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  1. DaFace

    Frosty's vVv Re-App

    This guy quit out of a public wingman on his host because he was losing, Then i asked him about vVv and he said F them, I can care less if I were to get in or not. Thought that vVv stood for something more then the lack of respect this guy shows for any gaming community, or the players that exist within it.
  2. I got by the Alias, BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER...

  3. I got by the Alias, BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER...

  4. didnt you start your own business or something? how's it going?

  5. DaFace

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    Funny how I have 4 Pages of Positive feedback, and there's always a tool out there. I know a bunch of people in this community, a lot I have met and a lot I haven't but either way, they will all most likely say the same thing. I am a solid, fun guy to play and be around. I would prefer if you blocked me or some other sort, since you seemed to creep your way over here to my application. And for the record. I came into the shoutbox after not having internet for 5 days, and said whats good, I CAPPED everything because I wanted to make my presence know, since I could only jump in say whats good and then leave the library that I was in. I also apologized to you, but why would a kid like you post that up there as well. And how was it wrong to ask a question like that, if you "BLASTED THE INFO ALL OVER YOUR PROFILE" So by no means, am I a "ASSHOLE" or a "PIECE OF SHIT" like you stated. You obviously put such sensitive info out there begging to get asked questions like that. And I also stated that I know someone very close to me, in a similar situation like that. Either way I don't care I said my peace. For you to say that I am "NOT WORTH YOUR TIME, YOU PIECE OF SHIT" and then come to my app, and post, only make me think of you more of a clown then you have already come off. Please with all due respect stay off of my app, and leave it to the other players, that I know and talk to and play with to comment. Not just a kid, with a problem with himself, and obviously me. Thanks. To everyone else that knew I was moving, I made it back to PA safe. I am stoked and have caught up with a few good friends, went up to NJHALO this weekend, Kicked it with all my boys on LtZ, Konvict and a few other good guys. Haven't been online in a while, but Verizon will be at my house this Friday, installing FiOs. 50^ 25D, Can't wait, totally blows my California connection out of the water. And for anyone going to WCG this weekend, be on the look out for me, and come up and say hey. Would be good to get to know more of you on a face to face time, rather then GT to GT. Till then. DaFaCe
  6. why u so cute..lol=)

  7. I tell you you guys what. . . stay the fuck away from Gaming. Because of you, if Carsonz applies to vVv Gaming, we will pick him up. Yes, I am dead serious. In a matter of fact, after that video, if you think you're cool or bad ass, guess again "too high." You are actually the kind of backwards assholes that give Americans a bad name. Go fuck yourselves. You've been playing since '07, and all you can do is this? It took 15 of you to force him to do this? You're fucking disgusting. I hope Caronz applies. I appreciate a good trash talker. And if he is in vVv, the only thing you will do is sit down and stare. Fucking losers. Jerry, This was a very strong, and exciting writeup to read. There is all ways more to say, but It looks like you hit it on the head. As far as that Carsonz situation went down, it was very disappointing that that went down. I am very well against something like this, and have made it very, very clear to alot of the players in the community. Monster - My main man, was stoked you kept intouch with me and let me know what was going on. It's too bad I didn't get to see any mainstage play, or how you and the rest of the team was doing. Wilde - Well what can I say, finally in the big leagues. It went from playing 5 a.m. pickups to being able to walk on to or assembling any team you want. But you know your only good because of the way you hold your controller. Vanquished - There is something like 70 days till the next event. If you guys are sticking together, please feel free to hit me up. I got a good brain and think I could help you guys out. To the Rest of vVv Good Shit see you in Cali. Franny - Heard nothing but good things from your scope from a lot of people. Let's hope you get in the "Best MLG Sniper" award bracket because I am tired of hearing about Ali. What's going on with this app. Process. Jerry said "And if he is in vVv, the only thing you will do is sit down and stare. Fucking losers." I am deffinatley some great BackBone to vVv if something like that were to ever go down. And I know theres a good amount of kids out there that would vouch that. vVv Get at Meh. Great post. DaFaCe
  8. DaFace

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    Triv Good Looks Son, So whats the Deal You gonna stay on the Game or what. ? Everyone else, thanks, and feel free to add me.
  9. This App's Replies are very, Very Comical. It seems like the App has posted in here more then people actually coming in to look at it. I wish to at least get another laugh or two out of this before it gets deleted.
  10. DaFace

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    Thanks for the support guys. If you ever wanna play some pick ups, message me or send me a game invite.
  11. DaFace

    Rman App

    Rusty Babay, Your deff the man. It was my pleasure Carrying you in those late night wingmans. However I must say that your snipez were quite sick that night. Good luck on your app, I am sure your not going to have any problem. Good luck in Dallas, looking to see big things. Hit you up later.
  12. DaFace

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    LOL, the 2 huge gFx were for the all girl gaming team. They were 2 logos done for there shirts, Now that I look at them there horrible, lol but there like the first designs that I had started working on with photoshop.
  13. DaFace

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    Paz, My bad man. I remember talking about it, and then it slipped my mind. I couldn't move any files from my Photobucket to a different folder because the links change for whomever else is rocking it in there sigs. This is some of my work. I deffinatly have room to grow, but I am pretty sure I have potential too, If I were to take it more serious, or actually had a real project, like site work ect. But let me know what you think. Thanks man. And to everyone else, I get on Photo Shop and rock out every now and then, so if your in need of a sig, message me and let me know what your interested in. DaFaCe Out
  14. DaFace

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    Thanks bro, I dont have the .psd but I can allways whip another one up. I really haven't been doing much with photoshop because I am figuring out the move, but when I finally get on, Ill hook it up. Message me your new GT.
  15. DaFace

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    hmm.. Very well could have. I was just going off of what Koopa, and Matt had told me. They were 2 guys I played with. Didn't really talk to em, they just said what we placed and carried off about there business.

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