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  1. Thanks for the feedback bro - it should be really interesting to see how things unfold going forward w/ FIFA
  2. Welcome to the KICK.TV Invitational - Esports Changing?? - LIVE from NYC This past week (20th – 25th) I took part as a full time analysis professional at the KICK.TV Invitational where the largest FIFA YouTuber’s battled it out in order to claim a $10,000 1st place prize and the title as “Champion” in NYC. Last year, this event erupted with popularity across the community as the audience watched with anticipation as each match went LIVE on YouTube with the top FIFA content creators facing off on the big stage. The players attending this event: Calfreezy Gonth MattHD Nepenthez R9rai AirJapes TwoSync Fangs Wroetoshaw (W2S) Notorious (VG Winner) Bateson87 Zerka HD Rossi HD Tobias Gaming GudjonDaniel FIFA Playa My position with the event because of my personal background in the competitive FIFA scene was to laydown player previews / analysis of gameplay among the players in attendance. All the videos can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/KICKTVFIFA - I’m expecting uploads to start going live towards the beginning of this week and roll out continuously from that point forward…. I wanted to showcase how “Esports” is a changing concept (Very Dynamic) depending on the audience for those different titles. FIFA is one of the largest selling titles each year worldwide and the community has expanded substantial amounts with the additional sales. In many titles there is an incredible fan base for “competitive” players, however in FIFA the players / event coordinators did a poor job of building up personal branding for those same individuals. This allowed for the vast amount of FIFA fans to look elsewhere and the development of FIFA YouTube came shortly after. This event included no competitive FIFA players outside of the “Subscriber Cup Winner” from Virgin Gaming. (Notorious) The YouTuber’s add a different approach to Esports where the focus is more on the individual as opposed to the individual’s gameplay. Watching these matches live at KICK.TV Studios made me think, “Is this the future of my genre??” FIFA gameplay in the competitive scene is so mistake free that it often leads to defensive matches between players attempting to outthink their opponents. This usually leads to low scoring matchups, because of the heavy possession / time control in each game. I obviously cannot speak about the results from the tournament, but this approach from KICK.TV makes huge strides in terms of viewership per match in the FIFA community scene. So what if KICK.TV ran a new type of Esports? The most popular game mode in FIFA 14 is actually known as FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) where players construct squads based on team chemistry with the usage of an open market that updates with real life football (soccer). FUT has never been used on the competitive side because of the unlimited customization and more unrealistic quicker games speed. I leave this for thought… What is your definition of Esports?? What makes an Esport… an Esport? For Daily FIFA Tips YouTube – Regular Banter Twitter – Pictures Facebook
  3. Well FIFA has always had a massive audience but it's split between game modes which makes it very difficult to expand the competitive community.. Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, Head 2 Head, Pro Clubs etc..
  4. Well for FIFA we can't go to the event unless we play in these qualifiers.. so it screws a lot of the more talented players because we simply cannont invest the same amounts of time
  5. The Year of the Talent What’s happening beautiful people?? I’m ready to return to blogging with a set schedule… Most of my previous entries describe experiences at different events around the world and my recollection of those trips. From this point forward I will be writing “Bi-Weekly” blogs talking about competitive FIFA, esports in general, and different life situations that correlate with gaming. Starting out fresh with a new year, I’m expecting considerable changes with the vVv organization in terms of additional sponsorships, new focal points on bringing in identified professional players, and just overall growth of the organization. I’m also looking to get much more involved in contributing to vVv in more ways outside of just representing the team as a sponsored professional including the expansion of my personal brand development and transitioning into finding a role in our staff that I can effectively help the organization. So what’s new for competitive FIFA in 2014? Virgin Gaming has teamed up with ESPN to host events, while also running a major qualifier that offers the opportunity for pros to get more involved through social media with “The Kick.TV Invitational Tournament.” ($10,000) The issue with these qualifiers is Virgin Gaming is using a leaderboard system which benefits the players that play the most but aren’t necessarily the best players, therefore a lot of the household names in terms of the FIFA esports scene refuse to take part. Playing 10 hours per day to compete with the Virgin Gaming crazies isn’t possible for most competitive players. Promoting website numbers by increasing how many matches are played on the site through prizes based on leaderboards might be good for statistics, but in my opinion it hinders the competitive community in the long run. Tournaments lose credibility when the most respected players or new players who are rising in prestige are not taking place in the large tournaments because of structure. As for vVv Gaming welcome to “The Year of the Talent”, which has me extremely excited as a fan of watching the best players compete across titles. We have really built up our community over the years and it’s time to invest in the best while developing more players going forward. Drop a comment, with a topic for the next blog… I wanted to get back into this with a quick reintroduction to the year before diving in with the heavy debates. For Daily FIFA Tips YouTube – Regular Banter Twitter – Pictures Facebook
  6. Nice interview peeps - always good to get some more information bout folks

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