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    Austin, Texas
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    Gears of War / Black Ops / Brawl
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  1. Variuhble


    I went to Dallas '09 it was amazing. Missing out this year though, I have Regionals this weekend for cross country... Oh well next yr.
  2. I want to go! I'm in austin, but I have have stuff planned this weekend. Can't wait for college, so I can travel and do whatever. They better stream Brawl though. I wanna watch that plus Halo.
  3. alright cool. Getting on..

  4. nah im bored though i got someone else that would be willing to team with us soo yeahh

  5. Variuhble

    D BlockK's App

    This is pretty funny. Seriously though, you don't have to post a new reply to every person who says something to you. Ever heard of the term "double" posting?
  6. Variuhble

    Krisbyy (Black Ops)

    This guys maaad cool, played with him all weekend and never lost a wingman.
  7. Yogstur's chill. Played with him last night. Good luck with the application.
  8. I like your pink controller <3

  9. Next pT person to post in here just remove it. They say random shit just to make me mad. It's all not even true.

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