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  1. Decided I would go ahead and post this up incase anyone was having trouble getting through act 3-4. These are 2 pretty strong builds I have been using for my monk. The goal of these builds is to have Good AoE damage for proceeding through the game, while maintaining decent survivability; and the second is purely for tanking bosses. Grinding Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WeXfjh!Ycd!ZZaZaa The main combo with this build is to use Cyclone Strike to pull all enemies in (Implosion rune helps a lot with this). Then proceed to Wave of light for some massive AoE. If you are in a group, then your buddies will love you as it will make their ability to aoe easier as well as get mobs off of them. Crippling wave is your backup for when you are low on spirit, the concussion rune will help keep damage down on yourself and you should be able to maintain a tank with all your dodge + heals. If you feel the passive Transendence is enough to keep you up, then you can freely change out Breath of Heaven for Serenity or Sweeping Wind. I choose to use a water ally as it helps mitigate damage, and does decent damage on its own. Boss Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aVXTjh!Ycd!ZaaZaa Bosses hit harder, however there is generally a lesser need for AoE, so switching to Fists of Thunder w/ dodge + Exploding Palm w/ debuff is generally a good idea for 1v1. Seven Sided Strike is good for when you want to mitigate damage as you become invulnerable, plus you still get damage in. With all of your abilities healing, plus some crazy high dodge, it is pretty hard to die in most boss fights (some exceptions apply like when bosses grab you) Having an ally is good when you are in a group as if for whatever reason your mates go down, the ally can actually take aggro at times, leaving you able to revive, plus a bit extra dps is always nice. Overall Monks are a very strong class that can provide a ton of group support, and I am having a ton of fun with mine. We shall see how necessary they become for groups as I continue into the depths of Nightmare
  2. Hello and welcome to the Tome of Blazek. This is the beginning of a fairly lengthy project I intend to complete within the coming weeks. This guide will be filled with knowledge of the 5 classes within the world of Diablo 3: Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Witch Doctor. Further knowledge may be added or tweaked over time due to balancing or requests from the comments. My intent is to share with all of you personal experience I have had with each class, an understanding of each classes play style, itemization needed for all classes, and strategies to help you as a gamer to take on the challenges of Hell and Inferno, regardless of which class you choose to play. Throughout this guide I will provide builds to help get you started and continue through the game. Please note that all builds are generated from personal experience. Consider the fact that even the most common build in the game is only used by 0.7% of all players of a given class, thus your preference in runes and sometimes skills may vary. Chapter 1: The Barbarian From the shadow of Mount Arreat come the mighty barbarians. A barbarian uses a variety of large weapons, shields, and thick armor to plow their way through the battlefield. As a class the barbarian is a heavy melee fighter, using primarily strength and vitality to shrug off attacks while devastating the battlefield (literally). As a barbarian your main objective is to get into the fight, by either rushing in, leaping in, or pulling mobs to you, and attempting to keep them in range. If you are in a group you will likely be taking most of the aggression. It is also important to be aware of your team as ranged attackers cannot take as many hits as you can. Itemization: The Barbarian focuses on 2 primary stats: Strength, for both damage and armor, and Vitality, for health. When looking for replacement gear you should always consider these two stats as a priority. Beyond this you will be looking for a few other key stats to help increase your survivability. After completing Normal you will want to gain some items with life steal on hit and increased health from globe drops. While these should never take priority over stats, searching the Auction house for items with Strength + Life steal is a good idea. In higher difficulties, specifically Inferno, it will be equally important to invest into “resist all elements” gear. Barbarian Strategy: Normal- Nightmare: For the most part, you will not have many issues keeping your hp up and demolishing your opponents. Some champion mobs may give you some issues (such as teleporters, molten and wallers) but as long as you pay attention, then dodging abilities such as frozen and arcane will cause very few issues. Besides these rare occurrences, there is little reason for you to disengage, so go to town on mobs. For standard play, I would recommend the following builds: Under 20: http://us.battle.net...#bZXVYT!a!aaaaZ Under 30: http://us.battle.net...hXViT!aW!aaaaaZ End of Nightmare: http://us.battle.net...XViT!aWg!aYYaab Note: Whirlwind is a personal preference. If you feel more comfortable with Seismic Slam, then use it instead. Grouping In Nightmare: http://us.battle.net...XVik!aXg!aYYaab If you are working with a group of players (specifically without a monk) I would recommend switching Earthquake for Warcry. While you lose burst DPS every 2 minutes, you help the stability of your group and your own survivability when fighting larger packs. Dealing with Bosses: Sadly, bosses really aren’t much of a challenge for a barbarian in both normal and nightmare. Throughout normal you will likely just left click your way to victory; however here are some builds that you will likely want to use to lower the risk of actually dying in one of these fights. Normal 30 and below: http://us.battle.net...cRViT!acd!aZ.aa End of Nightmare: http://us.battle.net...RVik!acd!aZZaaZ Ignore Pain is a key ability for boss fights, as it will help you survive when standing in their AoE and burst attacks. Once you gain Wrath of the Berserker, it is pretty much downhill from there. Utilize Warcry for fury generation at the beginning of the fight and use WotB as soon as possible (for fights such as Belial and Diablo, I wait until they are on the last phase, as that is generally the one you want to burst through). Because you don’t use much fury, Berserker Rage is fairly useful. I keep Pound of Flesh as bosses will drop health globes mid fight, so with the increased drop chance +bonus healing helps to keep your HP up. Bash +clobber is somewhat of an easy way to beat bosses (yes you can stun lock bosses, probably the dumbest thing in Diablo 3) but you can switch out for frenzy +sidearm if you wish to increase your DPS. Hell and Beyond! When you get into Hell mode, you will notice that things hit you quite a bit harder, champion packs now have 3 affixes, and generally you will get destroyed if you try to continue at the pace you have been. HOWEVER, this does not mean barbarian is suddenly a useless class, only that you as a player will need to evolve your strategy to handle these new challenges. So… Sword and Board or Mace to the Face? It would seem that many barbarians and monks come to the realization that once in Hell, you need a ton of defense if you wish to survive even a few seconds against a larger pack. The most common logic points players to drop the heavy weaponry in favor of a nice big shield. While this can work in your favor you must remember, you are trading 30-50% of your weapon damage for said defense. While this isn’t going to ruin your day (and after stat and buff modifiers, you will still be doing decent damage) it does slow your killing speed, meaning you will be forced to combat enemies for longer durations. So just keep that in mind. If you are in a group setting however, you will likely take the roll of the tank. Your other choice? Change the way you play. At first you may be thinking “how the hell do you change the way a melee brawler plays?” And honestly this was the dilemma I started with as I enjoyed my big ol’ 2-handed mace. So instead of throwing in the towel I came up with a solution: Do it the same way a Ranged class does. Keep your distance and whittle down your opposition. 2-handed Hell Build: http://us.battle.net...XVik!agT!YZaaaY There are a few key points to this build, and it relies on the player utilizing a bit of strategy to execute. Seismic Slam is required as your primary AoE (yes, I was very sad to have to drop Whirlwind). Reason being is the range and damage it provides. With SS you are able to deal high damage from afar, a necessity when dealing with hell and inferno champions. Frenzy with smite is a nice primary as it gives fast attack rate and a chance to stun. I have noticed many end game Barbarians do not use leap, and I question why. Leap with Iron Impact gives the barb a 300% armor buff, it also provides you with an escape option which most other defensive abilities would not (due to being able to leap over walls and large packs of mobs). Iron Impact can be switched with Toppling Impact or Death from Above if you whatever reason you find it difficult to get out of danger even with leap. Furious Charge is another viable option, however it is one I have experimented with much less as, so far, leap has done the job I needed. Alternatives: Unfortunately you cannot just pop in this build and claim victory in every case. At times you may run into champions that give you serious trouble and cannot just be whittled down from afar. So let’s say you run into a Fast, Vampiric, Arcane, Extra Health… just for the hell of it. It is unlikely a standard build will cut it. For these kinds of mobs you will need to change your strategy to specifically accommodate this fight. In this case, you will need very heavy dps, and similarly you will need to keep the mob in close. So, you may choose a build like this: http://us.battle.net...RVgj!cUS!YYZaYa With this build you can deal out massive damage, pull your target in (hopefully to start a stun lock w/ frenzy) and pop ignore pain when the damage becomes excessive. This is of course just an example, however it is important to remember in higher difficulties, one size does not fit all. End Game: With level 60 comes the ability to gain the Nephalem Valor Buff, a stacking buff whenever you kill a rare or champion mob pack. With this you gain increased gold and magic find provided you continue to kill more champion mobs every 30 or so minutes and that you do not change your build. Because of this, you will need to create a build that has a good mix of single target, AoE, and defensive abilities. This can be difficult to come up with a solid build that works for you, so personal testing will be required, however here is the current build I am working with on my Barbarian which has proven fairly decent success. Blazek’s level 60 Build: http://us.battle.net...SViP!abg!aZZaaZ It is worth noting that Solo vs Group play will require you to change your build to synergize with the rest of your group. This build is more for solo play or as a melee DPS in a group. Final Thoughts: Barbarian is a strong class that can put a serious hurt on his opponents. They are one of the most resilient playable classes, due to high strength and vitality, and can be quite versatile within the right hands. Within Normal and Nightmare difficulties the Barbarian is a fairly easy class to learn and play, however Hell and beyond it will take quite a bit more from the person in control to make it work. There have been many complaints on the Blizzard forums that Barbarians are not a viable option at end game. Some players have even gone as far as to say that Hell, and even in some cases Nightmare, is too hard for a Barbarian. While I dislike elitism, I must say that those people are bad gamers. Nightmare is no tougher than normal, but yes you will need to pay more attention. Hell is quite a bit more difficult, however having already played through Hell in its entirety on my Barbarian I will tell you that no, it is not too hard. You need to understand the capabilities of your class and you will go very far. Barbarian is a very rewarding Melee class, and the select few who are able to understand and adapt to difficult situations will enjoy what this class has to offer. Chapter 2: The Monk
  3. A o E D a m a g e & S u p p o r t B a r b a r i a n G u i d e Written by: vVv Paradise Why use this build? When thinking of great Barbarians in Diablo 2 history, Frenzy and Whirlwind are staple skills of the class. This guide forsakes both of those abilities and heads in an entirely different direction. This is a Barbarian build that focuses on both survivablity and AoE damage. Your Barb will also be supporting your friends with extra health and by reducing the damage that they are taking. This is not a build to be used for single player. Interested in trying out a new way of playing? Read on! IMPORTANT: You will want to turn "Elective Mode" on in order to use this build. Elective mode allows you to use any skill in any of your slots. To turn on Elective Mode, enter the options menu and select "Gameplay." The option for Elective Mode will be the last option in the Interface column. Turn this on and you're ready to start your new Barbarian build! Make sure to turn on Elective Mode! The Build: Primary Skill: Cleave Secondary Skill: War Cry #1 Skill: Leap #2 Skill: Revenge #3 Skill: Ground Stomp #4 Skill: Ignore Pain Full build with runes and passive skills. Why these? Full explanation below! Primary Skill: Cleave (Unlocked at level 3) Rune of choice: Rupture (Unlocked at level 9) Cleave will be your main source of damage against mobs. Instead of the single target/high attack speed focus of the Frenzy skill, Cleave will allow you to hit multiple enemies at once. Using the Rupture rune, the damage from Cleave will be multiplied. As enemies start to die, corpses will explode. These monster bombs deal tons of extra damage to all surrounding creatures. In conjunction with the rest of the build that we will be using, this skill will give us the highest possible constant DPS. Huge AoE damage due to mob dynamite from the Rupture rune. Available to you starting at level 9! Secondary Skill: War Cry (Unlocked at level 28), for lower levels use Threatening Shout Rune of choice: Invigorate (Unlocked at level 41) War Cry increases the armor of everyone in your party and will help you survive harder hitting enemies. Once you have earned the Invigorate rune, this skill becomes even more useful. Having 10% extra life before fighting a pack of rare monsters can save your life! Use this skill once every 30 seconds to keep the buff active on your team. Still too low of a level to use War Cry? Use Threatening Shout instead! While it isn't as big of a help, mobs hitting a tad bit softer can still help out just the same! Shout! Shout! Let it all out! This is a skill you can't do without! #1 Skill: Leap (Unlocked at level 8) Rune of choice: Call of Arreat (Unlocked at level 44), for lower levels use Launch (Unlocked at level 21) This is the way you will be initiating each pack of enemies that you come into contact with. Leap allows your Barbarian to jump right into the thick of things and slow all mobs arround you. This becomes even more useful with the Call of Arreat rune. Once you hit level 44, your Leap becomes a vacuum. Leaping will pull all enemy mobs towards your Barb. By stacking the enemies on top of each other, you are greatly amplifying the power of your Cleave with Rupture rune combo. Leap into combat and then Cleave until dead. Pretty simple so far, right? #2 Skill: Revenge (Unlocked at level 13) Rune of choice: Vengeance is Mine (Unlocked at level 19) After jumping into the middle of a group of minions, you're definitely going to take some damage. Using the Revenge skill will help to heal some of that damage while also putting a hurt onto the mobs around you. The Vengeance is Mine rune will increase your life regen and keep your fury meter full. Spam your #2 skill each time it comes up and you'll see enemies dropping while your life bar stays topped off. Revenge hits hard and gives much needed health... two things that are quite important in later difficulties. #3 Skill: Ground Stomp (Unlocked at level 4) Rune of choice: Wrenching Smash (Unlocked at level 18) This skill will be used to stun enemies and keep them close to you. Just like the Leap/Call of Arreat combo, the Wrenching Smash rune will vacuum enemies toward your Barbarian. With these mobs stacked on top of each other you will be able to do overwhelming damage with Cleave/Rupture. How exactly does stomping on the ground pull things towards you? #4 Skill: Ignore Pain (Unlocked at level 22) Rune of choice: Mob Rule (Unlocked at level 43), for lower levels use Iron Hide (level 31) or Ignorance is Bliss (level 36) When the damage becomes a bit too much to bear, pop your #4 skill and you'll have a moment to breath. This skill cuts enemy damage by over half for a short duration. This effect will transfer to your entire team after activating the Mob Rule rune. This move is a must have! There is no better way to save your friends from certain death when a difficult pack of elites show up. Use as needed to stay alive! Ignore your pain... deal the damage out instead. Passive Skill #1: Ruthless (Unlocked at level 10) The first passive is a bit self explanatory. By upping your chance to critically hit a minion and additionally upping the damage output of these crits, your damage goes up by a ton! Add this passive to your Cleave/Rupture combo and vacuum skills, this really puts out a ton of damage to large groups of demons. 50% extra damage on crits + exploding corpses = dead demons. Passive Skill #2: Berserker Rage (level 20) With the choice of skills for this build, you will never use any of your fury. On top of this, the Vengeance is Mine rune on Revenge will generate more fury for you each time that you use it. This ensures always keeping a full meter. Berserker Rage will take advantage of this fact and continue to up the damage of your Cleave. So much fury and nothing to do with it! Passive Skill #3: Bloodthirst (level 24) The final passive to finish off the build is a 3% life bonus back on all damage that you deal. With our current setup, damage output is through the roof. This extra life back will keep you alive while Cleaving away at endless hordes of ghouls and ghosts. Important passive for staying alive. Three percent might not sound like a lot, but it's more useful than it sounds. Skill use/order: Buff team using War Cry. Use Leap to jump into a pack of demons and pull them together. Cleave enemies. Use Ground Stomp to stun enemies and pull them into you. Each time Revenge comes up... use it! Pop your Ignore Pain if someone is low on life and continue the fight. Clean up enemies, repeat, win! Final Thoughts: This build has worked wonders for me so far, although I have not made it to Inferno yet. As that this is a very specific build focused around playing with four people and supporting your entire team, this might not work for the highest difficulty. After writing this guide, I'd love to hear your adventures using this build. Please post feedback here in this thread! Are there any skills/passives you would change? Success stories/stories of failures with this build. General questions about the guide.
  4. So I decided to snoop around and found out that Blizzard has actually released their own character builder for D3 already. http://us.battle.net...lator/barbarian Update: Here is another character builder - http://d3db.com/skill This builder is very well done and is basicly what you will see in the game. It is interesting how your characters actually progress in D3 in that, as you level you unlock slots for abilities. This means you will only be allowed so many abilities while you are outside fighting, and cannot get everything. It also means no more requirements before getting specific abilities for wasted points. (i am unsure of the status of switching skills or respecing atm) The builder also gives you the ability to socket runestones and tells you their effects, very nice touch. Anyway, thought I would share incase anyone has yet to see this.
  5. So late Sunday night I was up with some of my buddies drinking and discussing Diablo 3 lore. We got into a pretty big debate over what will happen, the meaning behind the “Wrath” animation, in depth thoughts on the Black Soulstone video, and just general BS’n. Over the course of 6 hours we came to some conclusions of likely things that happened between Diablo 2 and 3, along with what some things depicted within the trailers mean. So i figured I would go ahead and share the meat of that debate with all of you At the very least to give you something to do waiting out the remaining 8 hours, and as a record for how my deductive skills are (or possibly arn't ) While a lot of this is pretty heavily deduced logic mixed with theory crafting, it may contain some pretty serious spoilers. Be warned, if you wish to experience the story for yourself and not have anything ruined then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. However if you like to theory craft and want to hear / discuss some points of what I believe is going to happen feel free to read on. If you are going to make a reply PLEASE USE SPOILER TAGS. The Meaning of Wrath: Opening Cinematic Teaser: The Black Soulstone Video: How Will Diablo Emerge in Diablo 3? Anyway that’s what thinking for 6 hours about Diablo 3 will get ya. If you care to comment or have your own ideas feel free to share, but please do use Spoiler Tags to anything that may reveal Plot points, be it real or just deductive logic.
  6. Move out the way bitches. Diablo 3 is almost here, time to get serious. I don't play Diablo 3 like a fucking fairy.. all whispy and gentle. Let's get a group started and power through this game like it's the last thing we do in life. I need other crazy fucks to join me in maxing out and getting through all the difficulties. I want advantage over the paypall market, ingame market, first chance at top items and control over the game. If you're in, sign up below.. I'll be playing a Wizard on launch, saving a MF gear page for when we have to last hit bosses. STOKED! <3 aamenta
  7. While some may be open to the idea of turning Diablo's PvP system into a competitive eSport, Blizzard is avoiding that approach in their design. Responding to fans, Blizzard community manager Zarhym echoed previous statements that Diablo 3's PvP will not be created with competitive leagues/ladders in mind. "We want PvP to be incredibly challenging and fun, but we want to avoid turning it into a truly competitive leagues/ladders eSport," Zarhym said. "We just don't think Diablo gameplay is very conducive for that type of controlled environment where balance is paramount." "That said, we want to develop PvP as an engaging and rewarding system. What we don't want to do is take a traditional eSports approach to PvP, where balance will become so important to a competitive ranking system that solo and cooperative gameplay feel a bit neutered as a result," Zarhym concluded. To be honest, aside from StarCraft, no other Blizzard games have really made an impact on the eSports scene so this really shouldn't come as a surprise.. Popular MMORPG World of Warcrafthad a short run as a eSport with the Arena PvP, but MLG chose to drop it for 2011. Diablo 3 is set to release May 15th, but without PvP Arenas. Blizzard said back in March they'd prefer to hold the PvP component itself back for further fine-tuning rather than delay the entire game's launch. According to Blizzard, it wasn't "meeting the company's expectations."
  8. I'll be streaming Diablo 3, as well as League of Legends and a few other titles. Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/aamenta Be sure to follow me on both twitter and twitch to know when i'm live! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/aamenta Looking forward to seeing you guys in the chat! -Anth
  9. As found here: Blizzard has yet to commit to an official release date for the highly anticipated Diablo 3, but that hasn't stopped Amazon from posting what they believe the release date should be. According to the online retail giant, Diablo 3 will release on April 17th. This, of course, is only speculation as Blizzard has neither confirmed nor denied a release date for Diablo 3. Online retailers often list release dates for popular games before they've officially been dated. The majority of the time it's just a placeholder, but they are correct from time to time. As of now, the release date has been changed to just "2012". The predicted April 17th release for the game does fall within Blizzard's latest release window which was pushed back until Q2 2012. During an Activision Blizzard conference call, Mike Morhaime confirmed that Diablo 3 would be delayed again into the second quarter which spans from April to June. "Given the popularity of the action RPG genre, and the keen interest in Diablo III, we expect this launch to be a big opportunity for Blizzard. We can also confirm that we are targeting a Q2 launch for Diablo III," said Morhaime. Recent job cuts by Blizzard has led to additional fears that Diablo 3 would be delayed again, although Blizzard has emphasized that the layoffs will not affect Diablo 3's release. In the meantime, the developers continue to improve on the Diablo 3 beta, most recently releasing Beta Patch 13 which completely revamped the game's character skill and rune systems. Blizzard detailed the new, streamlined systems right now which separates the skills into separate left click attack, right click attack, and action bar abilities. The full explanation for the skill and rune system changes was detailed in a blog post by Blizzard's Jay Wilson. While release dates for Diablo 3 remain uncertain, one thing can be said for sure: Blizzard is waiting to put together their best product possible before they release the game - even if that means another delay.

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