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    Fuji got a reaction from Boba the vette in Whats a good deck?   
    I'm assuming you're still relatively new, so I don't have much options to give you since you lrobably don't have many cards. You're best bet is to just do your best to win gold, once you think you have enough cards to create a descent deck, look online to find quality decks that people use.
     I've started playing last week. I've earn 20 packs and bought 7 more, just enough to get a solid deck. 
    My warrior deck/ + 15 win streak
    2x Upgrade
    2x Inner rage
    2x Leper Gnome
    2x Fiery War Axe
    2 Amani Berserker 
    2x Slam 
    2x Cruel Taskmaster
    2x Frothing Berserker
    2x Raging Worgen
    2x Warsong Commander
    2x Arathi Weaponsmith
    2x Arcanite Reaper
    1x Captain Greenskin
    1x Argent Commander
    1x Gorehowl
    1x Grommash Hellscream
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    Fuji reacted to Sintherius in 9 to 5 ain't for Suckas!   
    First off, mister concerned parent, you're now taking this to the personal level. You started off by saying: "I was that dude that took your lunch money, your bike, and after you got your car made you ride me around, but again just being honest."
    Do you expect ANYBODY to take you seriously when you make a remark like that?

    And then, after that, you bring his relationship into this. What on earth does him being in a relationship have ANYTHING to do with him running vVv Gaming? I'll personally tell you, right now, that Jerry is a VERY well respected man in MANY communities, and is not this "suspicious" adult you think he is. He addressed the topic of the FGC, and you went off the road and started questioning him about what vVv Gaming is about and what his motives are.

    My advice to you: either get educated on the subject at hand and start conversing about it, or hit the high road and stop with your illiterate bullshit trying to question Jerry about his motives just because he addressed a very serious topic at hand and it made you "suspicious", because you're causing unnecessary drama like a high school girl, and it needs to stop. And saying "forgive me, no offense, etc." many times clearly means you ARE being an arrogant ass.

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