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  1. -Ex0

    NeWNeZ's vVv App.

    Plz don't try and correct me. kthxbai. http://www.mlgpro.com/2009/GearsofWar2/LiveCompetition/TeamStandings 13th=AM
  2. -Ex0

    NeWNeZ's vVv App.

    I had to do a quick fix, this kid didn't get semi pro.. he's just an amateur.
  3. -Ex0

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    Goodluck face, this guy deserves to be in vVv even though he sucks at commentating. JayMune<3
  4. -Ex0

    NeWNeZ's vVv App.

    This kid is a good fit for vVv, he didn't even get mad when I took his sister out on a date. GL toni
  5. -Ex0

    CuhRazy vVv App

    I mean shit talking aside, you should try getting sponsored by a toothpaste or something.
  6. -Ex0

    CuhRazy vVv App

    This dude is a monster at this game, I predict him doing really good at the upcoming events. Goodluck with your app Craig James Miller.
  7. -Ex0

    E1evate's app

    I mean I'll knock all 9 of yall the fuck out .
  8. -Ex0

    E1evate's app

    Had to throw this badboy up real quick. v2
  9. -Ex0

    E1evate's app

    Had to throw this badboy up real quick. you must be a sex machine.
  10. best of luck with your application fille.
  11. -Ex0

    SoLaRa7e app.

    Yeah dude yeah .
  12. -Ex0

    QzYu vVv App

    immaturity will get you nowhere.
  13. -Ex0

    EXOSPH3RE's app

    good luck with "both" of yours babycakes.
  14. -Ex0

    ReGuLaTe x app

    nice convo you have in your sig. =/
  15. -Ex0

    ReGuLaTe x app

    Gl in Dallas . are you guys west coast btw?

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