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  1. thanks guys! can you please close this app. i will do another one with my team ASAP.
  2. how long till i kno if i am sponsered lol.
  3. Siid3effect

    TbR FaTaL App. v2

    i added you on XBl. so just it me up for customs or something
  4. thanks feel free too add me on XBL. im always down to playyy some gamess MM or customssss
  5. Siid3effect

    Bomber app

    add me for halo 3 customs. GT Siid3effect. im always running customs or MM
  6. thanks. man.my team is nothing but raw talent that has chemistry. we just need to get to an event to show it. we have financial issues. if we could get just one shot to show what we can do at an event we would not do bad.
  7. hey good luck.. add me on xbl for some customs or w/e. GT: Siid3effect
  8. good luck mako, didnt CyP split?????? cuz i just checked on mlg and your listed as a free agent. best of luck to you on finding a team(try cpt anarachy
  9. thanks guys. sorry ive been of for awhile my computer had a virus. so now ill be on more.
  10. ill gladly donate. when i get back home i will get some money up and going lol.
  11. sorry. lol ok. BlewBr-he lives in san pedro CA Siid3effect-Tucson Arizona-about 10 hours from san pedro Freeeakk-colorado city- idk what the time distance is. vizoxin-mingo jnct-ohio. as a team we have not laned. but we have the team chemistry of teams that are local. as a team we are just getting on to Gamebattles. (we have all been on Gamebattles with other teams. now online play is very different then LAN. BUt we all have LANs with our freinds and go to local lan centers. i can promise a top 32 finish our first MLG event. we wont settle for anything less then top 32. we can also place better then that. i am very confident in my team. now i will get them all on vVv gaming so they can get there profile pics and stuff. im still on vacation but i will talk to them when i get back. like i said. we have an amazing team. we scrim with teams online and just win amazing amounts of games. any more questions just let me know.
  12. oo ok. well add my gt: Siid3effect. are you guys planning on making it to an mlg event?
  13. well good luck bro. i hope you guys the best. mabey our teams should scrim for the better practice. but yeah. can you link me to your gamebattles team page?
  14. sorry about the double post. i cant find the edit thing for my other post. but this is the event that my team and i are wanting to go to. here is the link. http://mlginsider.com/?p=2561 yes we want to go to other events but this event is the event we want to get our feet in the water in ya know? again sorry for the double post. if there is a away i can fix it let me kno
  15. gladly! thanks for the support. i really hope we get this sponser all i want from them is get me and my team to the event and payt the hotel.. but yeah. sadly two of our players have left our team due to family issues. but we have replaced them with two outstanding players. jsut FYi for vVv gaming

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