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  1. might be coming back to vVv hooah. Stationed and might have time to game again.

  2. (vVv MaZe) leaving shortly to basic training (Army) good knowing you.. for those whom remember.

  3. paying 1600msp for GoW3 beta code add me on live "fragruhnade"

  4. new GT "FraGruhNade" add me please. old acc is not good anymore.

  5. its been a long time since ive spoken with you. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. How have you been?

  6. figured id stop by and say hi to all and a happy new year.

    1. The Turtle

      The Turtle

      Happy New Year to you, Yeni, and Alexia aswell!:)

  7. Went to Universal Halloween Horror Nights last night.

  8. Take care of yourself.. Catch you around,

  9. I always thought you were a very chill guy! Too bad we haven't talked much, but good luck with everything! Seriously

  10. Haha ye for sure!

  11. Awesome last name ;D

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