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  1. thanks, add if you guys want to scrim.
  2. you didn't go to columbus and place 33rd with relapse, you didn't go at all. lets not lie, not a great way to start of an app..
  3. yeah we just scrimmed lol

  4. resend a friendrequest... you play gears? or what do you play?

  5. i looked at the link to that guy at dallas, i lol'd.

  6. the only other person i know who plays xbox and lives in NH, haha

  7. Scrimmed with him yesterday, good shotgun. needs to stop picking up the sniper on jacinto 1v3 haha.
  8. ReMaiNzemail

    vVv App.

    should have probably gone into a little more detail in your application, but goodluck
  9. Goodluck, i'm an app atm too and scrim basically whenever i'm on so add me when you get back or on the xbox webstie if you'd like.

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