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    I love gaming and spending time with my girlfriend.
  1. Distracts

    Distracts' App

    Yea how do I change that?
  2. Awesome thread, I do a lot of these now but will try to work on the ones I don't do as often.
  3. Distracts

    Distracts' App

    Thanks guys it means a lot. Sorry about the inactivity this weekend, I was deer hunting in northern Minnesota... :]
  4. Totally didn't realize you were an app until after I got off tonight. Played with him and a couple other apps on "alpha" and didn't lose a match... +1
  5. Don't let the "KSI" fool you, kids got mad skill. If he's a free agent pick him up!
  6. Distracts

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    just got done playing with Oreo really sounds like he wants in vVv +1
  7. Distracts

    TRIPPY's App!

    Playing with this kid now, he's got some serious movement. Great player, positive attitude.
  8. Distracts

    Distracts' App

    I'm adding you now
  9. Your applying for GoW3 but want to become pro in MW3?
  10. I was in a GB brotha! Send me a FR. Swag.

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