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  1. goodluck bro!!! we will rape at mlg
  2. for all the kids that cant travel you should have your parents listen to this. jerry talks about some really important factors about gaming that may change your parents mind!
  3. i was wrong, no change here
  4. i spelled "you" and "are" wrong too you must of missed tht 2! nerds....
  5. lmao, i beat u the first time on warmachine 2-0 lol u no, u seem to no all about everything im doing, who is on my team, my team name.. very odd plus, u should nvr loose to me, i hve a shitty connection, i just got back to the game and my damn arm is in a cast, i can barley hold my controller!!
  6. people can change. goodluck with ur app
  7. dont we all! lol thanks, u 2 bro
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