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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from IRGRL in Behind The Player: Interview with vVv SiDRoC   
    Cool interview and all the best with this season of COD! 
    We're rootin for you and the team! 
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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in Honorary Member Close-up: A look into vVv Kraft   
    Dumduq, just stick around and you'll see how this place can help you grow! 

    vVv is another family to me, not just a gaming community. 
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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from vVv Brock in Honorary Member Close-up: A look into vVv Kraft   
    Haha #teamkraft I'm into that! Thanks for the love peeps!
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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from IRGRL in Honorary Member Close-up: A look into vVv Kraft   
    @mooch, it's all photoshop.
    @bodyrot, I believe it's a Greek philosopher quote but I don't know the exact details. I'm also glad I was asked to do this interview, I'm not as active as I once was so a lot of the new members don't really know me all that well.
    @steph, thanks for taking the time to read the interview! And share it on twitter

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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from MetalFoot in A gift for you!   
    You better love me long time for this one!

    Just to make this more interesting, I've changed one of the characters on the code to a ?
    The ? can be any character between a-z / 0-9

    Arcade Hecarim

    Riot Blitzcrank

    Good luck and enjoy! 

    Please post when you win!


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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from Hankm in Hank M's application   
    Anthony Amenta

    How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out?
    I got the pleasure to meet Hank in 2010 at PAX Prime. I have been following the league scene since 2009 and during the PAX League of Legends Tournament, I was watching the finals and this is before I knew Hank. He was playing with his team against reginald and his brother, they ended up crushing them and winning the pax finals. So i went up to hank and introduced myself. Told him about vvv then and now finally, this goof decides to come by! better now then never. <3
    What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how?
    he's helping with developing players skills of league.
    lanes, objectives and builds
    What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)?
    The way he keeps calm and helps control the situations in game. Even when you think you've lost, Hank has a great understanding of the game to know when it's really not over.. Don't give up with him! he's good! 
    What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming?
    vVv really needs players like Hank because of the knowledge he can bring to the table.. Hank is also looking to be an LCS pro in the near future so don't take his time for granted. 
    How could they improve to be a better potential community member?
    Just remain active and stop on top of the game, meta and builds.!
    Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet?
    He's a dope dude and i'm looking forward to seeing him more at events in the near future.
    Do you feel that they know and understand the five pillars of vVv Gaming? What about the Summoner's Code?
    He's a great fit to our community and definitely is in line with our Pillars and the Code! 

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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from Cesrae in If you only knew. . .   
    So much has happened already this year and it's only April.
    I'm excited to see what the future of gaming holds in NA and with the recent partnerships with twitch,mlg,nasl to cbs this can be huge!.. wait let me rephrase that, it will be huge!

    @Voison and Slauney, thanks for the countless hours of help you've given the community here. We all greatly appreciate it!

    Great write up Jerry!

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    vVv Kraft reacted to Blazek in Blazek's Empire Class Breakdown   
    Over the period of the beta I did my damnedest to try out every class and advanced class that I could to get a feel of how each differed. Now that NDA is no longer an issue, I would like to share my views on all classes and skill trees. While this is not a complete list of what will be, due to being older beta knowledge, the core of each class and tree should be the same.

    It should be known that while there are 4 starting classes in the game, every class moves onto an Advanced Class at level 10. Advanced Classes play almost completely different from one another, giving every base class an option to at least two different paths (Tank, DPS, or Healing). While every Advanced Class offers 3 skill trees to specialize in, not every Advanced Class provides a variety of options, such as the Imp. Agent Sniper can only be a DPS class. Also, 1 tree is shared between both Advanced class, usually giving a DPS option to whichever path you choose. You will be unable to switch Advanced Classes however you can re-specialize into a different skill tree, So choose wisely!

    +Sith Warrior+

    The Sith Warrior is your typical Tank / Melee DPS class. They use a "Rage" mechanic as a resource; this works by gaining rage through weaker abilities or auto attacks, then expelling your rage on stronger abilities. The Sith Warrior uses Heavy Armor to mitigate damage so that they can stay on the front lines for longer periods of time. At level 10 the Warrior can choose to Specialize into Mitigating Damage and Tanking for a party (Juggernaut) or wield a secondary lightsaber to deal out even more damage (Marauder).


    The Juggernaut is as standard of a tank that you will get in SWTOR. They use a 1-handed Lightsaber, with the use of energy shields later on. The Juggernaut further breaks down into the three skill trees: Vengeance, Immortal, and Rage.
    Vengeance- The vengeance tree is focused more on dealing damage and debuffing their targets, while generating more rage. While not the strongest tanking tree, this may prove more useful as a PvP tank, or small group tank. Vengeance may still prove to be a strong tank with abilities such as Unstoppable, which gives your Force Charge a 20% damage reduction.

    Immortal- This tree provides some of the strongest tank abilities, giving the player extra stuns, flat damage reductions, and HP boosts to improve their survivability in a pinch. Invincible gives the Immortal a massive 60% damage reduction for a short duration.

    Rage-The shared skill tree of the Sith Warrior, this spec is slightly better when played as a Marauder due to many abilities hitting with both weapons. Rage gives the player a secondary charge ability, increased rage generation, a powerful slow, and grants the ability to ignore armor on some abilities. Rage gives Juggernauts a decent DPS option to allow the player some versatility.


    The Marauder chooses to specialize in melee combat by grabbing another saber to cut through enemies twice as fast. This class masters the art of saber fighting while giving up most ability to perform any kind of ranged force ability. However, they may gain a temporary stealth giving them more mobility across the battlefield rather then getting focused down on their charge in. The Marauder breaks down into Annihilation, Carnage, and Rage specs.
    Carnage- Taking on the Ataru form, the Carnage skill tree depends on dealing many blows rapidly rather then a few hard hitting attacks. With this tree the player will be able to generate rage at a fast rate, improving skill use. They also gain some armor penetration and passives to use abilities with both weapons.

    Annihilation- Preferring to torment their opponents, the Annihilation spec focuses on dealing Damage over Time (DoT) and Bleed effects to harm their enemy. Annihilation also grants a very brief, in-combat cloak effect to either get away or close the distance unnoticed.

    +Sith Inquisitor+

    The Inquisitor is a master of the force, preferring to bend the dark side to their will and unleash its power on their foes rather then focus on their skill with a saber. Inquisitors use a manapool-type resource known as Force, and slowly recover it in combat to continue using abilities. While the most natural progression of an Inquisitor would seem to be a Sorcerer, they may also choose to become a stealthy Assassin.


    The Sorc will continue to wield a single lightsaber for personal defense, however it is more of a status symbol then a weapon of destruction. The sorcerer's true power is in their mastery of the force, being able to bend the power into either harmful lightning or dark healing. The skill trees available to the sorc include: Corruption, Lightning, and Madness.
    Corruption- As one of the primary healing specs of the game, Corruption uses dark energy to mend his allies and keep them alive. A corruption sorc comes with very few Heal over Time abilities, as they prefer to heal large chunks of health at a time. As you progress into the tree, the player will be able to have a larger force pool and even cast heals faster.

    Lightning- No surprise, the Lightning spec deals in High DPS force attacks. This includes both casted hard hitting spells, some forms of AoE, and even a few instant cast spells. The lightning spec also includes several forms of Crowd Control, making them an excellent addition to any party.

    Madness- A jack of all trades, the Madness spec is the Inquisitors shared line. This spec will give both the Sorc and Assassin a mix of ranged, melee, Crowd Control, and personal healing. Madness will allow a player to survive as a solo player more then being a big help in a party setting.


    While still retaining a high affinity to the force, an assassin prefers to use it for deceptive purposes and empowering their Double-Bladed lightsaber rather than blunt force (no pun intended). The Assassin actually provides both tanking (Darkness) and melee DPS (Deception) specs, along with the shared Madness line.
    Darkness- Relying heavily on the Dark Charge, this spec is a viable tanking option to Inquisitors. Over time, Darkness gives the player the ability to charge like a warrior, mitigate more damage through Dark Charge, Gain additional damage mitigation for a few attacks, and give the player a moderate amount of AoE Threat generation.

    Deception- The Deception line is very rogue like in nature, depending on stealth and position based attacks to deal out a good amount of their damage. Deception uses a form of stacking attacks in Static Charges where after using Surging Charge you may build up to 5 stacks, unleashing them with Surging Discharge for bonus damage.

    +Bounty Hunter+

    The Bounty Hunter, in typical fashion, uses whatever is at their disposal to track down their targets all in the name of credits. While primarily wielding blaster pistols, they use a large variety of gadgets, bombs, flamethrowers, or even their bare fists to get the job done. The Bounty Hunter uses a resource known as Heat, which increases as they use skills. When filled completely the bounty hunter will be unable to use anything but their basic attacks until they dissipate some of their heat. When advancing, the Bounty Hunter may choose to focus on defending themselves as a Powertech, or choosing to be versatile wielding two pistols for damage and even a variety of healing gadgets as a Mercenary.


    Equipping an Energy Shield, the Powertech becomes the third and final primary tank for the Empire. While a powertech in general can generate more threat and soak up more damage then its mercenary counterpart, they may choose to be a pure tank with Shield Tech, become a mix of damage and tank with Advanced Prototype, or play more of a DPS role with the shared line of Firebug.
    Shield Tech- A Shield Tech chooses to use gadgets that give them a stronger defense, along with better jetpack use, gaining a charge, and even lowering damage from enemies when using their flamethrower. A Shield Tech seems to mitigate damage just as well as a Juggernaut, including many similar abilities, and thus will come down to preferred play style for tanking.

    Advanced Prototype- Preferring to get up close and personal, the Advanced Prototype uses many close range gadgets such as their flamethrower, immolate, and grabbing their foe with retractable blades. Similar to the Juggernaut's Vengence spec, the Prototype can still take some hits and may be preferred for PvP tanking or small groups.

    Firebug- Specing into Firebug gives the player additional was to burn their targets over time, along with better use of their burst damage Rail Shot. Being the Shared line, Firebug gives a wide variety of passives, giving increased regeneration, more heat venting, damage reduction, and critical damage.


    While the Powertech prefers to focus on safety gadgets, a Mercenary picks up a second pistol to rapidly destroy targets in their sight.While A Mercenary is seen primarily as a damage dealer with their Arsenal they also pick up the ability to heal their group with Kolto medicine and even prevent damage on their allies as a Bodyguard.
    Arsenal- Rapid and efficient is the way of the Arsenal Mercenary. With arsenal, the Bounty hunter gains the ability to add increasing heat signatures to a target, allowing of homing missiles to hit home and deal large amounts of damage. Similar to Firebug, Arsenal tries to keep constant damage on the enemy with DoT's, but gains armor debuffs, high burst damage, less push backs during channeled abilities, and even regain health while venting heat.

    Bodyguard- Becoming a primary healer, the Bodyguard is unique by gaining good AoE Heals, buffing a players defense when healing, and even a buff to automatically heal a player when they are hit. The bodyguard still gains minor amounts of HoT's and a large single target heal to round out their performance and make them a solid healer for any party.

    +Imperial Agent+

    The Agent is the Empires special forces, used to take on covert ops and eliminate any and all threats to the Empire without leaving a trace. The Agent can choose to do this in a variety of fashions either up close and personal, or from a distance with superior accuracy. The Agent has access to a unique ability, allowing them to take cover behind a wide variety of objects, essentially giving them complete damage mitigation from ranged attacks until they make a move. The Sniper further takes advantage of cover and prefers to stay in the back picking off targets, where the operative prefers to get in close and shiv their targets, or instead become a medic.


    A Sniper prefers to be covert, using cover to move around the field and deal high amounts of damage within a single shot. Unfortunatly the Sniper only has the option to deal damage, however at times, specialization is better then variety. The Sniper can further specialize themselves into using their rifle with Marksmanship, Using droids, grenades, and probes with Engineering, or specialize in damage over time with the shared spec of Lethality.
    Marksmanship- The definition of a sniper, a marksman prefers to deal their damage from the safety of cover. Many abilities will take time to charge up, but will unleash a very strong attack on impact. A marksman also gains the ability to remove cover from others, and can even gain bonuses for a few seconds after they leave their own cover.

    Engineering- The Engineer prefers to use a variety of bombs and probes to attach and torcher their enemies. The engineer is able to do some amount of AoE damage along with increased damage over time, stealth detection, and a bit of burst damage as well.

    Lethality- Preferring to use a healthy dose of poison on their foes, Lethality is a spec built around keeping constant damage on their opponent. This spec also grants effects such as Improvise, which gives the chance to do instant cast snipes at no cost. Lethality is a spec that would best be used in longer fights rather then rapid killing.


    Preferring the enjoyment of the kill, an operative likes to get in close and dispatch their target with a concealed blade. While they share the Lethality tree with Snipers, giving them some ability to take on opponents at range, The Concealment tree works heavily on stealth and close range damage. Alternatively the Operative can turn medic and instead keep their team alive till the next mission.

    Concealment- Gives the Operative greater ability to use melee attacks, while still relying somewhat on their rifle to get the job done. Concealment also improves the ability to use stealth and additional forms of Crowd Control.

    Medic- Giving the ability to heal their allies, the Medic is a viable healer for parties. It seems as though Medic will be a more Heal over Time healing class, giving them the ability to deal damage while still keeping players alive. Possibly not the best for large scale combat, the medic feels in its place in smaller groups or even gank squads.

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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from DexkL. in Behind the Team: vVv Lifeline   
    Nice!!! This is what I'm talking about.

    How fucking epic is that gaming shot of them on centre stage.
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    vVv Kraft got a reaction from Wiebelhaus in Institute of War (Weekly Live Show)   
    Episode 03 & 04 VOD's are now up on the youtube channel!

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