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  1. I'm sorry I forgot my shirt but like jerry said its like forgetting my controller and for that I respect your decision well it was fun and cool meeting all of you guys sorry it ended like this.. I would still like to be a part of the vVv Community ? everyone is always very respectful on here.
  2. Good luck with your matches.
  3. Great write up Phoenix, zYn deff deserved to get 1st cause of all that practice and work, it was cool meeting all of you guys also = )
  4. Great write up jerry, and thanks we all played great
  5. That was kinda uncalled for jerry.. good stuff the Truth = ]
  6. Crimbo

    TriviuhM's vVv App

    Triv is a very impressive player he surprised me ALOT, he would be a great asset to the vVv community just needs that chance to prove himself.
  7. Crimbo

    NeWNeZ's vVv App.

    Good luck with your app, hes a great player he will rep vVv really well.
  8. Crimbo

    STLShazbot App.

    Good luck with your app
  9. Crimbo

    Rman App

    Good luck my dude
  10. Crimbo

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    Good luck charlie, he would be a great fit in vVv always motivated and determined he will do big things once he has that team.
  11. Crimbo

    GreaTMeRCs vVv App

    Good luck with your app.

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