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    still waiting for my fr
  2. i was disappointed when i found out cassidy was a guy
  3. what i'm about to write, is something almost impossible to learn and even harder to teach, it's something you need to find inside yourself, one day everything im about to say will just click to you and you'll be able to understand everything im talking about. 1. Adrenaline. It can make or break you as you try to become a pro gamer, it's when you have a 1v4 and you kill 3, and you are left to a 1v1 your whole team is screaming and your heart is pumping and you're more focused then ever. this is adrenaline, for some people when they get in this state of mind they panic, but pro gamers use it to their advantage, they know how to calm themselves with their breathing and take themselves out of the atmosphere. the most adrenaline i have ever gotten was from mlg, mainstage. People chanted my name as i was getting cross map boltok supermans and headshots, i remember not being able to use my adrenaline right and i almost went zombie by not talking and focused more than anything, good thing i planned ahead for this and got a coach to sit behind me, literally saying everything i was doing, and i completely dominated. it was also my first event so this is expected. i also remember not sleeping the night and looking into my eyes and seeing dot pupils, google meth eyes aha. When you play competitive high adrenaline matches more often the level goes down and down, now when i play i barely get any even if im doing the most insane things, but that still doesn't prepare you for when you to lan, you need to completely mentally train yourself to know what you're going to do, when you're going to do it, and be able to verbally communicate what's going to happen. 2. Leadership and morale killers. As you should know i've been the leader of FuLLy SpacEd for about 3 years now and i have alot of leadership skills, a leader should never be one of the other things im going to mention but instead a positive optimistic who's always thinking of ways to be able to turn the game around, whether its by knowing a handful of tactics/pushes/strats, or just by simply being able to know what to tell a teammate to do in any given situation, you need to be able to make critical in game decisions fast and intelligently. a leader should never make team decisions based on emotions it will only come back negatively. Downers/ people who give up / emos / whiners . these are the people who can make or break the game, quite possibly the best player in the game these people will scream at a teammate for not doing what they think was best for the team or for themselves, these people should always be avoided and replaced, and the people who say things like 'this game sucks' every time they die, that's not helpful for anybody and they need to deal with their emotions before trying to be a top player in any game. when i go down 4-2 on the other teams host tiebreaker i don't find things/people to blame i solve problems and fix what my team is doing and going to do in the upcoming rounds and i dont get down on myself or others, this lets us be able to come back and take the morale back from the other team, steals their adrenaline and forces them to be the emo ones. FuLLy SpacEd has had tons of emo kids going in and out of the roster, i always try to fix the attitudes and it will never happen, then need to grow up before they can be good at a top level, even though they might be the best players on gb they will never be what they want to be. Things like 'good job' go a long way, and never underestimate an opponent before it's too late, FuLLy SpacEd attitudes V Leader attitude - Me obv. Good attitudes -Devil D , Termss, reliance Bad - Snubs, Strangulate, Yogurt , frenchfries 3. Habitats. There's no use switching the spot of the map in the middle of the game, there should be a certain player for a certain spot, for example, someone who goes snipe street needs to know what he's doing and if he starts losing the emo player's first instinct will be to put himself in that spot, that's the wrong idea. you need to know every spot you play like the back of your hand and get in your habitat so you win their at least 75% of the time, spots like p4 blood drive, house on jacinto, up top pavillion, inside security, you need to work on what you know best to make sure what you know best becomes perfect. 4. Karma. The team with the best karma, 'the good guys' will never cheat, never give up, never get down on themselves and never go shady on a team, the people who i call snakes; will be the one's losing, the first ones to leave your team after a loss, cheat even against a friend, talk bad about you behind your back instead of defending you, and will judge you on everything, they tell you one thing and do another, they might be your best friend to your face, or 'ear but will go behind your back and say the worst things they can think about you, there are way to many snakes on gamebattles and not enough good guys. you all need to learn a lesson in sportsmanship and not resort to cheating. never make a team with a snake, and never tell your secrets to a snake because one day, they might get jealous and tell everybody, or they will make something up and go with it. snubs is the best psychopathic snake i have ever talked to in my life. but i know by karma that he will never do anything in gaming and probably have bad things happen in his life, while i will be having good things in mine. 5. The gamer zone this is what i call the perfect settings for you to perform well online, this is important for me because i like online competition. i need the lights off, my tb's on, my cap on and my mac beside me, no family bothering me and sometimes my radio on to focus, i like to have an energy drink for the big matches and some food in my stomach, also you need to play on a tv you're comfortable with or an mlg monitor, and you need a decent connection or you will go no where in the pcl. but all of these things don't matter on lan this is just something you need to set down if you try to win alot online. another thing, if you ever in your life think that you need someone to talk to, i'm always here and ill always read your messages or aims, i'm a good listener and a problem solver, and i'm good with psychology, so im always here if you need me. There will be constant updates so reread often. Be sure to like, share, reblog, anything and cheer for FuLLy SpacEd in the gow3 mlg season. - Carson follow me on twitter!
  4. good read, stay in touch with us at gownation
  5. Your Back lil Carsonz?

  6. CarSoNs

    App manager

    Name: Carson Lewendon Age: 18 XBL Gamertag: CarSoNs PSN ID (not required): Link to twitter: Link to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/CarSoNx Previous qualifying experience (if any): i've been the console manager and ive helped with applications Why do you want the position?: because i've been on the site for a long time, i love the members and im ready to start giving back, Who has been the best app managers who you would use as your role model?: vVv Exodus, he's the man, nuff said Which app managers do you think have done a poor job, and why?: everyones done a good job as far as i know. What makes you qualified to have this position?: because im well known and i have some respect and im ready to learn, probably the most charismatic and witty person on the website, good at making friends, even better at making enemies. How many hours per day will you be able to dedicate to this?: as many as needed What times (ie, 5-7pm EST etc)?: all
  7. my boy likes drug movies? fear and loathing in las vegas is dope
  8. http://www.youtube.com/user/CarSonTheOne?feature=mhum heres my channel , and i have editing experience, but not on my mac. and i have a capture card.
  9. * Name: Carson Lewendon * Age (minimum 16): 18 * Gamertag or Alias: CarSoNz * Facebook URL: http://www.facebook.com/CarSoNx * AIM Screen Name: carson13254 * MSN Messenger: hockey_flyers14@hotmail.com * Skype Name:carsonxxx * Xfire: N/A * How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Lordjerith himself reffered me to joining the site * What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? watching sports, and movies, spending time with friends, * Have you been to a major LAN event before? If so which one and did you play or spectate? i played in ohio meadowlands and dallas, my placings were 12, 13, and 25 * Do you know anyone currently in vVv Gaming? and if so, whom? and how do you know them? everyone. almost, except the noobies * What position are you applying for? YouTube Manager * How many hours per week can you devote to staff? 40 hours a week * Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes i have my own mac and im on it alot * Why you are interested in becoming a staff member? i've been on staff before and i love the teamwork and communication, and i think i can bring alot to the company i also have my own youtube chanel with 2000+ subscribers * What personal goals do you hope to achieve? take a plumber apprenticeship course and see how it goes * What past experiences do you have being a moderator or admin? Any references you can provide? yeah i was a good mod on this website,
  10. happy birthday orphan boy

  11. my super hot friend from my city! we need to get slizzered.

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