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  1. 1. Name: Michael A. Tapia 2. Age (minimum 15): 18 3. XBL Gamertag: o UniiQu3 o 4. MySpace profile name and URL: Profile name is Unique and URL is www.myspace.com/hpnotiqmike 5. AIM Screen Name: oUniiQu3o 6. MSN Messenger: N/A 7. Skype Name:N/A 8. Why you are interested in becoming a member? Im intrested in becoming a member because im looking for a team and im intrested in the level of competition vVv members attend to. 9. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by who? I heard about vVv gaming on Gamebattles.com, i seen a team from vVv Gaming there 10. How will you add value to vVv Gaming? I Will add Value to vVv Gaming Because I Myself is a competitive person and look for higher competition and not to brag or nothing I am Pretty good in Gears of War 2 and wish to become Pro. 11. Have you been to an MLG event before? If so which one and did you play or spectate? No i haven't been to and MLG event but i Always spectate on the VOD videos at MLGpro.com 12. You are applying because you want to be a professional gamer. As you are applying as a professional gamer, please list all your LAN achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won. I am Applying because i want to go Pro but i dont have any achievements 13. Any future games? Gears of War Games Only. 14. How many hours per week can you devote to gaming? 30-40 hours a week 15. Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes 16. What personal goals do you hope to achieve? Im hoping to become Pro in gears of war 2 and Also to find a team that has alot of team work and is good competition against others. 17. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I Play BasketBall, I also attend LaGuardia Community College and Love to Travel outside my state 18. Do you know anyone currently in vVv Gaming? and if so, who? and how do you know them? No I dont no anyone in vVv gaming but i always looking for competition

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