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    Trace Lechnir
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    South Carolina
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    GOW, GOW2, GH franchise, MW2
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    Maryland Blue Crab
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    hah idk How High, Half Baked, Super Troopers, Night at the Roxburry so manny to choose from
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    Too many
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    Sports, Videogames, Girls

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  1. Hey stranger.. come back online , so i can whoop your ass

  2. all i can say is boom! selling 2 xbox 360s plus extras hit me up

  3. all i can say is boom! selling 2 xbox 360s plus extras hit me up

  4. boycot

    SaiYuhn's vVv ReApp

    have fun Jag enjoy hit me up
  5. boycot

    Boycots App! :)

    thx Jer i have looked there many times in the past and much enjoy the Clutch V Choke
  6. Have fun dennis enjoy hit me up on live
  7. boycot

    Boycots App! :)

    Yes not much of a difference besides number of people and talent trust me I've been to many and played for fun outside of brackets I kno wat I'm doing but at the same time if somebody wants to move my app they can. In time we will see where I belong I'm pretty layed back guys
  8. boycot

    Ohadd's Reapp

    Hit me up man iboycot let's get sum rounds in
  9. boycot

    Ackute vVv App

    Goodluck niall hope you enjoy your stay herehit me up on life I love playin with new ppl
  10. boycot

    Boycots App! :)

    I've had a lot of LAN experience just havnt played in a mlg LAN for gow2 yet been to city land county lans college lans state lans and I've been to the mlg events just havnt had a team to play with that could travel to them with me...you can move my app to wherever you see fit though I don't mind
  11. boycot

    Roses vVv App

    Enjoy your stay and best of luck
  12. boycot

    Swagga iP

    enjoy your sstay Maurice
  13. boycot

    PhearRz vVv app

    Goodluck on your app phearrz enjoy your stay hit me up for cod or gow
  14. boycot

    Boycots App! :)

    thanks rox if my comp doesnt crash again i will do just that
  15. boycot

    Boycots App! :)

    lol then get better my friend lets make a mw2 team ill make it right now

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