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  1. good write up. and as for the THG thing goes, i understand carson may run his mouth and trash talk on a video game .. but who doesnt im sure everyone had there share of trash talk while playing ompetitively. really sad how there had to about 15 kids making him do this. yea THG been around since '07 and havent did shit at an event yet.
  2. thanks for the GL & bump :]
  3. E1evateemail

    PorKz app

    good luck good player. :]
  4. good luck. great player.
  5. great player & fit for vVv. prolly one of the best player i seen play online at gow1 & he's solid in gow2.
  6. E1evateemail

    NeWNeZ's vVv App.

    good luck. great fit for vVv. great player and personailty.
  7. E1evateemail

    Stiles Re-App

    good luck with the app
  8. thaks for the support guys, apprieciate it.
  9. E1evateemail

    Rman App

    good luck Rman. great player and great fit for vVv.
  10. E1evateemail

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    good luck daface. good player and good personality. great fit for vVv.
  11. you, honestly, have no clue what you are talking about. i am actually very good friends with george (genesis) he knows i didnt hack anything. send him a msg. & ask for yourself.
  12. why is it that you "know" all these things about me. but i have never played nor heard of you? please leave the drama and opinions aside. ty.
  13. you said you were talking about rain but i thought u were talking about me because i was posting under rains account.
  14. ok well i got my account back. and wildebeast please dont think that im mad cause i got "removed" about 4months ago cause of a gb match. slow ur ego there big guy. and as for this .. i wasnt playing in the match because i had shit to do other then a gb. idk where your trying to get with "Mr Donuts". And FearJin i dont see how im being immature Wildebeast cleary came into my app & had to talk shit. If anything he should stop being immature & know his place and leave my app if he has nothing better to do with himself then run his mouth. I don't act immature at all on these forums.
  15. thanks for the support guys. and konvict i didnt even know there was an away section
  16. good luck with the app.
  17. talk to the GB admins if you disagree on there decision on the match, No need to bring it here and try causing proiblems on vVv. If you won the match and had proof you would of recieved the win correct? But the tricky thing about this is that you guys lost the match.
  18. E1evateemail

    MalleuS vVv app

    ^^ when you asked for your app on front page.
  19. 1st off i didnt play in the match, so therefore i have no clue what happened you can talk to my teammates if u disagree on the outcome on the match. And Konvict as for your question is concerned #1 - NO, absolutely not. I have never hacked a GB account before, nor do I even know how to. You can ask numerous people who actually "know" me well and that I play with from time to time. #2 - As for the question regarding do i make fake proof. The answer would be no, I do not make fake proof at all. As for proof during a GB match is concerned I can take pictures if I'd like, but, my labtop is broke and I currently cannot upload photo's. Raintrosity takes proof anyway because he has a capture card, check his youtube if you would like. A recent incident occured when my pcl team played ltz and my team consisted of raintrosity, exosphere & malleus. The team was for fun we lost to ltz in the match as well. After the match Exosphere somehow knows Genesiss password for his GB and tried giving us the win but reported they won accidently. Anything he does doesn't concern me. After the match genesis, crimbo. & vichouz send me msgs running there mouth saying how i hack into genesis gb account, but i had nothing to do with it. Genesis will now tell you he knows I didnt do it & exosphere will admit he did it. They only thought I "hacked" genesis gb is because Wildebeast has a problem with me. Hopefully this will answer your questions, people like to say a lot of stuff & spread shit. I dont mind what people have to say as long as I know what actually is true and isnt. Aside from that, I will be away untill Monday, I'll talk to you on xbl konvict when I comeback about this more.
  20. amazing GFX, very good fit for vVv. He did my sig as well.

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