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    Gears of War 2, MovieBattles 2: A Mod for Jedi Academy
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    The newest Batman movie, Sin City
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  1. Inte när jag skrev det. Men har ändå inte varit på min profil förrän det stod att någon hade kommenterat, så glömde bort att ändra =(

  2. Jag skrev det där för länge sen, var inga vVv lag då ju...eller pX :/

  3. Inte många bra svenskar som spelar gow2? Sverige har haft 2 vVv lag, nu har vi även ett pX lag :) Men fortsätt du med resten av alla noobs i sverige

  4. All the time? For every Vista-user? Damn....
  5. Cool, thanks. There also seems to be some trouble with my Source games and Vista. The first few times I played the games would randomly shut down, but not anymore. However, when I exit the games it says that Windows ran into some bullshut problems, which is quite annoying, but no harm seems to fave been done...yet .
  6. Hey, where did you come up with ur name?? Just curious.

  7. Well, if something like this happened ONCE you dont really need to worry about people changing opinions regarding vVv
  8. Cool article, you guys have a very interesting way of thinking and approaching teamwork.

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