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  1. lolololololollolo I made it


  2. open up them paypal accounts!
  3. just buy a PC and not waste money on another shitty console. all microsoft exclusives will be available through the xbox app on pc and im sure playstation will roll out the same thing if they are smart. consoles are dead and a thing of the past
  4. is this for ps4 only? or xbox what are the platform details for our cod players etc.
  5. a paid league with cash payout would be illegal
  6. Buzz

    new shoutbox

    never mind, I guess I had the forums zoomed out to 25% please lock and close this thread.
  7. Buzz

    new shoutbox

    anyway we could get the old shoutbox back or make the current shoutbox larger? It is appearing very tiny and is hard on the eyes for reading. I also believe it may be broken as for I am able to post again 😂
  8. so when does the title actually launch?
  9. Buzz

    Stream webcam box

    no just dont like having to weave in and out of multiple google accounts,
  10. Buzz

    Stream webcam box

    Thought about google drive in the past.. was never a fan, however I will be using google docs in some upcoming projects
  11. Buzz

    Stream webcam box

    Ill Be doing a header and footer soon, cant guarantee when though. works gonna be busy the rest of the month. It should download in a transparent Png Format, but if not let me know, Ill email you the direct file. Also if anyone knows of any web services that allow me to upload the files and post them on the forums as a downloadable attachment let me know. I am not up to date on the current method of sharing work via the interwebs, besides email lol Also when resizing it try and keep it a direct scale down, I figured you could do all that in what ever stream programs are out now, because thats how its worked in the past.
  12. Buzz

    Stream webcam box

    Designed a quick basic vVv Themed streamer webcam box or advertisement box let me know your thoughts. can be used and downloaded by anyone. Stick around should have more stuff coming soon for your guys streams.
  13. Idk, EVERY SINGLE CnP pack for xbox one I bought had a garbage lifespan on them. I ended up just getting a wired controller
  14. Your controller is constantly sending and receiving a wireless signal not just for your button actions but HD sound as well because of its headset inputs, its normal. look at the size of the battery its barely anything. lithium ion batteries are known for their low life span and dangers to the environment. Apple Air Pods have the same issue. the average battery life span is 80 hours after that they fail to hold a charge, the plastic shells, make it longer for them to decompose and the lithium ion batteries make it so they can not be properly disposed due to the possibility of the battery exploding and causing fires, and other environmental risks. making them one of the most cluttered and pollutant electronics available on the market right now.
  15. I was banned from attending Community Game Night indefinitely back when Black Ops II was a thing, If this ban is lifted, I may consider making a rare appearance.

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