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  1. I will say that, even if vVv Gaming does not offer the gamertag on the back you can walk into any local screen printing shop and have it done. My suggestion would be to get it heat transfered on with vinyl rather than having them screen print it. the cost of screens for a single print project is pretty expensive.
  2. Campaign Gears one by far, I think it was overall the most captivating to play, the darkness and movement through the night, erie sounds, etc really pulled me into the campaign and really gave me a feel of man vs beast and the end of times after that they fucking trashed the game visually making everything sunny and rainbows, also lacked the element of surprise in major battles by running major turning points of the game by trying to make the boss battles too fun or easy. Like seriously battling General RAAM on a moving freight train and having to fight off all the kryll and the challenge behind was fucking awesome, but it was followed up walking through an army of locusts while riding a brumak. and dropping the hammer of dawn on it, which even on insane mode was a free walk through of a level. Gears 3 was pretty dope. Gears 4 was cool i took this on as a new game and story seeing as it was a new company, I like how they incorporated the next generation. I felt there was a good character transition and character introduction and story wise everything was alright, I only played through it once so i don't really remember much game play experience. Multiplayer. Gears 2 before they ruined it. after that i pretty much progressed with the game i think they did a good job at progressing multiplayer on and after gears 3. I just want them to have every gears map ever on the next title.
  3. July 3, 2019 will be my tenure in vVv Gaming of 10 years. Lets make it a Party!!!! Edit... Nope 9 years cuz i joined in july 09 but was just a community member for a year.
  4. yeah, that is still kind of a WIP, I wanted to make it available for stream overlays, but i need to come up with more to support the theme of the visuals.
  5. FWD me info on the events, So we can get some banners and news content up and live.
  6. Its funny, I was sitting on that design idea for a few weeks, Then when I started another project i realized i could drag and drop the elements from it and finally create what i wanted in both designs, believe it or not, there used to be a time when i was referred to as a champion around here. which one? lol
  7. NHL - Black Hawks then LA Kings. MLB - Cubs NFL - Drew Brees NBA - The league went to shit when social media took over and they started conspiring to make super teams. And not a single mention of esports in this thread😂
  8. Its been done in the past for an additional rate, depending the print method and demand it may not be an option.
  9. Trying, Im looking into launching some of my personal designs to be printed on various things. With how much technology has advanced they I can pretty much process the order as it comes in print one copy and advance to the next order. So it really does not hurt to submit a bunch of designs to make a few bucks here and there. Ive been running test prints on things already once, I get a small variety of things ill go public with it, but the cool thing of being a designer is if theres something I want I just make it myself. This was one of the designs I submitted for test, Its a little juvenile but Im a grown ass kid
  10. what ive put together since the logo launch, more to come!
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