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  1. Apollo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fam!!!!!

    1. Apollo ex-vvv

      Apollo ex-vvv

      Holy shit kid I just saw this. How have you been? Lol

      Hit me up on XBL if you still play. I'm on more than I have been in years with this lockdown crap. Dragon Jedi is my current (and permanent) gamertag.

  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 Review Written by Marshall "Apollo" Lukens III By now, you've seen tons of reviews of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward. Regardless, I have to get started with my reviews some place, why not a big-name title? If you were as "giddy as a schoolgirl" like I was about this game, then you probably already have it, and if you don't, why the hell don't you?! Go out and get it right now! Hopefully this will help you make the plunge. Shall we get started? Single Player First of all, the follow-up to the award-winning Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a game that'll keep you occupied for hours on end. The game's storyline is titled, "For the Record," and thankfully, isn't a very predictable storyline. It even comes complete with a few good "WTF?" moments. Now, the "offensive mission" that has been talked-about by the media may come as a shocker to some, but it passes as quickly as it starts, regardless of difficulty. As long as you can go into it with an open mind and remember that it is just a game, then you should play it. If not, skip it. In a nice touch, Infinity Ward gives us an option to skip the mission entirely on the first boot, without any penalty to the player. As we go through the rest of the campaign, we battle in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, on oil rigs, multiple locations in Russia, blown-out suburbs of Washington, D.C., and of course, the deserts of Afghanistan. One particular level in Rio de Janeiro had me frustrated to no end because the orders that are coming through made it sound like it's one of those levels where you only take out the immediate threats, while trying to run past the rest just to stay alive. Well, I was wrong. Whoops. You had to kill every last bastard in that asscrack of a level to survive. These idiots are popping out of every nook and cranny possible. They're even running across the rooftops shooting down at you, a lone gunman. It is a bit overkill, but whatever. The best part about this mission? When you get to the end, you get to watch a scripted scene of the other guys finishing it off right as you get there. Whoop-de-frickin'-do. I did a whole helluva lot to help with that mission. Douchebags. There were other levels that really stuck out in my mind, which included one that brought back a Call of Duty favorite, and a level near the beginning that had you riding on top of a Humvee in the turret position with orders not to fire, even though you can see a lot of movement. You're in a tight street that has residential buildings on either side, with many potential enemies popping out of windows, running in alleys, and across the street in front of you. The sense of the unfriendly environment is very powerful here. The game also presents the same sort of player-controlled cutscenes that Infinity Ward presented for us in the first Modern Warfare. I was very impressed by the extremely visceral experience that these segments of the game gave me. Your character suffers major trauma, and their balance is completely off and you're still trying to chase someone while the camera is wobbling all over the place. You even have to crawl, using the triggers in a slow, determined fashion, just like you'd be struggling to move your arms if you were absolutely drained like the character. So, we have slow, determined usage of the triggers, we have fighting the sticks to stay straight, oh, and we have button mashing to emulate strained actions. That's the only thing I would have changed: the repeated smashing of the X button. I say that due to the fact that by the end of it, I felt like I was going to smash the X button through the back of my controller. The campaign, overall, is lacking in length, and has a typical Hollywood storyline with things that would never happen, but it is meant to be for fun, so view it as that and you won't be disappointed. You'll also be using those triggers very carefully here. Multiplayer Now we have come to the multiplayer. Let's be honest, if you play Xbox LIVE, this is why you bought the game, or are considering the purchase. This was the game that everyone was hoping Major League Gaming would pick up. Honestly, I highly doubt that will happen. Yes, Create a Class exists in this version for split screen play and LAN, but you have to level up just like you do on Xbox LIVE. So, unless MLG works something out with Infinity Ward to have all of their boxes unlocked, it isn't going to happen. Not only does each box have to be unlocked, this has to happen for each profile individually, and as we all know, that's impossible without some sort of modification to the game for competition play. Good going Infinity Ward, you just skipped a huge source of income. So, moving on. If you love competitive play, this game is absolutely not for you. Infinity Ward went casual-player-happy here and noobed the game up. Multiple attachments to guns, perks that allow longer knifing distance, and you can now crawl around in Last Stand. For those of you that don't know, Last Stand is a perk that allows you to drop to the ground when you are "killed," allowing you to still shoot with your pistol for a few moments. Oh, and the upgraded version of Last Stand allows the use of your equipment. Awesome, that's just what I need; the idiot I just "killed" crawling away and setting up a claymore for me to run into when I chase after him. Sweet, thanks guys. Also, there are so many corners for people to hide in, you'll never be safe walking ten meters without checking your corners. Be sure to keep that in mind. If you're just in this game to have fun, you're in luck. Infinity Ward made this game for you, I personally love multiplayer in this game. The maps are more intricate, including more hiding places, better-looking greenery, and a lot more destructible items in the environment to keep you admiring it as you get killed by people actually paying the game. There's even dual-wielding on some gun classes. If you're A.D.D. like me and easily get sidetracked from the task at hand when there are items in the environment to destroy, then Infinity Ward has an extra-special present for you. The water bottles, plates, and cups from the last game are back, but there are fewer watermelons. We have a new addition though, chickens! Yes, we have chickens to shoot. There's even an achievement for killing seven chickens in under ten seconds in campaign! Also, the destructible glass is fun to destroy just because it looks cool. As I like to say, ten points to you, Infinity Ward. Chickens! If you're the type of player that likes to prestige (which sure as hell isn't me, especially with the shit ton of unlocks you have to go through), then you'll be happy with this game. Prestige mode allows you to start ranking up all over again, at the cost of losing everything you've unlocked, except for your callsigns and emblems, which have no bearing on your gameplay. There are still ten levels of prestige to go through, but there are seventy ranks within them this time, making the game considerably longer to get to the top level in multiplayer. The massive amount of unlocks I just referred to include the usual level-based weapon and perk unlocks, as well as from five to nine attachment unlocks per gun. Also, there are additional camo unlocks for your guns, including all of the original, but arctic, urban, and fall have been added. Gold is lacking entirely, however. I'd even bet ten bucks that Modern Warfare 3 will have a pink camo to unlock. Pistols have attachments to unlock now, and even your perks have "Pro" versions of themselves to unlock. The number of unlocks has absolutely gone through the roof, giving me even more reason to refuse to prestige. If that is your thing though, by all means, get to prestige level ten, rank seventy. More props to you, keep that ePeen growing. I say that because getting that far has almost nothing to do with skill and everything to do with time. Yes, with skill, you may get to the top level faster, but everyone can eventually achieve it with enough time and patience. So, when I see someone at that top level, I just roll my eyes. I applaud Infinity Ward for adding humongous levels of multiplayer depth to the game, as well as keeping the replay value very high, if you feel like completing the game. Other changes to multiplayer include the movement of shotguns to a secondary weapon, the inclusion of "death perks" which allow you to have special abilities to get a kill when you just can't seem to get one, and multiple new multiplayer gametypes, to name a few. Capture the Flag has been added; "demolition," which has one team trying to plant bombs on multiple locations at the same time, while the other defends; and third-person version of existing gametypes. The addition of the third-person view is interesting, almost as if they were trying to rip off of the success of Gears of War with its usage of third-person, but it overall fails in a game that has always been first-person. Third-person completely negates four of the attachments you unlock, since you don't aim down sight at all, unless you're sniping. If you want to play third-person, say goodbye to your Red Dot, Holographic Sight, ACOG Scope, and Thermal Sight. They're absolutely useless. One question I have for Infinity Ward is, "Why the hell can I use the Dragunov in single player but not in multiplayer?" If anyone has any insight, please hit me up with some links. Good thought, but ultimately falls short. Final Thoughts Overall, Infinity Ward needs to put a lot of work into this game in order to bring it to its prime. There have been too many multiplayer glitches that affect gameplay to sit back and let them slide. The first major glitch was the "Javelin Glitch," which allowed a person to essentially have a dead man's switch on a Javelin, which would go off and kill any enemy within 50m or so as soon as the player died. Secondly, the unlimited ammo glitch allowed a player to have just that
  3. Chatted with this guy last night for a few hours, seems like a cool kid. I'll continue to play with him, as he's picking up MW2 this weekend.
  4. Dude.

    i didnt know uu guys were here thats sweet(:

    my family went on vacation and we jus got back and my bro sendin me my box so im gonna have it back this week. im so pumped now.


  5. Apollo ex-vvv

    Shay's Staff App.

    That's a lie, Ms Shay. Method and I both know her. (I know her better of the two of us.) Apparently she wasn't aware of our presence. Congratulations on calling a girl "man." Make sure you read the app a little more before giving the good ol' "good luck."
  6. I only wish there were a list already of what you have to do to get some of these. Thanks for putting these up!
  7. Holy poop, you got on the site. Haha.

  8. I definitely agree with you, good sir.
  9. I'm dying laughing right now. HELL YES! Major props for wanting to slap Perez Hilton.
  10. Hey you know my friend rynobudha?

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