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  1. lolololololollolo I made it


  2. The only one i thought should never be dropped for anything :-P... See ya on Fb
  3. Work 7-3. Then putting in work on the truck. Then who knows.

  4. I think its time to retire the Ford. PoS. Lol

  5. Seriously? Love when people hate because their living off people for months and their time runs out to go live off someone else

  6. Applebees. ...... ecstatic, this week has started off like a lil kid getting all the candy in the candy shop. Fucking woooop

  7. Got to stay focused on my long term goals. Forget about love for a minute, and move forward.

  8. Unpacking my room.

  9. Somethings will always fail.. oh Wells... still going to make it a good one, life is good.

  10. If only she wanted to see what a real man was, she would learn to spend the night.

  11. End of another chapter. Happy beginnings to many others.

  12. Packing up my stuff. What little bit a got. Headed back to my trailer. Ahyup. Today's a good day, everyday is a good day ;)

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