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  1. For those unfamiliar with the current discussion about the fighting game community, know that it started with an article that appeared on SRK (Shoryuken) written by Tom, the co-owner of the EVO event. He stated that the article was in response to a rant by Evil Genius’s COO SirScoots. Basically, this article explained that eSports leagues get it all wrong and don’t understand fighting games or the fighting game community. In short, if you want to “get it,” you have to partner with Tom because he understands all this and eSports leagues do not. Interested in both his “version” of history, and who he was as a person, we had Tom on Round 95 of the Loser’s Bracket. We asked him to explain his position of “I reject the idea that the only path to more money for players is through the traditional eSports model.” Listen for yourself. We had no issues with Tom. Of course, he does avoid a few questions and his answers are shaky at times. Let's just say there were some statements that others had a very different recollection, especially when he blames leagues for not having Capcom games when he knows that Capcom won't give them the license. Yea, I challenge him. Three days later, Trouble Brewing (Starcade) wrote this article about the show and the FGC. Clearly, Tom’s shakiness to answering questions meant that “eSports leagues do not seem to be able to relate to us on a very basic level, as demonstrated by many of the questions asked to Tom Cannon (inkblot).” I was tickled with the idea that asking questions was an "inability to relate at a very basic level." He ends this article with a call to inaction. He tells the fighting game community, “Don't buy those MLG sticks. Don't buy their T-Shirts. Don’t watch their streams. Don't attend their events. Despite what they say, they are not here to support us. They are here to profit from our hard work.” I want you to know that not one member of the EVO ownership outwardly condemned this article. Following that article on Monday, Dec 12, David aka UltraDavid, Evo caster and attorney, wrote this article. I was stunned, but I also smiled at the sheer brilliance of this article. David, like many lawyers, has great skill in rhetoric, and he flashed his prowess in the art of discourse in this piece. Although I would love to attack his article and explain how MLG is so different from NASL, or how he does not get Halo, GoW or CoD, I will instead address this gem later. Stay tuned, you might be surprised. Anyway, the following day we had Team Spooky on, and although I upset him when I said that Tom was looking to protect his piece of the pie (EVO), the show ended on a positive note. Of course, Spooky’s fans rallied to him “keeping it real” and Tom’s brother made a melodramatic post about how “extremely vitriolic” I was and how we were “extremely irresponsible” in how we handled the show. Again, here is Episode 96 . I will let you decide how we handled it. Please take special note when Spooky says, “Shove it up your ass” and how I handle that. On YouTube, his fans end it right there. I think what follows is even more important. Again, I leave this all to you to explore and decide. We’ll call it “convenient” that they leave out the rest of that discussion on YouTube. Now, it’s important to note that many top fighting players such as Justin Wong, Marn, WolfKrone, PR Balrog and Alex Valle have tweeted POSITIVE things about seeing leagues include fighting games. Other examples include... Latif, the second place finisher at Evo 2011 for Street Fighter IV, tweeted "i hope FGC give MLG a chance to see how everything would go!!" This was retweeted by top player Ricky Ortiz. Mark Julio (@MarkMan23 on Twitter) recently tweeted "While I know they don't represent the entire FGC. People on SRK forums that post about eSports this and FGC that are really dumb. lol," and this was then retweeted by multiple top players including Mike Ross and Juicebox Abel. Gootecks replied to MarkMan's tweet with "did we read the same post? lol," and then "140 chars just ain't enough. and I don't have time to write a 9000 word dissertation like @ultradavid." Additionally, Gootecks also retweeted "You all can keep arguing about what to call competitive gaming and who is in or out, I will keep doing my part to grow it. Deal?" which was originally tweeted by Sir Scoots. So, this brings us to the BIG question: If the IPL and MLG want fighting games, and the top players want to see their games in these leagues, why are those involved with EVO not enthusiastically supporting this? There are three answers to that question, one given By Tom, the EVO co-owner, one by respected community member Trouble Brewing and one by EVO caster and attorney UltraDavid. It is important to note that NONE of these articles addresses the Tweets made by Justin Wong, Marn, WolfKrone, PR Balrog and Alex Valle in SUPPORT of the leagues. Here is a simple reduction of their three positions. I will refer to them affectionately as the “Three Stooges.” Moe (Tom) says that eSports leagues do not get fighting and always gets it wrong. FGC is unique and leagues don’t get it. Larry (David) says the fighting game community is too different and too rowdy for leagues. FGC is unique. It has unique demographics and a unique culture. Curly (Trouble Brewing) says that leagues are trying to profit from the fighting game community’s hard work. They don’t get the uniqueness of the FGC. Don’t care about it. Let’s pause here for a minute. I want to point out the common theme of unique. FGC is just SOOOO unique. I want to remind to you all of something: Sorry, that just had to be said. Now, I do love the fact the Three Stooges are telling their own audience that they “are so special and no one understands you the way we do.” It’s really a great message. The politics is brilliant: eSports leagues are a bunch of corporate suits who just want to profit from you and don’t understand you. They would destroy our culture and ruin the fighting game community. Now, I am sure a bunch of Gears of War and Halo players are saying, “Huh? WTF? You’re not fucking good!” CoD players are like, “got ham?” Stracraft players are like “How BM!” and League of Legends players are like “Really?!” Anyone who has ever been to an MLG event before is like “WHAT THE FUCK are they talking about?” Trust me, I have no clue either. I don't wear ties. This brings me to that little gem of an article by David who wanted to give us a history lesson. Mind you, I am 41-years old. I was putting quarters in Space Invaders when I was 9 years old in 1979 when it was in our local store and 7-11. I played in arcades in Chicago starting in 1981. I played Street Fighter when I was 17. I returned coke bottles for deposits and aluminum cans to recyclers so I could get loose change to turn into quarters to play games. I saved lunch money during the week so I could get to the arcade. David sir, I can assure you, you have NO CLUE what arcade culture is about, you fucking poser. That’s right, you have no fucking clue. See, I don’t need the Three Stooges to tell me about arcade culture because I lived it. I rode my bike to the arcade in rain, Chicago winds and Chicago snow storms. After I got my driver's license and car, I spent way too much time and money at the downtown Aladdin's Castle. My parents hated it. So, you can take your history lesson and shove it up your ass you condescending prick. I mean this in my typical kind and loving way, of course. :-) However, I do think David is right. Surprised?! Don’t be. I agree. We do NOT want fighting games. He’s right. Read his article! Here are some important warnings to us. "You might have heard about us trying to get hype with side bets." He’s right. Do really want betting at our events? We saw what happened with Brawl. We value good sportsmanship and spirit of competition. We don’t let side bets influence our players performance. We act swiftly and harshly when it is revealed. “...our community is very deeply different in ways that make us less accepting of and less fitting for professional tournaments and corporate influence even as they’ve given us the ability to stay so cohesive for so long. We are very deeply ourselves, and not many of us want to see that go away.” Do we really want a community who believes that their “cohesiveness” comes at the price of being less accepting of and less fitting for professional tournaments and corporate influence? We are working so hard to build roads to bigger and better brand supports. We want our players to be household names. Can we afford to let the FGC fuck it up for us? “...the SC community selected for a more business friendly, professional-ready culture and individuals who are much more likely to know how to navigate the professional corporate world.” “Arcades weren’t for girls...” I know MLG events have plenty of women. Players, fans, wives, sisters, daughters. . . yup, we know how to treat ladies. Can we risk a misogynic culture affecting our women’s experience? “...this crappy negative feedback loop started, with young males getting used to being able to speak negatively about women, which put women off...” Do I really want my sister or Mother to be openly disrespected at an MLG event? “And as I said, our in person culture has not always been the most welcoming to women, so we’ve consistently missed out on a gigantic chunk of players.” Again, most players and fans enjoy meeting members of the sex they are attracted to, and we want them to feel comfortable. Can we risk having their “in person culture” make our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters feel unwelcomed? “The fighting game community is louder, more hype, and more insular. It also tends to be less wealthy, less educated, much more racially diverse, much less diverse in gender, and not quite as big.” Do we really want a loud, rowdy, gambling, insulated, less affluent, less-educated, woman-disrespecting community? Do we?! Do we want to risk the FGC fucking up what we have worked so hard to build? "Our new players have largely adopted the established culture and tend to fit the same demographic molds as their predecessors.” Do we really want a community stuck in their culture? Is this good for us? Our sponsors? Our future partners? “But keep in mind how arcade culture looks at outsiders and how our demographics aren’t quite as business friendly.” Can we risk a culture that is less business friendly? Do we want to GROW eSports? “Nobody should be mad about this. The goal of any business, including my goal with my own, is to make money. “ Yea, no one’s gonna doubt you or Tom on this one! “That said, I also don’t think it’ll be the end of the world if we don’t work with professional gaming organizations.” Nope, I agree. It sure won’t. “We also don’t really feel the need to work with eSports.” Do we really want to partner with a community that does not “feel the need?” Do our sponsors, supporters and partners want us to work with a community that does not “feel the need?” Surprised? Don’t be. David is a caster and well respected member of the FGC. If he tells us that the FGC is bad for us, why argue? I know, the FGC top players get screwed, and they don’t get to grow their audience, but. . . so what? I mean, if the Three Stooges hold more sway over the FGC than their top players, then maybe we should take David’s advice and stay far away. I know, we should all try and encourage people to bring out their best! But seriously, if the FGC community leaders like the Three Stooges respond with fear, and warn us about how bad their community is. . . what choice do we have? THEY certainly are not trying to move their culture to be more business friendly, so why should we? If anything, we should protect all our partners and warn them about why the FGC is not a good partner. We will continue to support and sponsor top fighters (as will EG and other organizations). Funny, when we picked up REO and CD Jr, and when Latif got sponsored by Razer, all the community tweets were positive, congratulatory and supportive. I guess those members didn't get the memos from the Three Stooges. Maybe these three "leaders" are POOR examples of what the fighting community really feels? I wonder if the fighting community thinks of itself and sees itself the same way that David writes about them? David ends his article by attacking the word eSports (a word many of us don’t like, but’s it’s shorter than competitive gaming or competitive video gaming) by saying, “You know the only thing we’re opposed to? The word “esports.” Shit is straight clown shoes son, for reals.” Well, I’m gonna put my clown shoes on, walk over to McDonalds and ask those clowns, “Have you heard of eSports? I have these two fighting game players who I think can add a lot to your latest marketing campaign targeting . . . ”
  2. Apex 2012, one of the competitive Super Smash Bros community's biggest events ever, was supposed to bring back the hype and excitement that, according to many community members, had left the scene over the past couple of years. It certainly did just that – the event brought in over 700 unique Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros Melee players, as well as several hundred more individuals that entered Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros (for the Nintendo 64), and Pokemon. However, what Apex 2012 also did was cast a shadow of doubt across both of the major Smash communities. For Melee, this was due to the grand finals of the Melee singles competition. In the final match-up between two of the best players the game has ever seen, Armada of Sweden and Hungrybox of Florida, what was hoped to be a chaotic showdown of skill and merit became a slow match that progressed for more than an hour, an excruciating amount of time for any game that isn't Starcraft 2, League of Legends, or games of that nature. The hype was certainly there. This was because Hungrybox used Jigglypuff – while this isn't usually a problem, it was for Armada, who's character (Peach) has trouble dealing with Jigglypuff. Thus, Armada switched to Young Link, a projectile-based character, for grand finals, turning a hype match into a morbidly slow camp fest that lasted way too long than it should have. On the other hand, the Brawl community didn't have a problem with one particular match, but the result of the entire tournament itself. Some foreground: Apex 2012 marked the beginning of the end for the best character in Brawl, Metaknight. As of the end of the event, the American community banned the character from all tournaments using the “Unity Ruleset.” Any tournament part of that movement can not have Metaknight legal during competition, though non-Unity tournaments can still have the character legal if they so choose. Going into Apex, this didn't seem to be a problem. The pro-ban group was strong and growing in numbers, but then Apex came to a close with the 1st and 2nd place finishers being Japanese players. In Japan, the rule set is much different from the one found in the United States (heck, even the ones found in other parts of the world, as well). In Japan, Metaknight is legal, but also the timer is longer and most stages are banned from competitive play (on the other hand, the US allows over a dozen stages to be played on in some areas). The American community, seeing Japan's proficiency in the game, has now somewhat turned on its heel. Many players are now supporting the anti-ban movement, even some going as far as to advocate the US picking up the Japanese rule set for all tournaments, especially because many American players are now interested in attending Sun Rise, a tournament in Tokyo this August. The players definitely want to be prepared, no matter what it takes. Ocean was one of the many Japanese players to take down American greats like Mew2King. For Melee, some are advocating change to avoid slow game play For Brawl, players want to see change to stand up to the apparently superior Japanese players. But which side is right? Melee is certainly in a tough position here, especially because, besides from the grand finals, the entire tournament ran smoothly and matches were completed on time without any hassle. Grand finals seemed to be just a fluke. Though it is certainly reasonable that lowering the amount of lives, or “stocks”, each character has in a round (competitive Melee currently allots four stocks to each player per game) could create a better competitive experience, it doesn't seem like one match is enough proof to change a system that has been in place for around ten years or so. Then there's Brawl. Obviously if Nairo, the fifteen year-old Metaknight player from New Jersey who placed third in singles, had beaten out the top two Japanese players and took first place, there wouldn't be any discussion of unbanning Metaknight and mirroring the Japanese rule set But what happened, happened, and many players are certainly not ignoring this issue. It's certainly not a guarantee that non-Japanese players will get better just by adopting a new rule set or keeping Metaknight legal. And considering the American community just banned Metaknight, unbanning him immediately without properly evaluating how his ban would change the metagame of Brawl would be a very knee-jerk move. While it seems like the Melee community may not make any changes at all, attempts to change things are certainly breaking the surface in the Brawl community. Whether these changes become concrete within the next few months or not remains to be seen, but what we do know is this – the Melee community has been around for around ten years and will do anything to keep itself alive. And the Brawl community will do whatever it takes to grow and avoid becoming stale, and the American Brawlers specifically will pay any cost to take out the Japanese on their home turf. With that in mind, the games we play competitively may be drastically different in the next year or even in less time. And not many are completely sure if the routes being taken are the right ones to explore. Images courtesy of Robert Paul. Check out his Apex 2012 gallery at: http://robertpaul.smugmug.com/Events/APEX-2012
  3. Introduction: Hello Evaluators, my name is Eric Lew, known in the gaming community as ESAM. I'm 18 years old, my hometown is Miami, Florida, but I go to school at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. I am currently ranked #0 on the Florida SSBB Power Rankings (I would've been #1 but because I moved they wanted to not have a dead spot on the PR that nobody could have a record with), and I am currently ranked #10 on Rajam's Brawl Player Rankings (For North America). I was an MLG Pro throughout the 2010 season, which was the only season that SSBB was on their Circuit. Anyway, now to the questions! Team Captain Please Answer the Following: 1. How long has this roster been playing together? N/A 2. Where do the players live in relation to one another? N/A 3. What are your team’s accomplishments? With this exact roster? Links? If this exact roster has not accomplished anything, please list each player's accomplishments with supporting links. Obviously for SSBB I don't have a "Team," so I will just list my personal accomplishments. #1 on the Florida Brawl PR from 5/10/11-present (I described why I'm currently #0 as opposed to #1) http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=309629 Currently # 10 on the Brawl Player Ranking List http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=262480 I was an MLG Pro for the duration of the 2010 season in SSBB. I believe my final ranking was between 3rd and 6th (I can't find the data anymore...). I will post more in-depth about my MLG placements later. 4. What are your team's latest tournament results? Please provide support links and any links to supporting pictures 9/17/11: The Gold Mine 3 1st out of 26 entrants in singles, 1st out of 12 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=311005 8/6/11: ESAM's ZP Monthlies: The last 1st out of 31 entrants in singles, 4th out of 7 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=308484 7/15-17/11: Genesis 2 9th out of 197 entrants in singles, 4th out of 128 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=307610 7/9/11 ESAM's ZP Monthlies: July 1st ouf of 10 entrants in singles, 3rd out of 7 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=306458 6/4/11: ESAM's ZP Monthlies: June 3rd out of 17 entrants in singles, 3rd out of 7 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=304738 5/7/11: ESAM's ZP Monthlies: May 2nd out of 32 entrants in singles: 2nd out of 10 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=303095 4/9/11: ESAM's ZP Monthlies: April 1st out of 18 entrants in singles, 3rd out of 5 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=301240 3/12/11: ESAM's ZP Monthlies: March 1st out of 27 entrants in Singles, 1st out of 13 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=299497 2/5/11: ESAM's ZP Monthlies: February 1st out of 16 entrants in Singles, 1st out of 4 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=297111 1/8/11: ESAM's ZP Monthlies: January 1st out of 36 entrants in Singles, 2nd out of 12 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=295280 For more results, look here http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=270033 That has a lot of results throughout 2010 (if the ones I posted don't suffice) 5. What is the team's next event online? LAN? I am currently participating in the vVv sponsored All is Brawl ladder. I do not enter online tournaments for Brawl for the most part because the online connections are not very good in my opinion. I get most of my practice from offline opponents. 6. If you've been sponsored before, who was your best sponsor? Why? I haven't been officially sponsored before, but since I was an MLG Pro they gave me 200$ stipends to attend their events. I'm not sure if that counts, but I'll put it here anyway 7. Why are you no longer with them? They dropped SSBB from their circuit due to lack of sponsors and other reasons...sadly. 8. What was your worst sponsor? N/A 9. What do you hope to achieve with your team? Again, I'll assume the team equals myself. I hope to win Apex 2012, which will probably be the largest SSBB tournament in history. I hope to continue dominating the Atlantic South region (North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida for the most part) and become even more recognized as a top player than I am now. 10. Who do you see as your toughest competition? My toughest competition would have to be Mew2King and Anti, as well as some Japanese players like Nietono, 9b, and Kakera. I can't wait to play all of them at Apex 2012. 11. What is your expected finish at your next event? My next event will either be another tournament in North Carolina or Georgia (I'm not quite sure which though), and I am predicting a 1st place finish since I am the best player in the region. 12. What do you hope to get out of vVv Gaming? I hope to gain friendships, an involvement in another community, and hopefully a sponsorship so I can travel to more events and spread the word about vVv Gaming and myself across the country/world. Individually, all team members (Including the captain) must answer the following: 1. How long have you been playing competitively? I have been playing competitively since 2004 or 2005. At that time SSBB wasn't out, so I played SSBM, or Super Smash Brothers Melee. I was extremely active in that scene and I think I was one of the better players in Florida (Although the Power Rankings updated very scarcely, so you will never find any proof of that). 2. If you are attending a LAN event, please detail your travel plans here (flight info, car info, train info, bus info, etc) N/A 3. How many hours during the week do you devote to gaming? How many of those hours are for the game for which you are applying? I probably devote somewhere between 10-20 hours a week to gaming. Since the community in South Carolina is rather small, I spend most of my time practicing techniques or playing online in the vVv sponsored All is Brawl Road to Apex ladder. I spend 100% of the hours I mentioned above on SSBB. 4. Have you attended any national events? (MLG, CPL, WCG?) Yes I have. As I stated above, I was an MLG Professional, meaning top 16, in SSBB in the 2010 season. MLG Orlando: April 16-18, 2010. 4th out of 183 entrants in singles, 13th out of 44 teams in Doubles. http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=272333 MLG Columbus: June 4-6, 2010 8th out of 250 entrants in singles, 9th out of 64 teams in Doubles. http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=276868 MLG Raleigh: August 27-29, 2010 9th out of 148 entrants in singles (My worst performance of the MLG season), 4th out of 42 teams in Doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=285244 MLG Washington D.C.: October 15-17, 2010 4th out of 174 entrants in singles, 5th out of 42 teams in Doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=289173 MLG Dallas: November 5-7, 2010 3rd out of 182 entrants in singles, 4th out of 48 teams in Doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=290675 Other non-MLG Nationals include Pound V: February 19-21, 2010 4th out of 151 entrants in singles, 3rd out of 48 teams in Doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=298137 7/15-17/11: Genesis 2 9th out of 197 entrants in singles, 4th out of 128 teams in doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=307610 I only started travelling at the beginning of the MLG 2010 season, so my exposure to nationals is somewhat limited outside of the MLG tournaments. 5. Are you shy around people you don't know? Quite the opposite. I'm a very sociable person and will go out of my way to help somebody or to integrate them into the community, whether by just playing friendlies with them or helping them find somebody who could teach them techniques and strategies about their character. I'm also quite loud and I'm always happy to meet new people, which is why going to nationals is one of my favorite things to do. 6. Link us to some of your best personal achievements. This section, to me, will be more about matches than they will about the placements (Although the placements are amazing as well). MLG Washington D.C.: October 15-17, 2010 4th out of 174 entrants in singles, 5th out of 42 teams in Doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=289173 First off, I beat ChuDat in Winner's Bracket, who is known as the best kirby, 2-1 in a BO3 set. I lost in the Winner's Bracket round of 16 to 11th ranked Havok. I then had the hardest Loser's bracket I've ever had. First off, I had to play my brother Nick Riddle, who was ranked top 8 at the time. Afterwards, I had to play Lee Martin, who was ranked, I believe, 4th. Not only was he ranked higher than me, but he also plays Lucario, who was thought, at the time, to be a soft-counter for Pikachu. I played him at MLG Raleigh as well. I beat his Metaknight game 1, and then got double 2 stocked by his Lucario. Coming into MLG D.C., I was most scared of him. I beat the Lucario I feared the most game 1. He went Metaknight game 2 on Delfino Plaza and 2 stocked me with low %. However, I came out on top in an INCREDIBLY tense Game 3 (Seen here ). At this point, I was so happy that I beat hte person I feared most, I had no worries about any other opponent: if I lost, I beat Lee Martin, and if I won, I beat Lee Martin + others. Afterwards, I played another top 10 player, Tyrant, and I beat him 2-0. Next, I beat #2 ranked Ally 2-1. Then, I played ANOTHER top 10 player in Mike Haze, and beat him 2-0. After this, my miracle loser's bracket run ended as I lost to #1 ranked Mew2King 1-2. I could've won the last game, but I choked in a position that I could've taken his 2nd stock while still having all 3 of my own. With that huge lead, I probably would've won, but I chose a bad option and Mew2King ended up making a rather large comeback on me and winning. MLG Dallas: November 5-7, 2010 3rd out of 182 entrants in singles, 4th out of 48 teams in Doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=290675 I was ranked 2nd coming into this tournament (I would've been 4th had ADHD and Mew2King not been banned from MLG Dallas for Bracket Manipulation), so I was already placed in the Pro Bracket. My first match was against Atomsk, a King Dedede main. I beat him 3-1 in some close and some not-so-close matches. Afterwards I played against Espy, a sonic main from Texas who flew through the amateur bracket. I had no prior Sonic experience previous to this set, while he had a bunch of Pikachu experience from the 2nd best Pikachu, K_Prime. The set was very close, I won the first match, he won the next 2, and I won the 4th. All 4 of those were really close. The best match of the tournament, for me, was game 5 against Espy where I completely dominated him. I three stocked him (Seen here ) Pound V: February 19-21, 2010 4th out of 151 entrants in singles, 3rd out of 48 teams in Doubles http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=298137 This tournament had better moments in Doubles than in Singles for the most part. However, there was one amazing moment in Singles, which was in Winner's Quarterfinals against Ally (who later went on to win the tournament). Due to my mastery of the Snake Match-up, he decided to go Wario and Metaknight against me in this set. I ended up winning 2-1, with a 2 stock game 1 on Pictochat. Doubles was more of an accomplishment for me at this tournament. In pools, MVD (my partner) and I lost to Jerm and Trela. We still made it into bracket. In Winner's Quarterfinals we met Ultimate Razer and Gnes, the best team from Texas. In an incredibly tense set, we clutch out game 3 (I survived for a very long time) with a nice Back-throw C4 combo. Next, in winner's semis, we have to play Trela and Jerm again. We lose game 1 rather convincingly, 1 of them with 2 stocks and the other with 1. Seibrik, a fellow Floridian, gives us a little advice about how to fight Jerm's character (Toon link). 2nd game we won with 1 stock each, and then game 3 we win with 2 stocks each. It was quite the tournament for us. Now, outside of the tournaments themselves, I am extremely proud of my rankings both in Florida (the best state in the region of Atlantic South) and in the country. I am currently ranked #0 in Florida, as explained before. I would've been #1, but due to me leaving for college, the Power Ranking Panelists decided that they would bump me up to #0 so they could have another person on the Rankings since I would not be able to have a record with any of them, and would drop off of the rankings next period anyway. I am also currently ranked #10 on Rajam's US/Canada rankings (seen here http://www.smashboar...ad.php?t=262480). At some point I was #6, but I only went to tournaments about once a month after MLG, and a lot of people went multiple times a month, so their points went higher quickly while mine went up slowly. Florida also doesn't have many regionals, while places like NY/NJ and Texas do (Which the players above me comprise of, besides Tyrant and DEHF who are California). It is still amazing to me that I have reached such fame in this game, and that I can be considered one of the elite players in the world. I love it. 7. What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match? I have 2 pretty disappointing losses. One of them was at Genesis 2 this past July, and one of them was at Pound V in February. I was in the loser's bracket at Genesis 2 after having lost to Mew2King in Winner's Quarterfinals. I had to play Zex, a Metaknight/Marth main for Northern California, who I had beat Round 1 in winner's bracket 2-0. Game 1 I 2 stock his Metaknight. Game 2, a crowd of Californians start to surround us and start cheering Zex on. Now...when I say a crowd, I mean a good 40-50 people pretty much screaming right behind me. I lose game 2 after almost making a huge comeback. I decide to switch to Ice Climbers game 3, who I had used in both games in the Winner's Bracket. The crowd was so loud I couldn't use by audio cues when using Ice Climbers (Which are a very timing based character). This, along with nerves, along with 40-60 people yelling behind me, made me lose. However, I didn't really take the loss that well. When chants of "NorCal" started appearing, I jumped in and started hugging Zex so he knew I wasn't upset or anything. It was still disappointing, and had I won that match, I probably would've placed top 4, as opposed to 9th. Now, in Loser's Semifinals at Pound V, I had to play Ally again. This time, he didn't use Snake or Metaknight. Game 1 he went Ice Climbers. Ice Climbers have a huge scaring factor because they have an infinite off of one grab, and Pikachu's range is rather limited as a character, so I have to play near perfect to win. Nerves get the best of me and I end up suiciding twice that match, leading to an Ally 2 stock. I am not too discouraged yet, and I win game 2 on Rainbow Cruise vs his Wario. Now, in fear of him using Metaknight, I banned Brinstar, which is Metaknight's best stage. This led Final Destination, Ice Climber's best stage (due to no platforms) to be open. He chose it and Counterpicked Ice Climbers. Had I gone Ice Climbers, he would've used Snake, which is thought of as a hard counter to Ice Climbers, and probably beat me. I stay Pikachu and he picks Ice Climbers. It is really close, and at some point I have 1 stock around 80% while he has 1 stock around 30%. I grab nana (the AI controlled member of Ice Climbers), and Throw her off stage. I follow her to try to kill her (as Ice Climbers without nana is a much less scary character due to the infinite now being eliminated). However, I have a technical error, and instead of jump thunder, I fastfall thunder. I suicided...again. Before I die, I pause and let out my frustration in a rather uncouth word. I was extremely upset because I KNOW I would've won that match had I not suicided. However, both of these losses helped me learn how to compose myself after losses. I will never again have an outburst like I did after losing to Ally, and I will never lose my composure to a crowd again (Thankfully, most people on the East Coast, where Apex is located, will cheer for me). 8. How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming? I am a top player in SSBB. I used to host tournaments as well. Because of this, my exposure in the community is extremely high. I am an avid poster on Smash World Forums (http://www.smashboards.com), and I place high in basically every tournament I attend. When people look at results threads, they will see my name, and in front of it, the "vVv" tag. This will expose even more players to vVv, and they may check out the site and want to join as well! I can also help members of vVv Gaming get into the SSBB scene or help them with general game knowledge. I edited this part because I read it as "How can you PERSONALLY benefit from vVv Gaming, not benefit vVv Gaming. My bad 9. Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/youtube channel) http://www.youtube.com/imesam http://www.facebook....p?id=1129217816 http://www.twitter.com/TheAlmightyESAM I don't really use any other social media besides that. So yeah, that pretty much wraps it up. I hope you guys consider me for sponsorship, and I feel like I would represent vVv Gaming as well or better than any other SSBB player. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Now, I'm off to sleep and I have to wake up at 7:15 for class tomorrow...huzzah!
  4. A few minutes ago, ItoxBlade (https://www.facebook.com/ItoxBlade) the best Brawl player in Venezuela challenged me to an Online Match for 20$ Dollars. I told him it would lag very badly and that I didn't wanted to do the money match (Because I was very tired. I didn't sleep and my hands were really cold). He INSISTED to play the MM "RIGHT NOW". I said "Ok I guess. Let's do it". I beat him 3-0. I beat his Snake (Smashville), Olimar (Final Destination) and Meta Knight (Battlefield) with my Meta Knight. I saved the replay for Game 3 against his Meta Knight. He called me a "Hacker" because "My attacks were stronger" and "I couldn't DI your hits". And he won't pay me a single cent. You were a really cool person and I didn't see something like this coming, I'm very dissapointed from you Itoxblade.
  5. Hello everyone! What's up? I've just been interviewed for Apex 2012, show some love and check it out! http://allisbrawl.co...st.aspx?id=1296 ¡Thanks for your time and have a nice day!
  6. After just over two months, the latest episode of Directional Influence has finally been released. You can check it out here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/53169-directional-influence-episode-47-back-in-your-ear-canals/page__pid__483921#entry483921 Moving on. I'm actually quite happy that the episode got released when it did. It feels right. Being gone for two months, not doing my podcast left a void in my weekly routine that I couldn't really shake. Though I have been very busy over the course of the past two months, free time never became an issue to the point that I wouldn't have any time to do the show. Essentially, what it came down to was the quality of the show. Physically, I could do record the episodes, but the quality of the recordings were absolutely terrible, at some points so unclear it wasn't even worth listening to. For putting so much effort into the show for over a year, it wasn't worth trying to struggle with what I had at my disposal. However, my situation is now much better, both in terms of quality of internet, amount of work, and more. So getting this episode of Directional Influence was actually not very hard, at all. I was able to interview vVv Zero, this episode's special guest, quickly and easily last Thursday night, while the rest of the episode was recording Monday night with myself and Will, Zero not included. Fun fact: This episode wasn't even the episode that was going to originally be Episode 47. Episode 47 had two other incarnations. The first, which would have released two weeks after Episode 46, had no special guests planned. Instead, Will and myself had topics including the Metaknight situation and college Smash scenes, plus our usually screwing around that the podcast is known for. The second variation, which was attempted a week after the aforementioned episode was to be recorded, would have featured vVv Zero (for the interview that eventually would be recorded for the final release) and vVv Chibosempai. Both variations never left the drawing board. Concerning this episode, the only problem I ended up finding was the settings I use to maintain the quality found in all previous DI episodes bar the video episodes. To help settle into my new environment when recording the show, I fiddled with some settings to hopefully make the sound files easier to work with, as well as easier to record. As it turns out, my original settings would have been just fine and the ones I ended up using created slightly poorer quality in the sound recording. Thus, segments of the episode sound a bit different than others, a problem which will not show up in future DI episodes. Looking towards the future, Directional Influence seems to be back on track. We'll continue with our weekly show as we have since 2010 and, as of right now, nothing will stop us for doing just that. Not only that, but we continue to work on our live show at this year's Apex 2012, which will be an absolutely awesome experience. Overall, I'm happy with Episode 47. Not only does it feel great to have it finally out the door and in the hands of the public, but overall the show is a true return for the show. We've changed the podcast quite a bit: trying to get more organized, going the route of live video, etc. And, as many of you know, we've had "hiatuses" and "returns" over the past few months as we've tried to re-invent ourselves. But, to be honest, I think what we have going on here is a great thing - we're finally back to doing what Directional Influence was originally created to do: to talk about competitive Smash, feature awesome games, and give the community quality entertainment. So, yeah, we're back. Finally.
  7. Rapture

    The NJ Halo Experience

    NJ HALO - KOTC EVENT - OCTOBER 8TH Yesterday, October 8th, was the day of what will be remembered as the quintessential beginning of East Coast Gears of War 3 LAN competition, as well as the site of many a . While the Devastation event was taking place the same weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, KOTC was hosting its own event in New Jersey for a multitude of games, including the new Gears of War 3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Madden, Halo: Reach, and much, much more. So I'll tell you about my day. Around 11:30 am, I got picked up by my usual (as of late) carpool of Smash players D1, Alex Strife, Xivik, and Crismas. We enjoyed a fun ride into NJ from my dorm in New Rochelle, NY, blasting techno and game music, as usual. We mostly discussed the recent MK ban, which will go into full-effect at the beginning of next year. We also discussed my podcast, Directional Influence, as well as some other things that keep ourselves occupied by the time we arrived at the venue. This was my first time at a KOTC event, so pulling up to a hotel to take part in it was somewhat surprising considering most events I go to take place in small gaming-related venues. Once we parked, we headed straight in and ran into some of our other Smash friends, including NJ brawler Gunblade, on the huge line that extended through the entire lobby of the hotel and out into some other room. Needless to say, we cut the line. The Venue When I got into the main room of where the tournament was taking place, it was a cool sight to see. Off to the left were the smaller areas for Smash and Pokemon, while over in the middle and right, HD TVs were lined up for the sports titles, Call of Duty, Halo, and, of course, Gears 3. In a far corner was the commentary booth for the Gears 3 stream, which was a great touch to what would become a fun tournament for everyone. After I paid the venue fee, I made my way over to the Smash area to greet my friends and pay for my 1v1 event entry fee. Now, at the time, I was planning on entering both Smash 1v1 and Gears 4v4. Problem was, I didn't have a set team. The team I was scrimming with was not attending this event, and I was unsure of the plans of another player I had been in talks with for a while. So, needless to say, I was desperate to play and even more desperate to find a team. Eventually I ran into Topsyder and vVv TRod, an app and vVv CoD member, respectively. We had no idea what the team situation was, but because we had thought of teaming together for this event as a possibility, we decided it was a good idea. We then ran into vVv Toxicity and he became our fourth. The Gears 4v4 event was a bit weird. When we signed up, they took our name and checked that all of us had Gears 4v4 wristbands, then went about making the bracket. By hand. No one could give us a definite answer as to when we would play (it would be another couple of hours before we got to play our round one match). I also found out at this time that the event was single elimination, but people could buy-back in. Seriously? But I'll comment more on this later. When we finally played our first match, we were against Excellence Through Murder in a Best of 3, Execution-only set. Myself, TRod, TopSyder, and Tox, under the team name Leviathan, set up on our side of the table, going over our opening strategies and making sure all of our settings were correct. Gears 4v4 - Round 1 Game 1 - Hotel Execution Hotel Execution gave us a lot of hope because we pretty much played by-the-book. Everyone essentially did what they had to do and it worked well. Our main strategies focused on getting control of Torque during Digger rounds and locking down outside when it was Boomshot rounds. We ended up taking this map 4-1 with Tox and I impressing some of the spectators with some aggressive pushes on Torque and popping some skulls along the way. Considering we were off-host, this was a stellar accomplishment. Game 2 - Dry Dock Execution Then, we fell apart. We just could not get into our correct positioning for this map and we paid for it. We also couldn't make any attempt at abusing our host advantage and fell to getting crossed and not crossing ourselves, falling 1-4 on this map. It definitely killed our morale. Game 3 - Checkout Execution Back off-host, we played a back and forth match, doing well some rounds and playing awful the others. Our pushes didn't work all the time, but when they did, we solidly took the round. When it came down to a 3-3 tie in rounds, a few small mistakes cost us the round and the game. We were pretty devastated, considering that we were definitely skilled enough to take these guys down, but unfortunately we lost this set 2-1. Overall, I hope the legacy of Leviathan continues. In particular, myself and Toxicity definitely played well. We did great on our 2-man pushes to Torque on Hotel and Tox himself pointed out that he was impressed at how well I did during the set. Unfortunately, not many others saw this, but I hope him and whoever else did can vouch for me. I'm good at this game, people! Smash 1v1 At the same time, I was also playing Brawl. Because I entered Gears, I decided not to team with anyone for 2v2 and just stick to 1v1. Though Metaknight was still legal at this event, I decided against using him, instead pulling out my most used and comfortable character, Kirby, as well as a character I've been working on a lot with, Wario. This event had pools for singles: 5 man pools, top 3 advance. I was able to take the 3rd seed in my pool, ousting some while somberly losing to Dark Pch. and Ebo. My set with Ebo in particular got to me a bit, considering I definitely think I could have taken the set if I hadn't made some key mistakes. Oh well, maybe next time. Once I got into bracket, I faced my good friend Coontail, a Pokemon Trainer user. We had a close set, though he took it 2-0. He made a point of saying my Wario definitely surprised him, which kept my hopes high. After that, I faced WEDGE, a Sonic main, in loser's bracket and fell to him as well, thanks in part to my lack of knowledge of the Wario-Sonic match-up. This ultimately culminated in a 17th placing out of 40 something people. Not the best, but definitely one of my better placings. Some Comments... Now, the event was definitely enjoyable, but it wasn't the best I had come across. Considering the Smash event was ran fine, I really won't touch upon that. It was mainly the Gears event that bothered me. So I'll comment on that a bit. Essentially, for future KOTC events, they definitely need to fix things. There are a huge array of problems that made this event not as good as it could have been, and that's a problem for a game that has a less-than-stellar local scene and relies heavily on online-play and the MLG circuit. Some comments...: 1) KOTC needs to revamp it's bracket process It's 2011. We have programs to run brackets. Doing it by hand "randomly" is absolutely ridiculous and it's very time consuming. In the Smash community, we use a program called tio (free download here: http://allisbrawl.com/tio/). From the site itself: "The gold standard in tournament production software. tio is a highly advanced application for managing every part of a competetive tournament, from entrant registration and seeding to bracket finalization and payout calculations. tio's major features include: Three bracket types: single elimination, double elimination, and round-robin. An intuitive bracket viewer for easily managing and updating brackets with the mouse or keyboard. Manage money issues with entry fee tracking and customizable award amounts. Integrated station manager for tracking which game stations are in use and where each match is being played. Detailed results for each entrant, including overall placing and complete match history. Power features like multi-monitor support, fast keyboard navigation, advanced seeding methods, and score reporting." So, no more of this cheap, weird, by-hand bullshit. It takes literally five minutes to put together a full bracket and keep count of scores and money. It also allows you to seed teams based on skill, location, or in any manual way you please. Gears tournament organizers, please use this program. It's free and it's more helpful than a piece of construction paper and a list of team names 2) NO BUY-BACKS This is so ridiculous that it's not even funny. Tournaments are about testing skill, not how much money you have. Teams got outplaced by people who bought back...like, come on, I don't even need to explain how uncompetitive that is. Not only that, but it makes tournaments longer. I understand doing single-elimination because of time constraints, but because teams are constantly coming back into the bracket because of buy-backs, more time is being put into matches that never should have happened in the first place. Teams that had their matches happen very late couldn't even buy back into the event because of how late it was, though other teams constantly did it through-out the day. I didn't go to an event to lose to a team that only made it that far because they had more money to spend. If you seriously think buying back is legitimate, I have no words for you. 3) Don't be shady with money and prizes I've heard a lot of things about the money issues at these kinds of things. Simply put, here's how money should work for a successful tournament. Let's use Gears 3 for an example: -All Gears 3 teams pay a venue fee to be present at the venue and an entry fee to actually compete in the event. -Money that is collected through venue fees should go to paying off the bill for the venue. If there is extra, it should go into the prize pool for the players and to pay anyone that helped you run the event. The last thing you should worry about is making a profit for yourself; that is not what running a tournament is about. -Money that is collected through entry fees should go directly to the prize pool for that event. This means no prize caps, no shady money issues, none of that. It's really that simple. And everyone gets the money that they deserve. 4) Be organized Gears 4v4 should not have ran as late as it should have. Yeah, players were playing the game slow, but because of how large 4v4 is, plus the size of other games, you have to be aware of this. This means you may need more set-ups for the tournament to run smoother or make sure that once a match is done, another follows. And I mean immediately. This includes the stream. It's also a hassle when the venue is loud and it's hard to hear people even over a loud-speaker. Make information readily available to everyone at the venue at a table or something. Always make the bracket visible so people know who they are to play and at what time. Hell, start the event earlier - make games start up earlier in the morning so that the later games have more time to finish. Get people into the venue quicker...I mean, how big was that line outside? --- So yeah, there's a lot that needs to be fixed. But overall I had a great time at this event both playing Smash and Gears. As for Gears, I wish it the best in the future. I'll be sticking with it and I hope everyone else does, too. But I what I saw this weekend was definitely not the best way any tournament can be ran, and I didn't even see how the games like CoD and Halo went, as well. Next time, as always. Also, some quick shout-outs to some people I met: CDN, Vero, Goldenboy. Had some great conversations with you guys, particularly with CDN on the man-up rule. He's a pretty chill dude. xD And all my Smash dudes for being awesome!
  8. ============================================== vVv ZeRo's Tournament Blog #9: The Hedgehog's Lair ============================================== Hello everyone! How's everyone doing? Well? That's great to hear! Well, today I am going to tell you everything that went down on my last LAN tournament in Chile (The Hedgehog's Lair)! Okay, so let's get started! ======================================================= September 9th, 2011, 9:00 AM - "I think I need more money for this" ======================================================= I bought my bus ticket for 1pm to get to Santiago at 6-6:30 PM. I ate my breakfast, went to the shower, and had my bag/equipment ready at 11 AM. I still had 2 hours to take my bus, however, I was short on cash for this tournament (I needed 20$ to move around Santiago, so at that moment, it was an "adventure) so my mom told to go with her to a gas station on the way to the bus station. She would do a "trick" to get those 20$. Basically, in the gas station, you can buy with a credit card. However, they don't have the machine/or something necessary to do that in the gas station, so, you have to pay what you're going to buy at a store next to the gas station. Then, that store gives you the money in cash to buy that at the gas station. So, my mom paid those 20$ with the credit card at that store, and received those 20$ but in cash. She gave me those 20$ for my trip <3 (Love you mom!). Okay, all set and ready! The trip from there was quite easy, just a Colectivo (0.7$) to the center of the city and then walk about 5 streets to get to the bus station. I said goodbye to my mom, and of course, a big THANKS. I love, love, love when you can travel in the bus with no one on the seat next to you. And, well, the bus was about to get moving, and no one was on the seat next to me! I was about to smile, when a guy said "Excuse me". Oh man, almost! I usually spend my trips listening to music (Random songs that I like, like One Your Name, Blow me Away, what I've done, or the soundtrack of the Ace Attorney series), playing Resident Evil/Ace Attorney, or well, sleeping, haha. I had some nice bread with Chicken for the trip and orange juice for my lunch (yay). For some reason, halfway through the trip I started to feel really, really bad. I had a "cold" fever, and my stomach was "about" to explode. That went for an hour or so, but after that, for some weird reason, I felt great. I got to Santiago at 6:10 PM. I had to visit my Aunt's office to pick up her camera (to take pictures at the tournament!). I had to stop at the center of Santiago, and walk in one of the most dangerous streets in Santiago, and, walking with my travel bag . However, nothing happened! I picked up the camera, and then I took the subway to Ivan-Solid's house (the tournament was going to be in his house. Well, technically, not his house. Ivan's house has a big backyard, and a house on the backyard. The house is currently empty, so Ivan used that for the tournament). I got to Ivan's house around 7:30 PM. After greeting him, we played Brawl for an hour or two. After playing a lot of All Is Brawl all I wanted was to have a LAN session of practice before the tournament, and that's exactly what I got! Ivan organized a little “Smash meeting” in the place where the tournament was going to be held tomorrow (the empty house on the backyard of Ivan’s House). The smash meeting consisted of: FBI, Cloud, Kalas and Rollo. We played A LOT. I won a 1$ dollar money match against Cloud, my Fox vs his R.O.B. I won 3-1! They also played a little “prank” on me. I had to go to the bathroom, so I leaved my controller next to the Wii. When I came back, no controller was there! I asked “Yo guys, where‘s my controller” “I don’t know” was the answer of everyone. After 10 minutes searching, I started to get annoyed. Ivan asked me to help with the dinner of that night, to which I agreed. After helping him, he showed me where my controller was. ON THE ROOM NEXT TO WHERE we were playing! Haha, so funny. I love how blind I am when searching for anything! Hahahahah! I went to the bed at 2 AM. =============================================== September 10th, 2011, 9:00 AM - "Tournament day, yay!" =============================================== We waked up at 9 AM to prepare everything for the tournament (tables, TV's, Wiis, etc.). Then, right after we were done (11 AM) the people started to arrive for the tournament. After paying the venue fee and the singles Brawl and Mid Tier Singles Brawl, I was ready to go! I warmed up for about half an hour with Snake (The best Falco in Chile) and PiPn (a good MK/Snake player). Right after this, Mid Tier Brawl singles started. ========================== Mid Tier Brawl Singles - Pools ========================== Mid-Tier Brawl Singles is a tournament in which you can only use Mid-Tier characters. In Smash, you have a "tier list” (based on tournament results of the USA, or your smash area) on that list you can know which characters are the "best" for a tournament. For this tournament I used Fox. I started to use Fox in Brawl like, 2 days before this tournament. I didn’t master the "bread and butter" combos of Fox properly, or some of his tricks. But for some reason, I was playing very well with the character and catching people off guard with a lot of MY tricks. I warmed up with Fox (and got some last-minute practice too) with Dragon, who used to main Sonic in 2010-Early 2011 before changing to Meta Knight. He wasn’t able to take a single game from my Fox with his Sonic, so he started to use his secondary character, Diddy Kong. But the result was the same; I didn’t lose a single game! This last-minute practice session was very good for me, if I could beat very easily the person who will probably place Top 2 at the tournament, it’s because I will probably win the tournament! Right after about 7-8 games, the referees started calling the players for their matches in the pools. ------------------------------- Pools Round 1 : Mira ------------------------------- Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs Yoshi (Mira) Stage: Final Destination Video: N/A Summary of the match: For some reason the Tournament Organizer allowed Yoshi in the mid tier tournament. I didn’t knew how to play the Yoshi Match Up as Fox, so at the start of the match I just spamed lasers on the other side of the stage to make him approach. And then I would jump, shine, and D-Air over his head and then land on his back. Then I would follow that with an U-Tilt and combo from there. Or block/dodge his approach and then punish accordingly with a Grab/UP-Smash7D-Smash. That was my main strategy, and it worked very well. I won with solid 2 stocks lead (I can’t remember the %). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 2: ??? (I can’t remember his name. I’m sorry) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs Pit (???) Stage: Battlefield Video: N/A Summary of the match: I believe that Fox has the upper-hand in projectiles power in this match up. Fox’s lasers are faster than Pit’s arrows, and Fox can use his reflector to reflect back Pit’s arrow. So at the start, I just camped with lasers and reflected with the shine any incoming arrows. He had to approach, and that’s exactly the game I wanted to play: A hit and run one! I would make him to approach, and Pit has limited options approaching: He can roll behind you, run and then shield, do an aerial attack (which is very unsafe) dodge or do a random side-b. I would just dodge and grab/U-Tilt or shield grab his approaches, and then follow up from there. I got a good lead, and then I got an early kill with an Up-Smash. He started to fish really bad to get a killing move on me, so I was able to deal a really big chunk of damage because of his obvious actions. And then I got another Up-Smash kill. After that, he got a good a F-Smash attack to me, that I didn’t reacted on time, which killed my first stock. I then played the same strategy, which worked really well again. He couldn’t keep up with it, and I got some really good D-Air combos, and improvised aerial combos (F-Air to U-Air for example) and then I finished the game with a good running Up-Smash kill. I won with 2 stocks and 80-90% percent of damage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 3: ??? (I can’t remember his name. I’m sorry) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs Wolf(???) Stage:Smashville Video: N/A Summary of the match: Like with Pit, I also believe that Fox has the upper-hand in the projectile side of the match up. I started the match shooting lasers from the ground because Wolf can’t run really fast, so he instantly got about 10% of damage. Right after that I jumped above him, D-Air, and then combo from there. My opponent wasn’t really experienced in the Fox match up, so I had a really easy time finding openings to do Fox combos, and finish off every stock from him. I don’t have too much to say in this match. I won with 2 stocks and 10-20% of damage, a solid win overall. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 4: Phantom ------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://fbcdn-sphoto...140045872_n.jpg Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs Kirby (Phantom) Stage: Battlefield Video: N/A Summary of the match: I was really worried about this match, because I didn’t know how to play the Kirby Match Up! I also figured out that Kirby can crouch below Fox’s lasers! So I couldn’t shoot lasers this match, so I had to approach in order to win (and Kirby had a really good grab combo, so one mistake would mean a huge chunk of damage). My general strategy was to bait Phantom into doing a defensive reaction, like shielding, rolling or spot dodging, and then I would punish that with a D-Air to U-Tilt combo, or a simple Grab to D-Throw and following up from there. It worked great for the first stock, but Phantom adapted to that, and started being much more aggressive, and reacting before me. So I adapted to that, and started to predict and punish his reactions instead of just waiting for him to react first. We both played really well, and for that, we were tied for the whole game. My strategy to get the kill was really simple; I would not do anything, and stand still. Then I would wait for him to either attack me from the Air, or roll/dodge and then I would run or U-Smash him on reaction. Two things would happen, we would trade (which is what I wanted) or one of us would die, and most of the time, it would be him the person flying to the sky from Fox’s U-Smash! For this, I had a really good advantage anytime we were both at a high percent of damage. I managed to keep my overall game strategy solid through the first two stocks, but Phantom would quickly come back and tie up the game. Phantom got a really good combo string on my last stock, and then he kept me off the stage for a while, racking up about 100+% of damage just on that. I quickly got some of Fox’s D-Air to U-Tilt combos, and then I would predict his landing reaction (Attack, dodge or jump) and punish from there. I got him to 100% of damage while I was at 130%. He got with a D-Smash, and somehow, I did a really incredibly DI surviving the hit! I then, did a surprise Side-B to the top platform, and made my way to the ground again evading Phantom’s aerial attacks. Any Smash attack at this point of the game would mean the end of the game. I played really carefully, searching for any D-Air to U-Smash opportunity. Phantom was just crouching and waiting for me to react first. He made the fatal mistake of rolling away from me while he was close to me, I reacted to that and U-Smashed him for the win! After a good “Let’s GO!” I shaked Phantom’s hand for the good game we just played. I advanced trough pools with a 4-0 record! Beating Phantom in a close game felt really good, which made me feel much more comfortable with Fox. I was very excited to play in the bracket, I knew I could win! After pools, I had the time to eat my lunch, and watch some Melee Tournament matches. It was quite impressive to see Felipe_9535 (that’s his Gamertag) OWNING with Donkey Kong, who is not a really good character in the tournament side of Melee. Felipe took 3rd using Donkey Kong and Mr. Game & Watch (Another “bad” character for competitive Melee) which is a really impressive feat! After watching some sets, the bracket play started. ============================ Brawl: Mid-Tier Bracket play ============================ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bracket Round 1: Cloud ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs R.O.B. (Cloud) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Game 2: Halberd Video: N/A Summary of the match: Cloud is a pretty good R.O.B. main from Santiago. I was going very confident in this match, because of the 1$ Money Match we played last night. I knew how to move around in the match up, but I knew that my inexperience with Fox could betray me at any moment, so I played safe at first, and didn’t went for anything crazy or fancy that could cost me the match. I started camping with lasers, and I just shined his Gyro/Lasers, so he had to approach. R.O.B. is not very good at approaching, so I just baited him into the air, and then I would do a Phantasm to the other side to keep shooting lasers. After a few times (and some occasional, F-Airs and D-Air combos), I got him pretty quickly to kill percent (100+ %). It was really easy to kill Cloud, I would bait him to approach me with lasers, and I would U-Smash his Dash Attack/Rolls/Spot Dodges, or Shield + U-Smash out of shield his N-Airs. I basically repeated the same strategy 3 times, and won game 1 with 2 stocks and 30-40%. For some weird reason, he counterpicked me to Halberd. This made everything much easier. Halberd has a lower ceiling, so that means, that anyone dies off the top much earlier (porcent wise). So instead of killing R.O.B. at 100+ %, I could kill him 10% earlier, at 90+ %, which was a very good advantage. I repeated almost the same strategy, but tweaked some things like more surprise aerial attacks, and better D-Throw follow ups. Cloud couldn’t adapt in the end, and fall behind pretty fast. I won with 2 stocks and 80-90%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Winners Bracket Semi-Finals: Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs Sonic (Dragon) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Game 2: Yoshi’s Island Video: N/A Summary of the match: I was also very confident going into this match, thanks to the friendlies before pools. Again, baiting my opponent with lasers at the start was a very good idea. The only “catch” in this match was that Sonic is the fastest character in the game, so he can travel from one edge of the stage, to the other in just a blink. This means, I couldn’t spam lasers too much. My strategy was to make him to approach thanks to Fox’s lasers, and punish Sonic’s Spin Dash trajectory with a B-Air, or Lasers depending of where he went. And then I would U-Smash Sonic’s Spin Dash to finish off his stocks, or punish a well-read roll/spot dodge/Blocked Aerial Attack with an Up-Smash. Dragon couldn’t adapt to my strategy in Smashville, and it was an easy game 1 win to me. I won with 2 stocks and 10-20%. I banned PictoChat because I didn’t want to deal with Sonic’s tricks on PictoChat. He counterpicked me to Yoshi’s Island. Now, I know that Sonic’s Spin Dash gets powered up with slopes like in Yoshi’s Island. And that Sonic’s like to stay at the edge of the stage charging a Spin Dash. I just stayed at the opposite edge of the stage and spammed lasers that would hit Sonic’s Spin Dash. He would have to approach, and it would be an easy punish/hit for me. That’s how this game went, pretty much. Dragon failed to adapt once again, and I won this game without much trouble. I won with 2 stocks and 60-70%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Winners Bracket Finals: Hb2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs Peach (Hb2) Stage: Game 1: Smashville Game 2: Jungle Japes Game 3: Yoshi’s Island Video: N/A Summary of the match: I was kind of worried in this match, because Hb2 could use his current main character in this tournament. While I had to use a character I didn’t had any experience with. I knew that Peach could combo Fox with Floating D-Airs really hard, so I would do a long jump over him, shined/jumped to mix up, and I would land with a D-Air over Peach’s head and combo from there. And I would make him to approach thanks to Fox’s Lasers. Hb2 started to dodge, and F-Air my D-Airs, and started to out camp me with well positioned Turnips. But I adapted to that, and changed my style to something more aggressive. I started to F-Air/B-Air Peach when she was floating, and that worked out really well to rack up damage (F-Air) and finish off stocks (B-Air). My main strategy to finish off Peach’s stocks was to bait him to float thanks to Fox’s lasers, and I would stand close to him and predict where he would land, or if he would F-Air to Up-Smash it immediately. I won game 1 with 1 stock and 30-40%. He counterpicked me to Jungle Japes. I felt really confident when he said that his Counterpick was going to be Jungle Japes. This is Jungle Japes: http://images.wikia....JungleJapes.jpg As you can see, there are two platforms who are a little bit elevated from the main platform in the middle. This means that I could run away thanks to Fox’s speed and Phantasm, and spam lasers to make him approach. And he would have to approach me in the Air if I camped in any of the platforms. And a Peach approaching from this position means easy Up-Smashes! While this stage sounded really well “in paper”, in the game, it was very different. Hb2 completely changed his style, and camped really well with Peach turnips, cancelled my Phantasms with Peach’s D-Air/N-Air, and combo from there, and he would do a low float to F-Air me really safely. I started to lose the match, but I quickly came back due to a nice string of attacks I got on his second stock which ended on a nice F-Smash to get him to his last stock. I was on my last stock, with 90% while Hb2 was with his last stock too, but with 0%. I played extremely careful, and camped really hard to rack up easy damage. I got him to 40% with just lasers and well-timed Phantasms. Then he got me with a F-Air that ALMOST killed me. I made my way back to the main platform, and blocked his obvious F-Air, and then I F-Aired Out of Shield to get him to the air. Then I U-Aired him, and then I spammed him with lasers when he was falling down (I didn’t wanted to get N-Aired, so I took the safe route and spammed lasers). After some “camping wars” he was at 115%, and I was at 160%. I jumped to him, and started doing full hops in front of him. He started to float away from me baiting me to do an Up-Smash to kill me with a F-Air. I “unexpectedly”, ran up to him, turned around, jumped, and B-Aired him in the face to win the game! He counterpicked me to Yoshi’s Island. Hb2, sadly, lost all momentum in game 2, so I won pretty easily in game 3. I won with 2 stocks and 80-90%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grand Finals: Ivan-Solid ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Fox (vVv ZeRo) vs Sheik/Sonic (Ivan-Solid) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Game 2: Smashville Game 3: PictoChat Video: N/A Summary of the match: I was very confident going into the grand finals. I beat Ivan’s Sonic very easily on the last night’s friendlies. However, he surprised me a lot. He went Sheik in game 1 and 2. Sheik is a very hard counter against Fox. Sheik can do some ridiculous combos (10-80%) with her EASIEST move to land; F-Tilt. So any F-Tilt basically means “almost” my stock. I played extremely safe and campy, and NEVER leaved the platform of Smashville. Making him to approach to me was my only option to win. He still got one deadly F-Tilt combo on me on my second stock, which dealt about 90% of damage. Besides of evading the F-Tilt combo, Ivan’s Sheik was really simple. For the kill, I would wait for him to jump, or corner him in the edge of the stage and punish his roll/spot dodge with an Up-Smash. I won with 1 stock and 10-20%. He counterpicked me to Smashville again (I banned Final Destination because there aren’t platforms where I can hide). But he made one change this time around. Instead of playing Sheik the whole time, he would change to Zelda (Sheik/Zelda “share the same character” if you press Down-B you can change between characters) to finish off my stock. This match was really easy, everytime he changed to Zelda; I would play really aggressive and deal A LOT of damage. And I used the same strategy in game 1 against his Sheik. I won with 2 stocks and 90-100%. He counterpicked me to PictoChat with Sonic, his main character. I played the same way like I did against Dragon, and it worked perfectly! I won quite easily with 2 stocks and 100-110%. Yay, I won Brawl Mid-Tier Singles! Immediately after Brawl Mid-Tier Singles Grand Finals I had to play in Brawl Singles pools (The pools started a little bit before Mid-Tier Grand Finals). =================== Brawl: Singles Pools =================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Pools: Round 1 -Mira ------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://fbcdn-sphoto...133846229_n.jpg Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Falco (Mira) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Video: N/A Summary of the match: I like to play the Falco match-up really safe with raising D-Airs, and well-timed tornados to shield poke Falco’s shield. Then, after I get 50+ Damage (Which means no Chain Grab) I change my style to a grounded one where I mix up Dash Attacks, Forward Rolls, and F/D-Tilts to get around Falco’s strong ground game. One grab means 50+ % of damage + follow ups, and Meta Knight can die starting from 100% by Falco’s Up-Smash. This means, one grab, more than half the damage Falco needs to kill Meta Knight. There isn’t much to say about this match, I played really well and won with 2 stocks and 30-40% of damage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Pools: Round 2 - Zean ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Meta Knight (Zean) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Video: Summary of the match: Zean’s Meta Knight surprised me a lot in this game. I have a hard time against his style of play in the Meta Knight ditto; he sometimes goes for weird or unsafe options that usually work great against me. But I kept my composure the entire game, and adapted accordingly. For more details, I invite you to watch the video above. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Pools: Round 3 - Aleman ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Zero Suit Samus (Aleman) Stages: Game 1: Battlefield Video: N/A Summary of the match: I have literally 0 experience against Zero Suit Samus. I have played a ZSS player only once in a tournament before this match (Chilean National Tournament, WBR2, Dual, I won 2-1). This gave me a lot of troubles in the match, as I’m not used to how to play ZSS at all. I know what the character can do, but I always get hit by things or options I am not expecting by my lack of experience in the match up. Aleman is a MvC3 player, who randomly plays Brawl from time to time. I didn’t played very well in this match, and Aleman capitalized every one of my mistakes really well. The match was pretty even most of the time, but at the last stock I started to get used to his style of play, where I got some great D-Throw reads, and Air Dodge reads to rack up a lot of damage, and build up my lead. I got him quickly to 120%, while I was just at 44%. I cornered him to the edge of Battlefield, where he made the mistake of rolling behind me, so I just D-Smashed to win the game! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Pools: Round 4 - Cloud ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs R.O.B. (Cloud) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Video: N/A Summary of the match: While Meta Knight has a great advantage over R.O.B. I just can’t play comfortable against R.O.B., I do well, but I can’t feel comfortable due to R.O.B.’s projectiles and “feel” of the character. Against R.O.B. I usually shield all of his projectiles, enter to his zone, and then punish from there. Meta Knight can use his speed to get around R.O.B. really easily, spot dodging, or rolling R.O.B’s attacks are great ways to “get in” also. I also like to pressure R.O.B’s shield with rising D-Airs, and then tornado ROB’s shield to “eat” the weak shield. The priority in the match-up is to get ROB in the air, or off the stage. I managed to get Cloud out off the stage in all 3 of his stocks. And all 3 of those times ended in a successful kill. ROB’s recovery is quite unique, because he literally “flies” and it can travel great distances, and attack like he normally would in the air. However, he can only fly for a set time, if he gets over that time limit, he would fall to his doom. I keep ROB off the stage with well-timed D-Airs over his head to get him away of the stage, and then if he recovers low, I would do a Shuttle Loop in reverse in the edge to hit him (He can’t air dodge). And if he recovers high, well timed Shuttle Loops, or U-Airs + D-Airs are more than enough to keep him off the stage. I won with 3 stocks and 140%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Pools: Round 5 - Gacel ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *LOL at my face* Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Meta Knight (Gacel) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Video: N/A Summary of the match: I don’t have too much to say about this match, but I have never seen or played Gacel at any tournament in Santiago, so he was probably a new player. I played really well the ditto, keeping the right distance, and blocking + punishing everything accordingly. My F/D-Tilt and spot dodge game was on point during this match! I won with 2 stocks and 20-30%. After pools I had the time to use the bathroom, and eat something before Bracket Play started. After eating, the referees were calling the players for their matches. My first round was against Hb2! ==================== Brawl: Singles Bracket ==================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Bracket: Bracket Round 1 – Hb2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Marth (Hb2) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Game 2: Castle Siege Video: Summary of the match: Marth and Meta Knight are pretty even, but Meta Knight has the advantage on the off-stage game, and speed. Meta Knight’s tornado beats any aerial attack of Marth if the tornado is in front of Marth. So, my main strategy was to get Marth right above me with a tornado, roll + Grab/F-Tilt/UpB (which is Marth’s weak spot and Meta Knight’s best position) and then punish from there. For more details, check out the video! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Bracket: Winners’s Round 1 – Ivan-Solid ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Not the best quality. Sorry for that!* Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Sonic (Ivan-Solid) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Game 1: Frigate Orpheon Video: Summary of the match: I don’t know what happened with Ivan in this match. The night before the tournament we were having some great and close matches. I think he was too nervous in this set. Well, my general strategy is to cancel any Spin Dash with a Tornado, Shield + Aerial attack or F-Tilt/D-Tilt and then punish from there. Sonic has a great aerial mobility, so keeping up with him in the air can be pretty difficult. Sonic’s main weakness is that he CAN’T kill. His only kill move is his F-Smash, and it’s extremely hard to hit with it. Sonic can do a lot of damage, and he can combo really well. But he can’t kill you. The key to win this matchup is to not get killed by Sonic. You can get combed here and there, but if you keep your stock, regardless if you get some damage for it, you’ll eventually win. For more details watch the video! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brawl Singles Bracket: Winners’s Semi Finals – Phantom ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Diddy Kong (Phantom) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Game 1: Castle Siege Video: Summary of the match: I like to play Phantom, he’s a really fun player and person. And I have to play my best to beat him, and I love doing my best! My general strategy against Diddy Kong is to NOT get hit by Diddy’s kill moves or set ups. Which means, bananas and F/D-Smash. Diddy Kong has a LOT of combos, and real setups to get easy kills or damage. His main weakness is his recovery, so getting him off the stage to get an easy stock was also one of my goals in the set. Diddy Kong may look like he has a weak shield, but in fact, his shield is much better, and can “eat” a lot of hits before breaking. I don’t like to spam tornado in this match up, it’s something Diddy Kong can easily punish. For more details, watch the video above! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Bracket: Winners’s Finals – Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Meta Knight (Dragon) Stages: Game 1: Battlefield Game 2: Smashville Game 3: Yoshi’s Island Video: N/A Summary of the match: I played really well this set. I spaced, reacted, and played great. I spaced my Tilts, cancelled them to Grabs/Rolls/UpBs when necessary, spaced my F-Airs and U-Airs very well, and edgeguarded Dragon really smart. And I also got some great Shuttle Loop and Air Dodge mindgames! I 2 stocked him consistently the 3 games! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brawl Singles Pools: Grand Finals - Phantom ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Diddy Kong (Phantom) Stages: Game 1: Smashville Game 2: Yoshi’s Island Game 3: Yoshi’s Island Video: *Only Game 3 was saved* Summary of the match: I won game 1 and 2 pretty easily. I 2 stocked him both games. Game 3 is the only video that was saved, for more information watch the video above! Also, read the comments for an explanation of the game. After shaking Phantom’s hand, the tournament was over. Yay, I won without dropping a single game! After the tournament, I helped Ivan clean up the whole place; re-organize consoles, TV’s, controllers, chairs, etc. Then after that, we ate a really good dinner. After that, I used the PC for a little moment to check out my Facebook, Twitter, and the vVv Gaming’s Forum, and of course, the SmashBrosLA forum as well. After that, I went to the bed immediately, I was really tired. ============================================================================== September 11th, 2011, 12 PM - "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a really cool game!” ============================================================================== We woke up at 12PM. I went to the bathroom, showered, and prepared my bags and stuff for my bus travel at 3:30 PM. Ivan jumped on the PC right away to make the Tournament Results thread in SmashBrosLa. And I didn’t really want to play Brawl alone, so I decided to check out Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii. And wow, it was a great game! Great graphics, story, gameplay, and sound effects! I enjoy a LOT On-Rail Shooters (Like House of The Dead) and I like a lot the Resident Evil series, so mixing up both things made a perfect game for me to enjoy! Ivan’s dad cooked the lunch for the whole family at 1:30 PM. After eating, I had to go to the Bus station to take my bus! After saying thanks to Ivan and his family, I parted ways. Ivan’s dad recommended me to take another route to the Bus station, which required me to walk around some streets I have never went to. It was risky, because I had an hour to get to the bus station. He told me to take a Transantiago (Local bus) to the metro station, and then from the metro station a connection to the center of the city which is where the bus station is at. I told him I can’t take the Transantiago because I forgot to fill money on my VIP card. So he recommended me to take a colectivo about 5 streets from there. I did that, and waited for about 5 minutes, and no colectivo showed up. I started to get worried, so I went for the safe route and took a Taxi to the nearest metro station and then made a connection from there to the center of the city (I prefer to spend 2-4 dollars in a Taxi, than risking to lose my bus. Even If I have the money to buy another bus ticket, I have the possibility that no bus is available for that day. And that’s a risk I would not like to play with!). After 30 minutes in the metro, I arrived to the metro station with 15 minutes to spare. I bought a watter bottle, and a cheese sandwich for the trip. I forgot to charge my Nintendo DS for the trip, so I knew that my trip was going to be boring, haha. It wasn’t that bad, and I arrived about 30 minutes before the expected time (Instead of 9PM, we arrived at Chillan at 8:30 PM). My dad picked me up from the bus station (Along with brother and sister). We ate at one of my Uncle’s house, and then he gave me a ride to my house. This was a really good tournament experience. After checking out some stuff in the PC, I went to the bed. I really wanted to take a good rest! Well, that was my experience from the Hedgehog’s Lair, thanks for reading! Below you will be able to check out all the information from the Hedgehog’s Lair, such as number of entrants, tournament brackets, forum links, etc. ======================= Tournament Information ====================== Number of entrants: 24 ------------- Brackets ------------- Mid-Tier Singles: http://i863.photobuc...93/MidBrawl.gif Singles Brawl: http://i863.photobuc...lid93/Brawl.gif Tournament thread: http://www.smashbros...hedgehogs-lair/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading! Shoutouts to my family, my mom, my dad, Angelica, my friends Felipe, Jose and Mauricio! Shoutouts to vVv Gaming for their support! Make sure to follow me on Twitter to stay updated with everything that is Smash in Chile, and funny videos/pictures from time to time! Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/vVv__ZeRo Or you can like my page in Facebook to access *almost* to the same content (plus some cool extras!), but on Facebook! Facebook Page: https://www.facebook...118311108249601 Once again, thanks for reading! Best regards, Gonzalo “vVv ZeRo” Barrios. Source: vVv ZeRo's Tournament Blog #9: The Hedgehog's Lair
  9. ======================================= ~~~~~~~~> Tujo Paso Agosto iiiiesh! <~~~~~~~~ ======================================= Hello everyone! How it's going? I'm going to tell you everything about my most recent tournament in Valparaiso, Chile! After what happened at The Spirit of Smash, and the fact that I'm practicing A LOT for Apex 2012 I decided to drop any use of any other character. I'm going 100% Meta Knight from now on. Any practice I can get before Apex 2012 will be AWESOME, and my best character BY FAR is my Meta Knight, I feel like I'm "wasting" my time practicing or playing with other characters. So, let's get started with my 8th blog! ======================================= August 26th: Gonzalo, where's my phone? ======================================= I wasn't able to find someone to house me in Valparaiso for this tournament, so the plan was that I was going to stay with a very good friend of mine, Nekokatsu, who lives 1:30 from the tournament (Santiago). I had to take my bus at 1 PM. However, I didn't have a camera, so I asked one of my friends (K-Lao) to lend me his Mom' camera, his Mom accepted. I had to meet up with him at a local gamestore around 11 AM to pick up the camera. I had everything ready (Lunch -thanks mom-, my travel-bag, backpack, controller, vVv Gaming T-Shirt, etc) before leaving to pick up the camera. My mom and Benny were going to carry my travel-bag and equipment close to the bus station at 12 PM while I was going to pick up the camera. Everything went perfect. K-Lao decided to come with me to the Bus station. For some weird reason, we met up with my Dad on our way to the Bus Station so he gave us a ride just in the right moment! After we got there, my Dad gave me 10.000 pesos (20$ USD Dollars), wished me luck for my tournament and then left. While we were waiting for my Bus to arribe, my Mom started to search for her Phone: Gonzalo, where's my phone? We started to search EVERYWHERE for the Phone, but it wasn't in the Bus Station, or in any of our pockets! I had to leave, my Bus arrived just when we were looking for my Mom's phone. I get a call like 1 hour later from my Mom's phone! She found her phone on my Dad's trunk. The trip was "weird" this time for me. To my bad luck, the seat next to me was being used by a Mother and her 2 years old child. The kid screamed and jumped the WHOLE trip, and I couldn't do anything at all because I was sitting next to them! Awwww. Anyway, I had to *Deal with it*. I couldn't sleep because of this, but thankfully, playing Resident Evil on my DS kept me really entertained the whole trip, so it wasn't "that" bad, haha. I got to Santiago at 6PM. I had to take the Metro for about 20 minutes to get to Nekokatsu's house, which was GREAT. Usually, I have to take trips of 45-1 hour, and it's extremely annoying to travel in the Metro with my travel-bag and equipment, I feel sooooo weak . Anyway, I had to meet up with Nekokatsu at 6:30 PM at the metro station that's closest to his home. He came up with his Girlfriend, and from there, it's just a 5 minute walk to Nekokatsu's apartment, sweet! (I'm used to taking a bus, or even MORE Metro to get to anyone's house, short and sweet) We ate (I still had some leftovers from my Lunch) and then we played Brawl for some hours. After that, we decided to buy our bus tickets for tommorow (we still had to travel 1:30 to Valparaiso for the tournament, thankfully, the tournament venue is a few streets from the bus station). However, I didn't have enough money in my bank account, so Nekokatsu transfered some money to my account (So I could use my account, and take advantage of a nice discount). We had to leave Valparaiso on the same day, so we chose the Bus that was leaving at 11PM, to our surprise, that was the most expensive class on bus company (Premium Bed), HOWEVER, it was at the SAME price of the cheapest class! We bough it immediatly haha! However, I didn't have my "Password Card" for online purchases, so I called my mom to help me out. However, EVERY time I was about to purchase our bus tickets, the page would freeze! So I asked my mom to buy them for me since the page won't stop to freeze every single time over here! She was able to buy them (THANKS Mom) and we were ready to go tommorow! =========================================== August 27th: "Tricky advertising is sooo Tricky!" =========================================== We woke up at 8AM with Nekokatsu. We ate a great breakfast (I LOVE Milk), dressed up and then packed our stuff and equipment for the day (Controllers, money, vVv Gaming gear , etc ). We had to take the Metro for about 20 mintues to get to the bus station. We had to take our bus to Valparaiso at 10 AM and we got there at 9:30 AM (I try to ALWAYS be 30 Minutes AHEAD of the schedule on my tournament trips, you never know if something happens, but if it happens, I'm ready for it!). For some reason, the bus arrived at 9:40 AM, but cool anyway. We spent the trip talking about Doubles strategies, match ups. and then personal stuff. Before we even noticed, we were already in Valparaiso! Thankfully, the tournament venue is just a 5 a minute walk from the bus station. On our way to the tournament venue, there were some girls advertising a Restaurant, and it offered some AWESOME food at a VERY low price, and we were really hungry. However, we didn't have the time to Eat at that moment. We decided to register to the tournament before going for lunch. For some weird reason, I decided to sign up for Melee Singles (I used to be very good at Melee, but now, I'm really, really bad at it. I just don't play the game anymore, and Melee requires CONSTANT practice to be good at it). And then we asked the Tournament Organizer if we could go out for Lunch for about 40 minutes. He basically said the "Why not" Internet meme, haha! So, we went to the restaurant that was very close to the tournament venue (the restaurant that the girls were advertising) and to OUR surprise those prices were only "Week day" prices. SO WHY you're advertising that on a WEEKEND day? FAKE ADVERTISING IS FAKE! Anyway, we both ordered a "custom" sandwich with Meat, avocado and Quesillo (White Cheese). I still had my water bottle, so we didn't order anything to drink. After a great gunch and some awesome "TV Time" (we watched some Olimpic Sports, very cool) we went back to the tournament venue. After greeting everyone i warmed up with Kite and his friends for about 30 minutes. After that, pools started! ====== Pools: ====== ------------------------------------ vVv ZeRo vs LeandroHot ------------------------------------ ----------- Picture: ----------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 1 ----------------------------------- -------------------------- Stage: Battlefield -------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Meta Knight (LeandroHot) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Video: Soon! ------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- Leandro is a Snake main, but he decided to try his Meta Knight for this match. I got caught off guard at the start by some "weird" attacks by Leandro, but I quickly came back and "didn't look back". I kept a solid game, with Forward Rolls, Shield+Spotdodge to evade Meta Knight TIlts, and a lot of attacks out of shield. I won with 2 stocks and 60% of damage. ----------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Camilo ----------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 1 ----------------------------------- -------------------------- Stage: Lylat Cruise -------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Falco (Camilo) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Video: Soon! ------------------- -------------- Summary: -------------- Camilo was a new player to the tournament scene, however, he wasn't a new player to the game itself. He still has a lot to learn. He didn't camp nor abuse Lasers/Phantasm. He just played aggresively with Falco, something that's very unusual, and overall, a bad strategy most of the time. I played the match very well with well spaced D-Airs, Tornados, and a great Edgeguard game overall. I won with two stocks and 10%: ----------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Fabri ----------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 1 ----------------------------------- ------------------------- Stage: Lylat Cruise ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Fox (Fabri) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Video: Soon! ----------------- ----------------- Summary: ----------------- Oh boy, Fox is one of the few match ups I don't like to play. And Fabri is also one of few players I don't like to play in a tournament set. He's very "Random" on everything. For example, if I'm on the ground shielding, instead of D-Airing my shield, rolling, spaming laser, or any attack that is safe, he just runs to my shield and does a Forward Smash. Yes, that random, and for some reason, it works a lot with me (I tend to over-think things sometimes, I'm working on fixing that). I camped really hard this game, and I NEVER approached if I didn't have a good reason to do so. "Planking" in action; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Planking is a Meta Knight strategy in which the player with the lead, most of the time the Meta Knight, grabs the edge of the stage, and starts doing attacks below the edge to hit the floor above him. As Meta Knight has a sword with trascendental priority his attacks go through walls or celings, making this strategy extremely powerful in tournament play. This tactic is used to make the opponent approach in a bad position, and rack up easy damage. There's, however, a limit of how many times you can grab the edge, if the game ends in a time out, and you exceeded that limit, you lose that game. That limit is most of the time, somewhere between 30 and 50 edge grabs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I slowly made a strong lead over Fabri, and he just fell apart and started to make bad desicions, like rushing to the ledge, or shielding too much. I kept my defensive game and didn't look back, I won with 2 stocks and 90/100%. ------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Kite ------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ------------------------------------ Set procedure: Best of 1 ------------------------------------ -------------------------- Stage: Smashville -------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Marth (Kite) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Video: Soon! ------------------ -------------- Summary: -------------- Kite is a local Smash player from Valparaiso, and also one of the few players in Chile who use Marth in tournament play. Marth is a very good character (Top tier) but in Chile there are VERY few players who use him in Tournament Play. I played quite aggresive, and my goal in this match was to get Marth right above me, Marth's wrost angle and position is right above their opponents, especially because Meta Knight's best position is right below their opponents. I managed to get him in the air a lot, and rack up LOTS of damage because of it. Then I would edgeguard him for the kill. Also, another strategy I used to get im on the air was to stand up on the platform of Smashville, and wait for him to jump to hit me. I would drop below the platform and hit him with a Tornado or a F-Air/U-Air. And if he wanted to hit my shield, I would do a Shuttle Loop out of Shield to get him in the air. Both strategies worked wonderfully. Here's a picture of it in action: I got a great gimp (getting your opponent off the stage, and then messing up his/her recovery to the stage and killing him/her at a really low percent of damage. That's what a Gimp is.) on the 3rd stock to win the game. I won with 3 stocks and 140-150%. --------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs ZeroX --------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ------------------------------------ Set procedure: Best of 1 ------------------------------------ ------------------------- Stage: Smashville ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Pit (ZeroX) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Videos: Soon! -------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- ZeroX was a new player to the tournament scene, but he has the SAME name of the best Wario player in Chile, haha. On his last stock, I got him below the stage with only 2 jumps left. I started to chase him below the stage and he started his Up B to reach the other side. Right there, I did a Drill Rush that hit his Up B, JUST, JUST in time, and with the very TIP of the drill rush to kill him (if you hit Pit when he's using his Up B, he will lose all momentum and fall to the ground, as we were below the stage, that meant the lose of his stock and the game). That felt so good . Besides from that, I don't have to say to much about this match, I 3 stocked him pretty easily. ----------- I advanced from pools with a record of 5-0. I had some time to go to the bathroom after pools ended, and then I went to eat something. After that, I played a lot of friendlies with LeandroHot, Garet, Kite (and his friends). After this, registrations for the "Crew Battles" started. ============ Crew Battles: ============ Two Team Captains were chosen (Garet and I) and we had to pick up 4 members for our respective teams. I chose, LeandroHot, Fabri, Dexia and other person I can't remember at the moment . Also, crew battles have a different format. Each team has a set number of stocks and members. Example, 3 stocks x 10 members = 30 stocks for team A. The game is played normally, but there are two exceptions: 1.- The winner of the game, faces the next opponent with the SAME stocks he had on game 1. Example, if player A wins with 1 stock over player B. Player A would face player C with 1 stock, and player C having 3 stocks. That's how Crew Battes work. 2.- There is no time limit, because the players HAVE to win by stocks. The first game was Fabri vs Garet. Garet destroyed Fabri. Then I chose Dexia, Garet destroyed Dexia too. So In the 3rd game, I chose to play. I 2 stocked Garet. Then I had to face Tujo, Chile's best Ice Climber. I won with 1 stock. And then I 3 stocked the next 3 players (I can't remember their names, but they were new players to the tournament scene) to win the Crew Battle. After the crew battles ended, the bracket started immediatly afterwards. My first round was against Dexia, a good friend of mine, and the best Meta Knight/Marth main in Valparaiso. ======== Bracket: ======== ---------------------------------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Dexia, Winners Round 1 ---------------------------------------------------- ------------ Picture: ------------ *LOL at Dexia using a Halo:Reach T-Shirt on a Brawl tournament* ------------------------------------ Set procedure: Best of 3 ------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage: Smashville game 1, Yoshi Island's game 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Marth (Dexia) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Videos: Soon! ------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- Dexia doesn't like to play me with Meta Knight, so he went Marth in this set. I played the Marth match up in a very similar way here as I did in my Pools game with Kite. Making him to jump, platform tricks, get him off the stage, etc. I don't have to say to much about this set, I won pretty easily both games with 2 stocks and 30-40%. ------------------------------------------------------ vVv ZeRo vs Camilo, Winners Round 2 ------------------------------------------------------ ----------- Picture: ----------- -------------- Summary: -------------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 3 ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Stage: Smashville game 1, Battlefield game 2 ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Meta Knight game 1, R.O.B. game 2 (Camilo) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Videos: Soon! -------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- Camilo went Meta Knight on game 1. I played really well against his Meta Knight, and 2 stocked him in less than 2 minutes. Then, he counterpicked me to Battlefield with R.O.B. , where I started a little bit slow, took my time with each hit, and won the game with a solid lead of 2 stocks and 40%. ---------------------------------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Yasfer, Winners Finals ---------------------------------------------------- ---------- Picture: ---------- ---------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 5 ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage: Smashville game 1, PictoChat game 2, Smashville game 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Meta Knight (Fabri) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Videos: Soon! -------------------- -------------- Summary: -------------- Game 1 was really close, we traded hits back and forth until the last stock, where I got him into the air early on and racked up a lot of damage very quickly. After that, I edgeguarded him very well to win game 1. Game 2, he counterpicked me to PictoChat. The game was very similar to game 1. I got him into the air on his last stock, and racked up a lot of damage I was "saving" his habit to dodge after he F-Tilted my shield for the right moment, and this was the moment. After he F-Tilted me, I did a grounded Shuttle Loop to win game 2. He counterpicked me to Smashville once again. I played very well this game, and 2 stocked him pretty easily and quickly. I capitalized on every single one of his mistakes, and played a great edgeguard game. I won 3-0. ============================= vVv ZeRo vs Garet, Grand Finals ============================= ======== Pictures: ======== ====================== Set procedure: Best of 5 ====================== ============================================== Stage: Smashville game 1, and Battlefield game 2 & 3 =============================================== ========================================================================== Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs Snake game 1 & 2 and Marth Game 3 (Garet) ========================================================================== ============= Videos: Soon! ============= ========= Summary: ========= Garet is the best Snake in Chile, and used to dominate every tournament in the 2008 era. Snake is my easiest and favorite match up as Meta Knight. Game 1 was amazing for me. Every time I got him into the air, he would get 100% of damage by my juggle game, or he would die because of my edgeguard game. I mixed my U-Airs, N-Airs, Tornado and grabs perfectly to rack up as many damage as I could, and not letting him touch the ground. I won with 2 stocks and 20%. Game 2, he counterpicked me to Battlefield. I played amazing again, and mixed up all my attacks correctly to get Snake into the air, and either rack a LOT of damage, or "erase" that stock. I won with a solid lead of 3 stocks and 120%. Game 3 he changed to Marth, but the history wasn't very different from game 1 & 2. Every time I got him in the air and above my Meta Knight he would get a lot of damage, or die because of it. I won with 2 stocks and 60%. Me after winning the tournament: After this, a "Joke" doubles tournament for free started. However, for some WEIRD reason, only 2 teams entered LOL. Nekokatsu and me, and Dexia-Garet. We won really easily with 2 stocks both games, to win 2-0. I don't have to much to say about this set, we played GREAT with Nekokatsu. That's all, haha! After this, we went to eat some Sandwiches with Dexia, Garet, Fabri, Jeos and two Melee players. After that, we went to Jeos' house for a bit (the tournament ended at 8PM, and Nekokatsu and me had to take our Bus at 11 PM, so we had 2 hours to eat and play Brawl), played a lot of Brawl and then we left at 10 PM. Thankfully, the bus station is a 10 minute walk from Jeos' house. Fabri came with us to the bus station, but then he had to left because his "Colectivo" or "Special Cab" to his house appeared just in time. We took our PREMIUM BED (and for ONLY 3.900 pesos, 8$ USD Dollars) class with Nekokatsu. We basically had two beds instead of seats, which made the trip VERY awesome. We spent the trip talking about personal stuff, and how the tournament experience was for us. We got to the Bus Station REALLY fast, at 12:30 PM we were already in Santiago. Which is awesome, considering the trip usually takes an hour and 30 minutes. Nekokatsu called his Dad and told him we were already in the bus station ( he was going to pick us up at 1AM, but we got there 30 minutes before). He picked us up, and wow, Nekokatsu's dad is a cool person. He tells you RIGHT away what he thinks about people. Well, he hates videogames, and he thinks we're crazy to even think that we can compete in videogames. BUT, his face changed right after I told him I'm sponsored by a company from US (vVv Gaming) and immediatly showed respect to gaming lol. I don't mind that, I'm used to people thinking that videogames aren't something you can compete on, or that is a waste of time. Nekokatsu's dad was a very cool person, I like the people who tell you what they think right off the bat instead of saying "Oh that's cool" and when you leave "What a joke". After we got to Nekokatsu's apartment, I "felt" I lost something. And in fact, I lost my phone! I was talking on the phone before Nekokatsu's dad picked us up at the bus station. So we were both sure that my phone was in the car of Nekokatsu's dad. And yeah, it was! After Nekokatsu's dad came back he gave me my phone back. I said to myself: "Yay, awesome". We were all really hungry (Nekokatsu, his girlfriend and me) so we decided to go out to eat something. They tried to convince me to eat at McDonals, but I HATE, I HATE, McDonals. Anyway, after agreeing (LOL) we ate at McDonals. And to my surprise, the food was really good. And the Juice, was actually Juice from a fruit! And not something that LOOKS like Juice, but doesn't TASTE as juice (which is normal in Mc Donals). After eating, we came back to Nekokatsu's Apartment. He challenged my Snake 3 times for 500 pesos (1$ USD Dollar) best of 3. And I won the 3 sets LOL. After that, we went to sleep, we were VERY tired. ===================================== August 21st: You never know everything! ===================================== I woke up at 11AM, ate a great breakfast with Nekokatsu, showered, and then packed up everything for my trip. After a BRO FIST (<4) with Nekokatsu, and saying THANKS for everything, I left. I had to take my bus at 1:30 PM. I got to the bus station at 1:20 PM. I bought a Sandwich and a water bottle for the trip. And then I went to my seat. To my surprise, every seat had TWO numbers, my seat was the number 36, but right above 36 was "38". After telling someone "Excuse me, that's my seat" and actually, being mistaken TWICE, I found my seat. Next to me, an adult of about 25 years old was REALLY busy reading a book. For some reason, he decided to talk with me for a while. We talked about LOTS of things, life, videogames (He plays Smash! Haha!) and even girls. Then, he decided to buy me something for lunch when the bus stopped, I said I had lunch and I could share it with him, but he wanted to buy me something anyway, so I agreed to it lol. After eating, he decided to share his book with me, a book called "Entrenamiento Mental" (Mental Training). A book that is about how confidence, practice, attitude, and the power that you have in your mind is the key of success. Dedication, practice, perseverance and mentality was the main point of the book. This is a topic that is EXTREMELY interesting to me, because my mom keeps telling me to keep pursuing my dreams until I accomplish them. I read about 5 chapters of the book on the bus, about 100 pages. We discussed about every chapter to share ideas and toughts. He was a Personal Trainer who is doing his Post-Grade in Fisic Education, and he lives in Valdivia. After some great talks about the point of life, dedication, and other interesting things, we arrived to Chillan. After a BROFIST (<4) and saying thanks for the lunch, and a GREAT time I left. i took two collectivos to get to my house (one to the center of the city, and other from the center to my house. I live in the East corner of the city). After finally getting to my house, I uploaded the pictures to the vVv Gaming gallery and Facebook and then I went to sleep. I was VERY tired. So, that's how I won "Tujo paso agosto iiiiesh!". Thanks for reading! ======================= Tournament information: ======================= ======== Bracket: ======== =================== Number of players: 20 =================== ======== Placings: ======== 1.- vVv ZeRo (Meta Knight) 2.- Garet (Snake and Marth) 3.- Yasfer (Pikachu, King DeDeDe and Marth) ================= Tournament thread: ================= http://www.smashbros...ent-resultados/ Link of the Picture Gallery: http://www.vvv-gamin...pirit-of-smash/ Shoutouts to my Mom for ALWAYS believing in me, and helping me with EVERYTHING! THANKS! <3 <3 <3 Shoutouts to my Sister! For you my Paloma! THANKS to vVv Gaming for their support! Make sure to follow me on Twitter:https://twitter.com/#!/vvv__zero And like my page on Facebook:https://www.facebook...601?cropsuccess Thanks for reading and thanks for your time! Best regards, Gonzalo "vVv ZeRo" Barrios. Source: vVv ZeRo's Tournament Blog #8: Tujo paso Agosto iiiiesh!
  10. ======================================= -----------> The Spirit of Smash <----------- ======================================= Hello everyone! What's up! vVv ZeRo here, from Chile, South America! I'm going to tell you everything that happened at one of my most recent Brawl tournaments where I didn't used Meta Knight the whole tournament as always, but I used Snake/Ice Climbers mostly (90%) and some Falco! So, let's get started! =========================== August 19th: Travelling is fun! =========================== I was going to stay at my Aunt's house for this tournament (so I could borrow her camera to take pictures!) so I bought my bus ticket for 2:30 PM to get to Santiago at 7:30-8PM (after her work is over). I had the pleasure to wake up late (12), had a great breakfast with my mom and my Sister's Husband (he's staying at my house after what happened to my sister) then I got my bad ready for the Travel! The number one thing I pack on my bag is my vVv Gaming T-Shirt! I got to the bus station at 2pm, and everything went great. I took my bus with no problems. Listening to music and playing Nintendo DS (Ace Attorney/Resident Evil) makes the trip a really "easy" and fast one. Before I notice, we're arleady in Santiago! I had to take the subway for about 30 minutes, and then a Taxi to my Aun'ts house. My Aunt was so nice to let me use her Laptop! After watching tons of Brawl videos and getting some last-minute information, I was too tired to keep going for the night, so I took a shower, and then I went to sleep. ======================= August 20th: Tournament! ======================= I waked up at 9AM. Took a great breakfast, dressed up, prepared my bag for the day and then I maked sure that the camera my aunt borrowed me was working and was ready to take pictures! Everything was ready, my Aunt gave me a ride to the metro Station. I got to the metro station where most of the players were going to meet up at 12 PM. We waited for 30 minutes for more people to show up, and then we walked to the tournament venue (10 minute walk). The tournament was being held at a very cool convention center at the side of a HUGE apartment. We had a very cool view: I signed up, and then I did some "warm up" matches with my Snake for about 30 minutes with Yasfer's Pikachu, and Dragon's Meta Knight/Diddy Kong. After this, pools were ready to go, and my first match was against "Rollo" a very good friend of mine who mains Toon Link. ====== Pools: ====== -------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Rollo -------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 1 ----------------------------------- -------------------------- Stage: Smashville -------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Characters: Snake (vVv ZeRo) vs Toon Link (Rollo) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------- Video: Soon! ------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- This match was very, very slow. We both camped really hard with proyectiles to get openings to approach. This match lasted about 7 minutes, and we were both on our last stock and with 150% of damage. He rolled behind me, and I got him with the back-Hitbox of Snake's U-Tilt, which killed him. --------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Cloud --------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 1 ----------------------------------- ------------------------- Stage: Smashville ------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Snake (vVv ZeRo) vs R.O.B. (Cloud) ------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Video: Soon! ----------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- I don't like to fight R.O.B. as Snake, especially if that R.O.B. likes to camp, so I played really aggresive and covered as many angles as I could with Snake's grenades. This match was really, really close, going back and forth. We traded hits, and hits, until the last stock, where I started to lose by a lot. At this point I told to my myself "Stop being SO obvious, STEP IT UP!" I began to make the slow comeback, until we were tied at 150%, last stock, last hit! I ran to him and he shielded; I waited for him to do something and he rolled behind me after 2 seconds, giving me the opportunity to kill him with Snake's U-Tilt to win the game! ------------------------------------ vVv ZeRo vs Felipe_9535 ------------------------------------ ----------- Picture: ----------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 1 ----------------------------------- ------------------------- Stage: Smashville ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Falco (vVv ZeRo) vs Snake (Felipe_9535) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Video: Soon! ----------------- ----------------- Summary: ----------------- I don't have to much to say about this match, Felipe is very new to the tournament scene so I 3stocked him really quickly, in about 1 minute ------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Ortiz ------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ------------------------------------ Set procedure: Best of 1 ------------------------------------ ------------------------ Stage: Smashville ------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Meta Knight (vVv ZeRo) vs LeandroHot (Meta Knight) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Video: Soon! ------------------ -------------- Summary: -------------- I don't have to say to much about this match too. This was Ortiz's first tournament, so he has a lot to learn. I 2 stocked him with Ice Climbers (JV3 Stock, 2 stocks and 0% of damage). I advanced pools with a record of 4-0. ======== Bracket: ======== Immediatly after Pools ended, the bracket started. My first opponent was PiPn, a Meta Knight/Snake user. --------------------------------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs PiPn, Winners Round 1 --------------------------------------------------- ------------ Picture: ------------ ------------------------------------ Set procedure: Best of 3 ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ Stage: Smashville 1st game and 2nd game. ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Snake (vVv ZeRo) vs Snake (PiPn) ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Videos: Soon! ------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- For some weird reason, I'm pretty good at Snake dittos, even with my lack of experience with the character. I managed to 2 stock him both games. I played Aggro both games, I cut off as many angles as I could with Snake's grenades, did a wonderful job with Snake's D-Throw game (reading his reactions very well) and not letting him kill me by doing a great DI both games. ------------------------------------------------------ vVv ZeRo vs Yasfer, Winners Round 2 ------------------------------------------------------ ----------- Picture: ----------- -------------- Summary: -------------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 3 ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Stage: Smashville 1st game and 2nd game. ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Ice Climbers (vVv ZeRo) vs Pikachu 1st game, and Peach 2nd game (Yasfer) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Videos: Soon! -------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- I played extremely patient both games, powershielded most attacks and didn't approach if I didn't have to. I got 3 grabs (Ice Climbers have a really dangerous ChainGrab, so, one grab means the death of that stock) against his Pikachu on game 1, and 2 stocked him. He changed to Peach, I got the 3 grabs I needed to win the game in the same fashion as game 1 (being very patient). I won 2-0. ---------------------------------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Fabri, Winners Round 3 ---------------------------------------------------- ---------- Picture: ---------- ---------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 3 ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage: Battlefield 1st game, Rainbow Cruise 2nd game ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Ice Climbers 1st game, Snake 2nd game (vVv ZeRo) vs Fox 1st game, Meta Knight 2nd game (Fabri) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Videos: Soon! ------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- Fabri HATES, HATES Ice Climbers, so I knew I had a GREAT advantage by using them. After I got a grab as soon as the match started (Like 3-2-1 GO! *Grab*) he was extremely upset. He attacked my shield with a D-Air, I shielded and grabbed him again, immediatly afterwards he rage quited that game. He counterpicked me to Rainbow Cruise, I changed to Snake because Ice Climbers are very, very bad on Rainbow Cruise. He changed to Meta Knight, a character that HE DOESN'T use. I 2 stocked him with 0-5% on Rainbow Cruise. I won 2-0. ----------------------------------------------------------- vVv ZeRo vs Hb2, Winners Bracket Finals ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Picture: ----------- ----------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 5 ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage: Smashville 1st game, Battlefield 2nd game, Frigate Orpheon 3rd game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Snake game 1, Ice Climbers game 2 and Snake game 3 (vVv ZeRo) vs Peach Game 1 and 3 and Olimar Game 2 (Hb2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Videos: Soon! -------------------- ------------- Summary: ------------- I played really well with Snake on game 1, I played defensive most of the time, but I "Pushed up" every time when I had the chance to do it. I 2 stocked him. He changed to Olimar on Battlefield, so I changed to Ice Climbers. I got the 3 grabs I needed, thanks to my Desynched (The Ice Climbers are 2 characters. One of them is controlled by the CPU, and they both attack at the same time, but you can separate the Ice Climbers attacks as if they were two separated characters, that's called -Desynch-) Blizzards and spot-dodges. He switched to Peach and Counterpicked me to Frigate Orpheon, I went Snake and played in the same fashion as game 1. I 2stocked his Peach again, to win the set 3-0. =============================== vVv ZeRo vs Dragon, Grand Finals =============================== ---------- Picture: ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set procedure: Best of 5. I have to win only one set in the best of 5 to win the tournament, because I'm coming from the Winners Bracket. Dragon has to win two sets in the best of 5 to win the tournament, because he's coming from the Losers Bracket. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage: Battlefield game 1, Delfino Plaza game 2, Smashville game 3, Final Destination game 4, Yoshi's Island game 5. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: ice Climbers on Game 1-2-4-5 and Snake on game 3 (vVv ZeRo) Meta Knight the whole set (Hb2) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Videos: Soon! ------------------- -------------- Summary: -------------- Oh boy... Facing the 2nd best player of Chile was going to be tough, I knew it. Game 1 was really close, he camped extremely hard, and used only D-Airs and Tornados to attack me. I managed to keep the game close with my aerial game (U-Airs), Desynched Blizzards and Pivot Grabs. In the end, I managed to get a grab after he did an Up-B on the ground to win the 1st game. He counterpicked me to Delfino Plaza. I played really well, but my inexperience with Ice Climbers on this stage was too much in the end, Dragon won with 1 stock and 40%. I counterpicked him to Smashville with Snake. The game was really close until the middle, where he managed to keep me in the air for a long time to rack up lots of damage, and then killed that stock. He kept his advantage and won with 1 stock and 0%. Some people of the crowd were chanting "Without Meta Knight he can't win" in the middle of the set, and wrote this on a board: I counterpicked him to Final Destination with Ice Climbers. I played extremely patiently and had a "solid" aerial game and ground game, I won with 1 stock and around 10% of damage. He counterpicked me to Yoshi's Island. I played poorly on the ground and in the air this game, and he was able to punish me really hard for it, in the end he won pretty solidly. I didn't punish his Tornados, and dropped my Grab chances a lot. I played poorly overall, and that's why I lost. Here's the video, Game 5, 1st set: At this point, I changed to my main character, Meta Knight. I two stocked him the next 3 games with Meta Knight really quickly. I don't have too much to say about it, I played extremely well with Meta Knight, punished everything I could, camped when I had to, and pushed up when i had to, overall, solid gameplay. Here's the video of game 1, second set: I don't care too much about Trash Talking or people saying I'm bad, tournament results are all the "Trash Talking" I need, and it also "fuels me" to do better every tournament! So, that's how I won the Spirit of Smash Tournament! After the tournament, I took the metro with Zein (the winner of Melee) and Dimmu (a new player to the community) then I took a cab to my Aunt's house. I uploaded the pictures to the vVv Gaming gallery, facebook, and then I went to the bed, I was very tired. ===================== August 21th: Hoooome ===================== I slept like 2-3 hours, and I had to wake up at 8AM to take my bus at 10:25 AM. I ate a great breakfast with my Aunt, and then she gave me a "ride" for the metro station. After hugging her, and saying thanks for everything, I took the metro for about 40 minutes. I got to the bus station at 10:24 AM, JUST when my bus was just about to leave! I got there JUST in time, haha! The trip was really fast, I slept 2 hours, and then played on my DS the rest. Easy, haha! I got to Chillan at 3:30 PM, walked a few streets, and then took a "Colectivo" which is basically taking a "cheap" Taxi haha. I got to my house at 4PM. Got my much needed rest on my sweeeet bed, spent some time with my dog Maxi, played some Brawl (online tournament match, I'm in Winners 3rd Round now) and then I went to my computer to finish uploading the pictures from the tournament. After that, It was already late (11PM) I was really tired, so I went to the bed early. So, this was my experience from "The Spirit of Smash". Thanks for reading, and thanks for your time! ======================= Tournament information: ======================= ------------ Bracket: ------------ =================== Number of players: 18 =================== ======== Placings: ======== 1.- vVv ZeRo (Snake, Ice Climbers, Meta Knight, Falco) 2.- Dragon (Meta Knight, Diddy Kong) 3.- Hb2 (Olimar, Peach, Marth, Meta Knight) ================= Tournament thread: ================= http://www.smashbros...ent-resultados/ Link of the Picture Gallery: http://www.vvv-gamin...pirit-of-smash/ Thanks for reading, thanks for your time, and THANKS to vVv Gaming for their support! Best regards, Gonzalo "vVv ZeRo" Barrios.
  11. Hi everyone! Well, my thursday was a sweet one, so I'm going to my share my toughts and experiences with everyone here! This thursday, SmashBrosChile organized the usual online tournament per week, I won the tournament without dropping a single game, but, with one of my secondaries, Falco. I got a lot of messages of people telling me that without Meta Knight I wouldn't win tournaments and that kind of stuff, so I practiced a lot for this online tournament with Falco to show that I can win with other characters too. So, here's where the blog begins! Blog: *Note: I used Falco for the entire tournament, Meta Knight wasn't banned from the tournament, but I wanted to use another character. Also, the only stage I banned the whole tournament was Lylat Cruise. July 7th, Thursday, 8 PM. -------------------------------- Winners Bracket round 1: -------------------------------- I got a bye for first round (the top 3 players in the ranking get a bye for the first round). ----------------------------------------- Winners Bracket round 2: Raider ----------------------------------------- My "first" round was against a new member to the community, the first game was on Smashville, he played with Marth. I 3 stocked him with 140-150%. He counterpicked me to Smashville again but with Ike. I 2 stocked him with 10-20%. ---------------------------------------- Winners Bracket round 3: SnoW ---------------------------------------- The first game was on Final Destination, he played with Sheik. I won with 1 stock and 60-70%.He counterpicked me to Halberd, he stayed with Sheik. I 3 stocked him with 80-90%. ------------------------------------ Winners Semi Finals: Rajam ------------------------------------ The first game was on Final Destination, he played with Sheik. I won with 2 stocks and 50-60%. He counterpicked me to Frigate Orpheon with Mr. Game & Watch. I won with 1 stock and 90-100%. ------------------------- Winners Finals: FBI ------------------------- The first game was on Final Destination, he played with Lucario. I won with 1 stock and 70-80%. He counterpicked me to Battlefield, I won with 1 stock and 100-110%. He counterpicked me again, to battlefield. I won with 1 stock and 60-70%. ------------------------------- Grand Finals: FernHadez ------------------------------- The first game was on Smashville, he played with Mr. Game & Watch. I won with 1 stock and 60-70%. He counterpicked me to Rainbow Cruise, I won with 2 stocks and 70-80%. He counterpicked me again to Rainbow Cruise, I won with 3 stocks and 60%. I won the tournament without dropping a single game, and with one of my secondaries! Tournament information ====== Bracket: ====== =========== Forum Thread: =========== http://www.smashbros...6325#entry16325 Well, that was my 4th blog, if you find any typo/grammar mistakes feel free to tell me. Thanks for reading, and have a nice and wonderful day! Best regards, Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios. Source: vVv ZeRo's Tournament Blog #4: Online Tournament "Good Bye Meta Knight"
  12. Hi everyone! --------------- Blog: --------------- The tournament started yesterday at 8 PM. I warmed up on the AiB ladder (My record is 51-10) for about an hour to be ready for an online experience. Paul (Kirikou Rung) asked me to send him the Link so he could participate in the tournament, I agreed, and sent him the Link. He signed up for the tournament. After 15 minutes, the tournament started. ------------------- Bracket: ------------------- Winners Bracket Round 1: I got a bye for the first round ( by rules the top 3 get a bye for the first round) Winers Bracket Round 2: Zelink Zelink is a Marth main from Concepcion, a city that is really close to Chillan, my city. The first game was on Battlefield. This game was pretty fast, I played really aggresive with some nice and unexpected mix-ups. I 2 stocked him with 0-10%. I banned Smashville, and he Counterpicked me to Battlefield again. This game was really short (less than 2 minutes) I won with 3 stocks and 90-100%, Winners Semi-Finals: FernHades FernHades is a Lucas main from Vi
  13. Hello everyone! My weekend was a great one, and I would love to share my experience with all of you guys . Tujo Party 2 Blog: Friday, June 10th I waked up at 9 AM. I eated a really good breakfast (thanks mom ), taked a shower, and then, prepared my bag and equipment for the upcoming travel & tournament. I was ready to go at 10:55 AM. "Something" on the back of my head told me to check out my bus ticket, and to my surprise, I had to take a bus in 20 minutes! I didn't knew I was late! Also, the president of Chile, Sebastian Pi
  14. Since the Wii 2 was rumored, then finally confirmed, everyone has been crazed not only about the system itself and what it entails, but also the games coming out for it. Would the fabled Pikmin 3 finally be released, showing itself on the oddly dubbed "Project Cafe" successor to the current Wii? Will Zelda: Skyward Sword be pushed back to become a launch title for Wii 2? And what about that weird controller with the tablet in the middle? How will the streaming work and can it run with the 3DS? So many questions, but for Smashers like me, we want just one thing answered: Is there a Super Smash Bros 4? At this point, it's safe to say that we have absolutely no idea. Unlike the confirmation of the appearance of Wii 2 at E3, many of the game rumors have not been confirmed. PureNintendo.com recently gave a huge list of specs and concepts for the Wii 2, as well as a ridiculous amount of games that apparently are going to appear in trailer or playable form this year at the huge game expo. On that list, marked with a "playable" stamp, is Super Smash Bros 4. We may be seeing this sometime this June. So, I mean, what can we think of this? And what will it be like? To address the former, essentially this rumor is claiming that the next Smash Bros will be playable this year at E3. As much as this would be awesome and amazing for everyone, we have to think both realistically and logically here. Brawl was announced in 2005, which was quickly paired at E3 with the first launch trailer that confirmed Metaknight, Pit, Wario, Zero Suit Samus and Konami's Solid Snake to be playable characters. Just thinking of that, by the way, makes me giddy. There's nothing like anticipating a new Smash game. Anyway, when it was announced, it wasn't playable, and wouldn't become playable for a while. Brawl didn't actually begin its development stage until 2005, several years after the release of Melee, and wasn't even released until 2008. So, being realistic here, we really can't expect a true playable demo of the game yet. If anything, Nintendo will probably keep the game's gameplay, save for any that shows up in a release trailer, quite under wraps. Smash is one of Nintendo's hugest franchises and the last thing it wants to do is show all of its cards too early. Plus, this is if the console even has any playable demos in the first place - as far as we know, the confirmation of playable demos of any game for the system has not been announced, and if/when it does, it's doubtful Smash will be part of the playable category. When the Wii was announced, Wii Sports was the big game that was played, and even then we didn't see all of what the Wii had to offer back then. Putting that aside, let's be optimistic and say that there will be a Smash 4. We all want it to happen, even though we really don't know who will be making it in the first place. Sakurai was essentially begged to make Brawl and now he's all up in the Kid Icarus franchise as of late. That's not to say Nintendo lacks any capable developer; I'm sure Retro Studios wouldn't mind adding the best Smash Bros ever created to their resume. So, with that said, assuming it is being made, what kind of game will it be? As in, well, what kind of Smash will it be? What kind of Smash should it be? A better Brawl or a better Melee? Which is...better? With the Smash community, it seems like the two most viable options have appeared: It will be a "true" sequel to Melee, or an upgraded Brawl. And, in my eyes, I'm actually leaning toward the latter. Everyone knows I'm a huge Melee fan. I love the hype, the community, the overall amazing quality of the game. I've spent countless hours playing it by myself and even more with friends. There was nothing like a good game of Melee late at night back in the day. However, do I really just want a Melee 2.0? Not necessarily. Brawl, in it of itself, is a solid title. Yeah, there's things wrong with it, but it actually introduced a lot of things I do enjoy. I love the roster, save for a few spots; I'm a big fan of the stages; the campaign actually wasn't that bad; all of the cool things to unlock were pretty, um, cool. There's a lot that could be better, but to be completely honest, just because a game isn't "Melee 2.0" doesn't mean SSB4 can't be a good mix of what Melee was, what Brawl is, and what a new Smash game could bring. That, my readers, is what is the truly best option. The great thing about what we have here is that there is so much we can take from previous games, as well as create with new additions. There's nothing wrong with change. I love Melee, but I don't want to buy a graphically-updated replica of it. I want a new Smash, one that brings the best of all the previous titles, as well as changes up things that makes it separate from all the other titles. Sure, I'll still buy it regardless of whatever it turns out to be, but this seems like the smartest thing to do, and I'm sure the developers behind it, if they are behind it, are completely aware of this. With that said, I really have confidence in the next Smash. I don't want Brawl 2.0, Melee 2.0, or even 64 2.0 (though that would probably be as ridiculous as MvC2 in terms of craziness); I just want Super Smash Bros 4. I want to keep the best of the old, and bring in the best of the new. That's the clearest goal I can see for anyone that decides or decided to take on the franchise for the new console. And please, I beg of you, whomever is developing this game, please make Ridley and King K. Rool playable!

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