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  1. Edit for being wrong. I would understand Twitch, or sponsors, doing something about it. I wonder if he knows what happened yet.
  2. I've missed the forums. (:

  3. Signed on to the forums only to see jokes about Rape. cool.

  4. I've had issues in the past where guys weren't cool with the fact that I played video games.
  5. vVv Destiny <3 Hope they understand :/
  6. Can someone edit a sig for mee? I just need the vVv taken out please

  7. I don't have it on the the PC I'm currently using. Sorry. :(

  8. Do you have photoshop? Could you possibly take the vVv out of my sig?

    HAIFEAR, btw.


  9. I'm sort of glad this happened, I didn't have to make an awkward resignation thread at least. Not sure how long the shoutbox ban is, so bye everyone<3
  10. I hate dating someone that is naturally better then me at everything.

    1. Pelca


      There has to be something your better at haha!

    2. Sun Down

      Sun Down

      i bet you're better at cooking and cleaning... and soccer :P

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