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  1. Been over 3 great years here and I'll still be around all the time. Currently I play for one of the top teams in Smite and it is causing a conflict of interest. As such at this time I am resigning to pursue this. Thanks to everyone and I have no doubt that all roads lead back to vVv.
  2. If you're into grinding (I find Diablo grinding awesome) dungeon-crawlers with a lot of inventory, item and money management fun then by all means. Personally love the game.
  3. I'm pretty torn, will probably end up getting it for PC but that comes out two weeks after console T-T. So excited for the game though.
  4. Personally I think this is awesome. Takes a lot for a massive company to admit their mistakes. They anticipated Bnet 2.0 to be flawless, even though it took them this long to realize its weaknesses they're fixing it.
  5. Just pre-ordered my game and have it downloaded and ready for that midnight launch. Looking for some players who wanna grind all night, hoping to stream it too. (Experienced players preferred ).
  6. Phew got scared for a second there. Thought the title said "So I'm a Mormon." False alarm.
  7. Awesome, make sure to post the stream link for us
  8. One of the good ones, take care dood.
  9. Used to play it a long while back, dont have it anymore =/
  10. Unfortunate launch time indeed. I wont be playing, atleast initially, going to have my hands full for sure.
  11. My favourite intro song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW3yeHu20M8
  12. What a day to make such a marvelous announcement!
  13. https://encrypted-tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTeTHIN6vtUtZsLAgmMT7u-7CYgbE8UWGLKBKsLA4wJFPc4rUKDcQ Probably shoulda mentioned that anywhere in the OP
  14. Battlenet: a.nikolic10@hotmail.com - Barbarian - Game Name : Undecided We should organize ourselves so we make sure to have a few full parties going for those playing right at launch.

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