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  1. Bumpin this. Played with him a couple times. Seems like a good fit, just needs a little more activity. A little goes a long way
  2. Give em' the V's, he's the OG Mexicant we all know and love! ❤️❤️
  3. vVv NBK


    Halo 3. I hope they do a full remaster on it some point in the future like Halo 1 and Halo 2.
  4. R99 or R301 with a Longbow. Preferably R301, just too good not to pick up.
  5. He passed away this past week... I got into SC2 playing Protoss, I spent a lot of time following him and he was such a well rounded player with a great personality. Serious loss to the communities he was involved in. https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/22/20704188/starcraft-geoff-incontrol-robinson-dies-age-esports-brood-war-commentator
  6. Letterkenny on Hulu. Canadian humor is just something else lol.
  7. Pathfinder has been my main since season 1 launched but I played the hell out of Lifeline and Wraith before. I haven't given Bloodhound much time but he's by far one of the strongest legends just because of his ultimate ability.
  8. NHL - Chicago Blackhawks MLB - None: Worst spectator sport next to golf NFL - Chicago Bears NBA - Not a fan anymore, too many flops and super teams that ruin the game. Jordan era Bulls = GOAT eSports - Depends on the game! Cloud 9 or TSM?
  9. I'm willing to wait for quality! I'm hyped, Halo is my favorite series of all time and by far the best competitive console shooter ever (Suck it GoW & CoD)... and now it's coming to PC! This will be my first time playing Halo on PC and I'm super excited to see how it goes. I have until launch to build my wife a PC or else we'll be fighting over who gets to play every night
  10. Anime aside, Game of Thrones has been hands down the best show I have ever seen without question. Say what you want about how it ended but it was beyond anything I've ever seen before in almost every way.
  11. This is a very unfair question haha. It's tough to pick just one, I have a hard enough time picking a title per genre! I'll say The Last Samurai just to throw a title out there.
  12. If that's a fact then why have crossplay at all? People play on PC because they enjoy MnK. MnK users have a natural advantage over controller users, skill gap aside. I'm sure veteran pro players and competitive players will be on near even playing level as a PC player but the disadvantage is there regardless.
  13. I got it on PC, and it wasn't really running all that well. I don't have any friends who play the game on PC so I was playing solo.
  14. I think we the streaming "division" growing, we should feature a clip of the week submission "contest" with community votes. It creates content, promotes the streamers themselves, and showcases their best moment of the week. It might be a clip from Apex this week, Call of Duty the next, etc. The variety would be interesting to track since we can use that to judge what games people are playing and enjoying the most, which we can use to see what games we should be supporting. Edit: ALSO! Where there is glory there is failure! Fail clip of the week would be fun as well.

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