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  1. TriviuhM

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    no, im just saying. why did i get moved to amature. when all of them on the proffesinal applications, dont get moved when they dont have lan exp
  2. TriviuhM

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    well, how bout u start moving evetyone one else to amature that doesnt have lan exp.
  3. TriviuhM

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    well i mean im traveling. and im asured to get top 16 this up coming event
  4. TriviuhM

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    lol yeah i know trip good times
  5. TriviuhM

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    lol yeah i know trip good times
  6. TriviuhM

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    Thanks for the post : )
  7. TriviuhM

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    alright, will do thanks
  8. TriviuhM

    Serphex vVv App

    good luck on the app
  9. TriviuhM

    MalleuS vVv app

    greats, i hope you make it in : )
  10. TriviuhM

    SpazzumzZ vVv App

    best of luck with the app
  11. good luck with the app.

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