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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Joshua Lee Dowdy
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    GOW2 and thats it
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    taken harrypoter seris fast and the furious the hangover and any thing with jimcarry and will ferral
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    OZZY/ black sabbath, slipknot,avenged seven fold,
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    playing games and having fun

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  1. you got a lot of shit to deal with rowdy try not to get shot

  2. this is awkward to say but.... i love you

  3. infamous i love you man

  4. hes getting some this weekend :o dont hurt yourself

  5. rowdy u a funny kid

  6. thanks everyone for all the support
  7. gl on your app bro message me for a scrim or game (:
  8. rowdydowdy

    JereBear vVv App

    good luck on your app man your a chill dude to play with
  9. rowdydowdy

    Infamous vVv app

    gl on your app man get bodied lol
  10. gl on your app man play me some time
  11. thinks everyone for all the nice comments good luck on your apps to (:
  12. rowdydowdy

    Fobia vVv app

    gl on your app man ill beat you any day though (=
  13. good luck on your app man
  14. howdy there infamous how you doin

  15. rowdydowdy

    Infamous vVv app

    Gl on your app man oh yeah ill beat you any time lol play with me sometime

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