Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what are some of your favorites and why?No i haven't but i am interested in learning about it. How long have you been playing video games?I have been playing video games since the age of 5 which is 14 years now. It all started when I got the Nintendo 64 for Christmas. How many hours per week do you devote to gaming?To many that i dont even keep count because it ranges from 3 hours a day to 9 hours a day. What’s the hardest game you’ve ever beaten?I have beaten many but I would have to say all of the guild wars games on Hard Mode(which took an extremely long time) What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? Diablo 3 because ever since my dad showed me the game when i was young I always loved it and I really enjoy playing it. Guild wars 2 because I played the first 4 games and the new game look extremely good. Mass effect 3 for Xbox because this is the best series i have ever play the story line is just fantastic plus the gameplay is different than any other i have played. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I am in a Fraternity (lambda chi alpha), I really enjoying playing sports such as soccer and football. Where do you see yourself next year at this time Hopefully my transfer of colleges will have gone through so I will be studying at Auburn, AL. In the gaming community I hope to be playing Diablo 3, LoL(in a more competitive environment) and Guild wars 2(extremely Competitive). What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have?Running the ladders in guild wars for a year with a good guild. Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, CPL)?No but i really wish to get the chance to attend. How long have you been playing competitively? for about 7 years now. What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst?best- when playing guild wars and my guild took 3 place in the world for rankings. Worst- When we lost the tournament to place our guild back to 10th. What do you hope to achieve, competitively\I hope to be in a better environment of game play where everybody can get along and What was your toughest competition?I havent been in any type of competition since guild wars because I really haven't look into it for any other games. How do you see vVv Gaming adding value to you?I feel like the group of people I have been playing with this past week are a really nice group of guys/gals that enjoy gaming in both casual and competitive gaming and I have been looking for a group of people that enjoy it as much as i do. Also I am not the person to rage at people or decline my service of help because i usually can. Do you see yourself as competitive or causal gamer?This really depends on who I am playing with and what we are doing. If I playing with friends it can be casual but i would lean more towards competitive because i am always trying to better myself and always go for the win. Plus competitive is more fun than just playing casual but that is just my look on things.

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