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  1. Bear Z

    II Bear Z II vVv app

    The only LAN I have competed in is WGG, a local tournament in Ontario. I placed 3rd, behind e2k Composure and Impulse[unofficial] (Consisting of Knockk D, Twokit IMP, Improvize, and pX I Tupac). On my team was me, Valentine ily, and two other players not registered on this website. We had about 2 days of practice. Not a major accomplishment, I know, but I have gotten a job last week (Yay!) thus, I will be able to afford to go to MLG events now. For online tournaments, no, I have not competed in any other than participating in GB Ladders. I have had interest in joining an online tournament, but have been unable to find other people who were willing to participate.
  2. Bear Z

    Adam is Obese vVv App

    Well I'm not angry anymore, so... Good Luck again, Obese. Good response you had there.
  3. Bear Z

    II Bear Z II vVv app

    Well, *ahem* I'm grounded right now because I got tired of my mothers shinanigans, so... I'd like to put this off for a bit. :'( I'll gladly do the interview on Ventrilo, but I would greatly appreciate it if I could leave this application pending for a bit longer. There are many things on my mind, and when I first started this app everything was clear. Now, not clear at all... so if possible, please this pending for a bit. If you cannot, I'll do the interview. Days Available: 7 Days a week Times Available: 3PM - 10PM (Mon-Thurs), 3PM Friday - 11PM on Sunday Do you prefer XBL or ventrilo? Ventrilo, XBL is currently being withheld from me.
  4. Bear Z

    PorKz app

    PorkZ gave the verbal.
  5. Thanks for the happy late birthday. Sorry for the late response? Hah

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