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    Tacos, Pizza, Burgers. Pretty much anything that taste good : ]
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  1. Good luck man. Stay active on twitter now that you've made one and involve your self in the community as much as possible! Gt is SSSolar if you ever wanna play some gears or something.
  2. Solar

    Emery's Application

    Good luck. Good player. Michigan >
  3. Solar

    Solar's vVv App.

    I sent you an F/R Detrimental and thanks Gun!
  4. Solar

    Solar's vVv App.

    Thanks for the support!
  5. Solar

    Solar's vVv App.

    I hit you back already.
  6. Solar

    Solar's vVv App.

    Alright will do!
  7. Solar

    oAnXiEtY's Application

    Good Luck! Stay active!
  8. Extremely good team, but finally you got your interview!
  9. Solar

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    REALLY chill guy and fun to talk to. I think I've said this before, but good luck!
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