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    vVv Brock got a reaction from vVv Exodus in vVv Gaming Announces Exodus as President   
    Best of luck man! Glad to see one of the OG's of vVv in charge.
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from vVv Stitches in New vVv Logo Design   
    Out of the ones in the original post, I would say #3 or #1. I've always been a big fan of the red/black/white combination. Plus, when going to gaming events, it seems like very few gaming organizations actually use red for some reason, so it makes us stand out a bit more.
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv Pherzghul in PAX South 2016 - JAN 29-31   
    Anyone else going? Tickets just went up for sale a bit ago and got a couple 3 day passes for me and Anni. 
    People attending:
    vVv Pherzghul & Anni
    vVv Bardo
    MoonlitSunset and her hubby (babies andparents)
    vVv Bagzli and his friend
    vVv Brock
    vVv Lordjerith
    vVv Robz
    vVv Doomhammer
    Maybe going:
    vVv Medusa
    vVv Vall
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    vVv Brock reacted to cubed in BelievVve by cubed   
    Short frag movie starring some of our CSGO team members including myself. Enjoy!
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    vVv Brock reacted to Spike in Guys, we did it, Spike in in machinima   
    Oh my fucking god WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from vVv Paradise in OK, call it a comeback: Shredding anew to ’90s nostalgia in Guitar Hero Live   
    I want this to be good so, so badly.
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from vVv Paradise in Being Good Internet citizens and An Overdue Apology   
    Thanks for the info, Jerry. It sucks that this happened, but I'm glad that you've made the necessary steps to hopefully fix this issue and make sure it doesn't happen again.
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from vVv Minotaur in Being Good Internet citizens and An Overdue Apology   
    Thanks for the info, Jerry. It sucks that this happened, but I'm glad that you've made the necessary steps to hopefully fix this issue and make sure it doesn't happen again.
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv LordJerith in vVv Gaming Vision and Direction for 2015-2016   
    Thanks for taking the time to read my first official update since I've come back. After a lot of conversations with staff, community, sponsors, applicants and alumni, it was time to set a direction for vVv for the next 12 months.  We want to be transparent with everyone, so you can hold me accountable for working toward these goals. This reflects our commitment to help YOU create awesome community experiences.
    When I give interviews, I make sure every member knows: "Ask not what vVv can do for you, but what you can do for vVv."  As I stated above, vVv Gaming is YOUR community. Staff is here to help YOU make it awesome.   Once again, this is YOUR community. We're here to help YOU shape, develop and grow vVv.

    We've made numerous changes to staff. Here is where we ended up: Application Experience Manager and Forum Admin: vVv SugarBear (Facebook) (Twitter) Business Development Director and Co-Owner:  vVv RobZ  (Facebook) (Twitter) CoD Community Manager:  vVv B Easy (Facebook) (Twitter) LoL Community Manager: vVv C Wide (Facebook) (Twitter) Lead Designer: vVv Pherzghul (Facebook) (Twitter)  Lead Web Developer: vVv Bagzli (Twitter) Organized Play Product Manager: vVv NaturaL (Twitter) HotS Organized Play Associate: vVv Saturn (Facebook) (Twitter) LoL Event Manager and Forum Admin:  vVv Medusa (Facebook) ( Twitter) LoL Organized Play Associate: vVv Unverclopt (Facebook) (Twitter) (LoLKing) Team Experience Manager: vVv Bardo (Facebook) (Twitter) Coach, mentor, helper and he who shits upon bad kids: vVv LordJerith (Facebook) (Twitter)

    MISSION (for 2015-2016)

    GOALS have the highest rated organized play events as rated by competitive gamers have the most attended organized play events highest rated is more important than most attended be recognized as one of the best competitive gaming organizations in the world as rated by competitive gamers and our members be known as a talent factory by competitive gamers and sponsors

    STRATEGY create and run organized play events for competitive gamers sponsor and develop amateur teams to participate in and promote organized play events partner and deliver value to sponsors that create products and services for competitive gamers create and evolve an identity that competitive gamers want create and manage a clear path for competitive gamers who want our identity create and manage an ecosystem that develops competitive gamers and future gaming professionals

    We now know where this big vVv Gaming ship is headed. We all know the mission. We know the objectives and goals we want to achieve, and we have strategies that tell us how to achieve these goals. This is actually the easy part. Now comes the hard part.  
    Each of the strategic items above will need executions and tactics. EXECUTIONS are what is done to deliver on or to coordinate a strategy. EXECUTIONS are products and services and experiences we deliver to help us execute our strategy that will help us achieve our goals to accomplish our mission. TACTICS are actions taken to achieve our strategy.
    For example, the League of Legends Amateur Draft League (LoL ADL) is an EXECUTION (Product/Service) that helps us achieve our strategic objective of “create and run organized play events for competitive gamers.” How we set up the Mumble channels and how we name them are TACTICS.

    As a vVv community member or applicant your EXECUTIONS should include: Recruiting good community members Engaging with applicants Supporting vVv on social media (Facebook) (Twitter) Being active in our forums, shoutbox & Mumble/XBL/ PS4  I hope this post helps everyone know who is accountable for what, and what we are focused on. I would love and appreciate any feedback, thoughts and/or suggestions. It's YOUR community, we're here to help YOU make it awesome.
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv Tahvvy in Summer 2015 Choppy Chop   
    So bad he got chopped from the chop list.
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv OrganicBear in UMG Stream and Team vVv HYPE thread!   
    Watch the event here:


    Use this thread to post your comments on the matches and anything related to the team's performance and the event!
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv LordJerith in The Review that has made me decide to give ESO a chance   
    So, I watched this review:

    It really got me interested in the game, which has clearly gone through a lot of changes since the beta I so disliked.  Jordan, Nick, and I have decided after looking at a lot of MMO options (WoW, FFXIV, etc) to give this a chance. The above review really sold us.
    Right now, the best way to purchase the game is to go to Green Man Gaming and sign in. Then, click on the green VIP section, and scroll down and you should see the standard version for $46.79 (you can upgrade the version using the in-game store to the imperial edition).
    I do recommend once purchasing the standard game using the above link to upgrade to Imperial Edition  and purchasing the starter pack (both in the in-game store), but those are not required. Just good to
    Get the mount early, as they are pricey and need to be leveled (time and gold) Have the option to play any race in any faction. I like the fact there is
    no subscription (optional, but only minor cosmetic advantages) real moral choices completely voice-acted players reporting they actually care about questing, and questing actually effects story line tense, objective base PvP So, we're diving in. We have created a Mumble channel. There is only one North American megaserver, so no need to choose a server.
    vVv will play on the PC, and we chose the faction
    Daggerfall Covenant (this is the far left faction with Breton, Orcs and Redguards). 
    We chose this faction because the ESO community is looking for good guilds to help build this faction. Seems like a good place for vVv to play to avoid being in a zerg, and having no que times.
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    vVv Brock reacted to Ahryse in King of the Summoner's Hill 14! LoL 1v1 Tournament! April 25   
    King of the Summoner’s Hill is making a reappearance at vVv Gaming once again! King of the Summoner’s Hill, otherwise known as KOTSH, was first developed and run by Asylum and vVv JayC and later was successfully run by Ockiral, vVv Paradise and vVv MagicMooch for 2 years from 2011-2013.
    King of the Summoner’s Hill is vVv Gaming’s 1v1 NA League of Legends tournament. It will take place four times a year, one time per season! 
    Date: The tournament will take place over one day on April 25, 2015 at 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST. Sign-ins for the event are an hour before at 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST.
    Sign-Ups: To sign-up simply post your summoner name in this thread on the vVv Gaming forums. Once all spots are filled, a waiting list will be created. Sign-ups will officially end on April 24 at 10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST.
    Signing-In: Summoners will have from 1:00pm-1:45pm EST to show up. Players need to join the “KOTSH” chat room in the League of Legends client. Additionally, players will need to download and install Mumble, if they have not previously done so and be in the “League of Legends” channel. Event staff will speak with each new user to make sure everyone is signed in and set to play!
    Furthermore, if someone who signed up does not appear, the first summoner on the waitlist will take the empty spot. Thus, all players on the waitlist are encouraged to sign-in at the designated time as well.
    Tournament Format: Single Elimination
    Tournament size: 64 player max
    Map: Custom Summoner’s Rift Blind Pick
    To win: Player must slay the opponent three times OR take the second mid-lane tower.
    First Round: Best of One
    All rounds after first will be Best of Three
    The Grand Finals will be Best of Five
    Key games will be cast by our lovely vVv Viva, vVv Daviepants and vVv The Doctor on our Twitch channel! Make sure to tune in, we'll be giving away some RP cards!
    First place: 3200 RP & first choice from prize pool
    Second place: 1300 RP & second choice from prize pool
    Third place: 650 RP & third choice from prize pool
    Fourth place: Last choice from prize pool  
    Prize Pool:
    1x White Siberia Elite Headset
    1x vVv Gaming Hoodie
    1x vVv Gaming T-shirt
    1x vVv Gaming Gaming Surface



    Summoners who have signed up to date

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    vVv Brock got a reaction from vVv Tahvvy in No ADL tonight due to Super Foosbowl   
    After that game, it was probably a good idea to cancel it tonight. Wow.
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from PretzL in Direction for the CoD Division   
    Glad to hear that CoD has not been forgotten.
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv Paradise in Pax east 2014   
    Quite a few free goodies planned, actually. The booth set up is INSANE too. We just announced we'll have an actual skate park inside the booth for Trials Fusion. Also, The Next Level will be holding competitive events each day. Every day the overall winner will receive a package that includes...
    A PlayStation 4 An Xbox One A Nintendo WiiU An Nvidia GeForce® GTX 780 An Nvidia Shield An Astro A40 audio system Read about our plans here: http://blog.ubi.com/ubisoft-pax-east-2014/
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    vVv Brock reacted to Martic in Martic's Application   
    Name: Jeff Belke Age: 19 Location: Kansas City, Missouri Summoner Name: Martic What is your current division in Ranked? Platinum 3 (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/293536)   Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why?: No, I have never been banned, nor have I ever received a warning. I have played since the first week of open beta, and as such I've learned that there's NEVER any excuse to verbally abuse or harass anyone in the game. It's inconsiderate of the opposing team as they're just players as well, and it's also one of the single most detrimental things possible to your own team's victory. Naturally, cooling down tensions when other people start to argue is also something will benefit the team and the atmosphere.   What is your favorite champion and role? Why?: My favorite champion currently is Thresh. I enjoy support as it allows me to not only keep track of the team and keep spirits high, but it also allows me to make many game changing plays that are otherwise unavailable in other roles. Though supports are not considered "Carries" I find them to be one the most impactful positions in the game, and I greatly enjoy supporting my team mate.   How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom?: I was referred to the site by former vVv member vVvMilyCyrus (who played SCII). Tyler is a great friend of mine and recommended you guys with very high marks. He's been an absolutely amazing friend and stand up guy for as long as I've known him, so I assumed the atmosphere here must be something pretty special.    Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them?: As answered above, I've been gaming with (former) vVvMilyCyrus for about three years now.    Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming?: Personally, I want a team that's mature, doesn't rage when things go badly, and will do their best to help build up their members in a way that seems to be so lacking from other experiences. In more than three years of playing I have never once "called out" a teammate, and often find myself actually getting in the middle of potentially nuclear situations and bringing everyone back to a comfortable level. In vVv I hope to find a practice, honesty, and a great gaming environment. In vVv I'm looking for a group of people dedicated to not only improving over time, but being a thoughtful, intelligent, dedicated, and respectful organization.   What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?: I love to write. I'm currently an English major and I love all forms of literature and composition. If you give me the opportunity to write and publish, I will gladly take it. I spend a fair amount of time gaming, but find time for meditation, reflection, and general self improvement. I enjoy many odd activities ranging from cooking to making jewellery to woodworking, to just about anything random that I want to be able to say "I can do it".   Do you have competitive tournament experience?: No, I do not, but I would be interested in participating.    Have you attended any national events?: No I have not, money is tight with university but I get by, and would love to attend some in the future.   What do you hope to achieve, competitively?: Well, considering I'm only 19 at the moment and hoping to break into diamond soon, I'm very much considering that in year or two I may be able to actually pick up the game professionally. I'm dedicated to working as hard as I have to in order to make this dream come into reality. Ultimately, I may or may not make it, but I'm certainly going to try to take the chance. Beyond that, as a writer at heart, I'm also very interested in potentially writing up my personal take on the meta as it shifts, as well as specific champion styles especially focusing on ADC and Support.  Beyond all of this, I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone at vVv for taking the time to read this application, and I hope to be seeing you soon!
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    vVv Brock reacted to Valius in vVv Takes 3rd in Good Fights Invitational   
    Greetings! A short update from the Guild Wars 2 PvP team:
    Yesterday the Guild Wars 2 PvP team consisting of myself, Steamhawke, Quilja, Eurantien, and Spirits, took third place in the Good Fights Invitational. This tournament featured some of the best teams in the world:
    vVv Gaming (#5)
    Good Fights (#1)
    ROMs Going to Jail (#4)
    Paramount Enthalpy (#3)
    Fifty Five Hp Monks (#2)
    Being OP is Hard (#8)
    Grouch'z Girlz (#7)
    Two Metas Ahead (#6)
    Going into the tournament this past week, ROMs Going to Jail was seeded at #1, but due to the drop out of a team and a replacement, they decided to reseed. This past Thursday Fifty Five Hp Monks beat a roster that consisted of three of ROMs Going to Jail members, ultimately pushing ROMs Going to Jail back to the #4 seed. In our first matchup, we faced ROM and defeated them in 2-0 in a best of 3 series.
    In the second round, we faced Good Fights, in some very intense match-ups. We were defeated 2-0, in a very close second match that could have pushed it to a third with a lord kill but missed it by only a matter of seconds. Good Fights went on to the finals where the lost to Fifty Five Hp Monks 3-2.
    In our consolation game we faced Paramount Enthalpy. We took the first game easily 500-250 on Forest of Niflhel. In the second match we had a 450-350 lead when they rushed for the lord (grants 150 points). It was down to the last second when they killed the lord and won ~550-497. In our third match on Battle of Kyhlo we defeated them, putting us in third place for the Good Fights Invitational.
    Up next is the vVv Gaming Kings of the Mists tournament that takes place this upcoming Saturday (2/1) starting at 12pm EST. Tune in then for more PvP action!
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv Kraft in Honorary Member Close-up: A look into vVv Kraft   
    Haha #teamkraft I'm into that! Thanks for the love peeps!
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv Zodyak in Honorary Member Close-up: A look into vVv Zodyak   
    <3 Hope everyone that reads this can take something and use it to become an even better member than they already are!
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from o0WiCk3dWh1t30o in MLG Columbus, November 22 - 24   
    I'll send out a convo for all four of us since we're all in the same situation. I'm sure we can decide on something.
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from Trivium in MLG Columbus, November 22 - 24   
    I'll send out a convo for all four of us since we're all in the same situation. I'm sure we can decide on something.
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    vVv Brock reacted to Valius in PvP Team Finishes First In Mist League   
    Hello to the vVv Gaming community!
    I'm writing this post because I have some great news, though this happened about a week ago. Aside from the slight delay, our Guild Wars 2 PvP team has been working hard at achieving some of our goals such as winning upcoming tournaments and taking a place in the top five to qualify for the Mist League Season 1 Championships.
    Just two weeks ago we played our final two matches and won both to earn the number one spot in the Mist League Season 1 regular season. League results for NA can be found here.
    Mist League is a 10 week long season-like formatted structure. The top five teams from NA and EU qualify for the Mist League Season 1 Championships for a chance to win a share of the $10,000 prize pool. We started four weeks late during the regular season, hence our 12 games played (2 each week). Out of those twelve games, we finished with an 11-1 record, the highest percentage in the league along with the number one spot.
    The Championships will be starting early-mid October in a round-robin format in which the top two from each region will duke it out for a spot in the grand finals. More information on upcoming dates will be announced at a later time.
    On another note, we do a have a "super secret" tournament coming up in a couple of weeks here that we are excited to get to participate in! More information on this will come later as well.
    We appreciate all of the community's support and will continue working hard to bring home the win in Mist League!
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    vVv Brock got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in CoD Chop List July 2013   
    Definitely deserves it. Always fun to be around and just a great overall member. Best of luck to the three that were dropped.
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    vVv Brock reacted to vVv Bagzli in Join vVv in Guild Wars 2 to discover all the new changes!   
    Hi Everyone,
    First off let me introduce myself, I am Bagzli and I am the Guild Leader in Guild Wars 2.  I have been with the community for many months now and about the same length with Guild Wars 2 guild.  Over the past number of months I've been trying really hard to recruit players into our guild, and just the other day a thought hit me.  Why not try and recruit our community back into the game instead of just Guild Wars 2 players who are not part of this community.  
    When the game initially came out, many of you gave it a try as it was one of the best MMO's released in 2012, however due to lack of content many of you got bored and simply quit the game.  Naturally, there were other reasons that lead some of you to quit, however I will focus only on this one reason at the moment.  Over the year, that the game has been out, it has had a lot of improvements.  These improvements include PvE, PvP and World vs World.  I'd like to give you guys a few examples.
    World vs World: Now has its own Skills that only function in world vs world.  An example would be if you level up your supply skill, you can carry up to 15 supplies with you, instead of regular 10.  There are around 10 different skills that you can choose from to level up, and they are going to add more!  Every few patches we have been getting a new World vs World skill that we can use. World vs World: World Match-ups reworked, now you will not be just facing the same 3-4 Worlds that you use to, the new system allows you to have a chance of facing other worlds as well, to give more diversity to the match-ups. PvP: Custom Arenas, you can own a custom arena and change it to your liking.  Invite friends, change maps, change modes, game duration, etc...  I am sure you can see the endless potential in having your own person space where you can practice with your team or friends, or organize tournaments, etc... PvP: Spectate, yes they added spectator mode so that you may go and watch other matches!  You can even view what each player has equipped, which traits they have chosen so that you may learn from the best while watching them play! PvE: Fractals: These are set of dungeon runs where you level up your fractal level each time you complete it.  The higher level that you get, better rewards you can gain from these dungeons.  Things like Ascended Rings (Rank above exotic rings) can be gotten from running higher level fractals (after level 10) and there are many unique amour an weapons you can get from fractals, these cannot be found anywhere else. PvE: Bi-weekly New Content: ANET has hired 4 "Living World" teams that work on this content, and every 2 weeks we get new things to do in the game.  So now you no longer are bored once you hit level 80, there are always new things that you can do.  There were many fun things such as Dragonball Arena, Hunger Games Arena, Crab Toss, 32 bit Mini Dungeon where everything around you is 32 bit except your character.  You can Google all these things if you wish to find out more. PvE: Guild Missions: these are missions that are achieved with your guild only, which earn your guild Influence and Merits points and you personal rewards.  These are very fun to do, you can find out more about them at Dufly.net.  That website has a guide for each Mission and a video to show you how its done.  So check them out!  There are 6 types in total at the moment, but more will be added in the future. These changes are just a tip of the iceberg and I wished you all ex Guild Wars 2 players to know what you are missing on!
    As for our Guild, we currently have around 230 players in the guild.  We run all sorts of guild events every night of the week.  We cover every aspect of the game and we have fun doing it!  We play on Fort Aspenwood server, I  know that when the game came out this guild was on a different server so try and switch to ours if you can.  Switching servers now costs gems, however if you delete all your characters you can switch for free, this was helpful to few returning members from the community as they only had low level characters and it did not matter to them starting over.  You can put all your items in guild bank before deleting and get them back after recreation of your character.
    We are very active and a large guild, so you have a community to come back to.  So once again, I wish to use this opportunity to invite all the Guild Wars 2 players to come back and give the game another shot, you will be surprised at all the improvements that were made to the game and you will realize how much more fun this game has gotten.
    If anyone comes back to the game, hop on mumble to our channel and ask for an elite or higher rank member to add you to the guild, furthermore I am going to point you to our Beginner Section on the forums that we direct all the new members to.  You can find out a lot more about what, how and when we do by reading these posts I made in there.  Here is the link.  Good place to start the is the "Introduction Guide for New Members".
    Thank you all for reading this monster of a thread and I hope to see some of you on Guild Wars 2 again.  If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to post below or send me a private message.
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