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  1. Huge news. The most interesting thing about this to me is this part: The division will sit alongside Activision Publishing and Blizzard Entertainment as a new, third subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. Neither the company nor Sepso were willing to detail how the new division will approach its work in eSports.What Activision games will we see them create leagues for? Will it just be Call of Duty and the Blizzard titles we already expect to see in eSports? Could something like Guitar Hero end up with a competitive scene? So many questions that I can't wait to learn the answers to.
  2. Welcome back, Beast! Looking forward to seeing you around. Great to see that you're excited about the upcoming Guitar Hero: Live. Have you played the demo yet? If so, what are your thoughts?
  3. Gameplay Trailer: If you missed the reveal trailer... here it is: Thoughts?
  4. As that I'm not normally streaming on Thursday nights.... this might be something I'll have to participate in. Rocket League with the community is so much fun.
  5. Hi there! I remember you from the stream the other night. Thanks for your support during the stream! Welcome to the community and best of luck on your application
  6. Welcome back sir! Long time no talk. Great to see you back around
  7. Guitar Hero: Live skin for ETC incoming. Honestly, this makes sense. Bring in fans from other series, etc. Tony Hawk sounds like an absolutely horrible idea though...
  8. Welcome back. Looking forward to playing some Guitar Hero: Live together
  9. Nice! I've been looking at buying a bundle of heroes as that I still don't have any yet. This could be just what I need. Thanks for posting this info.
  10. I'm all for this. We already have a handful of people in vVv Gaming playing the game and having a blast with it. +1
  11. Welcome back, Yeni! Hope things have been going well

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