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  1. KLieRz

    KLieRz vVv Application

    Thanks everyone. Sky - Like I told you, I wasn't host lol. Oreo - We should play more Duceduce - not even lol.
  2. KLieRz

    vVv App :]]

    Congrats on the interview
  3. Storming like hell out here

  4. Just chilling basically, not doing that many big things. Hows Halo treating you?

  5. Hey hey. I'm pretty well, been avoiding readings for my thesis and just lazing around this summer, haha. Head back to Vermont in 3 weeks. How have you been?

  6. Whats good Gleek? Been a while..

  7. Wootwoot for community gamer spotlight back! God read and incubus is the shit!
  8. dgsemi 1v1 torny today

  9. i still do. i dont stay on it all day long.

  10. Lololol thats gunptt. Bro you say you play Gow2 again, I never seen you on it lol wth.

  11. I bet he said.

    Paducey what a fucking random.


  12. Dope shirt in your profile pic

  13. KLieRz

    Okay man.. whatever. I took it too serious.

  14. Eve

    bro i didn't mean anything i said lol i just didn't want wolverine to ruin our pickup

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