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  1. Good luck on your app. Add for scrims, ya diggums? -HighhDro
  2. HighDro

    HighhDro's vVv App

    i forgot wat u told me...tell me how to do it again wen im on phtotshop lol
  3. HighDro

    vVv App

    Good luck on your app. Add for scrims - HighhDro
  4. HighDro

    HighhDro's vVv App

    Ok i will gladly donate to vVv's Game servers
  5. HighDro

    Delusionzz's App

    Good luck on your app. My boy delusionzz is a a beast ... hes in my dallas team
  6. HighDro

    EXOSPH3RE's app

    Good luck on your app Add me for scrims
  7. HighDro

    Raintrosity's App

    Good luck on your app
  8. HighDro

    DeLuSioNzZ's App

    Good luck on you app... Delusionzz is on my dallas team, hes a beast
  9. HighDro

    E1evate's app

    Good luck on your app bro.
  10. Velozity is beast...i know him in real life hes a really cool person. Good luck on your app bro.
  11. HighDro

    HighhDro's vVv App

    What personal goals do you hope to achieve? Placing high in MLG tournament Anything outside of gaming? I hope to become an automotive mechanic after i get out the the service(Army). Who or what, was the last person you gave money too? Radioshack = / buying splitters for my dazzle Subway, or Quizno(S/c)? umm Quiznos because i like my buns toasted What color shoes do you own? Umm i got alot of shoes my most recent shoes are black and white Nike Skeets
  12. HighDro

    Mercinary II App

    I like the sig bro...ive been to lazy to get on photoshop
  13. HighDro

    VeXeLz vVv Ap.

    Good luck on your app
  14. Good luck on your app

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