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    My General interests would be playing sports such as Basketball and Football, playing xbox 360 (Gears of War 2 & Red Faction: Guerrilla), chilling with my friends, working etc ..
  1. good write up. and as for the THG thing goes, i understand carson may run his mouth and trash talk on a video game .. but who doesnt im sure everyone had there share of trash talk while playing ompetitively. really sad how there had to about 15 kids making him do this. yea THG been around since '07 and havent did shit at an event yet.
  2. thanks for the GL & bump :]
  3. E1evateemail

    PorKz app

    good luck good player. :]
  4. good luck. great player.
  5. great player & fit for vVv. prolly one of the best player i seen play online at gow1 & he's solid in gow2.
  6. E1evateemail

    NeWNeZ's vVv App.

    good luck. great fit for vVv. great player and personailty.
  7. E1evateemail

    Stiles Re-App

    good luck with the app
  8. thaks for the support guys, apprieciate it.
  9. E1evateemail

    Rman App

    good luck Rman. great player and great fit for vVv.
  10. E1evateemail

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    good luck daface. good player and good personality. great fit for vVv.
  11. you, honestly, have no clue what you are talking about. i am actually very good friends with george (genesis) he knows i didnt hack anything. send him a msg. & ask for yourself.
  12. why is it that you "know" all these things about me. but i have never played nor heard of you? please leave the drama and opinions aside. ty.
  13. you said you were talking about rain but i thought u were talking about me because i was posting under rains account.

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