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    michs09 reacted to vVv Exodus in Direction for the CoD Division   
    Hello All,
    My name is Scott Honeycutt, I am 32 years old. I've been married  for 11 years this February, that's crazy thinking about it.  I live in Alabama born and raised here, I am not a redneck ha ha Jerry!  I work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and have for 2 years tomorrow, I have been in the mortgage business for 12 years now. My wife and I are in the adoption process, all is done we are just waiting to be matched with a birth mother we are super excited about this.  I love college football, gaming, and of course I am an Alabama fan RTR. I have been in vVv Gaming for 7 years now, it's crazy time flies. I came in the organization right after our pro Gears of War team vVv Vision left. I was admitted into vVv Gaming in January of '08 and have been here ever since.  I shortly after being in vVv realized that I wanted to work for vVv not play for them, I talked with vVv LordJerith and he brought me on staff as a moderator and then as an admin. I have held many positions in vVv from console manager to assistant VP.  vVv LordJerith (aka Jerry) is a good friend of mine, I love him and respect him deeply. I couldn't imagine my life without vVv Gaming it's a special place to be.
    My vision is to get the excitement and the unity back within the CoD division. I feel this can be accomplished in a few ways. One is by playing with all of you and getting to know each other. Playing together each night will be fun and also will drive us all together as we will learn about each other. Before you know it we'll care about each other like a real community should.

    The second part of my plan is I want to develop a team within vVv Gaming to be our main team for online tournaments and eventually to apply to go to LAN events such as MLG etc. I feel this will ignite excitement with all of you to both help us develop internal talent and to start that team off right with being a part of the community. If you want to learn how to coach we can hold lobbies for that. If you want to sharpen your skills we can hold lobbies for that too. The point is, we want to grow this division and let all of you shine.  I along with my partner in crime vVv Pretzl will be attending CGN's and also holding regular lobbies at night to try to find the right team to represent vVv. I am extremely excited about this and I know you all will be to. I have Sugarbear and Robz's blessing on this, I am so thankful for them allowing me this opportunity. This will be fun, but also a time to shine and step it up. Pretzl and I will iron out the final details and will fill you all in.
    I will paste a link below, this is a thread put up not long ago where you all can let us know what you want. Pretzl and I don't look at this as "our" division it's all of yours, so treat it that way. Please let us know what you all would like implemented to make the CoD division better. Pretzl and I our open to suggestions and we want all of your feedback on this. So, please take the time to fill the form out in the below thread, feel free to PM, XBL message, Skype etc either myself or Pretzl with any ideas you may have. Thank you all for this opportunity, we look forward to working with all of you. I'll leave you all with a question, how do you all  want this division to run?
    Add me on XBL- GT vVv Exodus
    Link: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/68273-seeking-feedback-what-type-of-events-does-our-cod-community-want/
    Thank You,
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    michs09 got a reaction from Dutch in what does raging and getting angry get you   
    Rage is a nice addition to gaming
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    michs09 got a reaction from CLowNz in Hoopin' Part 2 <-- Check this out   
    Check out my 5v5 highlight vid from Texas A&M intramurals this year

    Gamer's can ball ya dig haha


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    michs09 reacted to OhMyApollo in The 2012 Presidential Election - Who Are You Voting For?   
    Anyone except Obama....He is waging war against our constitution, and trying to destroy what our country and founding fathers have stood for.
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    michs09 got a reaction from Fizix is RtB in Kobe or Lebron?   
    Well the NBA has always been alot of 1v1 and less defense in either of these eras

    Players now are quicker, stronger, more athletic (there were great players between 1984-1998 <-- Jordan's time played, but in terms of "athletic" teams nothing compares to what we are watching currently.

    You used scoring as an argument? Jordan averaged over 30 a game for most of his career, I believe he put up around 70 in a single game. I know he's had 30+ games with over 50 points -- just cause the Detroit Pistons played D doesn't mean the league was all about defense.

    Hopefully Kobe has a couple more title runs left, so the critics will hop on board
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    michs09 reacted to vVv Kraft in 3v3 Basketball (doin' work) <-- Check it   
    I'd run laps around you bro. jk jk, nice vid homie
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    michs09 got a reaction from Respect in Getting a tattoo?   
    Yeah do not cheap out, you can tell the difference

    Also I would recommend no "Fad" tats, (Ex: initials on the back of your triceps/calves or the usual cross on the back)
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    michs09 got a reaction from Papabear` in Quick Steelseries Spectrum 5XB Review   
    SteelSeries Spectrum 5XB

    Innovation at its Finest

    If you haven’t heard or just don’t know yet “SteelSeries” is one of the largest suppliers of high end gaming accessories. For many gamers across the world a top end headset, mouse, or keyboard could be the difference between taking your game to the next level!

    ----->The Spectrum 5XB is the first Xbox compatible headset produced by SteelSeries <-----

    Product Info + Feature

    The Spectrums offer amazing comfort with larger ear cushions that allow gamers to put in session upon session without any irritation or pain. Yes that’s right I said “PAIN” there have been multiple headsets before I made the switch to SteelSeries that would cause extreme discomfort and ruin my gaming experience. If your main focus in gaming revolves around “shooters” then having an exceptional headset is mandatory for sniffing out clever opponents and pin pointing location quickly. A SteelSeries trademark with nearly all of their headsets is the retractable microphone which enables easy traveling while protecting an important portion of the product.


    These bad boys are attention grabbers, and definitely in the RIGHT way. It’s a sure thing to send a message at LAN events that you mean business and plan on taking home a check. The Spectrums are your ALL-IN-ONE headset… (Compatible with the Xbox, PC, Subs, Ipod, etc…)


    It’s too bad the Spectrums are a wired headset, I have plenty of cords around the TV and would have loved to see this product come wireless!

    Price: $89.99

    The price is actually on the cheap side in comparison to high end headsets on the market especially ones that offer all the features and compatibility of the Spectrums.

    Bottom Line

    Does SteelSeries ever put out mediocre products? NO!! This isn’t any different they have followed suit and constructed a durable yet light headset with premium sound quality at an affordable price.
    What more can a gamer ask for?

    I would like to thank vVv Gaming for supplying the Spectrums and allowing players across the nation to come together either as community members, professional gamers, or even just visitors.

    Link ---> http://steelseries.com/us/products/consoles/steelseries-spectrum-5xb

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