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  1. Schirmy


    Hey all, With the resurgence of vVv life, I decided to say hello and re-introduce myself for the old friends and new acquaintances. Years ago I was a member of the Gears of War division and then played for the BC: Bad Company 2 team. I eventually found myself on staff as a moderator and then application manager for a while. I haven't been around since around 2012. Since then I've lost about 70lbs and gotten into good shape, graduated with my master's in clinical mental health counseling with a specialization in addiction, and have a career job in a detox/rehab right now. Hope you all have been well. Currently I am not gaming much; there isn't anything that really keeps my attention. When Borderlands 3 comes out, I plan on playing that a lot. Besides that, feel free to chat with me anytime!
  2. How's it been, FearArRrAarRArRRi
  3. I like this guy. You all should keep him around.
  4. Bad aspect of F2P games; content is not as crucial in the developer's eyes.
  5. Watched a Serbian Film tonight, was a bit hard to understand completely because it only had English subtitles. But, it was pretty awful as in hard to watch. Definitely daunting.
  6. Schirmy

    Addiction's App.

    Well look who's back. Good luck bro. Btw, if you remember, "Im going to the promise land, feel free to join me." LOL
  7. Really a heartfelt post. Jerry you have done so much for vVv Gaming and sometimes I felt people never understood or took a second to acknowledge it. I'm glad to hear that even though other things in life are coming up, vVv will still always have you. On a personal note, our endless conversations, scoldings, and bullshitting are priceless. It was a lot of fun to work with you and the rest of staff for that matter in the effort to advance vVv Gaming. Although I was still pretty young I learned a lot and the real life applications have proven fruitful. I appreciate all the time you dedicated to me in learning my position and trying to better me. And even though vVv and I are no longer correlated, I'll always love this place. Best of luck in the future, hope to hear big things happen. - Mike.
  8. sup boo miss youuuu lol

    1. Schirmy


      Omg...you're alive!

  9. I've always wanted to see this strict and organized approach towards applications. 60 was too long, allowed the applicant to dick around and manifest bad value habits. This is a clear improvement, imo.
  10. This is a good format and thread imo. Great job and constructing this. Sleepy, now I want to see you follow through with everything! Can't wait to be playing with everyone (Especially my baby Kenny )

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