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  1. I LOL'd so fucking hard when I heard about this a couple days ago and I can't wait to see him kicked off or leave Str8.
  2. Sorry I didn't say this sooner but Congratulations on the Chicago room.
  3. Seth just be active this time around if you want to get back in, great kid I fully support this application.
  4.  Niko

    Adrenaline app.

    We should play some FFA or Customs sometime let me know if you want to play.
  5.  Niko

    Verbally's vVv App.

    1. Lol please...you need to learn a lot now. 2. LMFAO AHAHAHAHAHA
  6. You need a new fucking picture no lie, You had that since we started to team WAY back in the day.

  7. i gotta ask you something.,

  8. When you say "I can add good qualities to any good organization" what exactly did you mean by that?
  9.  Niko

    Cosmo's Re App

    Why exactly did you leave vVv before and why did you immediately apply for cR after leaving? And what will make this time applying different from the first.
  10. I love you man lol but anyway I really want to see Seth become a member again, just be around the site till you get your interview again man.
  11. Best of Luck Kelsey, you do belong on the vVv Staff with the amount of dedication you have to this organization.
  12. Don't listen to Solid, it's going to happen.
  13. What level now? lol

  14. Lol alright man, feel free to add me.

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