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  1. The game is definitely getting bigger by the week. The Internet's largest Splatoon community is over at Squidboards.com, you should definitely check it out! It's still a small, growing game, but the competitive scene is taking root.
  2. <3 I got you. We'll be chillin' in the future. I'm gonna try to teach myself DotA so we can play. xD
  3. Very appreciated, my man. I absolutely will. Thanks for being one of the OGs stickin' it out around here. Always had great times on the Xbox with yah, let's try to play again sometime! Much love, my dood
  4. Although I've decided that now is the day that I confirm this decision, this is something I've been preparing for a long time and ultimately wasn't an easy decision to make. Now I think I'm ready to go forward with it. I joined the forums in July 2009 as a Gears of War player and was accepted into the organization a few months later in September and since then I've progressed in competitive gaming farther than I ever had. I joined vVv to become a better Gears player...instead, I became a better person (and definitely not a better Gears player). Not only have I gotten to meet and become friends with some of the best people in gaming, I've traveled to do coverage for major tournaments and events, I hosted my own podcast and was a co-host of The Loser's Bracket, I had a successful blog and I cherished every moment of my time here. Over time, I realized that vVv was not a place you stay a long time as a gamer. I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of people come and go over the past four years – some I've stayed in contact with, some I've never spoken to again, and some are still here. Not many, though. And with that I realized that I came to vVv to learn and I did that, and now I am ready to move on and continue with the next part of my career. That's what vVv is ultimately about – learning and finding who you are and what you want to be, then setting off and doing that. For all the good times and the bad, the successes and the failures, vVv has always been my home and a place for someone like myself to come back to. I'd say Call of Duty really lowered the bar and changed this organization for the worse in some aspects. The quantity of applicants may have rose but the quality heavily suffered. The community changed to seemingly pander to the lowest common denominator of gamer and it's a shame because we have done really great things. Sucks that our most recent greatest achievement is barely keeping a Black Ops 2 team together. It seems like it went from developing players to just trying to get whoever is available to play for us. Call of Duty lessened my interest in vVv and being a part of it because the game is so lacking as a competitive title and it absolutely dominates the forums, unfortunately. As it stands, I'm focusing once again on Smash Bros and fighting games and vVv is not going in the same direction. But, that obviously isn't the reason I'm leaving. I've been here for a while without necessarily following the same goals at vVv as a whole. I have also returned to writing about Nintendo games over at NintendoEnthusiast.com and I have started up Directional Influence again over at ClashTournaments, which is run by ex-vVv member Chibosempai. I'm a regular commentator on his streams and now a contributor as a podcast host. And I hope to be working with others concerning Smash and fighting games going into the rest of this year and next year. However, thanks to all I've learned at vVv, from interacting with a community to podcasting to eSports development, I'm able to continue forward with skills and experience while still being a young gamer in the industry with a lot of time on my hands in the near future. I think that's why this decision feels right at this very moment – I have fully accepted my development here at vVv and I'm ready to move on. I'd like to personally thank both Jerry and Jordan for, well, everything. You both took me in, despite my age, as a staff member and developed both my writing and administrative skills. You both always had great advice and even dealt with me whenever I could be insufferably annoying or troublesome. And when an MLG event rolled by, I was allowed to stay in a vVv room regardless of my situation. I always felt welcome and wanted thanks to you two and I've learned far more from the two of you than I have from most people. I want to personally thank the both of you in person for all you've done for me the past four years. This won't be the last you see of me and I hope we can continue to stay in contact and whatnot, especially at big events. Sincerely, it means a lot not only that you accepted me into your organization, but that you kept me around and realized both my value and potential. You made vVv not only an organization, but an experience that sticks with you and changes you as a person. I can consider myself bettered as a person and gamer thanks to vVv and you two. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful for everything. As for everyone else, for the close friends I've made, Team Rapture, the Gears players, the Loser's Bracket cast, everyone I've squadded out with at MLG events, and everyone else I've come to know for a long time and still know that I've got you, thank you for making vVv great. Thank you for making vVv a place I want to be and being people I want to be around and be friends with. I don't want to list names because I don't want to exclude people, but for anyone that reads this that's OG, you know who you are. And for everyone else besides everyone else, keep vVv strong and growing. Please don't turn it into a stupid sniping clan. Because sometimes reading some threads, it feels that way. So I'd like to officially hang up my V's today and make my resignation from vVv official. While I will not be around the forums like I usually am, you can always find me on Twitter and Facebook as always. I want to cross all our paths as much as possible, so please do not hesitate to keep in touch. I don't plan on vanishing or anything. XD -Ya boi, Rapture
  5. There is someone definitely trying to screw with you
  6. Yeah due to SC2 not being at Columbus I am 100% not going to this event.
  7. im sorry but this is the best post in this entire thread
  8. huehuehuehuehuehue Have a nice vacation!
  9. Just want to come in here and post this - I played Pokemon competitively, even in my time here at vVv. Competed at VGC for several years. To be very honest, there's no point in vVv "supporting" Pokemon. It's a very online-based community and only has really one major event a year ran by The Pokemon Company/Nintendo. There's no real "eSports" presence for the game. There's no stability (no circuits, no regional events, VGC is only doubles and single elimination, etc.) and sponsorship would honestly do very little. If I thought otherwise, I would have continued to support competitive Pokemon here at vVv. I stopped doing that in 2010.
  10. While I don't think we'll see gaming in the Olympics anytime soon (I don't think it needs to be), having this recognition will be great for eSports. I hope they continue to extend this treatment as eSports grows.
  11. As the resident Pkmn player at vVv, good luck! Hope we can talk pkmn afterward. I've competed in VGC several times in the past.
  12. Columbus was 100% awesome last year, gonna not miss it this year. I also expect to win CoD, too.
  13. From personal experience, both as a gamer and actually running one of the NJ Halo competitions myself (well, its a long story, but whatever), NJ Halo is definitely not one of my recommended tournaments to go to. Although I'm at least not on bad terms with Rod Lane (the dude who runs the show) anymore, I am still not a fan of the events and do not plan to attend any (especially now that its only shooters - shooters are the only games that have had problems over the years), so proceed at your own caution. You're still likely to have fun but it's what you make it.
  14. It's good to take a couple days or so to wind down after E3. It's too easy to get caught up in the hype, as I did when I was scouring over ever piece of game footage released in Nintendo's E3 Direct earlier on Tuesday. Mostly because I felt starved - the PS4 and Xbone reveals left the Wii U as an idle passenger, waiting for its stop but forced to deal with the antics of the rest of the car in the meanwhile. It was the Wii U's turn to shine, many of us thought. It seemed rather obvious, at least to us sitting at home, that Nintendo would deliver the final, killing blow to Microsoft with an extravaganza of gaming wonder, while the PS4 sits back hoping not to make the same mistake. Except, I didn't get that feeling at all. Instead...I felt, well, satisfied but not necessarily full. Although Nintendo showed off a multitude of quality games heading to both Wii U and 3DS - Wind Waker HD, Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, the list goes on - none of them had that huge surprise that many of us were looking for. I had eaten an entire Dominoes pizza the night before, my body was as ready as it could ever be. Yet, I did not shit even one brick. It was disappointing to say the least. Considering that Nintendo had the best opportunity in the world to win everyone over, I wonder if Nintendo actually accomplished that as well as I may question that they did. I was hoping for literal bombshells, which were almost guaranteed considering the Wii U is a much less successful follow-up, thus far, to Nintendo's last home console. The launch line-up was just not cutting it. As we knew about games like Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3 heading to the Wii U soon enough, Nintendo had a clear opportunity to bring out the big guns. Instead, we got Super Mario 3D World, a sequel to the 3DS's Super Mario 3D Land. Even with its 4 player co-op, new Mario suits, and the expected additions throughout, it wasn't the major, open-world Mario game that people were expecting. Likewise, Retro Studios, behind the Metroid Prime series and the Wii's hugely successful Donkey Kong Country Returns, was hinting at a project "everybody wanted them to do" which only become another Donkey Kong Country game. No Metroid, no new IP, just more Donkey Kong. Over time, though, I began to take a look at my own perspective on E3. I didn't seem satisfied, but maybe it was because I was asking too much? Nintendo cannot please everybody, and is it surprising that they would go with a sequel to a very successful Wii game over the next installment in the Metroid franchise that, while acclaimed by critics, has never been a system seller? Hell, we got Smash 4 and Mario Kart 8, safe bets but nevertheless great additions to already amazing game series. I feel conflicted. Nintendo's new games and news aren't necessarily unhype, but they aren't exactly what we expected or wanted. But, people do seem rather excited for these new games. It feels weird - normally Nintendo playing safe like this gets a less than stellar reaction, but this time around Nintendo hasn't drawn the worst of backlash, at least not yet. Retrospectively, the Smash 4 reveal probably reflects my feelings on E3 the best, specifically the reveal characters. We got Mega Man, a huge addition to the character roster finally allowing our Nintendo favorites to face off against Capcom's finest warrior himself. We got the Animal Crossing Villager, a really hilarious addition that seemed unexpected but fits right in. And we got...the Wii Fit Trainer, even more unexpected and definitely drew more attention than anything else. I can definitely say that I didn't expect these newcomers coming into E3. Mega Man represents all the good games Nintendo is bringing us that I seem to be overlooking. With Mega Man I was astounded, but because I'm not the biggest Mega Man fan and was hoping for a really insanely hype Nintendo character (plus, Mega Man has been on everyone's wishlist character roster since 'Nam), it felt a bit lessened than the reaction to the Solid Snake reveal for Brawl. Yet, I realize I should be more excited because it's truly a big thing for Smash! Likewise, even though Nintendo's games may not be exactly what I expected, they are still looking to be quality titles. The Villager represents the unexpected that fits in perfectly. The Villager is a character that caught me really off-guard but won me over bit by bit, and that's how I felt about Nintendo overall. I wasn't exactly sure at first what to feel about Nintendo's E3 reveals, but over time I found that there's a lot to love with what Nintendo's offering. All the new games plus a console that has dodged the ire and drama of the Xbone and PS4 reveals gives gamers quite the opportunity to try out some excellent new experiences throughout this year and the next. And, finally, the Wii Fit Trainer, the character I hated at first. Being a long time Smash fan, it feels literally cut-throat trying to support some characters for the next game. Years go by on discussion forums about who should and should not be in the next Smash game. It hurts to not see your favorites make the cut, even when they too could be great additions to the series and have a lot of worth in the franchises they come from. While I never expected my two hopefuls Ridley and King K. Rool to show up in the trailer (as Sakurai isn't that cool), it's frustrating to see a character like Wii Fit Trainer get in and not others. This is how I felt with Nintendo's choice of games at E3 - more Mario? Why not Star Fox? more DK? Why not Metroid? Where's F-Zero? Where's Zelda Wii U? This still sticks with me. I still wish Samus stepped out of her hunter ship for another adventure. I truly wanted to see Link battle in full high definition. In contrast, it seems silly that Nintendo would instead stick to another handheld-like Mario platformer as one of its big reveals. Similarly...just...damn, Nintendo I like yoga pants, but not that much (alright, not true, I love yoga pants, but I was fine without them in Smash Bros.). Maybe it's just because change is hard to accept at first. Even Nintendo's skipping of a traditional press conference felt weird - imagine hearing the crowd reaction to the Mega Man reveal? That's something you'll never be able to capture thanks to Nintendo using a pre-recorded video as its "presser." Without that to look forward to, most Nintendo fans began clinging to the internet, waiting for the inevitable droplets of news that would be rung out the E3 sponge throughout the three days of the event. It's an unfortunate reality, but it is what it is. I guess, most of all, we were all hoping for Nintendo to play along. Microsoft is down, get 'em Nintendo, now's your chance! But, Nintendo has never been about that. They've always done best sticking to their guns and keeping their path. They've never needed to play anyone else's game. It seems like they did just that - Nintendo did Nintendo as Nintendo usually does. The games are coming and the consoles are out there. However, if the Wii U launch tells us anything, it's that Nintendo can be unprepared when you would expect them not to be. So, let's hope that Nintendo has truly prepared itself for the next year and beyond to strengthen the integrity of the Wii U before the big splash of the PS4 and Xbone hits shelves.

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