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    My interests are gaming, BMX, Socializing and Having fun well that comes under Socializing lol :)

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  1. Very well said, presented your proposals well and concise it will be nice to see now how MLG reacts to this and if there will be in actual fact any changes made.
  2. Nice, this guy has a lot of things going for him...
  3. We should have a game sometime add me
  4. KYRO E5email


    Good luck with your app!
  5. KYRO E5email

    Oreo's vVv Re-App

    Good luck with your re app!
  6. KYRO E5email

    ily emo's Re-app

    Good luck with the re-app all the best.
  7. KYRO E5email

    Vintige's app

    Goodluck with your application.
  8. been busy with school work and stuff but im back!

  9. been busy with school work and stuff but im back!

  10. Good luck with your application...
  11. Good luck you could improve upon your add a little by adding a few more spaces and a bit more info but I suppose it is 'ok' at the moment. Good luck.

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