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  1. if theyre imature there isnt much you can do, young people including me at one point dont get it through there heads that working out there problems is better than leaving.. so with that i say you should have some sort of interview of sorts before consulting with them to be on your team.
  2. when im not playing scrims and clan matches ill try and play with you :)

  3. nvm, I just checked and you are. =D

  4. It's good thanks. How are you doing?

    We should play Halo! :D I don't recall if I have you on my new gt though. Sorry, I have been so scatter-brained lately because of work and all.

  5. how's it going we should play halo sometime

  6. Perfection

    Shao vVv app

    Good Luck on your app!
  7. Perfection


    Best of luck to yah mate
  8. Hey,

    How's it going?

    : )

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