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  1. Griffin ks

    FooZee app.

    Hey Foozee goodluck on your app im tired of this childist shit you can still be mad man but im over it if you still wanna be friends....
  2. Need a sigg asap someone take mine

  3. Need a sigg asap someone take mine

  4. Uhhrobally man hit me up with that friend request scaaary
  5. Thanks man u 2 I played a scrim with you ur a strong player
  6. Griffin ks

    pLoZy App

    Goodluck dude your a strong player in Cod
  7. Griffin ks

    IRapture App

    this kids beast
  8. Griffin ks

    Speziaa app

    gl on your app
  9. Thanks man I played with you today ur good
  10. Thanks buddy you beast too

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