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  1. Someone come play arena with me right now to help me gear up Im on mumble
  2. Im a Frost Mage. I don't have all the gear just yet, but I have about half. I'm just looking to see if people were willing to play. I've been playing pretty much everyday trying to finish my gear. Hbu?
  3. Do you have to be in the guild to PvP with others? I would love to PvP with you guys if you need some more people
  4. Gonna need someone to close my app. My passion for LoL has died immensely since season 4 has started. It's kinda weird to be honest. Been playing CS:GO CEVO Open recently and playing WoW on the side. On top of school I just dont find time for LoL anymore. The game hasn't been fun for me in a long time. Don't want to have to waste your guys time any longer than I have to. I'll still be around from time to time but honestly want to figure out what I'm doing before I commit to anything. <3 you all
  5. Metaphor

    2x2's Application

    Since apparently I didn't know I was playing against you the other day, we need to play sometime!
  6. LOL. That would be to easy. I'm not that mean xD
  7. OMG!? Reallly?! Probably because I have all chat turned off <3 This season im in Plat so far. SInce the highest you could get placed was Plat 1, Im just climbing back up again I'll come onto mumble more often now. Sometimes I'm just not sure which channel to go handout in. Everyone seems busy all the time xD
  8. Metaphor

    2x2's Application

    I love your GFX! GL with your app!
  9. Have fun in game, and please tell us all how it is when you start playing! Very curious about how this game is going to be.
  10. Wow, what a shame. *not* I fkn hated ganking rivens!
  11. It's been good so far. I can't think of anything specifically off the top of my head. I'll be sure to let you know if I think of something worth mentioning. *side note* I apologize for my recent absence. I have just started school again last Monday and my days have been pretty busy. I'll be posting a lot more now that things are situated.

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