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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
  • Birthday 06/06/1994

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    Jonathan Mercado
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    Brooklyn, New York
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    Gears of war, Gears of war 2, The warriors (PS2)
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    Chineese food
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    The Goonies
  • Favorite Music
    Click Five
  • Interests
    -joining vVv-
    -Creating my own games-
    -Going PRO for gears 2-
    -Helping the poor-
    -Helping thoes in need-
    -and Pizza-
    Hehe x)
  1. added just cuz ur name is jesus

  2. Jesus

    corruqT's vVv app

    Good luck bro...stay active
  3. happy birthday bro

  4. lols not creepy just sweet =]

  5. awww if u want i can call u and keep u company

  6. I'm bored and can't sleep.


  7. just livinn life..so wats sup with you how you been

  8. May he rest in peace he may not be with us now but deep down inside he is and he will never be forgotten....stay strong and keep your head up the best is yet to come

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